David Oates' Statement On
Hoagland's "December 7th"
and "Samson"
By David Oates <>

There has been much controversy recently over the mysterious date of December 7th, and the "Samson" project. I have watched this controversy build up from the sidelines, and my concern has now reached a point where I can be silent no longer.
This information is bogus! It did not come from a secret government source. It came from my offices and Reverse Speech analysis. Three months ago I found a reversal on defense Secretary, Bill Cohen, that said, "Bring in NASA with December's seven." I posted this reversal on my private web site at that time.
I had numerous conversations with Richard Hoagland about this and other reversals, including a reversal found on Dan Goldin on April 1998 that said, "Samson's now December." I am somewhat dismayed now to see this information now circulating in a grossly misunderstood form, being quoted as coming from sources other than the ones from which it came (reverse speech)
I am unconvinced that the December seven reversal refers to a date. It could mean any number of things, seven astronauts, seven asteroids, seven events - the list is endless. The same as the reference to Samson. I am unconvinced that it is a secret project name. Samson is a metaphor in Reverse Speech that simply means, great strength that is easily seduced and weakened.
I am now dismayed to see this information circulating the internet supposedly coming from a secret government contact. So let me state in very clear terms. This information is bogus. Its source is NOT from a government source. It came from misunderstood and misinterpreted reverse speech analysis that could refer to just about anything.
David John Oates Founder and Developer of Reverse Speech