Stunning Israeli UFO
Evidence Emerging
Barry Chamish

One might think 1997 was a poor year of UFO activity in Israel judging by the paucity of media reports. In fact, the media clamped down hard in January '97 after they were burned on the Achiod alien/lizard story and the false prediction of mass landings on Jan.5. However, due to the superb research of David Ronen, Doron Rotem and two young newcomers, Gil Bar and Eddie Shpitz, it turns out that 1997 was a vintage year for Israeli ufology. Some of the most dramatic physical evidence of the country's intense ten years of activity emerged last year. Following is a summary of 1997.
- Over three nights in September 1996, Elad Niger filmed a remarakable UFO over the coastal plains city of Kochav Yair from his vantage point in the nearby city of Kfar Saba. He released the films to David Ronen in March of 1997. They reveal the prettiest UFO ever filmed in Israel. It looks like a colorful apple wearing a three pronged crown.
- 1997 saw three UFOs filmed in Rishon Letzion, 20 miles south of Tel Aviv and a center of UFO activity since 1993 when giant aliens visited the apartment of Batya Shimon. Of the three clips, none is so memorable as Gil Bar's November filming of an ellipsoid disk captured in 4 PM sunlight being chased by an Israeli Air Force F-15. The UFO's high speed manoevres to escape the jet are most acrobatic. This is the first known instance of a military plane chasing a UFO captured on film in Israel.
- Then on November 26, Nahum Shomroni video-taped an afternoon invasion of low flying UFOs over Tel Aviv. The light conditions were perfect and the craft were flying at only an estimated 700 meters altitude. The result is a breathtaking view of three sponge-shaped, dark UFOs of a type possibly never seen before.
1997 saw two disturbing animal mutilation incidents associated with UFO sightings. They continued a pattern that began in the Negev village of Klachim in Dec. '96. Sylvia and Yitzhak Kadosh witnessed "an image as big as a house sparkling like a welding torch" land near their donkey compound. The light vanished before their eyes and they hoped it would be the last time their farm suffered such an intrusion. But their hope was not realized. Two nights later, 2 donkeys were mutilated. The older one had its eyes and tongue removed and its rib cage was exposed by a surgical removal of skin and tissue. The younger animal only had the latter operation performed on it.
In July '97, the Glam family of Sde Uziah, thirty miles west of Klachim, had a UFO experience which culminated in Mrs. Glam being chased by a projector light from an unknown source. Again, two nights later, their sheep pen was invaded and five sheep were drained bloodless from precise holes drilled in their cheeks.
Doron Rotem researched both incidents and to this day, keeps an example from Sde Uziah frozen in his freezer. He admits his wife is not happy about this mutilated carcass sharing space with the family groceries.
The final incident made national news, the only UFO story to do so all year. On Nov. 2, a silver ellipsoid disk hovered over the Gaza Strip settlement of Paat Hasadeh. On Nov. 8, Yaacov Mazal-Terem awoke to discover a row of twelve pairs of holes, 5 cm. deep along the fence which enclosed his horse. The horse itself, had two 1 cm. holes surgically drilled into its front hooves. The row of holes was photographed by the national media and their origin remains a mystery. Speculation is they were alien tracks or pods from a craft.
And finally, the famed hotspot of Kadima returned gloriously to Israel's UFO history. From 1993-95, approximately 20 landing spots were discovered after nights of UFO activity in the skies. Within were shards of material later tested worldwide and found to be a nearly pure silicon. This year, the same shards were found twelve miles to the west on the beaches of Gaash and Shfayim after UFO activity was reported.
On October 10, a UFO was seen over the Kadima suburb of Tel Yitzhak. Idan Levy discovered its landing circle and found within, not shiny silicon but an unknown material that looks like grey branched coral.
I will be bringing the videos of the low flying invasion of Tel Aviv, the F-15 chasing a most distinct disk over Rishon Letzion and the colorful apple-shaped craft with a crown over Kochav Yair to the Laughlin, Nevada conference. I think conferees will agree this is a most dynamic and important trio of films.
I will also be bringing photos of the three mutilation cases as well as samples of the Kadima "coral" to be offered for serious laboratory testing.
Israel's unique and powerful wave did not diminish in 1997, it simply went unreported. That will end in Laughlin.

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