Stanton Friedman Speaks About "Lake County" And UPN

By George Filer
MUFON Eastern Director, Skywatch Investigations
Stanton appeared on the UPN television show, "Incident in Lake County," broadcast on January 20, 1998. I asked Stanton for his opinion of the show.
He writes: "George: I have indeed expressed my strong feelings on the UFO Updates out of Toronto and on Monday night on the Jeff Rense and Art Bell shows. I was asked to be interviewed in Los Angeles by somebody doing a quick fix-up of a show for Dick Clark Productions on alien abductions. A call on Dec. 31, arrangements on Jan. 1, fly to LA on Jan 2, (four time zones away).
On Jan. 3, I was interviewed for over an hour by a woman very knowledgeable about UFO abductions. The questions were general. That evening I caught a 'red eye' after spending three hours with my daughter. I was NEVER shown the video. I was NOT asked about the video. I was asked questions about abductions, which I answered to the best of my ability, having been involved for 30 years with various abductees such as Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton, etc.
The show was not broadcast here so I only recently saw a tape. There is no question that the video is a dramatic non-factual, fiction effort, and not a very good one. I have contacted the FCC, Dick Clark Productions, and UPN because I understand that much of their press advertising was deceptive and because the show will apparently be broadcast again after Feb. 20. No news to report.
At the very least there should have been a disclaimer saying none of the Experts had viewed the video prior to their interviews or were asked about it. No press listings should have had it under documentaries. I responded to many Email complaints. Nobody complained about what I said or how I said it. False arguments were made that the show involved the notorious Robert Kiviat of Alien Autopsy fame.
Stan Friedman

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