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11-18-98From Dave Ledger <>
From UFO UpDates - Toronto <>
Date: 13th September 98
Location: Clydebank
Time: 1:00 am
Name: Karen
Sighting: Around 1 AM on Sunday morning my boyfriend mentioned that the plane flying by our window looked strange.When I looked,there was a flash of white and we both got up to take a closer look thinking that perhaps it was a plane having engine trouble.The object flashed again lighting up the sky around it and continued to move slowly North.It then stopped and began to move back to the South and then hovered above some nearby trees for approximately 20 minutes.It then moved out of sight below the trees and then back up again vertically until it appeared like a bright star in the sky.The object was around aeroplane size and had red,blue and white lights.The movements of the object were like no plane or helicopter we have ever seen before.
Date: 5th October 1998
Location: Star of Markinch, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland
Time: 20:30 pm
Name: Witness Name Witheld
Sighting: As I was coming out of a house near the local school I saw something unusual in the clouds. I'm not entirely sure it was a UFO but it looked like some craft was hovering silently inside the cloud with rotating headlamps (4 sides)or it could have been a larger craft if it were a UFO. This lasted for about 15 seconds then it disappeared.The next night I saw it again around the same time but only for 5 seconds and in the same position which was probably somewhere over fields, the A92 between Glenrothes and Dundee. There were UFO sightings in the area in September 1996 which were reported to the Fife Free Press. Around this time I once woke up at 3am on Sunday morning and could hear a low-level humming sound moving about overhead the village. It was misty too but it lasted for about 20 mins and could not have possibly been an aircraft because the sound was coming and going. (Further Info based on E-mail interview) 1. Weather: It was cloudy, mostly overcast and not too cold. 2. Visual: No sound or unusual colours, just looked like lights. 3. Size: Either the size of a normal plane if it were shining spotlights or it could have been the size of the town of Markinch if I were seeing the lights of a larger craft. 4. Location: The anomaly was not over Star, probably half way between Star and Markinch near the A92 and about 3000ft up.
Date: Sunday 18th October 1998
Location: Tayport, Fife, Scotland
Time: approx 2.30 AM
Name: Witness Name Witheld
Sighting: A very bright light in sky. It was static and there was no noise. It was definately not a star or a planet. We live near RAF Leuchars and are used to seeing various aircraft and it was not an aircraft. The night sky was very clear. I got my parents out of bed to come and look and they also witnessed it.When it was daylight I went out to have a look and see if there was anything such as a very large security light or a mast that could have caused what I saw, but there was nothing. (Further info following e-mail interview) Direction of light was South West 250 -300 ft above the horizon. . Approx Location of object was between Tayport and Newport (but not as the main road goes!) Object was low in the sky compared to stars. Light - very bright white light, did not pulse,and it gave off no beam. Size of object - comparison to large passenger aircraft on vertical position.All of the object was completely lit. No noticable noise from object or any other noise in area.I have checked locale for any clues as to object, ie security lights or something to support object such as post or mast, but nothing there.Further discussion has identified a further witness who saw the object approx midnight. Also, other witness living in same area as me saw an identical object from kitchen window approx a year ago. Additional Report:Witness Name Witheld. You may be interested that there was a UFO sighted in my home town of Tayport, Fife, Scotland last Sunday (18th?). This was seen as a very bright, static and noiseless light and was witnessed by a friend, his parents and a lady who works in the local golf club.Additionally, as my parents were driving home from Edinburgh last night, as they reached St Michaels, which is near Tayport and also a few miles from St Andrews, they witnessed a very large flash in the sky going in the direction of the North Sea. This was around 10pm, the sky was very clear and they are 100% certain that it was not any type of aircraft, a meteor, a firework, or lightning.
UFO sighted by three in Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Date: Monday 24th August 1998. Approx: 9:45 PM
Name: Eyewitness Report by Ian John.
We recently received this possible UFO sighting from Ian John who was on holiday with his family, in the Kirkcudbright area of Scotland, during August of 1998. Ian originally comes from Merseyside in Liverpool and wrote to tell us about his "all too familiar sighting" of an anomalous white light in the Scottish night skies.If any of our readers have any additional information regarding this sighting,then we would love to hear from them at the usual address.John's unedited report follows:
Monday 24th August (about 9.45pm)
My father, brother and I were travelling home from a days fishing in Scotland and where on the main road between Newton Stewart and Kirkcudbright just as the sky was darkening (you know the time, when its just dark enough to see the 4 or 5 brightest stars, but no others). I'm frequently out at night (either fishing or walking the dog) and I am quite familiar with the stars and plane lights etc in the sky. In the South Eastern sky just above the hills and trees I noted a very bright light. At first I assumed it was a planet (Venus was pretty prominent I think) which because of its relative position to the hills, and our viewpoint appeared bigger and brighter than normal (like the Moon does when its low on the Horizon)
I made a point of saying to my dad and brother how bright that "star" was and paid it little attention for the next few minutes.
The problem now was we were approaching a minor road to take us into Kirkudbright and it was a very twisty road. But as I looked for the bright star again I thought that it had moved. At first I dismissed it because the road was so bendy, but as the sky was darkening more and more stars were becoming visible so I noted the bright light`s position relative to a few stars that were a recognisable pattern to me.
The problem then was we went behind one of several hills and I lost sight of the light. Once again I commented to my father and brother that I thought the star had moved and that it was probably a helicopter and not a star.
At this point I was quite satisfied with what I`d seen was explainable and just carried on with the journey talking as per normal.
About 3 or 4 miles from Kirkcudbright (I estimate), I noticed the light again and also noted that it HAD moved for definite this time, not only was it not within the boundary of the pattern of stars I`d noted, but now I viewed it from the passenger window, instead of through the top of the windscreen at the front. It also appeared slightly higher in the sky. By now I was convinced it was a helicopter, but I could hear no noise (unsurprising as I was in a noisy Land rover type car) and the light was constant with no other flashing lights, so I was a bit puzzled and I watched it closely.
Then the freaky thing happened,
The light (which was brighter than any star in the sky and almost twice the size) suddenly shrunk from an indefinable circular blob of light, into a perfect rectangular shape, clearly defined, then the rectangle faded, similar to a way a red hot piece of metal cools quickly, and disappeared.
By now we were on the outskirts of Kirkcudbright and I said to my father and brother "did you see that ?" and explained to them what I saw. We scanned the sky again but the light was not to be seen.
As we passed through the small town, our house lay just on the outskirts, south of the town, nestled between some hills and the estuary. Just before we left the town centre, the light reappeared in the South Eastern Sky as bright as when I first noticed it, coming on like someone switching on a light. As the road we were on was pretty straight I was able to observe the light moving from East to West for a few seconds before we lost sight of it behind the hills.
The position of our house behind the hills made it awkward for me to observe further, besides It felt silly asking to go back out and watch a light and I saw nothing further despite looking from the garden on several occasions. I told everyone what I`d seen and my brother and father confirmed they`d seen the initial very bright light.
I`d be interested in what people think what I saw was, I`m pretty used to night time air traffic with all the time I spend out at night fishing down the river Mersey near to Liverpool airport, but that one in Scotland really weirded me out !
I wanted to volunteer the information while it remains sharp in my mind, so I can keep everything as clear as possible. There is enough muddy water in this subject without me taking my stick out and giving it a swirl...
I`ve been interested in UFO`s for a long time but this is the first time I saw something really odd like this.
I'd be particularly interested if anyone can back up what I saw, I scanned the local papers in the days after both sightings I had but there was nothing and I`ve seen nothing on the Internet either.
(Further info following e-mail interview)
1: What was the year of your sighting? This past August or 1997? It was this past August, 1998.
2: If you grant permission for us to use the report,do you request anonymity? Yes feel free to use the report, the more people read and understand about this the better, use my name if you want, I don`t mind .
3: Are there any other relevant details that you feel you may be able to add to your report or a picture or diagram etc? EG: Direction of object when first sighted to last sighting etc.Approximate Size compared to an object held at arms length? Brightness or luminosity of object.Any noises noticed? Weather conditions at time of sighting.Etc etc.
Direction of object when first sighted : South South Eastern then North West wards away from the Solway Firth more inland, before fading. Reappeared in the Western sky before disappearing moving southwards, behind the hills near to where we were staying.
Approximate size to object held at arms length : Slightly smaller than a penny when at its brightest
Brightness or luminosity : Very bright, at least twice as bright as the brightest star in the sky at that time (which was Venus I think).
Noises noticed : None, we were in a Frontera, a noisy car and even with the window down I could hear nothing.
Weather Conditions : Very clear sky, less than 5% cloud cover I`d say giving me a clear view.
UFO sighted in Coupar Angus,Scotland?
Date: 10th July 1998
Location: Forfar, Kirriemuir Area
Time: Approx 1 am
Name: Withheld by request
Sighting: Whilst walking the dogs down the drive at approximately 1 am on the 10th of July 1998, a flickering star caught my eye. It looked like it was shaking or moving or emmiting a flickering light.
I thought it might be a plane moving and really gave it no more thought. Then I looked at another star and saw the usual orangy light, the other one however was a clearer light, a bit like these new car headlights.
I got the binoculars out when at home to have a look. What I saw was definately stationery. Or if it was moving it was not that much.It was clear that it had three colours of flashing lights. Definatley red and green . It also appeared to have an amber light. However that might have been from the mixing of the red and green. These were flashing lights and seemed to be going on and off on different parts of the UFO, a bit like lights on a fairground attraction.
It was diffcult to tell but it appears that the lights were only on the top half. Either that or the shape is like a cup upside down on a plate! The lights were very clear and flashing fast.
(Additional info following an e-mail interview.)
The Ufo itself was estimated to have been above the Forfar/Kirriemuir area of Coupar Angus.
Angle / Degree in the Sky,approximately 45 - 55 degrees. The object was sighted almost due East, or perhaps North East.
The duration was around 15 mins to half an hour, I would say 20 mins approx.
There were no aircraft at all,visable or audible,in the area!
The witness stated, "We are on a military flight path! Often 3 or 4 Hercules C130 transport planes fly over the roof or fighter planes, I do not know which type I am afraid.(Jaguar/Tornado's perhaps?)"
The fact that the witness was accustomed to seeing low flying aircraft in the vicinity suggests that he was clearly able to establish that the anomalous lights sighted were indeed not any kind of normal aircraft.It should also be noted that the witness did get a good look at the object through a pair of binoculars and still could not identify it.
Weather conditions were very clear for around 1am. All the stars were orange not very bright compared to sky as whole. It was still.Not to cold, infact relatively warm and minimal cloud cover.
Size? as mentioned it was above the tree line but looked miles and miles up in the sky. To the naked eye it looked the same size as a star,which is what I thought it was at first. I am not sure about relative size but compared to the branches in the foreground it was about the size of a cross between a tennis ball and football. More tennis ball size though.Through binoculars that is not the naked eye! If held at arms length it would be marble sized.
It was most definatley out of the ordinary from what I have seen, the lights on it, i studied for a while.They were Green and red, as sharp a colour as lights on planes and ships port and starboard.
Balloon type UFO sighted near Wick, Scotland
Date: 12th August 1998
Location: Wick
Time: 11am Approx.
Name: Graham Macdonald Witness Report
Sighting: I was on a citylink bus travelling from Scrabster to Inverness, returning south after visiting my parents in the Orkney Islands. Somewhere between Watten and Wick I noticed what I took to be a balloon above a field perhaps a couple of hundred feet away. As the bus got closer I noticed that it was of an unusual shape it reminded me of "Santa clause" in that it was red in colour and had the vague shape of a man. I would estimate it was 50 feet off the ground and perhaps 10 feet tall. It had a very strange shape being roughly cylandrical with nobbly bits and a large green "hump" it had what looked like a rope attached with another balloon(?) attatched to it some 15 feet away from it, and was totally horizontal to it. What confused me if it was a balloon was that it was remaining stationary, I Could see no mooring ropes, plus it was very close to power cables and I thought this a strange place to moor a balloon. Plus it did seem windy, with the second balloon tied to the rope looking like it was being blown in the wind which would explain why the rope was horizontal. There were quite a few people on the bus and I did look to see if anyone else was looking at it but no one else seemed to be. I was too shy to bring it to the attention of anyone else as I didn't want to look foolish in case it was something normal!
The bus didn't come any closer than perhaps 200 feet away from it but I saw it from several different angles and ranges, and there was definatly no ropes attaching it to the ground, and a balloon is the best description that I can apply to it as it was the strangest looking thing that I have ever seen.
(Further info following E-mail interview.)
I too had thought about some kind of observation balloon (perhaps military) but my best theory is that due to it's closeness to the power lines perhaps its used by Hydro Electric to inspect the power lines? But then I've never heard of anything like that being used in the area, and aerodynamicly the design of the balloon is a bit crazy. My freind suggested that perhaps it was used to scare birds from crops like a scarecrow, but the field it was over was just grazing grassland.
Thinking about it more and doing some research on the web I am extremely suprised about the lack of oscillation by the main object, the small one on the rope was oscillating like a madthing in the wind but the main object displayed absolutley no movement of any kind. Also being Caithness the horizon is very low and this gave could viewing of the sky below the object and the ground and any tether/guy ropes should have been quite easy to see? Unless they were very thin, but then the light wasn't brilliant that day so maybe?
Weather conditions were grey and overcast with a fairly medium wind blowing from the west I would say from the way the bushes were moving. Being in the bus it was hard to say exactly how strong the wind was.
It's probaly relevant to say that I'm a keen Avaition enthusiast and am very familair with aircraft of all sorts. I've also been intrested In UFOs for years ever since my grandfather told me of the Saucer that watched the Dounreay Nuclear Plant in the 1950's.
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