South Korea UFO Photos

[CNI News thanks Don Nellesen for sending this text, transcribed from a CNN television news report dated November 23, 1996.]

SEOUL (AP) -- A local television network showed footage of a shining object floating motionless in the sky early Friday morning, November 22.

The YTN pictures showed the object suspended in midair for about 10 minutes before it suddenly moved and disappeared.

UFO experts in South Korea said the object could have been a spaceship judging from its movements -- motionless in the sky for several minutes, and moving in several different directions before disappearing altogether.

According to South Korean Air Force officials, there were no scheduled flights at that hour.

South Korea has been hit by UFO fever in recent weeks due to alleged sightings by local photographers, which have gained widespread and prominent coverage in newspapers throughout the country.

Further note: a Korean language web site reportedly posted a photo and story on or about November 29 claiming that the object in question was a military aircraft. However, the reported behavior of the object as captured on video does not seem to conform with known aircraft performance.

The following pictures courtesy of UFO Folklore:

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