UFO Cylinder Photos

By Dave Crisp
Portsmouth, OH

Hi Jeff,
I was taking photos of chemtrails on Nov. 20th, 2002 and accidentally got these two cylinders on video at two separate times on the same bright sunny day. Each video take is 30 seconds long. The first time was around 12 Noon. I saw this shiny object and assumed it was a jet. I video taped it with difficulty because it was so small to the naked eye and from being so bright out that day. These photos are zoomed in 6:1. I finished my taping and went for a walk and some errands.
Later, around 3pm, I did some more taping of chemtrails hoping for a jet with trails and I heard a fast jet. I immediately aimed up to get what I thought was a jet again. I remember wondering why there were no trails behind them. Again, I didn't realize they were cylinders at the time. Just shiny jets, so I thought. They seemed to be moving slower than jets. They both were moving West to East. The jet I heard was not visible or I just didn't notice it. It was only until later I realized I had two separate videos of two cylinders. One seems to have a band around the middle I noticed reviewing the video. I have noticed from searching the internet that these shiny cylinders are all too common and are reported as UFOs in many places in the world.
Best Regards,
Dave Crisp Portsmouth, Ohio
The first 2 photos are the 3pm cylinder and the last 2 are the 12 noon cylinder.
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