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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
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Filer's Files #21
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UFO SIGHTINGS: Vermont circle, New Jersey rectangle, West Virginia gold object, Florida triangle, Ohio saucers, Indiana fireball, Missouri daylight triangle, New Mexico silver object, Oregon orbs, Washington photos, Canada sightings, England lights, Russia UFO over stadium, and Australia police see UFO. Plus my trip to Roswell and the "Search for Alien Life Evidence" (SALE).
ORLANDO -- The witness says, "On May 12, 2002. while working as a security guard I observed from atop a downtown parking garage what appeared at first to be three craft approaching from the north like airplanes do going to the main airport." "But then I observed that they were much too closely spaced to be regulated aircraft, and as they got near downtown they began to move in lazy turns at 2:23 AM." It banks and double backs like seagulls, at random and not in formation, and not like any planes I've ever seen. The front of the craft had half a dozen white lights. There were no other lights and no sound was heard. I used an 8x eyepiece to get a better view. The rear of the craft was square so the whole thing appeared to be an obtuse triangle with the large angle at the nose. The craft appeared black. I double-checked myself that these were not blimps, spotlights, laser lights, helicopters, normal airplanes, birds, nor reflections.
KANSAS CITY -- On Thursday, May 2, 2002, at 7:45 PM, the witness stepped outside on the balcony to watch the sunset in the clear weather. The witness lives near a small airport and frequently sees small aircraft. He observed a triangular shaped craft flying south at an altitude of about one half mile and at less than one mile away. The witness states, "I could see it clearly, the craft was triangular with rounded corners, dark in color, that didn't reflect any sunlight and made no noise." I would gauge the size of it to be similar to a large commercial aircraft. "The surface that I saw appeared to be smooth without any lights on it. "When first seen I thought it was a kite drifting on the wind but it flew smoothly in a straight line, not erratically like one expects a kite to do. It flew slowly enough that it was in sight for at least two minutes. During this time it maintained a steady flight path and did not change it's altitude or distance from me.
BRIDGEPORT -- The witness was driving north on route 22a on May 4, 2002, behind several cars and trucks, averaging 60 mph. With his teenage daughter asleep in the passenger seat. The witness reports, "Just south of Bridgeport, as I was coming up a rise at 12:50 AM, a brilliant emerald green circle appeared at the top of my windshield, coming from behind us, leaving a slight green trail behind it. My car's compass was reading NE, and the object came at a slight angle from right to left, so I estimate it was moving north and above Lake Champlain. The duration of the event was no more than 1 second. By the time I reached the top of the hill the object had disappeared. I had a clear view of several miles, with clear skies. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center
NEWARK -- The witnesses report, "Four of us were returning from vacation to Newark International Airport on May 13, 2002, and took the bus to the long term parking lot P to get our car at 4:10 PM. We had trouble locating the car and my wife and friend went one direction and my 16 years old son and I went the other direction. While my son and I were walking around in the parking lot we heard this very loud sound similar to a jet engine which came from 5 or 6 different directions at one time in about a 4 second time frame. The two of us automatically looked into the overcast sky thinking it was some type of jet. After thinking of what we just heard it was impossible for this to be a jet since the sound was coming in from many different directions to the point where we were standing in this very large parking lot in a very short time. We had looked into the sky but I noticed nothing. My son said, he noticed a rectangle object that was gray in color which vanished as fast as the sound.
RIPPON -- NUFORC reports that a witness saw a round gold-colored body with white wings or other edge attached roughly at center of round body. The witness states, "I slowed my driving, because I thought it was an airplane coming in for an emergency landing on Route 340, just south of Rippon, and ten miles north of Berryville, Virginia. As I slowed, the craft disappeared from sight, even though it was only about 200 yards from me. I saw no other witnesses.
DAYTON -- The witness reports that on May 2, 2002, I was with my friends and my Mom, we were out side when we herd a loud boom. "We looked up in the sky and there were two saucers, my friends and I had a clear view of it at 1:00 PM, and it probably was UFOs." I'm doing a report on UFO's so this is huge for me. My friend said, I should report it. I hope you can find out more about UFO's from this. ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))
INDIANAPOLIS -- The observers were outside at about 10:00 PM, on May 10, 2002, when they saw a strange orange fireball fly away from them. It seemed too big to be anything like a meteor and it was flying away and disappeared suddenly. They shook it off, but then we heard neighbors talking about how the planets are aligned, they became a little interested. The observers state, "We then continued walking around and saw another one exactly the same fly by across the sky at about 1:00 AM. "Later at 2:00 AM, we saw the same thing. At about 4:00 AM we saw it fly across the sky again and suddenly vanish." We live near an airport but their is no way this was anything I have seen before. We also heard, and saw, large jets flying around. We did some research and found no explanation for what this was. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center
QUEMADO -- The observers were driving east on Route 36 less than a mile west of the intersection with NM 117 about 20 miles north of Quemado on a clear May 3, 2002, afternoon when both saw an object moving east. To one observer, the object was an extremely bright silver tear drop less than 1/6th the thickness of a little finger when held at arm's length at 3:14 PM. To the other observer, the object was an extremely bright silver ball with a short comet-like tail. Both agree on the size. The object first appeared at the top of the windshield and looked like it was descending at about 45 degrees or more. At the end of the sighting, the object disappeared as it seemed to level out relative to the horizon. The total time of the sighting was less than one-second which indicated to the observers that the rate of speed was much greater than any known craft could attain. The two observers had never experienced this type of sighting in their 70 plus years, and neither are invo
SPOKANE -- The lawyer wrote, "I just wanted to let you know that the anomalous night light activity has been very heavy in the last week." Nearly every night at least four or more lights/craft came in and move to an area near Tower Mountain, upon which are located a number of radio towers and microwave transmitters. One night, I was able to photograph a light fly below the tops of the towers, stop while flaring brightly, and then reverse course and come down and disappear at the base of one of the towers! No fixed wing aircraft could do that, and it would be a pretty risky maneuver even for a helicopter. From my vantage point I can see a small college town about 20-25 miles WSW from my location. Last night, for the second time, I observed two very bright stationary lights in or near this town. I'm assuming they are stadium lights from the college, or from some other sports complex in the town. Anyway, at about 9:15 PM I observed what initially I thought was an airplane.
SPOKANE - MUFON Photo Analyst Jeff Sainio reports that there is not a whole lot to work with, but some conclusions can be made. Alleged photos digitally sent are child's-play to fake, but even a poor faker could make a more 'exciting' picture than what was submitted. I would tend to trust a judge in view of the evidence submitted. I presume the lower objects are streetlights or whatever stationary known lights. I have no witness testimony. Focus of the unknown and the known lights is similar (although so bad this is of limited use) indicating all objects are distant. The shape of the unknown lights is unlike anything I'm aware of, although an aircraft expert would know more than me.
The terrestrial lights are all smeared in a line pointing about 1 o'clock, indicating the camera aim moved during the (long) exposure. The unknown light is NOT smeared, suggesting the camera followed its motion, keeping it clean while smearing the terrestrial lights. The witness should be asked about the object motion; I would expect it coming or going, but not moving sideways. If the witness sees things regularly, I'd recommend a camcorder, which has better night sensitivity and provides motion. Thanks to Jeff Sainio.
HOPEWELL - Lisa Boersma writes that, "Amazing things transpired at my table last weekend during the UFO Fest in McMinnville." There is a need for a place where those of us can go and have support without all the labels. All of the activity is around my home in Hopewell 18 miles south of McMinnville. The Orange Orbs came bopping around as if to say, you forgot to mention me so I must include the orange orb ones also. All of the crafts I have seen average 30 to 80 feet in dimension, except for the Motherships that are about 600 feet come in to do their collecting. Its like they knew I was going to be there last weekend, its weird? If you need more info there are also the disk craft the ones with the red and blue lights that occasionally have these light glowing small orb things that hang around the outside of the crafts and one by one in intervals zip through the shell of the craft. Then after it enters the inside of the craft glows very bright. Thanks to Lisa Boersma
BINGHAM, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE -reports that on May 5, 2002, a disc shaped object appeared several miles south of Bingham. At 3:00 AM, I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a flashing light which at first I thought to be a light aircraft. I realized the object was flashing different colored lights erratically and was not moving. Two small white lights appeared to move outwards from the main body of the object and remained like this for the rest of the sighting. I fetched my binoculars and viewed the object observing a disk shape with clusters of green, orange, yellow and red lights. It appeared to be moving in a spinning and rocking movement. I woke my girlfriend who also viewed it and confirmed what I saw. I then fetched my digital camera and photographed it as best I could. The object remained virtually stationary for over an hour. When I stopped watching, dawn was approaching. During the period of the hour the object appeared to have moved slightly
PERM -- Pravda reports that on May 20, 2002, several dozens of Perm citizens saw an UFO flying over Energia stadium situated in the center of the city. One of the witnesses, a former military possessing flying training found difficulty in identifying the object with any known flying devices constructed on the Earth. According to him, the UFO was a three-dimensional body with flat round basis, similar to a reverse tureen. The "tureen" slowly moved over the sky towards south, keeping the same height and speed. The object flew soundlessly, without leaving any glow or air track. According to the observer, the distance from him to the UFO was approximately 400 km, while its diameter was 10 or 15 meters. In five minutes, the object disappeared over the houses in Kommunisticheskaya. Perm is located in central Russia near the Ural Mountains. Thanks to Pravada and FarShores UFO News AUSTRALIA SMALL STAR-LIKE OBJECT DESCENDS.
ALBURY, NSW -- Tonight at just after 6:00 PM on May 4, 2002, my husband and I were driving down our street and saw a large orange light that looked like what I thought was the planet Mars. We have been looking to see the planets align and have been seeing big bright stars that we are gathering to be the planets that are aligning, but this one was different in the fact that it was a bright orange! There was a small but bright white star just above this bright Mars-like planet. Then I said "Look-its moving!" My husband looked up from the road and said "What...Mars?" with a tone of disbelief in his voice, as I would have also if I were him. I said "No...the little white star above it is moving!
MILDURA -- The Victorian UFO Research Society (VUFORS) is currently investigating a report made by two police officers in the northern Victorian city. The Sunraysia Daily newspaper reports, Police sighting of UFO in the Sunraysia Daily, on May 18, 2002. "We've just seen a UFO," was the radio call received at the Mildura Police Station during the early hours of yesterday morning. Two officers on a routine patrol through Apex Park were stunned to see a silver shape hovering above the river at 5:00 AM this morning. "Mildura divisional van crew members Kate and Greg were patrolling Apex Park when their jaws dropped at the sight of a very bright lit up UFO hovering over the river," A police spokesperson said. "It appeared the UFO spotted them at the same time as it shot off in the direction of Gol Gol. "They attempted to give chase, but it had gone in the blink of an eye." "One of the officers commented over the air 'we've just seen a UFO' and received the reply. "One of the off
Dave Vetterick reports that, "Many think the Alien Autopsy film has been declared a hoax and that is where the matter rests." "However, that is not the case as it has not been proven authentic nor has it been proven a hoax. Two aspects of the 1947 Roswell UFO incident have generated the majority of the discussion and interest in this subject in the last few years: ONE - The Santilli Alien Autopsy Film as seen on Fox TV TWO - The analysis of the UFO debris and message seen in the 7 known photos taken in General Ramey's Ft. Worth, Texas office in July of 1947. The infamous Alien Autopsy film has been digitized and put on a 2 CD set. These are NOW being made available to the public. Using included free ware, you can now view the entire unedited original film on your PC, and analyze the film frame by frame with amazing clarity and detail. Then, decide for yourself if it's the real thing or a fraud.
NEW MEXICO TRIP -- I wish to thank the Roswell UFO Museum Director Julie Schuster and the New Mexico Museum of Space History Director Mark Santiago for their willingness to help the Air Victory Museum in Medford, New Jersey to expand its UFO and space exhibits. Also I wish to thank Wayne Mattson for a guided tour or the New Mexico Space museum, where I asked if anything flying out of White Sands such as the V-2 rockets could account for the wreckage at the Foster Ranch? The chief researcher at the Space Museum assured me nothing from White Sands was responsible for the crash reports. I visited Holloman Air Force Base where OSI personnel had a nice chat with me and let me know they were doing their job in a professional manner. I asked if they were still interested in UFOs? "I was told they were interested in lots of things." I encourage you to visit these excellent museums soon!
On May 13, 2002, I visited the famous alleged alien crash site at the Foster Ranch about twenty miles from Corona. During my Air Force career I was involved with several aircraft crash sites and have come up with my own estimate of what occurred based on the testimony of numerous witnesses. Assistant Counter-intelligence officer Master Seagent Lewis Ricketts tells us that he spent some weeks with Dr. Lincoln La Paz a specialist in meteorites who was interviewing ranchers in New Mexico. M.Sgt. Ricketts claims LaPaz came to the conclusion a vehicle had got into trouble and landed some way from the Foster ranch debris site to effect repairs. LaPaz had found a site some way from the debris field where the desert sand had been turned to glass by heat. We can speculate that a large disc shaped craft probably measuring at least a hundred feet in diameter encountered trouble after getting airborne and exploded over the Foster Ranch creating the debris field Mac Brazel found. The Ner had been captured.
One of the most likely causes of the 1947 crash debris would be from classified government rockets or aircraft. All launches of the V-2 rockets and similar advanced craft from 1947 have been revealed. Data on advanced secret aircraft that were developed much later such as both the U-2 and SR 71 have been released. Any advanced 'secret vehicles' observed in the 1940s and 1950s should have shown up in the Korean War or Vietnam or the Gulf War. While in the Air Force, I taxied next to a U-2 in Puerto Rico and a SR-71 in Okinawa. If we had built an advanced flying saucer it seems reasonable that they would no longer be classified aircraft. Furthermore, we are developing a advanced F-22 fighters costing billions, why not use the advanced saucer technology 52 years later?
In any case, the descriptions of special metals and materials at the crash site have persisted for fifty years. Lt. Walter Haut, Lorretta Proctor, Brig. General Arthur Exon plus many others suggest this is most likely the crash site of an alien space craft. I personally walked over most of the debris field that looks flat in the photos, but it is covered by rocks, rock outcroppings, sink holes that could hide a car, and animal burrows for Prairie Dogs and snakes. There are virtually thousands of hiding places for what may be left of the debris. Assuming this is the actual spot, and numerous witnesses will testify that it is, this is a potential treasure area. Debris found here could once and for all prove the existence of alien life. I found an old penny, strange red rocks, old tin cans, crystal rocks, plus other interesting scraps in an hour of searching. It is my opinion that metallic or plastic like debris still exists underground in the debris field. There ar
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