UFO And ETs Haunt
Construction Site In Chile
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center
By Jaime Ferrer
Calama UFO Center

Investigation conducted by Calama UFO Center on October 18, 2001, 02:30 A.M.
As a result of our investigations in the southern sector of the city of Calama, Chile, we have contacted a lone watchman that has been guarding a construction site for 6 months. His job consists of safekeeping a building under construction, as well as building materials and equipment.
This gentleman of 51 years of age, father of 8 children and native of this city, described an event involving a possible UFO, alien entities and paranormal activity on the night of October 14, 2001.
"Ever since I started working here, I have noticed strange sounds at night. Some of my co-workers have mentioned hearing them as well. It is almost normal to hear them. The sounds are similar to hearing children running and playing around. They usually come from outside where the stockpiles of wood and construction equipment are, as if they were playing around with the equipment. However, the possibility of children playing outside at 4:AM in the morning is at the least highly unlikely.
Nevertheless, our job is to watch and safeguard the property; therefore, we are required to go out and check for anything out of the ordinary. I am absolutely positive that I was alone. My only companion is an old TV set and a pregnant stray dog that I feed and have learned to love as my own pet. Soon, she will have puppies.
Although I am used to hear strange noises, that night on October 14 something weird happened to me. It was about 2 in the morning. I was watching TV. Suddenly, my dog started barking and ran towards the back patio, so I lowered the volume to listen to what was going on. I was expecting that someone would be running around on top of the piles of lumber, but this time the noise was stronger, so I immediately reacted thinking that somebody could have been trying to steal the material. I picked up my flashlight and ran towards the door.
As expected, the dog was ready to go outside as she was barking and waiting for me to open the door. She ran as soon as I opened the door, but suddenly, she bounced right back after she only ran a few feet away. Apparently, something scared her. She looked and sounded terrified. I have never seen her moaning and shivering the way she did that time. Then I saw it. I saw a bright oval shaped object floating around near the 55-gallon drums. The object was about 35 feet away from me.
I really do not know what happen to me, I was simply paralyzed. I had my flashlight in my hand, but I was not able raise it to illuminate this object. It was like a mental blackout. The only thing that I had in mind was the intense cold and fear that I felt. The only parts of my body that I was able to move were my eyes, as they followed the strange object for about 10 seconds.
The object moved at about 15 MPH. It was not a living being. It was some kind of small airship. It did not emit air, noise, nor it left a contrail. The sensation felt in my body during the moments that I saw it is simply indescribable.
The following day, I heard the noises once again. I was too scared to go outside. However, I went upstairs but I did not see anything from the second floor. Later during the week, it happened again, but this time I called another guard. We both went outside but, once again, we could not see anything.
A lot of strange things happen at night down here. Sometimes, the lights turn on and off by themselves, the same with the air compressors, winches and even motor vehicles. Some security guards have mentioned strange looking men dressed in gray roaming around the site. They mention that they are very elusive. When they try to stop them for questioning or to provide assistance to them - because they appear to be looking for something - they walk or run away and disappear."
We will continue updating this story. Jaime Ferrer Calama UFO Center
Translated by Mario Andrade


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