Dramatic New UFO Sightings
Taped Over Cardenas Home
In Washington - Ongoing
Contact Underway?
By Santiago Yturria
Edited by Jeff Rense
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Hello Jeff,
My ongoing investigation of the Cardenas family UFO experience has produced major and extraordinary new developments. Through my research of the case directly with the family, I've been following certain surprising events that confirmed what I suspected early on - that some form of interaction between a UFO and a member of the family, Mrs. Patricia Cardenas, may be taking place. Here is the latest...
It was just a few months ago when a family from Washington state had a spectacular UFO encounter while travelling on the road to San Antonio, Texas enroute to Mexico on the night of December 17th, 2000 (see:
The Cardenas family of Mr. Juan Cardenas, Mrs. Patricia Cardenas and their three sons: Jesus, Adrian and little Jonathan confronted a huge, luminous tubular-shaped UFO that approached them over a desolate section of the two-lane Texas road.
This amazing encounter was captured, as it occurred, on video by Mrs. Patricia Cardenas which is, without doubt, a unique moment in UFO history. Rather than just one strange and exciting encounter with the unknown, however, the story has now become a continuing - and thoroughly documented - series of even more surprising events with something appearing in the sky and apparently relating directly to Mrs. Patricia Cardenas herself.
After meeting with the Cardenas family in Monterrey, Mexico (the destination of their December car trip) where I interviewed them and watched their footage, I told them to be prepared for another possible ufo sighting - especially during their return trip to Washington on the same stretch of Texas road.
I advised them that in some cases, for unknown reasons, these kinds of UFO events have a tendency to repeat themselves to certain persons. I told them that there wasn't any certainty this would happen to them, and the chances may be minimal, but they must be alert with their videocamera to capture any possible strange and unknown events while travelling home. I added that there was no reason for them to be alarmed or worried, and I promised to be in contact to keep them informed of the advances in the investigation and the results of the analysis of the video footage Mrs. Cardense took during their encounter enroute to Mexico. __
In January, a few weeks after our last meeting in Monterrey, I contacted the Cardenas family again, at their Washington home, and we discussed details of their accounts of the UFO encounter and the results of the footage analysis which were most promising.
Mr. Juan then informed me that they had, as I had cautioned them about, another UFO sighting on the very same Texas road while they were on their way home. But this time there were more eyewitnesses: two cars had parked on the side on the road and several people were watching a big light moving in the sky. Unfortunately, they weren't able to tape this sighting as their camcorder battery was not properly this encounter remains inconclusive.
During our converstion, Mr. Cardenas then reported that subsequent to their return home to Washington state, Mrs. Patricia had been seeing something above their home on two different occasions which she thought was a UFO.
I asked Mrs. Patricia if she had taken video of those two nighttime sightings and she said, "No, I just kept watching; it happened so quickly that I didn't think of the camcorder. But it (the UFO) was bright."
I urged her to try to tape these events especially because she was alone outside the house and told her any video evidence is critically important to help substantiate what she was seeing - that it was not an illusion. I told here there might be a plausible explanation to the sightings and any video is an essentail tool to try to resolve the mystery and come to a conclusion. She understood perfectly and promised to keep the videocamera with her if there would be any further sightings.
Mrs. Patricia not only followed my advice, she asked Mr. Juan for her own brand new videocamera. He agreed and purchased her a new Compact-VHS camcorder with a tripod.
According to Mrs. Patricia, January was a peaceful, normal month and nothing strange was seen by her or the family. "Sometimes I spent long periods of time watching at the sky, especially at night, but nothing unusual appeared," said Mrs. Patricia. "I began to think that nothing would happen and maybe it was useless to spend hours trying to see something that may never appear, and decided to forget the whole thing. But the day after thinking this, I was watching and looking again to the sky and had a strange undefined restlessness come over me."
Mrs. Patricia Cardenas: "It was February 20, when I began to feel this restlessness and some ideas came to my mind. This had happened before but now the sensation was different."
"At approximatley 7:10 PM, I told Juan to go outside to the backyard to see if we could catch a UFO because I had a kind of premonition that something would appear. He agreed and we went to the backyard with my camera and the tripod."
"After about twenty minutes, nothing happened and Juan went back to the house and told me, "You stay if you want. I'm tired of waiting; nothing is going to happen."
"A few minutes later, suddenly there appeared a red oval light over a neighbor's house roof. I grabbed my camera and began taping. 'I knew it!' I was thinking while I watched this big red light making slight movements from right to left and backwards."
"The sighting lasted for half an hour and then the UFO faded away. I went back into the house, very excited, and Juan was watching the TV . 'I've got it Juan,' I said, 'I told you. Look the video, it was a UFO.' We watched the video several times and commented about it all that night."
COMMENT: Watching the February 20 footage, I confirmed Mrs. Patricia's testimony of a sighting.
The video, taken at 7:33 PM, presents an oval-shaped redish light hovering above a house roof, apparently making movements to both sides with a bright luminosity. The posibility of an airplane, star or blimp is discarded due to the movements and behavior of the object. A relevant part of the footage is how it faded away in the same position in a matter of moments. I reviewed this maneuver in slow motion and the UFO took nine frames to accomplish the fading out. (note - there are 30 frames per second).
>From that day on, Mrs. Patricia continue watching and searching the sky for more sightings. "I had two more sightings in February and also taped them with my camera. In both cases, I felt similar unusual sensations and was able to see objects a certain distance. I followed your advice trying to distinguish a real ufo from an airplane, a bright star, or any other known object. But I must tell you, when you confront a UFO everything is different. At least in my experience, the mood in these moments is a mixture of different and undefined feelings."
In March, a dramatic chain of events changed the perception of these experiences for the Cardenas family.
Mrs. Patricia began to experience night visitations by a huge kind of blue plasma UFO right above her home on a periodic basis which suggests some kind of interaction.
I decided to travel to visit the Cardenas in their Washington home to evaluate these new developments in the case. As a result of our meetings there, and watching the video evidence, I felt necesary to redefine their entire case and with these new elements. Their story has now taken on entirely new and major proportions.
This is Mrs. Patricia's account of her sightings taken from our last interview:
Mrs. Patricia Cardenas: "It was March when the "Blue One" appeared. I remember the night of March 2...I was in our room with Juan. Shortly before eleven o'clock, I felt that restlessness and I thought that maybe something was outside. I took my camera and went to the front entrance. I walked through the garage and saw a light in the sky at some distance. I began taping and realized that it had a blue luminosity different of the others I have seen. I didn't use my tripod this time and just kept watching through the camera's monitor. This object had something that made me feel relaxed."
SY: "How close do you think it was?"
Mrs. Patricia: "It was some distance away, not close, but in some moments it increased its size and made some movements. Then returned to the original size. I knew it was a UFO and the blue luminosity was beautiful. A blue color like I've never seen before."
SY: "Then, what did you do?"
Mrs. Patricia: "I kept taping and watching for several minutes, until the object dissapeared. The next day, I showed the video to Juan and he said: "This is a blue one." So we named it "The Blue One."
SY: "The night of March 5, you had a more impressive sighting. Please tell me in your own words about the incidents of that night."
Mrs. Patricia: "It was a special day. I remember I had been thinking all day about the blue UFO and I really wanted to see it again. When Juan arrived from work that night I already had the camera ready and invited him to our backyard to make our skywatch.
"Nothing happened and we came back to the house for supper leaving the videocamera mounted on the tripod in the backyard. At about 7:30, I felt this a sensation, like tickling in the stomach, and I went back out the backyard. It was there, the Blue One, but this time very close and bright. It looked like blue and white boiler exhaust cap laying on its side. I grabbed my camera from the tripod and began taping. "
SY: "How close was it this time? What did you feel?"
Mrs. Patricia: "It was really close and bright. I was taping and watching it when I felt the same relaxing sensation. Then it began to change its shape and grow into something different, moving slowly and increasing its luminosity. It was really big."
COMMENT: Reviewing the March 5th footage, I found a huge luminous blueish object with the described shape. This is a long video taken from 7:37 PM to 8:14 PM. The object exhibited dramatic changes of shape during a sequence of movements like some kind of metamorphosis. It definitely cannot be mistaken for an airplane, planet or any other known aircraft - not to my knowledge, at least. This is an unknown entity that exhibits features not conventional to our physics and this is confirmed in the 8:14 frames when the object faded away while remaining in the same position.
SY: "The same UFO appeared to you again the next day. Did you tape it?"
Mrs. Patricia: "Yes. The night of March 5th, we all watched the video and Juan said: 'It looks very close. Next time, I want to see it.' So, the next day, March 6th, I prepared the camera but Juan didn't came home early, so I went to the garage with my camera and a few minutes later, I saw it again. It was the 'Blue One' that turned on its lights in front of our house. It was 7:00 PM in the camera's clock when I began taping, and the UFO just hung there for about ten minutes and then disappeared just before Juan arrived in his car. I told Juan, 'It was over there again - the Blue One - and you missed it. Wait to see the video.'"
SY: "But he did see the UFO the next day, March 7th. That was an important day for all of you. Can you tell me what happened that night?"
Mrs. Patricia: "We were out in the backyard, Juan, Jonathan and myself, and it was still clear at 6:00 PM. Then I saw a bright light at the distance." 'Look at that light.' I said, and picked up my camera and began taping. 'Must be an airplane.' Juan said. I kept taping and the object got nearer. Then it stopped and changed its luminosity. Juan said 'Hey, it's a UFO!' and Jonathan got up in a tree to have a better view. After about four minutes, the UFO disappeared. We thought that it was over and went back to the house."
Some moments later, at approximately 6:50 PM, I felt a strong sensation again and some thoughts came to my mind. I took my camera and quietly went back to the yard. It was dark already and when I arrived I got a big surprise. It was there, waiting for me, the Blue One shining with a mixture of blue and white colors, silent, and looking like a blue moon. This time, I put the camera on the tripod, taping, pointing it up at the UFO. I stood aside, watching freely the color and shape of the object. It was closer than the earlier times and looked like a half solid circle with a fine blue beam on the lower part."
SY: "What were your feelings during those moments?"
Mrs. Patricia: "It began moving slowly up and down, up and down; and while making these movements its shape began to change till it looked like a double inverted pendulum. I was following its movements, completely absorbed. It was like a hypnotic dance. Yes, it was like if it were dancing. I was completely absorbed and felt very relaxed. All this is in the video."
COMMENT: The March 7th footage contains two segments. One, at 6:00 PM, still at daylight presenting a white and pink luminous orb that increased its size, moving slowly until it stopped making some intensity changes. The voices of the Cardenas are heard in the audio portion telling Jonathan to be careful when he goes up the tree.
The second segment is the most interesting. It's clear that the camera is on a tripod and a big kind of saucer-shaped object appears, filling almost the entire video screen. It has a white and blue luminousity and a blue tail or beam on the lower part. It is moving slowly up and down continuously, and experiencing a morphing effect transforming itself in a figure like two pendulums united. No noise or interference is audible and the video lasts for several minutes.
I must say that I returned to Mexico quite impressed with the testimonies and the videos of the Cardenas. It does seem that a kind of interaction is really happening and Mrs. Patricia Cardenas may be the fundamental piece in this connection.
The study of the Ufology has proven to us that this kind of repeated UFO experience has happened to many people through the years. Sometimes a single UFO event awakens, for unknown and mysterious reasons, a sensitivity or maybe the 'frequency' of a person giving him of her the ability to repeatedly observe the enigmatic presence of a UFO which can become a frequent 'companion' under the most strange situations.
We have many such cases that have become classics in Ufology and the evidence by way of photos or videos taken by those selected witnesses constitute solid bases in which this controversial study is supported.
During my research, I found numerous other UFO reports from the Washington state area which have occurred over these past months, reports from reliable witnesses which demostrate unusual UFO activity over several cities. These reports, united with the Cardenas testimonies, reveal that something very real is happening up there.
I trust the Cardenas family's good intentions in coming forward and telling their story and sharing their evidence. These new developments are certainly significant and give a totally new dimension to this case. I will continue following these incidents hoping to find a more clear definition and perhaps a meaning for their experiences.
SY: "Juan, how do you feel with all this?"
Mr. Juan Cardenas: "I'm surprised...but now I realize it's linked to her. Patricia is the one who is seeing the UFO and having this experience. She seems to be amused, so it's ok with me."
Mrs. Patricia: "It (the UFO) doesn't want Juan for some reason. It doesn't appear (up close) if he's outside with me. But I don't know, maybe it's just a coincidence. I feel fine...and I see this UFO like a friend, a very special friend."
At this phase of the investigation, I consider the complex nature of the events described by Mrs. Patricia Cardenas do not yet permit me to reach a definitive conclusion. So far, the case remains unexplained.
Santiago Yturria
OVNI Investigaciones

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