UFO Sightings Continue In
Buenos Aires Province

From Scott Corrales
Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Source: Planetaufo
January 26,2003
The Argentine Republic --mainly the province of Buenos Aires-- has reported several UFO cases in different communities over the course of January 2003.
An example of these were the events of Saturday, January 11, when numerous fireballs were reported over the city of Buenos Aires, in the neighborhoods of La Boca, Avenida 9 de Julio, and other sectors of the city. The fireballs were blue, red and green, moving at variable speeds and following flight patterns unattainable by commercial aircraft.
Around that same time, other strange fireballs of different colors were reported in the city of Necochea's coastal area and park. Several witnesses to the event described them as having "a variety of colors".
On January 17, 2003, an electrical technician named Hugo E. Reinoso saw an intense white light over the coastal city of Necochea. The object engaged in a variety of maneuvers and made no noise whatsoever. Now, in the city of San Andres de Giles, a large circle measuring some 7 meters in diameter, with burned grass and talc-like ash at its center, has been found in recent hours on a soybean field by a Buenos Aires cattle rancher .

Photo of the San Andres de Giles burn mark
(allegedly UFO-related).
(courtesy Luis Eduardo Pacheco)

 Juan Carlos Ferreto was startled upon seen the perfect circle. All around him, the soybean plants were very green, having a height of 40 centimeters overall except for the 7 meter section found. These events were reminiscent of others which occurred in the same spot on September 4, 1981, when another ash-filled circle was discovered. Juanc Carlos Mendizabal recalled these events, remembering that at the time, a large Australian water tank had been drained of water and the electrical system (fuses, wires and windings) had been completed melted.

Events continue to occur in the province of Buenos Aires this summer of 2003.
Translation © 2003 Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Daniel Gimnez, Necochea (Argentina)



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