Do They Walk Among Us?
By Tim Hagemeister <>
Director-NACOMM Research Corp.

Over the past 50 years, our government's intelligence agencies have come to a grim prospect. One with a cosmic paradox in view of the great scientific advancement of these intelligent beings captured, and visiting this planet. If their knowledge is as advanced genetically as technically, could they not clone a real human "dolly"? And given the right upbringing and training, could these "clones" assimilate into our society? For the sake of muse, let us imagine that what < Howard M. McCoy, former Commanding General of T-2 Technical Intelligence at Wright Field in 1947 and the man who was the final decision maker about Project SIGN said was plausible:
"There was never a successful military occupation or adventure ever made recently, or even in the days of Alexander the Great, where prior to the invasion, or prior to the mass landing there were not agents sent ahead. This is standard practice. Agents. Now, in Germany we and the British inserted Americans and we inserted British who looked liked the Germans and spoke their language. In Japan, we inserted, we had enough Nissei we inserted them into Japan, but we had agents in their countries exactly the same as we have agents behind the Iron Curtain now. The main purpose of these people is to be be as exactly like the natives as possible. The facts of life, the facts of military logic, the facts of cultural logic and especially since they have not been hostile, dictate almost dictate the fact that there would be especially with your remarks that they have seen all these humanoids, these humanoids are from respectable cases that you believe in, if they are humanoids, there can be humanoids picked out since the range of size shape and color on this planet is covers almost the entire spectrum, that it almost dictates the fact that there would be lets say agents of the space people, wherever they come from living with us at the present time and have been here over the last 100 years. This is standard."
Now combine that idea with what Robert O. Dean said about his discovery while working for NATO's Supreme Command in the 1960's:
NATO officials were -- understandably -- very disturbed by the fact that one of the four types of ETs "looked exactly like we do, and I don't mean close. I mean exactly... The admirals and the generals were terribly troubled by the idea that these guys [ETs] could be walking up and down the corridors of our headquarters and we would never know... that there could be advanced intelligence in our midst and we didn't know who they were, where they were from, why they were here or what they were up to. It drove the military planners up the wall."
If we, for a moment, assume that the above statements are true, it certainly answers many questions as we look back over the past 50 years. Now, our military was not only trying to stave off a threat from outside, but also from within. Throw in a Cold War and you have a good combination for paranoia potion. The need for a Black Budget became a necessity. Not only did they have to hide the weapons from their enemies, but from their own people. And as the Cold War came to an end, the Black Budget kept growing.
As we captured more alien craft, the benefit and the paradox grew. We tried to keep it under wraps in order to confuse a perceived enemy because whatever you tell your friends, eventually gets told to the enemy. So it's not as simple as saying, "Hey, we did retrieve an alien craft in 1947 and 19XX..., and now it's time to tell you because the cold war is over."
The reasons could be that the war isn't over. We were now fighting a war from the inside. It wasn't as simple as them against us. It started to look like us against us. And so the rumors of black projects gone awry and secret facilities being taken over could be a reality. And what if they looked just like us? And what if they lived among us? Would society accept the truth, or would there be anarchy? This is the danger. This is the paradox. This is the Catch-22!


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