Chupacabras In Chile - 'My Wife
And I Saw It!'
From Dr. Virgilio-Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

A recent eyewitness account in the Chilean city of Calama has corroborated with previous descriptions of a possible blood predator entity. It was approximately 22:30 on the 28 of August of 2001. The eyewitness, who did not want to us to mention his last name, was driving back to his residence. His wife was on the passenger seat. They had just attended a church meeting.
A few meters before they arrived to their residence, "Mr. Martin saw a strange figure on the side of the road. To his surprise, he later noticed that the creature was about 20 centimeters suspended from the ground. The creature was moving very rapidly; in fact, it was too fast for any ordinary animal. The entity rapidly crossed the road in a straight flight pattern. As they watched the strange creature, Mr. Martin and his wife began feeling very unusual physical sensations.
Mr. Martin is a security guard at a local school. He,s been faithfully married for ten years and he lives an ordinary life with his wife and his three children. Calama UFO Center looked into the credibility of both witnesses and determined that there is absolutely no reason for them to create a false story.
I remember that we were driving on a small hill about 35 meters from my house. Suddenly, it came out of the bushes on the side of the road.
Immediately, I turned on the high beams. At first, I though it was my brother-in-law because he lives with us; nevertheless, after clearly noticing that it moved at a surprising speed and stood about to 20 centimeters from the ground, I was absolutely sure that it was not a human being or an animal because it did not touch the ground!
The creature appeared to be very rigid, with its arms stuck to the body in a very strange way, like defying all laws of physics. It had a ghostly and grotesque aspect. It was gray and white in color and had lots of hair. It almost looked like a hairy coat or a blanket!
As I saw it, I asked my wife if she was seeing the same thing that I was. She said yes, so it was not just me. But perhaps the most unusual thing we experienced was a strange fear and an inexplicable cold sensation. Nevertheless, I tried to remain calm and decided to continue driving towards it. I finally reached the house. The gate was open, so I did not hesitate to access my driveway. I kept the headlights on so I could see everything in front of us.
When we finally accessed our property, we were able to see it again. Then it jumped and disappeared into thin air. We remained inside the car for a few more moments because we were still feeling fear and cold sensations.
End of testimony
Nevertheless, Mr. Martin is no stranger to these phenomena. After revealing his testimony, Mr. Martin also told us that ten years ago, he saw a strange looking bird making weird sounds at a farm owned by his father. The bird was about one meter in height. When he pointed the flashlight at it, the creature reacted very violently and tore up the wire fence, which is not ordinary for any bird.
He also claims that in June of 2000, when his father-in-law and brother-in-law were going to feed their animals at a cattle ranch, a strange ball of light, greenish blue in color and about 35 centimeters in diameter, appeared out of nowhere and incredibly began to float between the legs of the cows. They quickly ran out of there.
After searching Martin property and the surrounding areas, we found some tracks that were very familiar. They were the typical tracks found in places where these entities appear.
His brother-in-law admits that during his encounter, he was so scared that he urinated himself. Although it may be unpleasant to mention, I think it is important to emphasize that frequently, the eyewitnesses loose control of their urinary or rectal sphincter during these encounters. These are only a few among many symptoms that they experience. These entities appear to cause their victims to loose physiological control of their bodies.
Mr. Martin also told us that about a month and a half ago, his dog died shortly after giving birth. It had a strange looking hole in the neck area. Apparently, it survived an attack but it lost a lot of blood. It turned almost into "skin and bones" before it died a few days after the attack.
His children have also seen strange looking creatures. One time, one of the young children was paralyzed in front of his house after seeing what he described as a "red-eyed creature.
Finally, I would like to remind everyone that these phenomena continue to happen very frequently in northern Chile. The eyewitness accounts, the descriptions and the symptoms that they mention are amazingly similar. I do not believe that all of this is a coincidence. This is very real.
Jaime Ferrer
Director of Calama UFO Center
Translation by Mario Andrade


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