Mass 'Meteor' Sighting PA
To NY, Huge Triangle Seen,
Fireball, Smoke
"Others reported seeing a triangular object shooting through the sky."
From Peter B. Davenport
Director, National UFO Reporting Center

Here is a partial list of locations where the object was seen.
From André Knöfel
Fireball Data Center
From International Meteor Organization (IMO)
At 6:19 +/- 5min p.m. EDT, a very bright daylight fireball was visible
in the Appalachian Mountains region. The following descriptions came
via internet to the FIDAC:
Millerstown, PA
much brighter than full moon
similar to the brightness of a magnificent setting sun.
white, bright orange, red left a extremly long trail of smoke
T. Byers, J. Byers
Ahoskie, NC
bright, look like a plane on fire north - northwest
D. Harrell
Bobcaygeon, Ontario.
Canada brillant white, tail red with flashes of blue
approx. 30 deg above the horizon from east to west very fast.
T. Yeo
Arlington, VA
very bright duration 10s, white, then orange
south/southeast to north/northwest.
D. Earnest
Gaithersburg, MD
bright white yellow direction north, 30deg above the horizon
R. Lipman
Cameron Mills, NY
8mag. 3sec yellow nucleus, orange outer shell, rumbling sound
A. Smith
Shinglehouse, PA
duration 5-10s white, tail orange/yellow
F. Stonemetz
Penfield, NY
like a torch in daylight begin az: 105deg, elev. 30deg
end az: 125deg, elev. 20deg duration 1-2s white orange sparkling
D. Rogers
Edgeworth, PA
orange/red direction NE duration 2s
J. Dooley
Old Bridge, NJ
extremly bright object red/orange long trail
F. Block
Front Royal, VA
as bright as full moon northwestern direction
orange, blue/green fast
C. McGlothlin
Syracuse, NY
duration 15s red-yellow
W. Murphey
Buffalo, NY
brilliant against day sky begin az: 140deg elev.
13deg end. az: 155deg elev. 10deg
duration 1.5s red and orange velocity 10deg/s
D. Sheehan
Hagerstown, MD
bright orange/yellow
L. Ebersole
York county, PA
duration 3-5 seconds
orange/yellow smoke gray/black
TV news
Crestview Farms, NJ
duration 3-4s. blue, then yellow/orange
white cloud-like contrail. fast
maybe hissing sound associated with descent
M. Leana/J. Shimp
Coventryville, PA
much brighter than full moon
begin az: 360deg, elev. 45deg
end az: 320deg, elev. 20deg
duration 3-5s
red, blue, white
A. DePaolis
Eatontown, NJ
duration 4s
orange and yellow fast
J. Maida
Surprise 'Meteor Shower' Lights Northeast Sky
From Kim
Jeff, I heard the "boom" and a friend said "the whole house shook". I live 15 miles south of Lewisbug, PA. This Reuters article reports that some people saw a "triangular" shaped object streaking across the sky. Others saw an object the shape of a "trumpet bell".
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Reports of a possible meteor shower flooded police and government telephone lines along the U.S. East Coast on Monday, authorities said.
The sightings of what some described as a meteor prompted evening rush-hour motorists to pull off suburban highways west of Philadelphia.
Pilots in flight issued reports of sightings to federal aviation officials in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Authorities said some eyewitness accounts came from as far south as Virginia.
``People say they saw what was perhaps a meteor shower, but there's nothing we can confirm,'' said Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Arlene Salac.
A Reuters reporter saw a tapered object shaped like a trumpet bell falling diagonally through the western sky near West Chester, Pennsylvania, 20 miles from Philadelphia, at about 6:20 p.m.
The object emitted a lustrous rainbow of colors, ranging from bright yellow on its downward-pointing flared end to light green and finally rust-colored red at the tapered end-point.
Others reported seeing a triangular object shooting through the sky.
The National Weather Service reported no natural phenomena that could account for such a sight.
Police in Pennsylvania were investigating the possibility of a part falling from a plane from Philadelphia International Airport, which sometimes guides flights across the city's western suburbs. But sightings were later reported southward through Delaware, Maryland, Washington and into Virginia.
There were no reports of aviation emergencies, apart from the nonfatal crash of a single-engine plane in Calvert, Maryland, near the state's border with Pennsylvania and Delaware.
``We have no idea what it was, whether it was a meteor or what,'' said National Weather Service spokesman Curtis Carey. i=1&en=2e3beaad1e0336e9
From Yahoo News 7-24-1
People throughout the Northeast flooded emergency centers with phone calls Monday evening after seeing bright lights in the sky and hearing loud noises. The likely cause was a meteor shower, authorities said.
Sightings were reported from Virginia to New York.
``We originally got a report of a plane crash and now it seems there were multiple meteors coming down,'' said supervisor Tara Dolzani of the Schuylkill County communications center in Pottsville, Pa.
In Buffalo, N.Y., National Weather Service observers received reports of a bright meteor in the western and southern regions of the state.
``We got our first call at about 6:25,'' meteorologist Dave Sage said. ``Then the calls just started coming in.''
Some people reported explosions or thunder, and felt their homes shake. In Montoursville, Pa., there was a report of a ``big red ball'' in the sky and broken windows from a sonic boom, a state police dispatcher said.
Alexander Wolszczan, an astronomy professor at Pennsylvania State University, said that the thunder or shaking that people felt could have resulted from a sound wave produced by a meteor exploding in the earth's atmosphere.
Normally, a meteor shower is a silent event, he said. But large meteors can create concussive sound waves, or even hit the earth.
Often, meteors are composed of rock hundreds of feet in diameter before burning up in the atmosphere, he said.


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