NASA Shuttle Video Said
To Show ET Craft
By Jeff Pickett

Secret NASA space shuttle transmissions to Earth apparently showing bizarre UFOs are being broadcasted on the internet.
Canadian Martyn Stubbs downloaded 2,500 hours of video from the space agency's satellite link, which handles all NASA transmissions.
Now he's broadcasting 90 minutes of edited highlights to an expected internet audience of millions.
UFO enthusiasts believe the footage contains dramatic evidence showing two types of extra-terrestrial phenomenon, and describe the film as historic.
Weird shapes are shown massing on the shuttle equipment while the astronauts talk openly with mission control about the spooky event.
Dr Guido Nigro, Director of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, SETI, observatory was visibly shaken after viewing part of the footage.
"I am very impressed," he said. "This time we are not talking about footage taken by someone with a home movie camera.
"Maybe this will prove there is something else that we are not aware of, at least officially."
The footage was aired at the ninth International UFO conference in Nevada and shows two bizarre phenomenon.
Now you can see it yourself by clicking into <
Martyn's breakthrough came when he watched a $100 million satellite cable snap taking the tether 12 miles into space during NASA's Discovery missions.
"From the moment it broke to the moment it's many miles away a spherical phenomena follows and swarms round it.
"It was all going in different directions.
"When the astronauts were asked how far away the tether was, they replied more than 80 miles."
He claims the distance and the size of the sphere-like phenomena must be huge.
NASA has officially guessed that the shards are ice specks, but Martyn scoffed: "I've never heard of a six-mile long ice crystal that's spotted crystal clear 100 miles away and there are hundreds of different examples.
"Once NASA said they were shooting stars or meteors, but we have documentation that shows that NASA didn't have an answer.
"As early as 1962, astronaut John Glenn mentioned fireflies.
"When you see those pictures, the pictures of the shuttle today and the Mir space station, you see the same spherical phenomena."
Martyn also describes how astronauts on the STS-80 shuttle mission could not open the door due because the phenomena was BLOCKING it.
"The phenomena was all around the door, and they (the crew) were moving the door and trying to get it open.
"A flight or two later, the astronauts were commenting right on the feed that something had come right through the door, that they were seeing these flashing coloured lights.
To make this historic discovery he painstakingly examined more than 500 eight-hour video tapes.
He said: "I can't tell you what is there, but I can tell you what shouldn't be there.
"It's not a matter of finding something, it's more about collecting, studying and analysing. Eventually the jigsaw puzzle will come together."
All the clips were recorded during NASA's Discovery missions since 1991.
Martyn used equipment from the Vancouver Cable Station where he worked, including a satellite to monitor NASA's space programme for five years.
He recorded every communication sent throughout the missions and meticulously broke down all the footage.
His research has been well received by the scientific community.
"Everyone including the Canadian Space Agency is talking to us, no one is threatening us," he said.
Graham Birdsall, Editor of the British UFO magazine, said: "A handful of astronomers, physicists and scientists have been made privy to some of the footage.
"Their common reaction has been one of astonishment and disbelief."


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