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Filer's Files #16
BATSTO - On April 22, 1999, I interviewed a local high school teacher who had thirty minutes of missing time enroute to work. She has a doctorate in a scientific field and is quite perplexed by her experience. She drives to school each morning from the New Jersey shore through portions of the Wharton State Forest on Route 542. Some parts of the trip are in desolate areas of the forest. She reached a forested area near Batsto at 7:00 AM driving at 55 mph without any problems. She entered an area of relatively denser forest and lost any memory of the next 45 minutes of her life. The next eight miles of road is relatively straight with few places to turn or become lost and is an easy ten minute drive. When she came up to the Route 206, intersection, she realized something was wrong and looked at her watch and it was now 7:45 AM. A ten minute drive had unexplainably taken 45 minutes. She had at least 30 minutes of missing time and she was late for work. She contacted the State Police to see if there had been any accidents, UFO reports and the like along this stretch or road. None had been reported that morning. The thirty minutes of missing time remains unexplained. I gave her a MUFON late pass for being late to work.
CLYDE - Kenny Young reports that the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office 'records department has published an account of a UFO sighting. Incident # 99002846 Incident location: Limerick Rd. RT 19 Township Code: GRCK Grid Code: CLY Patrol Area: E Street: Conner Drive. Fremont, Disp Code: 003 Received Date: 4/15/99 at 16:01. Additional Comments: The caller stated that last evening around 9:30 PM when he was traveling home he saw three lights. One was very bright and two were dim lights in the sky. The lights appeared at tree top level, and then disappeared. He believes he saw three UFOs. Deputy C Dearth/7261 1 call on record. - The Fremont News-Messenger newspaper, dated April 16, 1999 stated, Sheriff's Reports UFO SIGHTING: John Pasch, no age or address listed, 9:30 PM. Wednesday, on Limerick Road near North Ohio 19, saw three lights in the sky about tree level, one very bright and two dim. They quickly disappeared. Believes he saw three unidentified flying objects. End of article. Comment; This is yet another report from an ongoing string of sightings that have perplexed Sandusky County. Numerous UFOs have been reported to law enforcement in this area south of Lake Erie since March 11. Thanks to Wendy Shuman and Kenny Young. UFO Research
RIALTO -- Michael, a 44 year old envelope manufacturer had a UFO sighting on April 19, 1999, from 8:10 to 8:12 PM. near San Bernardino. A friend also witnessed the sighting. The UFO came from the Los Angeles area and was headed in an eastern direction. It was extremely bright and was obviously different from any aircraft. It slowed down until it was almost directly above us. We could see that it had four bright hallowed lights. The craft slowed and then completely stopped for over half a minute. We got a very good look at the UFO. Then the lights went dark on the craft, and it flashed two greenish blue lights. At this time, two jet aircraft approached us on the flight path to Ontario International Airport. Afterwards, it shot these very bright red beams (or thruster type) flashes of light in which it repositioned. The four areas that were dark were now lit again and the UFO gained altitude and left in an upward, but angled path, different from its arrival path. I called the UFO Reporting Center and two hours later they called me back to confirm that someone in Lakewood, near Los Angeles also reported a sighting then. We are now believers of UFO's and it's either ours. Thanks to BUFOD and Ben Field:
TAUNTON, SOMERSET - Adam Stokes reports that on April 14, 1999, he saw a flying object that looked like a rocket ship. It was red, white and blue with a light on the bottom. The craft moved very slowly and disappeared about ten past nine. Thanks to Adam Stoke in Bishops Hull and ISUR . 7 Richmond Park, Taunton
GLYNFACH MOUNTING, WALES -- Gordon Mullins reports that on April 14, 1999, he saw a large bright light was hovering over the mounting then it disappeared and then came back again at 10:30 PM. I shouted for my son as he had binoculars and could see it better. Aubrey Road, Glynfach Porth, South Wales,
GLENROTHES, SCOTLAND -- Dave Ledger reports that on March 30, 1999, in Fife, I was driving home around 9:00 PM, when I looked high in the NE sky. I saw a very bright orange light hovering, slightly moving downwards. I stopped the car and watched it for about twenty seconds. Gradually it burned out. It looked like the color of fire and it was very bright. First I thought it to be a planet, but it moved too fast. I stopped the car and opened the window but I could not hear any sound. The conditions at the time were clear sky, almost full moon and fairly warm for this time of year. Thanks to UFO Scotland member, (name witheld by request) for this sighting report.
FALKLAND HILL, SCOTLAND -- March 30, 1999, The first skywatch was a complete washout due to the weather. The second shoot went well and we even managed to have a sighting around 9:00 PM, whilst we were up on a hill. I am not too sure what it was that we saw, but both Jeannie and I got a good look at it through binoculars. We could see no signs of any night time navigation lights whatsoever. It was just a white glow traveling across the sky, no lights, no noise. We observed loads of air traffic over towards Edinburgh airport, but these aircraft all displayed visible navigation lights. The photographer (Colin) also sighted an orange orb type anomaly to the southeast of our position, which he mentioned to us briefly. The next day, I received a sighting report from (name witheld by request), who reported seeing a similar or same, orange orb-type anomaly at the same time from a different location.
EDINBURGH - On March 13, 1999, in Pentland Hills a witness whose name has bee withheld stated, "Returning to my car after walking my dog at 9:40 PM GMT, I saw glowing saucer shaped object rise up from behind a small hill." No sound at all. It hovered for a few seconds then shot off in to the sky. I do not believe in aliens in our solar-system. It is my belief that what I saw was a secret government ship, which has been built in cooperation with other NATO governments. Thanks to Dave Ledger (Dave Ledger)
On July 17, 1962, Major Robert White reported a UFO during his fifty-eight-mile high flight of an X-15. Major White reported: "I have no idea what it could be. It was grayish in color and about thirty to forty feet away." Then according to a Time Magazine article, Major White exclaimed over the radio: "There ARE things out there! There absolutely is!" On May 11, 1962, NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Joseph Walker said: "I don't feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight!" " Editor's Note: To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing. Thanks to Steve Wingate at
Bruce Maccabee writes when your listing astronaut sightings as you did last week: "Don't forget Gemini 11, September 1966: the only astronaut photo case for which NASA admits "unidentified."
The latest edition of PEER Perspectives, the journal of Dr. John Mack's Program for Extraordinary Experience Research, reports results of a recent study in which 40 professed abduction experiencers were compared with 40 non-experiencer control subjects across a wide range of psychological characteristics. The study strongly suggests that psychopathology is not a factor in most abduction reports. The experiencers and control subjects were matched for age, gender, education and racial background. All subjects filled out standard psychological questionnaires including the Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality (SNAP), the Symptom Checklist-90-Revised (SCL-90-R), the Creative Imagination Scale and the Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale. Among the findings: Experiencers show no greater signs of personality disorder than do non-experiencers. Specifically, experiencers as a group are not more insecure, do not more often exaggerate or seek attention, do not tend to lie more and do not have greater difficulty relating to other people in daily life than do non-experiencers. Experiencers and non-experiencers are also similar in their average degree of hypnotizability and suggestibility. Experiencers do score higher in the area of "eccentric perception," meaning that they more often report unusual body sensations, out-of-body experiences and hearing of voices than do non-experiences. However, these reported sensations may be a direct function of abduction rather than a sign of pathology. The PEER study notes that when such perceptions are found in connection with negative traits such as low self-esteem and tendencies to self-harm, they can be interpreted as possibly pathological. But in the experiencer group, the tendency to eccentric perception was found alongside positive traits such as high work commitment, positive mood and low rather than high dependency. "The findings suggest that persons who were psychologically healthy were reporting events that were not typically understood to be real by most healthy individuals in our culture," the report states. "Since personality disorders, imagination and suggestibility do not account for alien abduction narratives, a new set of questions needs to be asked." Thanks Katharina Wilson and John Mack's P.E.E.R. group at
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