Venezuela - UFOs Over Caracas
From Scott Corrales

Anyos-Luz (Newspaper) Friday, November 7, 2003
Imposing and majestic, El Avila, a mythic mountain of dense jungles and crystalline waterfalls, has become one of the sites of highest interest to researchers, scientists, spritual guides and curiosity-seekers, all of whom are driven by the intense UFO activity which has emerged in recent years in the mountain's vicinity, visiting it to glean greater information on the development of this elusive pheomenon.
New UFO sightings over Cerro El Avila have been made from various locations within the [Caracas] metropolitan aerea. On October 21, 2003, Mrs. Ligia Peralta reported seeing a strange luminous object of large proportions which was flying over the outlying sections of the "La Julia" sector of Cerro El Avila in Caracas.
The event took place at approximately 07:30 PM while Mrs. Peralta was making a phone call, leaning against one of the windows surrounding her dwelling, located on the eighth floor of a residential complex east of the Venezuelan capital. Peralta remarked that the strange object "appeared out of nowhere" and was endowed with a very bright white light; it moved around the eare for a few seconds before vanishing from sight as it flew over the mountain's summit.
In another report received, it was said that at 0:200 PM on October 25, five people followed the maneuvers of a circular object--black in color--which moved dizzingly over a densely populated Caracas suburb on the slopes of Cerro El Avila.
According to this report, two of the eyewitnesses stated that the object "appeared suddenly" and moved quickly "in a straight line" and far above the peak of a mountain adjacent to the "La Pastora" sector, also in Caracas, before losing itself between the clouds and vanishing from sight. Likewise, in a third report received on Saturday, October 25, Raquel RIvero reported on the maneuvers of another object near Mount Avila, this time from the "Mari Perez" urbanization.
The event occurred only a few minutes before seven o'clock. The witness stated that she was near the Chacaito subway station when she grew aware of an intense "whitish blue" light which was static in the sky, distinguishing itself from other heavenly bodies for its "great size and luminosity". Finally, Rivero noted that after having observed the phenomenon for no more than 5 to 10 minutes, it dimmed gradually until it faded away before the startled eyes of the onlookers.
Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Arturo Escalante.




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