X-ray Of Government
Microchip Implant In Woman's
Head 20 Years Ago

I thought you might find this attachment interesting. It is an x-ray of a lithium based microchip that was implanted in a lady's head some 20 years ago by our government. I met this lady and her doctor at a conference at which I was speaking. Her doctor later mailed me these x-rays to post on my web site,
Although this lady was aware her chip implantation was part of a government project, many people speak of chips being implanted by aliens. Whether these alien chip implantations are part of another government project or are actually implanted by aliens is a whole discussion in itself. What is indisputable is that people have been microchiped and biochiped against their will. If this is something you feel would be of interest to your web site viewers, feel free to post these on your site.
Kurt Billings
Investigation into the connection between chemtrail spraying and the implanted biochip. Click here to access our page.
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