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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 5, Number 1
Volume 5, Number 1
UFOs kicked off the New Millenium with the surprise appearance of a daylight disc on New Year's Day. At about 6:30 a.m. Beijing time on Saturday, January 1, 2000, a silver-gray UFO appeared over the Great Wall of China. As it hovered, it was captured by Cable News network (CNN) TV cameras and broadcasted live in the USA. Eyewitness M. Lamb was watching the CNN coverage "when CNN showed a shot of the Great Wall of China at sunrise...When they cut to the shot, there was a gray orb floating over the wall. Then it floated to the right, then up. Then they (CNN) cut away from the shot without any explanation of the floating object. It was silver and appeared to float or glide without any means of propulsion." (Email Interview) "In Pusalu, a patch of struggling corn and bean farms 30 miles (48 kilometers) from Beijing, villagers believe cosmic forces were at play on December 11 (1999)." "As they tell it, an object the size of a person shimmering with golden light moved slowly up into the sky from the surrounding mountains." "'It was so beautiful, sort of yellow,' villager Wang Cunqiao said. 'It was like someone flying up to heaven.'" Mrs. Wang told the Chinese media that the mysterious yellow object rose above the red roof of Pusalu's one-story village hall. The Journal of UFO Research is China's "bimonthly magazine--circulation 400,000--devoted to UFO research. The conservative, state-run media report UFO sightings. UFO buffs claim support from eminent scientists and liaisons with the secretive military, giving their work a scientific sheen of responsibility." "'Some of these sightings are real, some are fake, and with others it's unclear,'said Shen Shituan, a real rocket scientist, president of Beijing Aerospace and honorary director of the China UFO Research Association. 'All these phenomena are worth researching.'" "Research into UFOs will help spur new forms of high-speed travel, unlimited sources of energy and faster-growing crops, claims Sun Shili, president of the government-approved UFO Research Association (membership 50,000)." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for January 3, 2000, "Aliens or Illusions?" page 5A.)
A cigar-shaped UFO appeared the day before Christmas in the eastern European nation of Belarus. On Friday, December 24, 1999, at 8:44 a.m., Oleg V. Kirillov, 29, and two other men saw the UFO in Yurievka Gorka, a suburb of Vitebsk. Kirillov described the UFO as "a cigar-shaped object, color blue-red, the color of a cloud at sunset. bright like a cloud but without any rays or a trail. Its size was about three meters (10 feet) by five meters (17 feet). The front portion was rounded and symmetrical. The rear portion seemed blurred." "There was not any noise at any time. After three or four seconds, the object suddenly vanished. There was no impression of a real solid object.. It was more like an image, maybe semi-transparent." Vitebsk is a large city in Belarus approximately 320 kilometers (200 miles) north of Minsk. (Many thanks to Errol Bruce-Knapp for forwarding this report.)
"UFO fever is threatening to break out after a rash of calls to police about fast-moving, coloured lights in the sky north of the city," i.e. Auckland, located on the North Island. "Police received six calls over two hours from several different areas north of Auckland on Saturday night (December 25, 1999) but have been unable to explain the lights." "One caller said the lights moved 400 metres (1,320 feet) in less than two seconds whilst two others said they moved up and down in the sky very fast." "Inspector Barry Smalley of the Police North Communications Centre said there was something in the sky, but no one knows quite what." "'There's something there. Because of the path it was travelling, it may have been something coming through the atmosphere.'" "'It's another mystery. We'll have to get Mulder and Scully (fictional heroes of the TV show X-Files) on it.'" "The first call to police was at 9:30 p.m., twenty minutes after the first sighting from Raglan of what appeared to be a green flare when looking in the direction of Auckland. The flare died before it hit the sea." "Further reports had the lights moving north." "The last sighting was about 11:36 p.m. from Tinopai, in Northland, where a resident reported 'huge lights' over the hills due north. The lights were reported to have moved about 400 metres in two seconds." "Two more strange lights were reported 'going straight up and down sky, intensely bright and intensely red,' looking across Kaipara Harbour. The lights were reported to be darting about in the sky." (See The Press of Auckland, N.Z. for December 29, 1999, "Night Lights Mystery," page 2. Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for forwarding this newspaper article.)
On Wednesday, December 29, 1999, at 2:40 p.m., Bryan C., 42, "had returned from the grocery store" and had just arrived at his home near La Jolla Hermosa Avenue in La Jolla, California, he reported, "When I heard a helicopter to the north." "As I always do when I see or hear a plane or helicopter, I looked as it approached and noticed a white object sitting off to its eastern side. At first I thought it was a reflection of the sun. Then I thought it might be a bird. But whatever it was, it matched speed and altitude as it paralleled the helicopter." "After it went overhead, I continued to watch the two (craft) and stared intently at the object. The object stayed the same until ten seconds, when it veered towards the east and away from the helicopter." "The helicopter made a steep turn towards the west as the object made a curving motion and disappeared into the horizon's brightness." "The object was about 2.5 to 3 feet in length. It was a milky white orb, and some of the edges were slightly translucent. It was shaped like a star with dozens of spikes or points in a spherical pattern. It also looked like a white rose with many pointed petals. It was not illuminated from within but seemed to have a constant luminosity." Bryan added that he had an impression that the helicopter was in pursuit of the object. This, he added, was unusual because it was not a police or a military helicopter but had a civilian livery or color scheme. (Email Form Report) On January 2, 2000, at 9:32 p.m., Michael R. and two other witnesses spotted three silent but unusual bright UFOs over Lancaster, California (population 97,291), a city 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Los Angeles. Mike was "about one mile west of Route 14 and Avenue J" in Lancaster when the UFOs "suddenly appeared on a relatively flat trajectory from the north, heading south." He described them as "three very brilliant flourescent green dots" which "followed the same trajectory until turning into tails, then turning yellow in color before disappearing almost simultaneously." Mike said he and the other two witnesses saw the overflight from three separate locations "within a block of each other. It was so bright as to call our attention to the side of our field of view. No sound, no explosion at the change of color or the disappearance. Clear skies. No discernible wind." (Email Form Report)
On Wednesday, December 29, 1999, around 6:30 p.m., a man was driving on Interstate Highway 1-95 in Maine, from Millinocket to Belfast, when he spotted a bright UFO hovering in the sky in Old Town, just north of Bangor (population 33,181). The witness was driving along "when something caught his attention in the nighttime sky." "He said it was a very bright light," the witness's wife reported. "He didn't think much of it since the Bangor International Airport was only 10 miles away. That is, until he saw it move ever so slowly, then it shot across the sky and out of sight at a much faster rate of speed than any aircraft could fly. Then it was gone." "When he walked through the door and told me this story, he was upset because he was alone in the car and wished I could have been there to see it." Bangor is on I-95 approximately 132 miles (211 kilometers) northeast of Portland. (Email Form Report)
ROUNDUP CORRIGENDA: Australian ufologist Bill Chalker, author of The Oz files--The Australian UFO Story, had some corrections for last week's article, "A Century of UFOs" in UFO Roundup, volume 4, number 36. "1900 - Hanging Rock! Let's keep this affair where it belongs--an enduring and haunting piece of fiction. Unlcess there's information I don't know about, this story never happened. It is fiction, exquisite fiction penned by Joan Lindsay in her wonderful novel Picnic at Hanging Rock (Penguin Books, 1967) and then it was a great film (1980) directed by Peter Weir." (Editor's Comment: Janet Bord mentions the Miranda McKay/Irma Leopold/Hanging Rock case in one of her recent UFO books. But I think Bill Chalker is right on this one. There is no mention of any "missing girls" case in the Melbourne Argus for February 1900.) "The only cross-shaped mystery I recollect Lismore (N.S.W.) being associated with was of a glowing "cross" that titillated locals around 1978." (Editor's Comment: Again Bill is right. The date 1918 is Unsolved Mysteries of the Twentieth Century is probably a typo.) Also, Frederick Valentich's middle name is Paul, not Michael. And the Knowles family had their harrowing UFO experience of January 1988 in the state of Western Australia, not South Australia.
Now that Y2K is over, we can kick back and relax and watch that hilarious new situation comedy on CNN--The New Hampshire Primary. But don't return your Spam and beans to the supermarket just yet. The next Apocalypse is due in May. Edgar Cayce (1874-1945), the prominent New Age psychic, forecast that Earth's axis would shift during the year 2000. Fllorida would end up where Greenland is now and vice versa. Some people think the massive destruction will occur on May 5 or May 17, 2000 when the sun, the moon and five planets will be in perfect alignment with Earth for the first time since 1962. We shall see. In the meantime, we'll be back next week with more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." Enjoy the New Millenium!
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