Mysterious Lights Make
Appearance At UFO Daze

By Mary Ann Holley
Sheboygan Press Staff

Dundee UFO Video Pictures
From Andrew Kovaleski
Here are still frames from the video I took of the sighting we had Saturday night up in Dundee, Wisconsin.
Andrew Kovaleski

In regard to the articles you just posted on the mysterious lights seen at UFO Daze in Dundee Wisconsin, UFOWisconsin is currently collecting reports, photos and videos regarding the sighting and posting them at the following URL as they come in:
Thank you,
Jim Aho
DUNDEE - Six glowing amber spheres lit up the night sky Saturday above a forested area on the northern edge of Long Lake, lending credence to the statement, "They're out there."

More than 150 spectators watched as the lights moved methodically across the sky, then hovered in a formation over the northern edge of the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

One flashed from a bright yellow to a clear white. Then a second sphere flashed. The unknown lights were a surprise, but not entirely unexpected for those who had gathered there for UFO Daze, an event held each July for the past 12 years.

"If it's a hoax, it's a good one," said Bill Benson, owner of Benson's Holiday Hideaway, a small country tavern on the northern point of Long Lake. "If someone's jerking our chain, they're doing a good job."

Inside the tavern, where Out of this World pizza, Alien Extras and Martian pick-me-ups are on the menu, a 3-inch scrapbook sits on the bar, filled with hundreds of photographs of UFO sightings from the area.

"We call this UFO headquarters because there are so many sightings," Benson said.

In May 1985 after a night of soupy fog blanketed the area, a crop circle was formed in marsh grass just outside the tavern. The event was documented on a national television show, Benson said.

"A neighbor lady lost all the water in her well that night," Benson recalled. "It later came back, but never ran as well as it did before."

In 1989, a neighbor tried to chase the cows out of his barn, but the cows would run back in, Benson said. A UFO was seen hovering east and south of the barn. Another neighbor verified the incident, Benson said. In 1999, four fighter jets were seen chasing a light over the lake. Photos were taken by a local resident.

"I don't know why they pick this place," Benson said. "People say the magnetic energies in the earth here are very high. Maybe that's the reason. One of our town board members saw the same fighter jets."

UFO Daze guests spent the day hearing presentations by those who had encountered UFOs on various occasions and those who claimed to have regular contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Bonnie Meyer of Neenah, a presenter at the event, claimed she has had alien contacts since 1976 when a craft came down over the road as she was driving.

"I was camping in New London over the Fourth of July with my husband, friends and family," Meyer said. "A ladder dropped down and an alien in a silver suit waved me over. At first I wasn't going to go, but I figured I'd never have that chance again."

Since then, Meyer said, there have been steady contacts varying from once a week to once a month. They come down and she goes with them, she said.

She said her neighbors don't notice because the ship puts up a force-field, a device, the aliens explained, that prevents others from seeing them.

"They said they're here because we're not kind to our planet," Meyer said. "I've met about 16 different alien varieties, from those who look like the Pillsbury Doughboy to ones that look like a blue Big Bird. They've always been friendly and kind. They said they'd like us to speak out more."
Heathermarie Podulke of Sheboygan said she saw UFOs during last year's UFO Daze.

"It changed my life and changed my world," Podulke said. "It reminded me more of my soul's intention and purpose, that my soul comes from extraterrestrial origins. It jarred my memories."

Ken Keen of Milwaukee attended UFO Daze for the past two years. He said he blew off work to be there.

"Absolutely, I believe," said Keen. "It seems like common sense to me. The universe is very large. I'm into the Bible. Who knows? What we see might be God. It's a science and spiritual thing for me."

Rich Beringer of Dundee, a regular at the tavern, said he takes the UFO talk in stride.

"I live here. I was here when the marsh grass was packed down," Beringer said. "A couple of girls came in screaming. They were scared crapless. I don't know if I'm into it, but I've seen some weird things around here."
Reporter Not Sure What To Think
By Mary Ann Holley Sheboygan Press Staff 7-23-2

In the skewed words of Richard M. Nixon, "I am not a kook."

Saturday, after packing my skepticism in my back pocket, I covered UFO Daze anticipating far-fetched stories and tales of extraterrestrial beings.

But after arriving at the old country bar on the edge of Long Lake and seeing firsthand the amazing spheres of light hovering high over the hillsides, I began to think anything is possible.

What were the strange amber lights that so methodically made their appearance, lights that seemed to come by invitation to a waiting crowd pumped up by stories of UFOs and alien beings?

As one observer said: If it was a hoax, it was a good one.

Fireworks don't hover for 15 minutes. Planes and helicopters make noise. The lights were too high and too sporadic to be part of the old lanterns-on-a-clothesline theory.

I've always had an eye for the unusual and appreciate a good story, but when I see things that have no real explanation, it's a strange twist. I attended the event with an editor and a former editor of The Press -which should verify my sanity. They, too, saw the glowing lights.

After the sighting, one woman was weakened by the experience. Another sobbed for more than an hour, lamenting that the UFOs had come for her. Another said she was having a flashback from an earlier abduction.

Most of all, everyone questioned who, what, where and why - the basics of good journalism.

But there were no answers.

These were people of all ages and all walks of life - Sharon Moilanen of Sheboygan Falls, an employee at the Kohler Police Department, writers of books and Heather O'Grady of Sheboygan, a certified massage therapist.

John Hoppe of Sheboygan, director of UFO Wisconsin, investigated the incident, taking off in his car to try to find the source of the lights. He, too, questioned the incident, but too had no definitive answers.

Sgt. Nick Evans of the Fond du Lac Sheriff's Department said there were no reports of strange lights Saturday night.

What's your theory? Do you think there are extraterrestrial beings flying in our night skies? Are they living among us? Are there people with such skill and money to pull off such an amazing prank? Just what were the six strange lights in the sky?

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