Cluster Of Eight UFOs Seen
Over Mexico City

From Scott Corrales

MEXICO, Ene 31 (AFP) - Two Mexican aviation technicians claimed having recorded eight unidentified flying objects (UFOs) with a camcorder as the objects flew over the capital city on Saturday afternoon.
Aviation and photography technicians Alfonso Salazar and Salvador Guerrero told the press that they saw the mysterious objects when they flew over Mexico City's International Airport (AICM).
Salazar and Guerrero said that they managed to film the event from the hangar area of the terminal using their camcorder.
The technicians explained that the events occurred in three separate occasion, involving a difference of three hours and 15 minutes.
The first event, recorded at 13:20 local time (19H20 GMT), involved six flying objects that formed an inverted "J" shape. Subsequently, at 22H00GMT, they claimed having seen a tubular shape and at 22H55 GMT they recorded a spherical UFO.
"We were in the hangar area and suddenly saw the first sixt UFOs in the sky, and we recorded until the last one appeared (...). The speed they used to disappear was immediate, and more or less all of them were at an altitude of 12,00 feet," added the techs.
Airport spokesman Jose Luis Uribe downplayed the alleged UFO sightings, noting that "normally these sightings come about through a separations of rays of visible light [whiche make people] see unexplained phenomena."
Air traffic controlers and other pilots consulted by AFP at the airport stated that on certain occasions "unidentified flying objects are seen in the sky" and that these cannot be picked up by radar.
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Translation (C) 2004 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.



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