Yukon UFO Sighting

March 30, 2000. Little Fox Lake, Yukon, Canada (5:00am)
A man, a woman and a young boy (who was a sleep) were travelling along the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to the Village of Pelly Crossing, Yukon. The sky was clear with a glow of predawn blue. They were nearing the end of Little Fox Lake and came around a sharp right-hand bend near the base of a mountain. Upon coming out from the bend they could not believe their eyes!
To the right and about 300 ft away was a 30 to 40ft diameter saucer, hovering about 200 ft off the ground. They observed it to be stationary for 4 to 5 seconds as they were travelling along the highway and than it shot across horizontally in front of their vehicle at an "incredible speed" and stopped instantly on the left side of the road. "Nothing can move that the blink of an eye" the witnesses described. It remained motionless for only another split second and shot off even faster in a different direction (basically performing a 90-degree turn and shooting off behind them
One witness thought it went right into the side of a mountain while the other thought it followed the mountainous skyline. "Come on, floor it, floor it!" shouted the passenger to the driver. They eventually pulled over about 20 minutes later and both were shaking. "We were more scared than excited, I think if it wasn't so close it would not have been that scary", "It's like we caught it by surprise when we came around the corner", "it was so advanced", "I'll never be the same" were some of the comments by the witnesses.
The witnesses got a good look at the saucer. It was a classic disc shape with a dome on top. The dome had two curved windows or lights from which a beautiful ocean blue or aqua colored light was shining. The surface of the craft was difficult to describe. Some of the words the witnesses used were "mirror, silver, translucent, shiny, glassy, reflecting the color of the sky". It was as though the UFO was trying to "camouflage against the background sky color". "Had it been pitch black out I don't think we would have seen the body of the craft, just the windows or lights" the woman remarked.
As the UFO streaked in front of their vehicle, the car headlights dimmed and their tape deck stopped playing. They both wanted to check the time of their sighting. However, the woman's battery-operated analog watch stopped (at 5:00am) and the man's digital watch got stuck in "chrono mode" and wouldn't reset. A few miles down the road the woman tapped the face of her watch and it started working again. The man fiddled around pushing buttons on his digital watch and it started working as well, the time indicated was 5:12 am. They checked the tape deck and by all indications, John Fogerty should have been playing away. The tape hadn't run out, the volume was on, and the lights on the cassette window indicated that the power was on. Other than the initial power drain, no additional problems were noted with the truck. The man figured that they managed to get the tape deck and watches functioning properly after they traveled a couple of miles past the UFO sighting location. The woman figured that about 5 minutes had elapsed when they managed to get their watches functioning and about 10 minutes until the tape deck started to work. Although the witnesses were travelling in a vehicle, no noise was heard emanating from the UFO.
To help visualize the lighting conditions an astronomical simulation program was used to determine that the sun was 11 degrees below the horizon during the sighting. It is difficult to put this in perspective in terms of the amount of time before sunrise as the sunrise rate varies significantly with latitude and season. For the location and date in question, it was about 1 hour and 35 minutes before sunrise. For different latitudes similar lighting conditions can be found at the following times before sunrise or after sunset:
For March 30:
Equator (0 deg lat.): 42 minutes
Los Angeles (34 deg lat.): 55 minutes
Vancouver (49 deg lat.): 1 hour 05 minutes
Little Fox Lake (61.5 deg lat.): 1 hour and 35 minutes
For June 30:
Equator (0 deg lat.): 45 minutes
Los Angeles (34 deg lat.): 1 hour 05 minutes
Vancouver (49 deg lat.): 1 hour 40 minutes
Little Fox Lake (61.5 deg lat.): does not get dark enough
Submitted by:
Martin Jasek
UFO*BC, Yukon Representative


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