An Open Letter To
The International
UFO Congress

Distribution: Dr. Nick Begich, Whitley Strieber, Michael Hesemann, John Carpenter, Joe Lewels, A.J. Gevaerd, Ron Russell, Graham Birdsall, Santiago Yturria Garza, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Steven Greer, Giorgio Bongiovanni, William Buhlman, Leonard Buchanan, James Gilliland, Wendelle Stevens, George Knapp, Peter Davenport, Larry Warren, Constance Clear, Dolores Cannon, Gildais Bourdais, Russel Callaghan, Daniel Sheehan, Art Bell, Jeff Rense, UFOMind, Glenn Campbell, Stanton Freidman, Peter Gersten
This is to inform you that I am appalled that the International UFO Congress has invited Jonathan Reed to speak at the 9th Congress to be held March 5 through March 11, 2000 at the River Palms Resort in Laughlin, Nevada.
The following allegations from Mr. Reed during his December 9, 1999 interview on the Art Bell show have been investigated:
1. Mr. Reed claims to have been admitted to graduate school at UCLA after only spending two years at San Diego State University where he obtained a Teaching Education Certificate for Secondary Education with a GPA of 3.0. UCLA has no record of a Jonathan Reed obtaining his Ph.D. at that institution.
2. UMI maintains hard copy and microfilm copy of all Ph.D. dissertations and does not have Jonathan Reed's alleged UCLA dissertation on file.
3. Reed claims to have worked during the summer of 1979 with Dr. Frank Oski at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Frank Oski did not arrive at John's Hopkins until 1985.
4. Reed claimed to be a member of the National Psychological Association. There is no National Psychological Association.
5. Reed claims to have worked at the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington. Upon checking with the University of Washington Medical Center, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Psychiatry, it was confirmed that they have never had anyone named Jonathan Reed in those departments.
6. Reed claims that a Microbiologist by the name of Chacon has analyzed samples of recovered biological material from the alien Reed held in his freezer. Chacon claims to have received his Master's Degree in Microbiology from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. The Catholic University of Puerto Rico does not offer Master's degrees in Microbiology.
Additionally, there is no evidence to support the claims made by Jonathan Reed. Unless Mr. Reed can provide any reasonable corroborating evidence to support his biography and that of his colleague Chacon, he should be removed from your program. I would think that the UFO Congress should hold high standards for their speakers and at a minimum require the speaker's biography to be validated before issuing an invitation to speak. Otherwise, your reputation will suffer, you do injustice to the field of UFOlogy, and you insult the other speakers who have worked so hard for their reputation.
Timothy A. Haley, Ph.D.


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