Three Austalian Fishermen
Claim To Have Videotaped UFO
(AAP) - Professional fishermen said yesterday they had video footage showing a recent possible UFO sighting off the coast of northern New South Wales.
Eden resident Mr Tony Bell, 33, and six other men claim to have seen a strange, dome-shaped object when they were about six nautical miles off the coast near Coffs Harbour.
"This thing just appeared. It was about 100 to 150 feet up in the sky," he said. Mr Bell said the object had a bright orange, shiny appearance and seemed to be moving towards the fishermen's two boats.
"It would move closer, then move south of us, then move closer again."
Mr Bell asked a colleague to grab the video and start filming the object. "It was a flying ship for sure," he said. "You can see clearly from the video that it was some sort of machine."
The fishermen, all from Eden, believe the object, which subsequently took off and disappeared, "was fair dinkum".
Mr Bell is sending the video to the Melbourne-based, privately-run National Space Centre.
The centre's operations director Mr Ross Dowe is waiting to examine the video, and says "it is definitely worth looking at".
"Looking at star charts, there is absolutely nothing that could account for any light refraction of any planet or star activity at all," Mr Dowe said.
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