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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
Eastern MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #18

GRAND LAKE -- Jean Seifried wrote that on April 27, 2002, about 10:45 PM, I received a call from Mr. X, one of my UFO watcher's. He was out at Grand Lake O'The Cherokee watching a UFO for about two hours searching the coastline. It was a round object hovering just above the shoreline and about 100 feet inland three miles south of Sail Boat Bridge. The UFO appeared to have a row of round portals around the outer edge each spaced maybe ten feet apart, but they were not lit up, although they may have been some objects or equipment, rather than portals. The UFO had a red bottom and a blue top, a possible reflection of the red and blue lights revolving around it. He was observing from a high hill overlooking a large horse-shoe-shaped cove on the lake, and the UFO was below him. He watched balls of light leave from a hole that opened in the top. They zigzagged back and forth along the edge of the water in large 100 feet or more, zigzags, "like they were looking for something in a military search pattern. The larger UFO followed and then moved 500 feet back from the shore and when it got to the eastern point of the cove it moved toward over the balls of light. He yelled, "Hold it! it's coming in to pick them up. There they go into the thing from the bottom, up into it. Oh, oh. It's leaving. It's going up, straight up, fast!" There was a big flash from the bottom of the craft just before it began to rise up, "like maybe it was revving up for the assent."
By this time my husband Richard and I had reached the front of our porch to look. Mr. X said, "Look just to the left of the big dipper. It's almost gone." We were looking but at first we saw nothing in the clear sky. Suddenly we saw a slow but short "strobe-quality" flash just a bit larger than the largest planets. Then ten seconds later another one higher and further north than the first. Then six seconds later, another one, until we saw five in all, moving north and up to the left side of the dipper. Mr. X was exclaiming something with each blink, just as we were. We were obviously watching the same thing from perhaps a hundred miles distance. The light was definitely not an aircraft light and was brilliant and irregular in timing of the flashes, each one becoming a bit dimmer than the last. Richard saw it as less than brilliant white, more cream color light. But clearly we all were watching the same thing. Thanks to Jean & Richard Seifried Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
SAN JUAN MOUNTAINS -- Anne Miller of the Star Beacon reports that a young woman in her 20s, whose parents she knows, told me about a dramatic April 4, 2002, UFO sighting in Southern Colorado. The woman and her boyfriend were driving home from Durango to Pagosa Springs at 9:45 PM, when they saw a gigantic ball of light over the San Juan Mountains near Chimney Rock. The woman said it was terribly bright, and difficult to watch for very long. It stayed in one spot for five minutes and appeared to be a huge disc with an incredibly bright light. The woman said. "We thought it was really big - at least the size of a football field, twice as large as a full moon and was many times larger than a normal airplane." "Other car lights were coming at us," explained the woman, "and as soon as we saw headlights the UFO would turn into something like a plane's blinking lights." She said, "It was as though the UFO were trying to disguise itself, and the strange thing was no car ever passed us on the highway and we never saw what happened to the cars."
We felt like we were on the highway by ourselves. We watched for 10 to 15 minutes but we didn't pull over and just continued driving. "We both kept getting surges of weird energy, that were like huge rushes the whole time we saw it," she said. "We felt really weird since it was so powerful and I was almost crying." "The UFO was kind of greenish-blue with red lights on it," the woman added. "There were little ships hovering above and below it." "The object approached and flew right over our car and I could see hundreds and hundreds of windows on it," said the woman. Then it just moved on, and we didn't see it anymore. The next day she called her parents and told them about the sighting. I asked, "If there had been any missing time, but she said no, they got home at the time they expected." However, there was one incident worth mentioning. The woman had been pregnant, and just a few days after the sighting she experienced a miscarriage. Whether the miscarriage was due to the energy surges during the sighting or something completely unrelated is not known. Thanks to Anne Miller Editor/Publisher Earth Star Publications: Home of The Star Beacon (May 2002 issue)
In reviewing the clip of the space walk incident from STS-109 Jeff Challender, believes the anomaly made a 90 degree left turn! He says, "I couldn't believe my eyes, I must've played the tape over and over at least a hundred times! I just put it in a loop mode and let it play! "That event also included a high speed pass by the same, or similar object, originating from the point where the first one disappeared. I feel that this event is the most important evidence for unknowns since the STS-96 footage of three years ago. I'm going to start quoting some of the astronauts and cosmonauts that have seen stuff. You never said they were alien just that something not ice was moving by. I believe the Shuttle cameras focus everything from a few inches away until infinity. Whatever is there is in focus except within a couple of inches from the lens. Anyone can pretty well pick out ice crystals compared to something bigger. The Astronauts at Kennedy Space Center indicated the Hubble repair now provides much clearer images. They are seeing many new galaxies. Thanks to Jeff Challender.
NASHUA -- The witness reports seeing a circular disk that had pulsating lights on both sides that definitely seemed to alternate sides and make a circular motion on April 16, 2002. He says, "I was on my deck with my wife at 10:24 PM, last night and we were looking up at the stars, the Little Dipper in particular. I saw something that seemed to be circular or disk shaped and had yellowish/orange lights that pulsated in a circular motion around the object. There were no lights in the front or back of the disk. There were about four or five "panels of individual light" on each side and went like I said in a clockwise direction around the object, with only one panel lit at one time. The object was about the size of two full moons when the moon is high in the sky. It traveled a large distance across the sky in 3 to 4 seconds, which is the entire duration of the sighting. It traveled the distance of maybe 30 full moons in a straight line and seemed to vanish. It made no sound at all and almost appeared translucent, the lights were the only things I saw. At first I thought it was a meteor grazing the atmosphere, but when my wife also saw the pulsating lights, it seemed to be a craft, not a meteor. The object seemed to vanish into thin air. I had an unobstructed view in the direction it was traveling when it disappeared. My wife confirmed the lights were pulsating. I am also within four miles of a small airport and the FAA tracking center for the East Coast. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC A similar appearing craft can be seen at http://www.filersfiles .com/files/2002/index.php
BUFFALO -- The witness an amateur astronomer for 20 years reports he was observing the new planet configuration on April 18, 2002, at 9:45 PM. During his observations he states, "This seven light boomerang shaped formation appeared out of the southeast moving northwest; as I looked closer, I thought it may be a formation of jets from the Niagara Falls Air Base." The was one craft darkly illuminated that made no sound, There were seven white lights, a bit brighter than a normal magnitude star lights moving like a flock of geese. It faded from view after about 15 seconds, just as it appeared. I'm still upset. The angle of elevation was about 30 degrees. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
BYRAM --The witness reports, "My wife and I were watching the moon and stars above northwestern New Jersey on April 16, 2002, when we noticed a particularly bright star moving slightly in the sky." It was visible through some tree branches at first, so we changed position for a clearer view (thinking it might be the tree branches giving the appearance of movement). It maintained its pattern of movement; slightly vertical and slightly horizontal, and would periodically flash blue and red. We don't believe it could have been an airplane, since it was hovering in position; a plane would have visibly moved across the sky. I went into the house and got our video camera, and we taped the object for 10 minutes or so, zooming in as much as 32x. With the zoom on, we could see it growing in size and then shrinking suddenly, as if it were "pulsing." We taped our house and lights visible from the World Trade Zone for reference. After 10 to 15 minutes we went back inside. Fifteen minutes later I went back to look for the object and it was gone. I filed a police report around 10:00 PM, after checking the Internet to see if it might have been a planet or other conspicuous object. NUFORC
STERLING -- A 41 year old female witness who works as a manager, reports seeing a small bright light dip low, arc up, and disappear in only three seconds on April 5, 2002, at 6:55 PM. The object was star like flying at 1000 feet and moving very quickly. Its actual size was 11 to 30 feet and it appeared white, or grey_lead_silver. The sky was overcast. Thanks to MUFON Headquarters.
MELBOURNE BEACH -- At sunset, an object was seen at nearly 90 degrees, (straight up) that was a bright bluish sphere on April 18, 2002. The sphere had a bright pinpoint object orbiting around it for about a five-second period. At 8:11 PM, the sphere exploded, in a shower of lights, like fireworks, except very high in sky. Binoculars and a telescope were being used to see the orbiting point, and the main object looked like a bright star or planet. The witness stated, "I could see the explosion through binoculars, there was falling glowing debris, then nothing." Thanks to NUFORC
BIRMINGHAM -- The witness reports, "There was a disk hovering about 20,000 feet in the air on April 3, 2002, at 9:36 PM. It was not moving forward or backwards, just hovering." A disk was hovering, then disappeared and reappeared. Suddenly there was a flash and it disappeared again. It started to move a bit but then zoomed away and disappeared. I stood in the same place for a couple of minutes hoping to see it again and sure enough I did, but this time for about five seconds. The witness stated, "It was hovering and then suddenly there was a flash where the disk was, and then after the flash it wasn't there. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
HILLIARD -- At 8:30 PM, an "object" rose from behind a house, as we were facing the north on April 18, 2002. At first, the witnesses thought it was a helium balloon. The wife said, "Do helium balloons rise that fast?" and I told her that I thought that it must be a "fresh balloon." The object moved overhead and followed a very linear path towards the north. The witnesses watched it until it went out of site. The entire episode lasted for about a minute. Thanks to NUFORC
UFOWisconsin reports the witness was watching TV at about 10:30 PM, on April 8, 2002, with one of his friends. He says, "My TV is next to a picture window so I can usually see a lot of the outside, which turns out to help me later in my report. He states, "I was getting up to go to bed and I saw something strange in the sky out my window that looked like an asteroid, but a lot lower and moving at a much slower pace." At first, I didn't think anything of it, but when it didn't go away for about a minute, I kept watching. It was headed to the east, towards the city. We quickly put on our jackets and went outside to watch it. After another minute, it stopped in mid air about 8 miles away and broke into two separate parts, and disappeared. It was pretty weird. Submission by Stephen Bayer Thanks to UFOWisconsin.
CHICAGO -- On Sunday, April 14, 2002, at about 5:00 PM, the male witness was cooking food on his backyard barbecue grille in a residential neighborhood, while his family and friends sat around talking. The witness states, "While grilling outdoors my friends and I noticed a cluster of stars or satellite-looking objects flying very high and apparently very fast in the skies above Chicago." At first my buddy noticed three tiny dots of light bright enough to be seen against the cloudless blue sky. Then we started noticing more of these dots of light. The dots were traveling together, heading north, and we quickly counted a total of 14 star-looking things ripping along super-high-up. They were difficult to see, but we all agreed we saw them regardless of what we'd been smoking." "These objects flew in no regular pattern and, although most flew at a relatively constant speed, a few of the objects would zip from behind and on ahead of the rest. This all happened pretty fast, and we were all feeling like, what the hell are those things! I have never seen anything like what I saw Sunday." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 7, #17 April 23, 2002, Editor: Joseph Trainor
LONE ELK COUNTY PARK -- "Bicycle Bob" Soetebier and his wife had a UFO sighting just before 1:00 PM on Monday, April 15, 2002. They were returning from the annual Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They were traveling east on I-44, a mile west of Peerless Park in St. Louis County. Bob reports my wife Dawn Vohsen, was driving and looking upward and said, "Look out your passenger-side window and tell me what you see? All I could see was trees. She said, "I see a large round object that was dark gray with a silver reflective edge." It was as big as a silver dollar held at arm's length. The sun was slightly behind us in a clear blue sky with a fair wind. She also said, "Its going to pass right over or in front of the car -- from right to left -- and that I should watch to see if I could see anything." Only a few seconds later, we were on the flat portion of I-44 with a break in the trees on the left/north side of the highway. I immediately spotted a highly reflective, glaringly silver, object seemingly "hovering" in the distance. The object was oblong -- about an inch long at arm's length -- and very thick. It was much thicker (at least two or three times) than the fuselage of an airplane. It had no appendages, or wings, at all. Since we we're traveling at highway speed in the car, the object may have been moving at an equal pace in relation to the speed of the car. However, I did not detect any movement on the object's part in relation to the ground. But, the object was well above the background scenery -- between 20 to 30-degrees in elevation, with clear blue sky all around it -- so there was no easy reference point. I only caught sight of the object for 2 or 3 seconds before an additional clump of trees obscured it from view. It was only another couple of seconds before we passed that final clump of trees and the object was suddenly no where to be seen! It was not seen again. Dawn was not able to look over in time to see the object that I saw on the north side of the highway. Thanks to Bob Soetebier St. Louis County, Missouri
BAKERSFIELD -- On March 29, 2002, two witnesses reported seeing a Flying Triangle at 9:30 PM, with three bright lights on the front. The is the second witness's report, "My boyfriend and I were driving south on I5 when he saw a bright light in the air. We drove south towards the light and saw this object that had three very bright lights on the front. The craft was diamond shaped and dark gray color with a red light. It would make very sharp turns that no airplane I have ever seen could have made. It hovered on the north bound side of the freeway and then would float down the side of the freeway, over a field and turned very sharply. I thought the object was trying to land. It looked like it was having troubles. The belly of the craft had creases where it was put together. After leaving the area a highway patrolman was seen going at least 100 mph north bound towards the object. Many people saw this object on the Easter weekend. We weren't driving fast, maybe 55 mph and traffic was bumper to bumper so there were many witnesses. Thanks to NUFORC.
ELLENSBURG/THORP -- On April 5, 2002, the witness reports seeing a gray painted boomerang shape with rounded wing tips that was not overly large. The craft was totally silent even though it was flying quite low enough to hear engines at 10:24 PM. The witness deliberately waited to see if an after-sound" could be heard. If the heading was maintained it would put it left of Seattle/Kent area. The craft had standard aircraft running lights plus 2 or 3 extras ("clear") that lit up most of undercarriage allowing an excellent view of the shape. The craft lacked a standard cockpit and had no tail or tail boom(s). The clear lights gave no indication of landing light(s) but rather of overlarge regular "house" lights. There was no forward "sweep" lights. The craft was flying under 2000 feet, probably just under 1500 feet. The estimated size would allow three personnel, if lying down in the craft. It seemed thin! More like an unmanned glider that had a power source of some type. In summery; this appeared man-made, stealth, possibly an unmanned aircraft that was confusing and deceptive to the eye. It passed well over the surrounding hills/ridges. The witness had the impression it was a US or Canadian stealth aircraft. Thanks Red Elk Med./Wakian and Peter Davenport NUFORC
PIKE LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN -- CCCRN NEWS, Canadian Crop Circle Research Network reports an odd field pattern was reported yesterday by pilot Niels Koehncke, a few miles north of Pike Lake, about 15 miles south of Saskatoon. He and Monique Mayer discovered the strange pattern while flying in their Cessna the previous evening, April 27, 2002. The pattern is an unusual long series of odd pointed / angular shapes, some of which appear roughly symmetrical. The field is apparently still just stubble at this time of the year, so just what these shapes may be is unclear. Monique told CCCRN that they had not seen anything like it before so she took digital photos. Thanks to the pilot and CCCRN assistant John Erickson for this report. Copies of photos at: Thanks to CCCRN News the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network.
LANCASHIRE -- Merseyside Anomalies Research Association (MARA) reports that one of its members and her husband sighted a UFO. Nikki Limb took a digital photograph, but what ever it was, was quite a distance away and the detail is poor, but nevertheless interesting. We don't have an explanation for it at this time. Please go to and check out the images and abstract. Thanks to Nikki Limb, Bill Bimson
The Italian Center for UFO Studies Newsflash # 352 reports new statistics about the sightings of 2001. New data as of the sightings of alleged UFOs in Italy jumped from 655 to 717. The detailed catalogue of last year's sightings is almost ready, complete with descriptions of documentary sources for each case. The C.I.S.U. maintains the greatest archive of UFO press clippings that exists in Italy, with hundreds of thousands of items from 1946 through the present. Thanks to (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici, CISU)
TUVALU -- Peter Davenport received this strange report, "Dawn arrived ahead of schedule over a remote Pacific Island on October 27, 1997, at 9:42 PM on a black night with low clouds and a light drizzle." From the west, below the horizon a light lifts steadily and quickly, like dawn, but much faster and lights up the entire sky. Lagoon waters turn blue, like day. Birds fly startled from the trees. Roosters crow. The light passes overhead then up and away rather than bending over the opposite horizon. At least 200 witnesses saw the light but had never seen, anything similar. Like dawn breaking at high speed in the middle of the night. Some say they saw a blue light. A group of football players, resting after a practice match, say they felt a strong rush of wind as it flew past. One guy saw it while out in the ocean fishing and jumped for cover under his boat. Seasoned merchant navy sailors, home on vacation, had never witnessed anything like it and no one has a clue as to what it could have been. Footage on TV of meteorites entering the atmosphere, while spectacular, were nothing at all like this. Here the entire sky lit up, not just a portion of it with reddening low on the western horizon, like explosions, things dropping into the ocean, burning, then and blackness. Funafuti is a coral atoll, extremely flat, making visibility of all horizons very clear. The event took 15 seconds. There was no noise. Tuvalu is 700 km north of Fiji, remote, and on no airline flight path. Nothing like this had been seen in Tuvalu before. If photographed, which it wasn't, it would probably look something like an artists impression of the 'second coming,' Watchtower style, but without the figures and trumpets. Peter Davenport requested more information
On May 11, 2002, George Filer will be speaking at the Roswell Museum at 7:00 PM, about his experience in chasing UFOs while in the Air Force and about the crash at Fort Dix/McGuire AFB on January 18, 1978. the so called Roswell of the East. This little known case is very similar to the story at Roswell, NM. Don't miss this presentation.
The new Air Victory Museum "UFO Display" needs your help with a tax exempt donations or memorabilia. The museum is a 3 hour drive for one-third of the population of the US.
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Regards, George A. Filer

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