Big UFO Over Summit Hills,
San Juan, Puerto Rico
From Scott Corrales

Eyewitnesses: Magdalena Gotay y su esposo el Dr. Carlos Fernández
Date: Early morning, 1-4-02
Time: 2:30 A.M. to 2:40 A.M (approx.)
Location: Summit Hills, San Juan, P.R.
Weather: Clear, cloudless, good visibility.
Description of Object: Given that both witnesses werea at different points of observation, their description of its shape varied. Magdalena, standing on the staircase to her house, saw it as a square object; Dr. Fernandez, standing on the street in front of his house, perceived as an oval. It had many yellowish lights surrounding it, but the lights did not cast light nor did they light up the area. The object appeared to be made of a flat dark grey metallic substance.
Size of Object: Three times the size of an airliner (if the airliner were travelling at the object's altitude).
Approximate Altitude: At the the altitude of airliners when they pass over the area on their way to land--some 2000 feet, approximately.
Object Route: Heading from north to south, diagonally, and zigzagging up and down. They saw it when it was over the karst hill ("mogote") located behind the Borinquen Towers apartment building and heading southward, passing directly over their heads. It hid behind a cloud after some 7 to 10 minutes and was not seen again.
Object Speed: Very slow, slower than an airliner Odor: Both detected an acrid, sulfur-like odor as it flew overhead. Taste: None detected by either witness. Sound: Strange noise they could not compare to anything else. Others: Vibration felt on the ground. Physical or Psychological Effects: Magdalena awoke the next morning with a strong headache; does not know if it was related to the sighting. Carlos had none.
Note: Dr. Fernandez is a family psychologist, radiesthesia practitioner and paranormal researcher. Magdalena is a journalist and researcher. Both were on their way to the local Walgreens pharmacy to purchase medication. Their sighting took place as they went downstairs.
Translation (C) 2001 Scott Corrales, IHU Special Thanks to Lucy Guzmán,

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