UK Family In Major
UFO Encounter

A cigar-shaped UFO drifted over Ilkeston - and then did an encore.
A family, from Kirk Hallam, say it appeared to head for the village of West Hallam before returning from whence it came at about 7.45pm on Monday.
The mother, father and son, who do not want to be named, have lodged a detailed report with the Derby-based Phenomena Research Association.
They also called Derbyshire police, who did not receive any other reports.
Although looking like a cigar, they say it flew sideways and had a series of lights.
The mother watched the object through binoculars from the family home.
She said: "I have never seen anything like it. There's no aeroplane like that.
"It seemed to float across and there was this hum coming from it."
Her son first saw the UFO while he was looking towards Little Hallam Hill, and alerted his parents.
The object had two rows of white lights near each end. Underneath were two yellow lights - and a red pulsating beam.
The centre of the craft was dark and it was difficult to gauge its size. But the mother held a biro at arm's length and said it appeared as long as that.
The UFO came from the direction of the Stanton Works and later headed back that way.
Omar Fowler, Phenomena Research Association spokesman, said: "The family said that it made a low-pitched droning noise and that is typical of a large UFO craft.
"It is a major sighting and points to an increase in activity in the Ilkeston area."
First published October 4, 2002


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