Andorra: UFO videotaped Over Andorra
From Scott Corrales
From El Periodic d' Andorra


Photograph taken on April 22, 2002 in Andorra
An amateur cameraman will show the video taken on April 22, 2002. Specialists from different countries are interested in the phenomenon, which has been classified as an Unidentified Flying Object.
The luminous object seen over Andorra on the evening of April 22 has generated interest among some specialists who have examined the material to be presented by an amateur videographer, along with several still photos.
Many persons have seen the phenomenon and this newsroom has received reports on the daytime presence of strange lights in the area formed by Escaldes, la Massana and Ordino. The explanation routinely given is that the image shows the planetary alignment. Other explanations given mentioned the possibility of weather balloons, satellites, or the International Space Station.
Jesus Serrano, a resident of Escaldes who has spent many hours clarifying doubts, is the author of the video and a sequence of still photogrpahs, which have been added to others such as the one taken by one of EL PERIODIC's photogrpahers. The young man says that when he first saw the luminous object, he reached for his camcorder and filmed it for approximately one hour.
Both the trajectory of the object, as well as the change in color and shape, detract from the possibility of the planetary alignment [being the correct explanation]. The possibility of it being a satellite or space station was discarded after checking the time the sighting occured, as Serrano has explained. Now research is aimed at verifying if France was conducting any type of experiment. The ufologists who have become interested in the case are, among others, Spanish researchers Ramon Navia and Carlos Gutierrez and Argentinean Miguel Angel Gonzales Pombo.
Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi
From Scott Corrales
The following was received earlier from Luis Eduardo Pacheco of Argentina's INFORME ALFA:
"Thanks to information submitted by Jean Jacques Velasco of the SEPRA (Service d'Expertise des Phenomenes de Rentreés Atmospheriques dependiente del CNES francés) it may be possible to explain the sighting and recording of a UFO made by an amateur videographer in Andorra on April 22, 2002. Said sighting would correspond to that of a stratospheric balloon measuring 100 meters in diameter launched over the Pyrenees from the balloon-launchinf facility that CNES maintains in the town of Aire, on the banks of the river Adour in Las Landas.
The balloon launch took place from this center on April 22 at 15:49 UTIC. After the initial descent phase, the balloon achieved flotation altitude, stabilizing at 40 km at around 18:33 UTC and remaining at said stratospheric elevation for 1 hour and 40 minutes more, after which it recived the remote command to separate the gondola. This package--with a weight of 404 kg.--reached the ground and was recovered near the town fo Foix in Southeastern France near the Spanish border.
The wind trakectory pushed it to skirt the Pyrenees along a route which would place it approximately between Aire sur L'Adour and Carcassone, making it highly probable that the object filmed over Andorra that day was this balloon.
Unfortunately there are no further details on the case beyond those appearing in "El Periodic d' Andorra"'s May 27 2002 edition, based on the image provided by said newspaper, the main data regarding the sighting (multiple witnesses and long duration) and the presence of the CNES balloon at the same place and time, make it highly possible that this is the explanation for the sighting.
Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Luis E. Pacheco, Informe Alfa



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