Multi-Witness UFO
Sighting Over Hollywood
From Jerry Glass <>
Received this interesting sighting report today. The author is known to me. He is a very private person with a solid military intelligence background.
Hello Jerry...
We had a sighting here at the studio (Hollywood) where I work. It occurred in the morning of 1/27/2000 @ about 9:40 AM and lasted till 10:AM. There are about 30 people total who saw these objects.
What brought our attention to this was the annoying sound of a. helicopter that was circling constantly about 100 yards away. When we went out to see what the commotion was, there were already several people viewing. There were two large, and about eight small objects. The larger ones appeared about the size of a push pin held at arms length. the smaller about the size of a pin. As the chopper moved toward one of the larger objects, the smaller objects formed a ring around the larger one, as if to defend it. The copter, in response to this, quickly started flying to the North and continued out of sight.
After the helo left the area, the small objects changed to a "V" formation behind one of the larger objects, and flew to the west disappearing into the slightly hazy sky. The other larger object went straight up until it too disappeared from sight.
At 10:20 AM I heard people talking outside my door, went to see what was up. Another object was hovering motionless, and remained in sight for about ten minuets. One of out techs had a pair of binoculars in his truck, and we were able to see it quite clearly. It was oval in shape, with a yellowish chrome band through the middle, the top portion was red, the lower portion green. About 10:45 the object started rising slowly until it was gone from sight.
Wind was 3 to 8 miles and hour coming from the South West to the North East, at times to NNE. Mostly clear with a slight haze.
Not sure that the helo was from LAPD as there were NO NUMBERS (!) one could use to identify it, and the height that it was circling at was no more that 80 to 100 could clearly see the pilot looking at these things.
Location of witnesses was at The Post Group, with the sighting occurring to WSW direction. CNN had a clear view of all this, but did not respond. Note that we did get call from other studios asking if we were seeing the same thing. There was one fire engine company, and a couple of LAPD squad cars parked on side streets, and the parking lot behind us viewing this also. Attached is a drawing of what I observed through the binoculars. Hope that this helped as I am sure that others have reported this also.


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