Russian Reseracher Says
UFO Crashed In Siberia
From Scott Corrales

Moscow, May 31 (ANSA) - A mysterious spherical object and built with technology that does not exist on our planet was discovered some time ago in the vicinity of Dalnegorsk in Siberia's Primorye Region, according to Lyudmila Tselina, a researcher with the Russian space center.
Tselina, who has been studying the UFO phenomenon for quite some time and has been engaged in collecting documents and amterial, told the Russian newspaper Trud that the object "fell at a velocity fo 15 meters per second over Mount Isumrudnaia," proving that it was not a meteorite.
The object, whose function is unknown and whose diameter and present whereabouts are not known, was made of materials unknown on Earth and which resisted the action of all known chemicals.
Tselina confirmed other sightings and UFO discoveries, among them the landing of one measuring 3 meters in diameter between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Translation (C) 2001 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi
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