Twilight Photos Of Low-
Flying Disc Over Oz?
From Ross Dowe

The Sun Herald newspaper (Australia) sent the following information and photos to Ross Dowe:
While reading todays (Monday, 6-18-01) edtion of your fine paper, I noticed a small article about a mystery sighting in the eastern suburbs, and thought...that sounds familiar.
I have decided to send you some shots taken from my back porch in Kilsyth, Victoria, a few weeks ago. At the time my televison showed static and all the dogs in the area combined in a wonderful chorus . Hope you find these snaps useful as a follow-up story.
Keep up the good work.
Yours sincerely,
Rev. B.Chatham
Report received by UFO Hotline -
Ross Dowe
Australia Victoria Melbourne -
Wantirna 9.55 PM
Respondents report sighting a dark grey disc or saucer shaped aerial object flying over the Knox area of Melbourne.
The object "appeared to be round or saucer shaped with silver sides and also appeared to have a small dome underneath it with a half of dozen large lights on the circumference of the main body of the disc."
At first it was thought to be a Blimp but upon analysis "it was only a 1/4 of the size a the blimp and far too big for a garbage bag hoax"'.
The unidentified flying object travelled about 20 kms to the north before turning right to the east towards Ringwood, it was seen for about 5-8 minutes and there was not sound, the air was still and very cold (snow), everyone inside by winter fires. ___
UFO Hotline
Ross Dowe
Dear Rev,
The Sun Herald sent me a copy of some pictures. I wish to ask you some questions about the nature of these images. Firstly would you be so kind to answer these questions!
1. What sort of camera did you use?
2. Is it a digital camera?
3. What time and day was it?
3a. Did you make contact with the NSC (UFO and Meteorite Reporting Hotline) if so when?
4. Do you have the negatives?
5. What do you do and who do you work for?
6. How old are you?
7. What is your phone number?
Ross Dowe -
Images enlarged from supplied BMPs
Good evening, Mr Dowe,
In relation to your questions:
1. The camara used was a cheap generic 35mm (Hanamex, i think) and has since been misplaced,along with some lovely shots of St Paul's in London.
2. As far as I know, no.
3. late evening around the end of May, 25th or 26th.
3a. No, I honestly thought it was some fool with a toy of some sort.
4. Yes, I'm sure they are at a colleague's home in Hobart.
5. I am a minister of the Church.
6. I don't see how that is relevant but, 32.
7. I am sorry but I prefer not to disclose my home number for these sort of matters.
I hope I have been some help, email me if you would like any more information but I think that is all I can recall.
Yours sincerely,
Reverend B. Chatham


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