'UFOs Are Here'
A Review Of Stan Deyo's Documentary

By Alfred Lehmberg

UFOs -are- here, first and foremost. This is the patent reality... I can hear some of the internal dialogue. You're wrong. Shut up.
Credible men and women agree with me, yesterday and today. These rare women and men are of a caliber that facilitates unanswered debate challenges to the most accomplished and well funded of the skepti-bunkies (or the most strident of the puddle-deep negativists). This transparent cowardice of the latter-mentioned is obvious given the narrowness of meager imaginations, the shakiness of privileged positions, and the wide gulf of arrogantly -homocentric- assumptions. So say the credible men and women.
Additionally, these credible men and women allow that the aforementioned concoction of cowardice and shaky assumption can no longer be excused! As it is an errant indulgence ill afforded in our quickly accelerating times, it is increasingly abhorrent behavior that must be -changed-. Disclosure is, only, a -first- step!
Unfortunately, for all concerned, the formerly mentioned credible women and men handily burn their canted opposition down to the -ground- in a real debate. Their two-color opponents would have to admit some kind of "defeat" at the denouement of that deliberation or look like complete fools, in the aggregate, to a -balanced- observer. That's why they don't debate; they -can't- debate; they won't debate! The precariousness of their positions precludes the giving of even a nanometer of ground, lest they slide, completely unimpeded, from their unjust airborne towers... but I digress.
Stan Deyo agrees with me, apparently. In at the ground floor of the quality UFO research mechanism, he has been looking into UFOs (among other significant investigations) for quite some time now. Amazingly, he has done so, for all those years, with out even once, remotely, -disgracing- himself or his subject. Astonishing! He was a contemporary of Hynek. He was conversant with Speilberg. He was in contact with Vallee. It would appear that he has solid enough credentials. [g].
Deyo served Ufology well, apparently. I couldn't find a cogent contrary word about him in a weeks worth of searching, and I -tried- to find some meaningful dirt on him. Like Stanton Friedman or Richard Hall, he has avoided the winsome *woo-woo*, steered clear of the credulous *crackpot*, and sidestepped the foaming *fringe* (it -would- seem!). All in all, his startling claims of decades ago appear to remain unchallenged (indeed, they seem unsettlingly prophetic!), and his bona-fides look genuine. He might, actually, be the kind of man most easily typified as a truly original American of rare intelligence and even rarer talent (...and a man with strong convictions that he is not -compelled- to push up the observer's nose, reflexively!). I could -like- a guy like this, and so redouble my efforts to be on extra guard! [g].
Be that as it may, Deyo may continue to serve us well with regard to the ufological. He's putting together a six part series of DVDs that chronicle his association with ufology (over the past thirty-some-odd years), and it may go a -long- way towards facilitating quality information on the subject at hand and on many of the -sub-sets- of that subject. Truly, it may go a -long- way towards facilitating some -real- disclosure. He's been around a long time and it appears we have an affordable opportunity to have his rich experience for our own... in a way we can study for ourselves, if we wish it so.
Contrarily, his first DVD in the series, at *first* blush, is an amateur production of 1970's UFO nostalgia, festooned with (overlong and largely inappropriate) clips from "StarWars" and "Forbidden Planet." Push -past- this momentary (and largely invalid) distraction, good reader. Be not fooled. There is -gold- in that muddy river bottom!
Indeed, Mr. Deyo himself expressed some regret to this writer at not being allowed more creative control in the DVD's production, and pieces of it make -him- groan, I suspect. The aforementioned is said forgetting, for a moment, that it is Deyo's creative contribution to the old documentary's beginning and end that book-ends it, -compellingly- providing for its currency, power, and relevancy! Moreover, the -conscious- observer realizes what she is -seeing- in the details of the film and her -breath- is taken away! Verily!
"UFOs are here," say Kenneth Arnold (with some agitation!), Jacques Vallee (calmly and reasonably), and J. Allen Hynek (from the standpoint of -real- science!). "UFO are here," say Margaret Mead (intelligently), Stanton Friedman (logically), and Klaus Nobel (humbly). "UFOs are here," say Steven Spielberg (candidly), Squadron Leader White (cunningly) , and Reverend William Gill (with 38 other people, astonishingly). "UFOs are here," say Presidents, pilots, and scared air traffic controllers. UFOs are here. Friends and uneasy neighbors! Verily!
"UFOs are here," continues Ray Palmer... which I'm sure will earn a smirk from a fallacious few with ill-molded minds locked in the comforting stone of their suspicious *conventional wisdoms*. Say what you want about Ray Palmer, a publisher of 1940's tabloid pulp magazines. Some will too reflexively dismiss him as a "puckish showman" and "clever huckster" encouraging a UFO hysteria to sell more "mindless" books and periodicals! This ignores the fact that it was largely his "mindless magazines" (an absolute -first- of their efficacious TYPE, by the way!) that -hugely- catapulted the imaginations contributing, directly (!), to the technological wonderland we presently ENJOY today in a 21st Century! Moreover, Palmer had his finger in a ufological dike we all -know- is there, early on! No, point a finger at Ray Palmer, bunky, in ignorant malice, and have it end up painfully in your -own- eye.
"UFOs are here," says Colin Cameron, recently released from an institution for the insane... and uh-huh... I can even -hear- the reader's eyeballs roll up! Be not -too- proud, good reader. As loopy as his story was, he still captured a few seconds of some compelling UFO footage that -this- writer had never seen before, forgetting that his lack of *sanity* (whatever -that- is...) in no way precludes his telling the -truth-, whatever his personal take on that truth might be! He might -be- crazy, but he doesn't have to be a liar! Yes, he might -be- crazy, but, like a reflex detractor, he doesn't have to be -stupid-, too!
Margaret Mead addresses this obliquely in the film when she expresses her irritation at being disingenuously labeled as a "UFO Believer." "The only thing I -believe- about UFOs," she says, "...Is that they remain [suspiciously] -unidentified-"! She goes on to point out that not -near- enough is being done (on any level that matters) to actually -identify- these *things* that remain so illusively "unidentified"! The question is begged: Who is the -real- believer? Or, who -really- lives in a dream world?
No, the DVD is exactly what it is billed to be, a -first- disk in a video diary, a -compilation- of Stan Deyo's direct involvement, contribution, and truth-seeking association with the principals and luminaries of ufological research. It makes no apology for the appearance of history to our jaded eyes (Stanton Friedman looks nineteen!). It does not pretend something is -not- so... (like the mainstream does to this day and hour or minute!). It does not evade or obfuscate the issues (like the institutions of our spurious skepti-bunky officialdom!). It does not mislead, hoodwink, or misinform (like the CSICOPian adversary in conflicted and convenient opposition!). It is, most certainly, sincere.
"UFOs Are Here!", stands apart from the legislated and enforced ignorance of our corrupted society with arms innocently akimbo and palms decidedly up. Moreover, it dares to suggest the answer to the larger question in the minds of the -remotely- conscious: UFOs are -here-! Stan Deyo begins to make that more obvious, and we're along for the unusual (but cogent) ride if we want to be. Based on the initial disk, even with its flaws (hell... -especially- with its flaws! [g].), I gleefully anticipate the next installment in that ride. I'd suggest the reader might, too.
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