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Patricia Doyle, PhD
Ebola In NYC - Strange Angles

John Barbour
The View
From Las Vegas






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Devvy Kidd

FREE Listen - 8-28-14 Jeff & Devvy MP3

Queering Of The Republican Party

Lawsuit Filed - Seventeenth Amendment Not Ratified

Why Haven't Lawmakers Been Indicted & Charged For This?

State Legislators - Wake The Hell Up

Is Another 9/11 In The Works?


Gilad Atzmon

Jeff With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael On The Greatest Threat To The World - FREE Listen MP3

Gilad Atzmon On Cognitive Partitioning

Is It Haskalah Or Culture Of Deceit?

What Is Wrong With Gareth Porter - An Interview

Gilad Atzmon On The Latest Gaza Conflict

Oligarchy And Zionism, Part 2 - Vid

Diaries Of Two IDF Soldiers During Gaza Invasion


Jeff With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael On The Greatest Threat To The World - FREE Listen

The Ebola Dictatorship - Vid

The Jewish Oligarchy Defined

A Platform For Monetary Reform - Vid



Listen Free MP3
- Kirwan On Rense

Pandemic Panic?

Violence Begets Violence

Which Borders Still Exist?

Rumors Are Killing The Truth


Yoichi Shimatsu

Abe’s Ruthless Assault On Press Freedom

Ebola - Curse Of The 4 Horsemen Of Balkans Bloodshed

Ebola ‘Secret Serum’ From Soviet BioWar Lab & Monsanto GMO

Did Ebola Escape Back To Africa In An ‘Orphan’ Lab Chimp?


David Duke

Constant Zionist Efforts To Censor Dr. Duke May Result In Some Broken Links

Zionist Terror In Gaza - Free Palestine And The World - Vid

Why Obama, Most Congress, Guilty Of Treason

Obama Follows Jewish Lobby Demand For MIdeast Blood


Gerald Celente

Teen Shooting Not Only About Race

Gold Gone, West Desperate To Keep Ponzi Afloat

Ukraine Crisis...Behind The Scenes


Dean Henderson

PressTV - Protesters Demand Police Reforms

Deconstructing The Right/Left Paradigm

What’s Behind Plunging Oil Prices - RT Vid

Psychological Warfare For All

Poison, Penguins & Pinochet

Pastor Jones & Mohamed Atta


Jay Weidner

Weidner - It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now...

Rense & Weidner - Psychopathic Satanic Evil Everywhere - Vid

Smoking Out The Monster

Anthony Lawson - (Five Stars - Rense)

The Legend of 911 - 13 Years On - Vid

The Blood Of Palestine Is On The Hands Of The Bribe-Takers - Vid


Karl Schwarz

Rand Corp Memo Is Fascist Zionist Neocon Manifesto

Svoboda – Front For Fascist Zionist Jew US State Department & CIA


Preston James, PhD

Puppetgate - The Continuing Saga

Secret Space War XVIII - Completely Verboten!

Alien Agenda VI - The Worm Has Turned

Making You An Agent Of The State


Stopping The Secret Shadow Govt Endless PsyOp Stream


John Friend

How The Holocaust Was Faked

Jewish Paper Publishes 'Anti-Semitic' Senate Candidate


John Barbour

Barbour Does Beale (So To Speak)

An Open Letter To Harry Reid - Vid

A Happy Ending…Finally!


Matt Barber

‘LGBT’ - The ‘T’ Is For Tyranny

Limbaugh’s ‘Jesus On Trial’ - The Verdict Is In

How Christian Kids Should Deal With 'LGBT' Peers

How We Told Our Kids About Sex


Dave Lindorff

Dickensian US Working Conditions Almost Guarantee Ebola Catastrophe

US Launches Wars And Backs Coups In The Name Of Democracy, But It Wont Back Real Democracy Activists in Hong Kong

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder Leaving


Xaviant Haze

Robin Williams Death From Autoerotic Asphysixia?

The Secret History Of Laurel Canyon

Dr. Ed Ward, MD

Happy 13th Year And 514th Day Anniversary Of US Treasons - Too Many to Count All

Boston Bombing Treason - Four Important Articles

First Israeli Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?


Adrian Salbuchi

Sovereign Debt For Territory - New Global Elite Strategy

The Elites Guide To Rogue States


Charlie McGrath

Monsanto, IMF, NATO, Etc, To Own Ukraine - Vid

Keep The Faith - Vid


Richard Sauder

Earth’s Insidiously Hidden Remote History

That Big Methane Release In The Southwest USSA

Ebola - 450 Days And Counting

The USSA Secret Space Program(s)

Dave Martin

Ben Bradlee, Secret-Government Stalwart - Updated

Feds Pile New Charges On Top Alien Smuggler

Putin Never Quits - Vid

The Counsel, the Cop, and the Keys

Did Lyndon Step Down So Bobby Could Be Killed?

Somebody To Bomb - Vid



Monsanto...The Metaphor For GMO Food Chain Control

Behind Oil Price Rise And A Greater Mideast War 

Putin's Geopolitical Chess Game With Washington In Syria And Eurasia

Webster Tarpley

Tsar Alexander II Ready To Fight In 1863 To Help Lincoln

How To Identify CIA Limited Hangout Op?

Margaret Thatcher And The Decline Of The West


Dick Eastman

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Arm Has Been Broken

America Gone - 18 Yr Old Rapper Faces 20 YEARS For Lyrics



Hoaxes - From Ottowa To Fake US Airdrop - Vid

The Truth Is Derided & We Are Distracted From It - Vid

Anonymous Letter On The Ebola Scam - Vid


Paul Craig Roberts

Obama Fights Ebola With Czar And Soldiers

The Lie Machine


Michael Goodspeed

The Substance Of The Dream - Vid

'I Can Vote For Whomever I Want' - Vid


Dog Poet Transmitting

Dancing With The Bride Of Dracula At The Ebola Debutante's Ball

Into The Suffocating Matrix Of Flesh For The Sake Of Flesh

Not Your Usual New Age Bad ET Advice


Frosty Wooldridge

Let’s Stop Being A Country Of Immigrants

Are You Living A Life Worth Remembering?

Prepare For A Different America Coming Fast


Peak Crackers

YouTube Channel

Peak Crackers - A Quick Little Rant - Vid

Peak Crackers - Med-Head Nation - Vid

Planet Of The Lost A$$holes - Vid


Peter Eyre

Kenya Third Time Scene Of A False Flag

Tony Blair Says He'd Do The Same Thing Again!


Mike Harris

US A Controlled Puppet Of Israel - Vid

Putin Warns His People Against Using Internet - Vid

The US Should Disarm Isreali Nuclear Weapons - Vid


Ellen Brown

Argentina - Odious Debt, Fiscal Mismanagement Or Pillage?

Brown - Colonization By Bankruptcy

Out Of Control Central Banks Buying Up The Planet

The Stone That Brings Down Goliath?


Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

March 15, 2013 Interview

Toward The Final Countdown - Part 3

Toward The Final Countdown 2

Toward The Final Countdown


Ted Pike

King David Advocated Fairness To Israel's Foes

FRC Crumples Before ADL

Straight Talk On Repentance And Forgiveness


Kawther Salam

Israel Denies Former IFJ Chief Entry To Palestine

Muslims In Balkans Should Promote Peace & Hope

US Regrets The Resolution on Israeli Nuclear Capabilities

UN Nuclear Assembly Votes in Favor Of Israel Nukes

HRC Wants Accountability Of Israel In The Hague


Zen Gardner

The Peaceful Power Of Confidence

So Where Are We Now?

Awakened Warriors Arise

What Are You Waiting For? - Snordelhans - Vid

Shifting Realities And Feedback Loops

Eugenics, Depopulation And The Elite Mindset

Drop Out And Simplify Your Life


Jordan Maxwell

Fire In The Minds Of Men - James H Billington

Original Gun Control


Ted Twietmeyer

Ebola - Lies, No Training Or Protection

Being 1 Of 2 White Students In A Black City High School

Expanding The Narrow-Minded Search For Life


Jon Rappoport

Breaking A Delusion Of Cause And Effect

Ebola Hoax - The Numbers Game

Hypnotic Data - 4 Essential Features

Dept Of Defense Ebola Manual - Smoking Guns


Michael James

The English-Celtic Struggle Against The Ridiculously Laughable Serpent Race

English Patriot on Hunger Strike for Withdrawal from Soviet EU

England Shall Rise Again


Stephen Lendman

Atty Stanley L. Cohen - Guilty Of Doing His Job Honorably

Reinvented Scoundrel Media History

Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom

Renouncing Judaism

Obama's 'Economy'

Illusory Ceasefire In Ukraine

Britain - Washington's Convenient Pawn

Obama Wants Regime Change In Russia

Holder Quits


Barbara Peterson

Evolutionary Implications Of Horizontal Transfer Of Short, Degraded DNA

Walk Like A Computer


Rosalind Peterson

Fluoroquinolone Drugs - Cipro And Levaquin

Navy Says Training, Testing May Kill Whales, Dolphins

Robert Hastings

UFO Filmed Over US Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility

UFOs At Soviet & US Nuclear Weapons Sites

The MJ-12 Saga Continues

Ingrid Rimland

WW2 Negative Stereotypes Must Be Stopped

Chutzpah in Modern Germany


Betty Martini

How They Marketed A Poison For Human Consumption

Rotgut Aspartame - Methanol Mania


Jill Henderson

Protocols Of The Wise Men Of Zion

Tree Bombs And Praying Mantises

Wild Walk - Goldenrod

Multiply Your Plants the Cheap, Easy Way


Norman Livergood

Iceland's Example To The World


 Joe Tells It Straight

JoeTalk - Pandemic - Vid

Joe Talk - Toothless Lion - Vid

JoeTalk - Past The Point Of No Return - Vid

JoeTalk - End Of The Roman Empire - Vid

JoeTalk - Bad Life In America - Vid


Judy Andreas

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Saturnalia

Zionism Is Nobody's Friend

911 Is Still A Cry For Help


Frosty Wooldridge Adventures

Bicycling Coast-To-Coast Across America - Pt 18

Frosty Woodridge Bicycling Coast To Coast - Part 16


David Icke

Jeff Rense & David Icke
On Zionism - Listen FREE

David Icke Blasts Outrageous New UK Aspartame 'Study'

David Icke On Rothschild Zionism



Vital Data

State Dept Says #1

Declared Communist
Goals In US - Familiar?

The Eve Of Destruction

Images Of Heroic
American Activists

Spilling The Beans -
The Trouble With Soy

Jeffrey Smith - GM Food
Danger, Potential
- Vid

Clif High

Free Audio
2012...The End Of 
Life As We Know It?

Images And Data

Climate Change Catastrophe
Took 6 Months

Benjamin Freedman -
Facts Are Facts

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 1/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 2/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 3/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 4/4

Jesus Was NOT A Jew -
Benjamin Freedman

Confessions Of A
KGB Master Spy

How A Zionist-Communist Takeover Happens - Vid

The Dark Side
Of The Internet

Click Here

Vike UFO Archive

Click Here

Turkey - Stunning UFO
Video - The Best Ever?

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part I

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part II

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part III

Betty Martini
Toxic Aspartame

Click Here

Cell Phone Dangers

The Hidden Dangers Of
Cell Phone Radiation

Brain Tumors From Cell
Phones - More Evidence

UK Schools Outlawing
WiFi In The Classroom

Secret Report On Cell
Phone Dangers & Tetra

12 Basic Life-Saving
Cell Phone Use Precautions

Toxic China

Click Here

Eustace Mullins

Click Here

Royal Raymond Rife

Rife Documentary Trailer #1

Rife Documentary Trailer #2

Rife Documentary Trailer #3

Rife Therapy Treats Lyme Disease

Dutch TV Talks Rife


The Battle Of LA 1942

Click Here

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Your First Source For Reality & Honest Journalism

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Gunderson - Fukushima Is Polluting Entire Pacific Ocean - Vid

Fukushima Radiation To Come To The US For Centuries

Fukushima Strange Cancers, Diseases Spreading

Fukushima Released At Least 4x Chernobyl Radiation

Japan News Anchor Couldn't Tell Fukushima Truth

Fukushima Cesium Confirmed On W Coast - CA To Canada

West Coast Fukushima Radiation 500% OVER Warning Level

Record Cs-137 In Fukushima R1 Groundwater - Rain Blamed

Japan Utilities Urged To Decide On Scrapping Aging Reactors

UCB Nuke Prof Vetter Stammers Away From Truth

Record Radiation Pours Out Of Fukushima After Typhoon

Species May Go Extinct Along West Coast - Vid

Radioactivity Soars In Fukushima R1 Water Well

For All Fukushima Stories See Top Right Column

Quarantined HCW In New Jersey Has Fever

How Ebola Doc Roamed NY While Contagious

Did NY Ebola MD Act Irresponsibly?

CIA-Mossad Doctor 'Infected' With Ebola

Nina Pham Discharged - Free Of Ebola

Pham Hugs Obama In Oval Office

CT Quarantines 9 Possibly Exposed To Ebola - Vid

Why Is Ebola Pandemic In West Africa So Virulent?

NY, NJ Order Quarantine For Certain HCWs, Others

Ebola Scare Created By US Media To Make Money

US Hyping Ebola To Grab W African Oil

Angry Bus Riders Attack Guinean Woman In Rome

NY Talking Moron Warms Not To Not Eat Ebola Filth


LATEST Ebola Updates Just ABOVE Headlines…Look UP!

CIA-Mossad Doctor 'Infected' With Ebola

Ebola Scare Created By US Media To Make Money

US Hyping Ebola To Grab W African Oil

Lewinsky Threatened With Jail If No Wire Against Clinton

300,000 In US Have Chagas Disease Because Of Obama

Kirwan - Pandemic Panic?

Billionaires Buying Up US Mega-Ranches

50% Of US Workers Make Less Than 28k A Year

FB Tries To Ban Protests Against Obama, Illegals

Robert Reich - Why I’m Worried About America

Hidden Beacons Installed In LA, Chicago

NY Hatchet Attacker Was Terrorist

Why Does Obama Still Back Genocidal Allies?


Yazidis Languish On Sinjar Mountaintop

US To Bomb ISIS Oil Pipelines To Cut Off Their Funding

ISIS Used Chem Weapons On Iraqi Troops

Iraqis Take Town From ISIS

US Egregiously Backing Terrorists - Iran Cmdr

John McCain’s Terrorists

Escobar - The Kobani Riddle

Saudi Cleric Rips Twitter As 'Source Of All Evil'

Zio NATO Claims Russian Troops Still In Ukraine

US Behind Ukraine Cluster Bomb Attacks

Br Nathanael - The Ebola Dictatorship - Vid

Euro Rabbis Demand Ban On 'Anti-Semitic Hate Speech'

Israel Plans Even More 'Settler' Units

Israel Troops Kill Palestinian Boy

Ex IDF Soldier - We're Trained Not To See Pals As Humans

Israel Changing...Suddenly Netanyahu Looks Vulnerable

Middle East Borders Going To Change - Israel Minister

Gilad Atzmon On Cognitive Partitioning

Is It Haskalah Or Culture Of Deceit?

How Words Absolve Mass Murder - Vid

Putin - Euro Switch To US Shale Gas 'Suicidal'

Putin Lashes US, West For Destabilizing World

Putin - World Leaders Blackmailed With Surveillance


Putin - US Dictatorship,Lead To World Conflict Escalation

Putin: Global Security System Seriously Weakened, Deformed

Russian Parliament Bans Nazi Symbols, Propaganda

Swedish Navy Stops Hunt For Mystery Vessel

Record World Debt May Trigger New Crisis

Ben Bradlee, Secret-Government Stalwart - Updated

Deconstructing The Right/Left Paradigm

CDC Whistleblower Also Player In Mercury-Vax Fraud

Seattle Cops Suit Claims Right To Use Excessive Force

Chickenhawk Harper Hid In Closet During Ottawa Shooting

Ottawa Cops Confirm Only One Shooter

Cameron Will Have To Pay EU Dues Says Farage

EU Leaders To Cut Greenhouse Gas 40% By 2030

New Messiah Brand ‘Open-Minded’ About 9/11 Attacks


Twenty MPs Declare More Than £100,000 From Second Jobs

Rwanda Wants BBC Banned Over Documentary

Salmond May Run For Westminster Seat In 2015

Urban Lights Create Permanent Mini Jet Lag

3 Simple Ways To Block Damage From The MSM

Toledo Residents Can Buy Neighborhood SkyCop Cams

Mystery Offer Of $3m For 6,000 Worst Detroit Homes

Everyone Wants To Sell You An Anonymity Router

World's First Robot Pilot Ready To Replace Humans

Almost All Americans Severely Lack Essential Nutrition


US Has Dropped 1,700 Bombs On ISIS To Date

Why US Drone War Could Last Forever

The Drone Capital Of The World

US To Keep Control Of S Korean Army

Felony Charge For Hitting WH K-9 Dog!

Black US Teen Shot 8 Times By St. Louis Cops

Jim Marrs - Remember Those Dead Microbiologists


The 9 Deadliest Viruses On Earth

Paul Allen Ups Ebola Pledge To $100 Million

US Next 'Foolish' Bomb Target? Oil Pipelines

Wells Drying Up In Historic CA Drought

Court Sides With IRS In Tea Party Targeting

The Cosmic Crack In The UFO-ET Coverup

Fox News Host Ex-Model - Hot Chicks Should NOT Vote

What Americans Fear Most

Chimps Survive On Edge Of Human Civilization - Vid

Tech Behind Apple Pay - Is Your Money Secure?


Best Places In US To See Fall Bird Migration

English Company Sells Zombie-Proof Log Cabins

The Anthropic Principle

18 Yrs Academic Fraud To Keep Jocks Playing - Vid

Doom - Should Classrooms Be Arcades?

Doom - Destroying Higher Education - A Rebuttal

Doom - Destroying Higher Education A Conspiracy?

Huge Volcanic Eruption Could Destroy Japan Any Time

Crash Of 'Compartmented Craft w/Hieroglyphics' 1865

Stress Is Killing Us - Why?

What Makes The Deadliest Cancers So Deadly?

This Comet Stinks

CDC Press Release On NY Ebola Case

NYC Cop Attacked By Ax-Wielding Navy Vet Jihadist - Vid

Obama Just Killed Dem Election Chances - Pt 2

MSM 'Journalist' Calls For Rape, Destruction Of Syria

Israel Denies Former IFJ Chief Entry To Palestine


Baby Killed, 8 Wounded In Jerusalem Attack

Israeli Firm To Supply Egypt With Natural Gas

FBI Warns ISIS Plans To Kidnap Journalists

Iraqi Army Deals Losses To ISIS

Video Shows US Airdropped Weapons Right To ISIS

ISIS Fighter, 15, Explains How He Was Forced To Join

Shakespeare - Bankrupt Policy Led UK To Support ISIS

Syrian Rebels Trade Antiques For Weapons

Soros - Russia Poses Existential Threat To Europe (right)

US Wanted To Swap Russian Hacker For Snowden


Lavrov Uninterested In Zio West Opinion On Crimea, Etc

'Drunk' Total Oil Boss Truck Driver Doesn't Drink

MH-17 - The Untold Story - Vid

NSA Is A Giant Profit Center For Corrupt Insiders

Something Is About To Change In America - Vid

Psychological Warfare For All

Breaking A Delusion Of Cause And Effect

DHS Agents Confiscate Women's Panties

Ferguson Cops Nab Anti-Gun Senator Carrying GUN

Weather Service Stops Receiving Satellite Data

No Inflation? Gold Falling But Beef At Record High

India Gold Demand Surges 450%


It Will Take 398,879,561 Yrs To Pay Off US Govt Debt

How The Fed Is Purposely Attacking Savers

Wages Drop For All Except The Rich

China Quietly Buying All The Cheap Oil

Crude Oil Continues Down As KSA Ups Output

What’s Behind Plunging Oil Prices - RT Vid

Canadian Terror Wave A Modern Day Gladio

Cdn Shooter Hoax - Fox Says 'Terrorism, ISIS'

Hoaxes - From Ottowa To Fake US Airdrop - Vid

Computer Users Face Jail If They Harm Natl Security

Detroit To Foreclose On 142,000 Residents By 2016

SF City Bus Tour Guide On Her Last Day Of Work! - Vid

Blackwater Boss Free, Employees Take Murder Rap

US Refuses International Law By Its Drone Strikes

US History Of Phony Pretexts To Start Wars

WH Pressuring Journalists In Name Of National Security

TN Woman To Jail For Not Mowing Her Lawn

Prez COS Negotiates Redacting Senate’s CIA Torture Report

Unionists Feel Devo Max Heat

The Guardian Passes The NYT In Traffic Figures

New Film Shows Human Cost Of Fukushima

Syngenta Faces Mounting GMO Lawsuits

Save The Present By Letting Go Of The Past

Cold Sores May DOUBLE Chance Of Getting Alzheimers

The Death Rattle Of Europe’s Statist Dream

Missing People Meat Served In Pak Restaurants - Vid

Sewing For Sustainability, Making Feudalism Fabulous

A Sick Society

S Florida Wants To Be 51st State—Over Climate Change

MS & Parkinsons Victims Will Be Cleared To Work

Hovering 'UFO' Found In 16th Century Painting

Incredible UFO Case Is A Mystery - Vid

Deputies Chase A UFO – 1974

UFOs - The Secret Story – Robert Hastings


Another Man Jumps The White House Fence!

Man Jumps WH Fence, Kicks Dog, Causes 90 Min Lockdown

ISIS Launches Chemical Attack On Kobani - Vid

It Will Be A False Flag Attack -- Count On It

Drought, Drawdowns & Death Of The Salton Sea

MDR TB At Crisis Levels Warns WHO

Wreck Of U-576 Found Off NC Coast

How To See Everything On Your Network

Your Toy Drone Is A Threat ToBritish Security

NASA Tests Craft For Deep Freeze Of Space

Four Extreme Weather Changes Happening Now

62 Mins For Wheelchair.Bound Man To Get Cab In NYC - Vid

Can The Navy's $12 Billion Stealth Destroyer Stay Afloat?

The Last Hieroglyphic Language on Earth

10 Things In Americans' Fav Foods Banned In Other Countries

Hawaii Faces More Dangerous Tsunami Risk


Health Benefits Of Nuts

Unharmed Dreaming

‘Silver Orb’ UFO Spotted in Romford Sky

New Search Ways For Life Far from Earth - Vid

Link Between UFOs & Nukes

UK Wind Farms Outshine Nuclear Power Output

Cruelty Comes Back To Bite CDC Animal Experimenter

3 Things You Can Learn In Your Sleep

Kirwan -Violence Begets Violence

CDC Monitoring All Incoming Travelers From W Africa

How To Stop Ebola Without The Police State


Ebola Hoax - Bow Down To The Virus

Attack On Canadian Parliament - 2 Dead

Protocols Of The Wise Men Of Zion

Sauder - Earth’s Insidiously Hidden Remote History

Ben Bradlee - Secret-Government Stalwart

Puppetgate - The Continuing Saga

Kirwan - Which Borders Still Exist?

Cholera - The 19th Century’s Ebola?

The Most 'Distrusted' News Sources In America

Activists Demand Data On Americans Executed By Cops

Michael Brown Autopsy May Supports Cop's Position


Did ISIS Mortars Really Hit US Embassy In Baghdad?

Why Is US ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Going Straight To ISIS?

Syria Shoots Down 2 Of 3 Stolen Jets Flown By ISIS

ISIS Terrorist Leader Is CIA Agent - Chechen President

War Against ISIS Costs US $7.6 Million A Day

Turkish Scholar Killed Fighting ISIS In Kobani

All Israel Within Range Of Iran Missiles - IRGC Chief

Israeli Society Sick With Violence – Country’s President

Israeli Soldiers’ Tactics Similar To ISIS - Analyst

Israel’s Most Important Source Of Capital - CA

Saudi Downplaying Oil Prices Will Backfire On Them


Lavrov On Russian Foreign Policy

Russia And Ukraine Fail To Agree On Gas Deal

Donetsk Girl Escapes Death As Stadium Glass Falls - Vid

Lavrov - Certain Countries Keep Imposing On Everyone Else

How To Start A War, And Lose An Empire

40% Of Internet Users Are Harassed Now

Fearing Future Crises, Govs Declare State Of Emergency

Domino's Pizza Hot Again

Banks Hold Treasuries And Make Loans

Why The Daily Show Has Failed IUS Activists - Vid

Petition Aims To Create Rich White City In Louisiana

Silver Investor, Oil Baron Nelson Bunker Hunt Dies


Study Finds Tornadoes Coming In Swarms

2,500 Sq Mile Methane Cloud Over US Southwest

TB Epidemic Worse Than Thought - WHO

TX Cop Coaxes Friendly Dog In Order To Kill Him

The Invisible Extinction

Devo Max Willl Boost UK Productivity – Think Tank

Farage Deal With Polish Far Right Bother Jews

The Tarpaulin Revolution

Child Abuse Investigation Chief Tied To Lord Brittan

Child Abuse - Woolf Pressed Over Brittan Dinner Parties

Coming Soon - Next Best Thing To Free Energy


Why The Years Seem To Roll By Faster And Faster

Mysterious Engravings Of Ancient Egyptians In Oz

The Giza Pyramids – Unravelling The Mystery

How To Watch This Week's Incredible Solar Eclipse

Don’t Miss The Point Of BEING Here

7 Ways To Feel Full Without Overeating

5 Things About Honey

Kirwan - Which Borders Still Exist?

Ebola Worries Well Behind The Economy


ISIS Captures Weapons Air Dropped For Kurds

Vote All You Want, The Secret Govt Won't Change.

Is The US The Master Criminal Of Our Time?

Disturbing Expansion Of Military-Industrial Complex

Queering Of The Republican Party

CNN Reporter Chased Off Air By Ferguson Protesters - Vid

New Russian Comm Satellite In Good Orbit

Five Emergency Survival Tools

Hurricane Gonzalo Batters Britain

Saharan Sun Could Provide Energy For UK Homes

Order For 34m Green Cards Fuels Natl Protests

Br Nathanael - The Jewish Oligarchy Defined

Earth’s Insidiously Hidden Remote History

Population Reduction Through Vaccine Poisons

The Dangers Of Vaccinations - Vid

Christophe de Margerie Eliminated

3D Ride Through Martian 'Chaos Terrain' - Vid

Virtual Reality May Let Astronauts 'Go To Beach’

Inside Virgin Galactic's Massive Desert Hangar

50% Firefighters On CA Fires Are Prisoners - Vid

Violence Against Children A Global Epidemic

How Genius Differs From A Really Smart Person

'Old Giants' Skeletons Found In Russia


Your Skin Constantly Tells You About Your Health

Our Souls Turned Into Weapons

Fear Of Opioids Leaves World In Pain

Digital Death And The Digital Afterlifes

Parkinson's Is Gone But Gambling Takes Over

3 Football-Field Sized UFOs Fly Low Over Several

Roger Wescott, Roscoe Hillenkoetter & MJ-12


Jeff & Gerald Celente - A Leadership Of Cowards - Vid

Kirwan - Rumors Are Killing The Truth

Rockefeller Group Doc Predicted World Pandemic

World Health Experts Gather In Berlin Over Ebola

Ebola Vax Tests to Start In 2 Weeks - WHO

Eugenics - Population Reduction Done Through Vaccines

Comet Causes Massive Explosion On Mars - Vid

48 Hrs Of Secret Recordings Expose The Federal Reserve

The Secret Recordings Of Carmen Segarra - Vid


Pentagram - Climate Change (fake) A 'Threat Multiplier'

Charlie Rose - Anti-Putin Con Man

Former FBI Agent Tells Who Really Killed JFK - Vid

34 Million Blank IDs For Illegals Ordered By Obama

1 In Every 3 Americans Are On File With The FBI

More PDs Using Surveillance To Spy On Us Than Ever

‘Cleansing The Stock’ - How Govts Talk About People

Afghan Opium Poppy Yield Breaks World Record

Death Of Western Media Looming On Horizon

'Poor' Will Control Politics If Democracy Allowed - HK Gov

Stop The Killing

McKinney On 9/11, Zionist Run Media, Congress - Vid

Green Screening Fiction Into Reality

Turks Send In The Kurds - Kobani Gets Mini Nuked - Pics

Mortar Hit Baghdad Green Zone - Vid

NYT FAIL - 'McCain No Connections To ISIS'?

More Evidence Linking Turkey With ISIS

Tarpley - Turkey Trying To Hide Support For ISIS

Turkey To Let Peshmerga Cross To Fight In Kobani

West ‘Scaremongering’ With ISIS Threat

War Crisis Contrived To Redraw Mideast Map

Hezbollah Warns Of Israeli, Takfiri ISIS Threat

Israel Destroys More Palestinian Homes In Jerusalem

Kiev Killers Using Incendiaries On Donetsk

Kiev Butchers Used Cluster Bombs In E Ukraine

Porky's Kiev War Crimes

Russian Bases To Span Full Arctic Border By Year End

Swedish Navy Makes Contact With Mystery 'Sub' (UFO)?

Pistorius Gets 5 Years For Homicide

More Detentions Expected In Total CEO Plane Crash

Chase Manhattan Plaza Sale A Record For China Buyers

£20 Billion British Money Laundering Scam Exposed

Wigington - Engineered CA Drought Catastrophe - Vid

AL House Speaker Arrested On Felony Charges

Prozac May Be Harming Bird Populations


Britain Has Only 100 Harvests Left In Its Ag Soil

Why UK Power Plants Have Closed, More To Follow

Poison, Penguins & Pinochet

Japanese Universities Sink In Ratings

Another Missing 'Ebola' Factor - Pesticides

Tripling In Children Suffering Vit D Deficiency

Chemicals In Plastics Making Women Less Interested In Sex

Magnesium Cuts Diabetes Risk

Man With Severed Spinal Cord Recovers, Walks Again

Spice – Synthetic Drug Gaining A Grip On Russia

India Village Plants 111 Trees For Each Girl Born


US Army Weaponized Ebola - Lied To Germany

Obama Plans Mass Illegal Alien Surge To Wreck US

Russia Dismisses Report Of Plan To Divide Ukraine

Amnesty Finds 'Isolated Atrocities' In E Ukraine

Ukraine Fired Cluster Bombs Into Donetsk

5 Theories On What AF Space Plane Was Doing

UK Drones Ready To Attack Isis In Syria, Iraq

Earthquake Prediction - Fact And Fiction

FBI Boss Wants Access To Apple, Google User Data


More Scenes Of CA Central Valley Drought - Vid

Bee-Killing Pesticide Disaster To Environment

Too Many Pedos In UK To Prosecute

Will NASA Rewrite History?

Space - Women Cheaper To Launch Than Men

New State Of Matter Discovered

Man Born In Slum Becomes Indonesia President

Top Dogs Use Their Dogs To Whip Other Dogs

There's An App To Detect Cosmic Rays?

The REAL Face Of King Tut

Eagle Rescue And Release By Fisherman - Vid

Foods That Kill Cancer


Every 8 Min A Parent Messes Up Kids Meds

Soft Drinks Will Age You As Fast As Smoking

Either You're The Butter Or The Cow

Granddaddy Trees And Old Cisterns - Part I

Georgia Guide Stone 2014 Block Removal - Vid

ISIS Launches 15 Attacks At Same Time - Vid

US Humanitarian Aid Going To ISIS

US Weapons Giants Real Winners In War On ISIS

Israel Treated Over 1,400 Wounded Syria Terrorists

Israel's Injured Terrorist Treat-Arm-Release Program

Israeli 'Settlers' Seize 10 New E Jerusalm Homes


Diaries Of 2 IDF Soldiers During Gaza Invasion

Gilad Atzmon On The Latest Gaza Conflict

Oligarchy And Zionism, Part 2 - Vid

The End Of Jewishness?

75% Israeli Jews Oppose Pal State In Pre '67 Borders

Press TV Reporter Death Appears To Be A CIA Hit

Turkey Won't Name Suspect In PressTV Reporter Death

ISIS Fighting INSIDE Turkey - Rebel Leader Kidnap Fails

Bomb Blast Kills 17 In Baghdad

Ukraine OKs Russian Winter Discount Gas Offer

Huge Blast Hits Donetsk Plant - Missile Cited - Vid

Russian Expert - West Intel Knows Truth About MH17


Whitewashing Kiev Mass Murder

Sanctions Won't Change Russia's Ukraine Policy - Lavrov

China-Russian Alliance Challenges West

New National Protests Against Obama & Illegals

Greenwald - What ‘Democracy’ Really Means In The US

Secret Rulebook For Labeling You A Terrorist

Prepare Your Children For A Lifetime Of Surveillance’

Mind Control - The Viral Liturgical Psychodrama

Apple Profits Soar On Huge Sales

UN Advisors 'Shocked' Detroit Water Shutoffs

Detroit Might Become Greece Inside The US

Stunning Scenes From CA Central Valley Drought

Lilith The Genesis Of The Feminism Curse

Students Riots At Keene NH, State Pumpkin Festival - Vid


21 Cities Restrict Sharing Of Food With Homeless

Mexican Drug Cartels More Dangerous Than ISIS

Women Murdered With Impunity In Juarez

Pastor Jones & Mohamed Atta

Kickstarter Suspension Of 'Anonabox'

If DNA Is Software, NASA Looks For ET In Wrong Place?

297 In Congress Tag $3.8b For Orgs Tied To Them

Dying Patients May Be Given Untested Drugs

Brit Spies Recruited Pedo IRA Chief

2 Yrs After UK Got List Of Suspect Pedos…Nothing

Barroso Opposes Cameron Plan For EU Migrant Quota

Bitcoin Exchange To Accept Deposits In New Currencies

Fire Knocks Out One Of Britain's Biggest Power Stations


Only 25% Of Brits Trust Their MPs

No Parties On The Brink Of Failure

Tractor Beam Created - Holy Grails Of Laser Physicists

Cuts Close Oz Comet Spotting Program - Earth At Risk

Suspect MERS Turkey Ex Saudi Arabia 66F HAJJ

Additional MERS Suspect Turkey EX Saudi Arabia 68F?

WH Halts Risky Flu Virus Studies

Ebola Virus Is Already Changing - Scientist

Ebola Staging - Experts Attacked The Diagnostic Tests

Another Ebola Challenge - Disposing Medical Waste

Cuba’s Impressive Role On Ebola

Raw Milk – Hazardous To Healthcare Industry

Alcohol - 40% Rise In Liver Disease Deaths In 12 Yrs


Scientists Make Most Detailed Portrait Of Tut

Giant Sphinx From 1923 'Ten Commandments' Found

Wave Of Flying Triangles Over Poland

Pilots Report Flying Man?

Worst Enemy Of UFO Community Is UFO Community

US Drops Arms, Ammo To Kurds In Kobani

ISIS Teaches How To Avoid NSA Snooping In Tweet

Press TV Reporter's Death No Accident - Family

Fox's Shepard Smith Says Get Your Flu Shot! -Vid

Whistleblower - Flu Vax Basically Worthless


9 Real Technologies That Will Soon Be Inside You

Shadow Facts About Shadow Govt

Obama Lies - No Tech To Replace Petroleum Fuels

On The Importance Of Selfishness

Comet Squeaks Past Mars

Ancient Roman Nanotechnology Inspires Holograms

The World Has Entered A Dramatic New Geological Age

Are Your Bacteria Jet-Lagged?

Storm God Temple Found In Israel

Hawaiians Understand The Meaning Of 'Road Closed'

The Key To Dark Matter May Be Hidden Light

Predicting Eruptions and Coping With Ash Rain

Br Nathanael - A Platform For Monetary Reform - Vid


Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist In Rainforest

Bugs As Treatment Coming To Clinic Near You

Why Aristotle Deserves A Posthumous Nobel

Kirwan - The 'Exceptional' Nation?

Putin Hatred - A Bi-Partisan Mental Disease

Russia Is On The Right Side of History

US-Russia Relations Dead Long Before Ukraine

Huge New Flag Of Donetsk Peoples Republic Unveiled

Open Border, Ebola & ISIS - Perfect Storm For US

Fiercest Fighting In Kobane In Days Reported


Kobane Survivors Describe Sub-Human ISIS Brutality

70 ISIS Fighters Bodies Left At Syria Hospital - Vid

Lebanon Blocks Syrian Refugees From Entering

Iran Repeats Readiness To Equip Lebanon Army

US War On Iran Takes Bizarre Turn

US Activist Grilled By US After Iran Trip

PressTV Reporter Killed In Suspicious Car Crash - Vid

US Zionists Believe Palestinians Not Real Beings

Germany Gives IDF $382m Missile Boat Discount

Abbas Warns Of Israeli ‘Aggression’ On Al-Aqsa Mosque


UK Lifts Sanctions On Iranian North Sea Gas Field

6 Countries Will Be Ruined If Oil Prices Keep Falling

Russian 'Smart' Mini-Satellites to Go Into Orbit in 2016

US Using Old USSR-US Break Up Strategy- Former FSB Chief

Lavrov - West’s ‘Colonial-Style’ Sanctions - Little To Do With Ukraine

Hong Kong Protests Leave 20 Injured

Sandy Hook - CT State Police Lt. Paul Vance.. Liar - Vid

Wolfgang Halbig - Cops Are To Protect People Not Lie

To ThemNYC Rats Carrying 18 New Viruses

Five US Bills Straight Out Of Atlas Shrugged

Smart Meters Dangers Goes Past Radiation Exposure

World's First Biometric Credit Card Due 2015

Feds Continue Orwellian Harvesting Social Media


Only Ten Illegal Alien Children With TB In 10 Months?

Lead Gardasil Developer Tells Truth About Deadly Vax

‘LGBT’ - The ‘T’ Is For Tyranny

Why Are Farmers Depressed And Suicidal?

Lake Erie's Toxic Algae Mystery Deepens

FBI Targets Animal Cruelty As Serious Crime

TX Cops Called Over Dog, Shoots It For No Reason

UK Govt Hypes Terror Threat Its Policies Create

Climate Change Act Could Cost UK £1.3 Trillion

Staggering Rise In UK Prison Suicides

Net Trolls To Be Imprisoned 2 yrs In CyberHate Crackdown


Sturgeon Sells Out Venues Across Scotland

Gordon Brown - The Man With No Plan

14 Lessons From The Scottish Referendum

The Truth Is Derided & We Are Distracted From It - Vid

Beijing Marathoners Wear Masks Because Of Smog

China Offers Smog Insurance To Tourists - Vid

China's Smog Reaches LA - (Encore) Vid

The Diabetes Bonanza – Part I

Ebola Hoax - The Feared 'Bleeding' Symptom

Anonymous Letter On The Ebola Scam - Vid

Doctors Tell All…And It’s Bad

Entheogenic Use Of Cannabis in India


Turmeric Boosts Regen Of Brain Stem Cells

10 Food Facts That May Surprise You

Only 84 Of 2,400 US Pak Drone Victims 'Militants'

Sweden Looks For Russian Sub Off Stockholm

Norway Starts Forced Military Service For Women

Sneakin’ Into The USA - Beach Boys Parody - Vid

Watch Mountain-Sized Comet Zip By Mars - Vid

The Seven Wonders Of The Moon

What The World Eats

Your Partner...Difficulty Expressing Emotion?

Italian Village Plagued By Mysterious Fires

What To Do When You Work With A Bully

Scientists Analyzed The Pathogens In New York City’s Rats…


How Marijuana Spread Through the World

Magic And Superstition In Ancient Egypt

Obama Warns Against Ebola Hysteria

The Case For Ebola Coming From A Bioweapons Lab

How The NYT Blatantly Spins For Obama On Ebola

Porky Says Russian Border Checkpoints Coming Back

Israel's Bloodstained Hands

SS Tried To Use Fake Warrant To Enter Obama Critic Home - Vid

Airline CEO On Flt 370 - Control Probably Taken From Crew

Tiny Quadrotor Drones Fly In Formation - Vid

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Oil Cartel Murderers

Woodrow Wilson Warmonger

Farrakhan On The Fed - Vid

Russia Can't Pay For Chernobyl Safety Maintenance

No One Has Cracked Nuclear Fusion Yet

Cloud Computing Huge User Of Electricity

Liberals Irrational Hatred Of China

Gates Faces Trial In India For Testing Vax On Kids

Mysterious Fibers From UFO Turns Hands Green

UFO Turns Night Into Day - Vid

UFO Over Moon's Surface? - Vid

UFO Encounter Over Nuclear Weapons Depot

Confirmed - Rapid Geomagnetic Reversal Underway - Vid

The Ancient Practice Of Sungazing

The Peaceful Power Of Confidence

Kirwan - Obamanation’s Illegal Czars

Roberts - Obama Fights Ebola With Czar And Soldiers

Trump - 'Something Badly Wrong With Obama Mentally"

President Psycho (Updated)

Oxfam - World Must Do More To Stop Ebola

Putin - America Is Now Run By Evil

Gates Vaccine Empire On Trial In India

New Device Said To Lock Out Govt Surveillance

Big Victories In The Battle Against Monsanto - Vid


US Income Gap Highest Since 1800s - Vid

Fear-Mongering Ahead Of US False Flag? - Pt 2

Supreme Court OKs TX Strict Voter ID Law

Putin - World Economy Collapse If Oil Stays At $80

China In Joint LNG Venture With Russia

Escobar - Do The Trans-Siberian shuffle

Western $30b Aid Not Enough Says Kiev FM

15 Die In Donetsk In Last 24 Hrs

Pro Russians Kill Two Ukraine Soldiers

Kiev Whitewashes War Crime Investigations

Kobani Kurds Stop ISIS Try To Block Border

US Kills 10 More Civilians In Syria Airstrikes

Israel Bans Pals From Entering al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Continues To Abuse, Torture Pal Children


Turkey Denies Buffer Zone In Syria By Calling For One

28 Pages That Could Change The Mideast

DC Think Tanks Demand War Against Syria

EU Media Write Pro-US Stories Under CIA Pressure - Vid

2.4 Billion People Live On Less Than $2 A Day

Over 30k Victims Of Human Smuggling In EU 2010-2012

AR Juvenile Detainees Locked In Medieval Device

Rotherham - MPs Want Probe Of Missing Child Sex Files

Massive Growth In Non-Existent Crime

Sick Man Gets Well After Emotional Reunion With Dog

What Heaven Is Really Like Brain Surgeon

Atty Stanley L. Cohen - Guilty Of Doing His Job Honorably

Fatal Ankara Turkey MERS ex-KSA

Reinvented Scoundrel Media History

Is A GA County Running Immense Financial Scam?

Plastic Nanoparticles Also Harm Freshwater Life

Sugared Soda Consumption Linked To Cell Aging

Designer Viruses - The New Antibiotics?

Drug-Resistant Head Lice Spreading Fast

Pacific Climate Warriors Blockade Oz Coal Port

Water On Mercury Seen By Nasa For First Time - Pic

Wilde - Journey To A Far Away Land


Rand - Ebola Is 'Incredibly Contagious'...Obama Is Lying

Unprotected US Troops To W Africa To Test Ebola Vax?

Obama Fast-Tracks Ebola Zone Visas To US

Rogers - Sell Everything & Run For Your Lives - Vid

Media Commentary On Ebola Said 'Outrageous' - Vid

Vote For Hillary, Vote For War Machine

Iran - US Using ISIS In Trying To Destroy Syria

The Great Change Of The Ages Has Arrived

What Did The Air Force X-37B Do In Orbit For 2 Yrs?

Best Voicemail Ever? - Vid


Kirwan - Nothing Is What It Seems

Obama Names Zio Lib w/NO Health Experience As 'Ebola Czar' !

Ebola Frenzy - Passenger In Full Hazmat Suit At Dulles Intl

10 Questions For The WHO About Ebola

Big Pharma LIKES People Being Sick

UN Gets Tough On Ebola Shirkers

Caller To WABC Warns Of Ebola Conspiracy - Vid

US Pauses Studies Of Influenza, MERS, SARS

All Jeddah MERS Sequences Similar - CID

Deconstructing John Kerry's Big Lies

Isis Hits Baghdad With Bombs, Mortars, 150 Killed


ISIS Training Pilots To Fly MIG Fighter Jets

Lamb - Sparking Anger In Syria

Fabrication In BBC Panorama's 'Saving Syria’s Children'

Teenage Boy Executed By IDF In W Bank

Israel Uses Multi-Storey Cemeteries...Graveyards Packed

Israel's Rogue Agenda

E Ukraine Deaths Now Over 3,700

Venezuela Elected To UN Security Council

Kirwan - 24 Hours Of Joy

Jeff Rense & Marcus Wynne - Good vs Evil - Vid

US Military Footprint Covers 75% Of World's Countries

Google Outspends Goldman Sachs For More Power In DC


Ron Paul - Hillary Clinton Is Pro War, Pro Federal Reserve

5% Of Americans Hold 63% Of US Wealth

113 Staffers At Fed Get $250k Per Year

Is The Lockheed Martin Cold Fusion For Real?

Brand Threatened With Arrest Outside Fox News HQ

Salmond - There Will Be Another Vote In Scotland

Cameron Takes Broken Scotland Promises To New Level

No Real Limitations On Tasering The Public

Noriega, Pan Am 103 & The Lizard Kings

Putin Urges Europe To Help Kiev Cover Gas Debts

Putin - Ukraine Gas Deal Winter Only - Porky Sez No Deal

Russian President Warns Europe Of Gas Supply ‘Risks’

2,000 Cops Are Implicated In Corruption

May Defends Culture Of Secrecy Over Mass Snooping

3D Printed Huts To Revolutionize Homes In 3rd World

Revealed - How Whisper App Tracks ‘Anonymous’ Users

Citizen Pulls Over Police - Vid

Rosetta Mission Could Change Science Forever - Vid

Who Made 2.8 Bn Yr Old Spheres Found In S Africa

Dark Matter May Have Been Detected

Sugary Soft Drinks Linked To Accelerated DNA Ageing

Are ALL Superfoods Truly Super?

Ultra Secret German UFO Technology At Roswell?

Germans Flew Flying Saucers In 1944 - Engineer, 1954

Strange Object Startles Residents Of Peru

Sherlock Holmes Rarities On Display In London

Haight-Ashbury Glory Days - Pics


Jeff Rense & Marcus Wynne - Narrative Warfare - Vid

NOAA - The Winter Forecast For The US

Polar Vortex May Return To Parts Of US This Winter

Obama Sending Natl Guard To Fight Ebola In Africa

'Ebola Czar' Pissed Away Billion On Kick-Backs - Vid

Famine Nears Adding To West Africa’s Torment

Difference Between Bacteria And Viruses - Vid

US Hits ISIS - Kurds Beg More Weapons For Kobane

PKK Fighters Are The New Heroes Of Kurdistan

Hamas Chief Tells Muslims To Defend Al-Agsa Mosque

Israel Can No Longer Be Redeemed - Vid

Mossad, Green Revolution & Vienna Sausage

Are US Special Operations Forces In Crisis?

Obama, Not Bush, Real Master Of Unilateral War

India Tests New Nuke Capable Cruise Missile

GMO Bananas To Be Tested On US Students


TPP Agreement Leak Reveals More IP Flaws

Visions Of Dead Loved Ones Not Yet Known Dead

Are Vegetative Patients Aware Their Surroundings?

Cops Kill 7 Yr Old Girl In No-Knock WRONG House Raid

Cops Draws Guns On Woman In Labor

Ancient Slab May Be Sundial-Moondial

How WWI Shaped Modern Air Supremacy

100 Sharks Feeding Frenzy Right Next To A Beach - Vid

What Is A Robobird?

Spider Digs Into Tourist's Chest For 3 Days - Vid


Air France Quarantines 183, 4 Cases Madrid, Moscow Watches 2

Navy Kicks Out Hunter Biden For Cocaine Use

Suspect MERS Case Galveston Co. TX - ex-Arabian Peninsula

US Using Apache Helicopters Against ISIS In Iraq - Pics

Fabrication In BBC Panorama's 'Saving Syria’s Children'

Recession In Russia, Revolt In VZ? - Tumbling Oil

Ukraine Refuses To Guarantee Safe Gas Transit To EU

World Oil Prices Hit New Low

Europe Could Save Up To $80b In Energy Imports

9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets

Snyder - 26 Other Ways China Has Surpassed US

Markets On Edge - Worst Turmoil In Years


Euro Dives, Norway Crown Hit

Futures Tumble; Peripheral Yields Soar, Greek Bonds Tank

Moscow Surprised At US Plans To Hold Ops Near Border

Putin Warns Nuclear Consequences If Blackmail Doesn't Stop

US Tanks Now In Latvia To Ward Off Russia 'Threat' - Vid

Russian PM Medvedev Questions Obama’s Mental Health

Obama Taking Hostile Approach Towards Russia - Putin

Roberts - Putin Speaks - Hope Washington Hears Him

Putin - Russia’s Isolation An Absurd And Illusory Goal

Putin - If Ukraine Steals Gas, He'll Cut Euro Supplies

Porky Signs Donbass 'Special Status' Law


Kiev Donetsk Prisoner Exchange To Resume Soon

Zionist Jew-Owned Media Keeps Americans In Dark

Transsexual TV Show 'Good For The Jews'

US Plans Included Nuking N Korea - Panetta

New Details On Joan Rivers Death

NY Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Freed After 29 Yrs

Classical Music, Orchestras Dying In US

Youngest Female American Billionaire A Dropout

Iran Sends Aid To Jewish Destroyed Gaza Strip

Dean - Will Sweden. UK Pal Votes Trigger More?

Israel Fury At Young Jews Moving To Berlin


Fracking Earthquakes Confirmed (Again) In Ohio

New Pesticide For GM Crops Approved For Use

You Won't Believe The CDC Told This Lie

Christian Persecution Begins In US - Vid

The Window(s) Of Opportunity

27 Dead, 70 Missing In Big Himalaya Snow Storms

Japan's Irrational Robot Fetish

UKIP Faces Big Funding Crisis

Rotherham Child Sex Is Tip Of Iceberg - Police Chief

Cameron Backs Hong Kong Rights, China Blocks BBC Site

UK Plan To Collect Travelers Biometric Data


Intensified US Airstrikes Beat Back ISIS At Kobani

US Wants To Get Rid Of Assad Not ISIS

ISIS Fighter Tactics - Vid

Iraqi Doctors Call Depleted Uranium Use 'Genocide'

Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Revival

Lawson - Sexual Consent & Israel’s Biggest Lie - Vid

Kerry Enters A Basement To Meet With Iran Minister

Sorry Our Country's In Middle Of Your Military Bases


Fear & Coverup Mask Truth About Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Hoax - The Numbers Game

Govt Coverup Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, 9/11

Are International Stocks Safer Than US Equities?

Japan's Phony Solar Power 'Grid Capacity Shortage'

Doom - Keynesianism In Three Charts

Amish Farmers Reinventing Organic Agriculture

Is US Meat Appetite Bad For The Planet?

The Age Of Loneliness Is Killing Us

Woman Sees 100x More Colors Than Normal

JoeTalk - 'Obama Is Killing Us' - Vid

Campers Encounter UFO At Ground Level


‘Shape Shifting’ UFOs Over Massachusetts

Fusion Energy Announced By Lockheed - Vid

Drying, Storing Your Home Grown Seeds

The Great British Money Launderette

Why Your Hamburger May Be Even More Deadly

US Proxy War In Syria Bound To Fail - Vid

ISIS Fighter Tactics - Vid

Rickard - Turkey Allowing ISISI To Attack Kobani

Will Kobani Attack Yielkd Turkey-Kurd Alliance? - Vid

Obama, Malala And The Militants US Put Into Power

Chomsky Raps US Language Of Threat Against Iran


'Human Rights' A Political Tool Of The West - Iran VP

Gunman Kills American, Injures Another In Riyadh

'Miles Apart' In Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Medvedev Warns Abbott

Russia Calls To Condemn Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Parades

Nationalize The Federal Reserve

US Hid US Troops Chem Exposure In Iraq - Intel Docs

Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom

Secret US Space Plane Lands After 2 Years In Orbit

Mars Is Better Mapped Than Alaska

Earth Mag Field Can Flip In Less Than 100 Yrs


Most US Citizens Politically Unaware Of News - Vid

Apple Accidentally Leaks New iPad Info Before Debut

Apple, FB Offer To Freeze Eggs For Female Staff

HBO To Start Internet Streaming Service

Monster Storm From Canada To Coast Of Spain

CA Atheist Denies 'Higher Power' In Rehab - Gets $2m

Top 4 Things To Do Prior To Dollar Collapsing

At Least 17 Hikers Die In Heavy Himalayan Snows

Police Arrest 67 Yr Old Man - Pedo Link To Downing St?

£90 Million Charity Fortune Invested, Not Distributed

UK Only G7 Country With Wider Inequality Now

Workers May Pay £5 A Week To Get Benefits


UK Pledges Moon To Scotland But Can't, Won't Deliver

Police Use Of Tasers Continues To Rise

Disturbing Expansion Of The Military-Industrial Complex

Credit Suisse Warns Of New US Recession

Filipino Protesters Burn US Flag, Urge Marine Arrest

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester In Violent Demonstration

Zero Emission Fusion Promises Cheaper Than Coal Energy

Climate Fears Exaggerated - Ex Environment Secretary

Of Course Marijuana Addiction Exists

Beat World Hunger? Build Better Roads

Vaccines - Penalizing The Unvaccinated?


The HPV Vaccine - Injuries And Treatment

Vaccine Industry A Law Unto Itself - Vid

Energy Drinks May Cause Pubic Health Problems

How Olive Oil Reverse Heart Disease Threat

Kubrick's Timedoors - Vid

Kirwan - The 101 Year War

MO Republican Calls For Military Coup Of Obama

US Army Drafts Blueprint For World War 3

Intense US Airstrikes On ISIS At Kobani - Vid

In Search Of An Ebola And ISIS Free Zone


Internet Keyboard Warriors Must Not Quit

Instruments Of Diversions, Discord And Division

Kirwan - Global Governments Worldwide Have Failed

Kiev 3rd Defense Boss In 6 Mos = Demoralization

A British Message To Israel

Default Encryption - Apple, Google New Marketing Ploy

Hurricane Gonzalo Forms In Caribbean

Feds Pile New Charges On Top Alien Smuggler

How People Are Punished For Being Poor

Stronger Quakes Predicted For The Bay Area

Inside New York's Atom Smasher

The United States Is No. 1 - But In What?


Ebola - Very Crafty, False-Flag Vaccination-Blackmail ?

Countries Where Ebola Most Likely To Show Next

1,000s Orphaned By Ebola

Prehistoric Currents Brought Icebergs To FL

How A Virus Like Enterovirus D68 mutates - Vid

Tracking Earth’s Magnetic Field In Northern Lights

2 Big Meteor Showers Coming This Month

Meet The CIA’s 10 Favorite Drug Traffickers

25 Impressive Facts & Quotes By John Lennon

First Robotic Drone Created In 350 BC?


The ‘Motivating-Uncertainty Effect’

You Are What You Seek

Let’s Slow Down

The Science Of Crystals

A Cure For Hyper-Parenting

Spain Sees 24% Surge In Millionaires

Parrot Missing 4 Yrs Returns Speaking Spanish

Obama Reveals Setbacks In ISIS Fight

Mystery - 'White Shroud' Killing ISIS Soldiers 1 by 1

US Airstrikes Intensify About Kobane

Turkish Jets Bomb Kurd Positions


Obama Giving ISIS Its Greatest Gift

Obama Meets Foreign Military To Talk ISIS Strategy

US Top Military Hawks Eyeing Syria No-Fly Zone

Duff - ISIS Killers Used US Chem Weapons In Syria

Why Regime Change Won’t Stop ISIS In Syria

Persian Gulf Rent-A-Sheik

Comprehensive Agreement On Iran's Nuclear Program

10 Items You MUST Have In Home During Ebola Crisis

Paul Craig Roberts - The Lie Machine

Mainstream Media A 'No Fly Zone' For Truth

McCain In Urgent Need Of Psychiatric Care?


Pentagon - 'Warming' To Change Military Training (huh?)

Obama Won't Harm Imm 'Reform' To Save US From Ebola

The Western Model Is Broken

Monsanto Major Losses After Paying Law Suit

The Incredible Liars Who Lie About Psychiatry

Gunman Shoots At US Govt Bldg - Injures One

AK Residents Stunned By Rising Health Care

Ocare HIDING 2015 Ins Hike Until After Election

CalArts To Alleged Rape Victim - How Short Was Dress?

UK MPs Vote To Recognise Palestinian State

Israel Calls UK Vote An 'Obstacle To Peace'

Top UK Politican Slams Israeli W Bank 'Apartheid

1,000s In Gaza Have No Shelter As Winter Nears

How Sand Ceased To Be A Jew - Or Did He?


Atzmon - Yes To Palestine, Say British MPs

The Case Of Arthur Topham

100s Kiev Solders Protest At Porky's Admin Building

Kiev Soldiers In Biggest Cities Demand Demobilization

Kiev Inks 'Special Status' For East Ukraine

Putin - Ukraine Mess Shows Deep Crisis In Intl Law

World Sees Putin As Diplomatic, US As Aggressor

Two Yrs Sanctions vs Russia To Cost Europe $90b

Amazon's Blatantly Fixing Site Rankings Caught Suppressing Again

Scottish Indy Dust Refuses To Settle


Scotland Could Get Revenge - Salmond

Mumbai, Socialism & The British Raj

Farage TV Move Infuriates Parties

Craig Murray - Neo-Con Speed Dating

Chat Shows FBI Informant's Role In Sun Hacking

1,200 UK Undercover Cops From England To Wales

Rule From The Shadows - Psychology Of Power

Deconstructing The Ebola Agenda

Richest 1% Own Nearly Half Of World's Wealth

Catalonia To Hold Unofficial Vote, Not Referendum

A Vaccination Skeptic Speaks On Ebola - Vid

ISIS, Ebola And Palestinian Unreal News - Vid


Is Future Of Flying Really This Bad?

Oil Tankers Leaking Into Seattle’s Water

The Everlasting Lightning Storm Of VZ

Zombies, UFOs & Sea Monsters

Dragons, Memory & Navigating The Globe

The Second Brain - Gut Bacteria

One-Third Of Food Is Lost Or Wasted

The Lion - Vid

Mysterious 'UFO' Seems To Watch Astronauts - Vid

Man Catches UFO On Cam - Vid

Foreign UFO Sightings Intercepted by NSA

UFOs Cause Panic On Airliner - 1954


Kirwan - Crusaders…Then And Now

UN Official Calls For Help For Kobane Residents

Will Baghdad Fall To ISIS? - Vid

Real Fear Not ISIS But Perpetual Warfare

Kim Surfaces In N Korea After A Month Out Of Sight

EV-D68 Paralyzes 5 Yr Old Girl

Typhoon Kills At Least Two In Japan - Vid

At Least One Dead In 7.4 Quake Off El Salvador

Police Arrest 50 Protesters In Ferguson

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Revelations About Fukushima Daiichi Demise Coming Out

Nuke Power Shill - 'Fukushima Nuke Power's Finest Hour' (!)

Fukushima Radiation FAR Worse Than Admitted

Huge Increase In US Reagan Sailors Getting Sick

US Got Worst Fukushima Radiation One Year After 3/11

Japan's Nuclear Disaster Escape Plans A Total Fraud

Japan, Inc - Plunges Over Huge Investment Losses

US - Fukushima 'Unprecedented', Threatens Human Existence

2011 West Coast Lettuce Exceeded Chernobyl Limits

Florida Hit With Highest Fukushima Radiation Outside Japan

TEPCO Gives Up On Ice Wall - Will Fill With Cement

Bizarre Death Threats Against Anti-Nuke Asahi Reporter

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-23-14 - Pt 1 - Vid

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-24-14 - Pt 2 - Vid

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-25-14 - Pt 3 - Vid


Fukushima Radiation On America

PacRad Stations - Design And Purpose

Full Map - Pacific Coast Radiation Network

Pacifica, CA

Ashland, OR

Portland, OR

Port Angeles, WA

Fort Collins, CO

Vista, CA

Quesnel, B.C.

Hear Jeff Discuss How To Establish
Your Own Online Rad Station - Click HERE

Pictures Of How To Create Your Own Clone HERE

* Obama OKs DEADLY Hikes In 'Safe' Radiation Exposure

* Obama Raises 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water 27,000x Higher

* Huge Radiation Readings In CA And NM Disappear

* Enormous W Coast CPMs Vanish After Site Back Online - Vid

* Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map - Vid

* W Coast Covered In Massive 3/11 Radiation - Vid

* Coverup Of West Coast Radiation From Fukushima

* Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

* WATCH - What Cesium 137 Will Really Do To You - Vid

* National Nuclear Emergency Map
Updated 24/7 In Real Time

* Chart Of Radiation Dose Levels In Millisieverts

* Jeff & Dr. Russell Blaylock - Supplements
To Fight Radiation Exposure
- Vid

* Live National Radiation Network Map

* Radiation Dose Chart

* The Radiation Database User Guide - Vid

Proof Radiation Is KILLING The Pacific Dana Durnford & Terry Daniels - Vid

HORROR - Proof N Pacific Nearly Extinct Of Life - Radiation - Vid


Jeff & Dr Henry Niman, PhD
Latest Broadcast Program Update
Free Listen MP3 10-20-14 (Click Here)

NY, NJ Order 21 Day Quarantine For Some Ebola Workers

First Mali Ebola Patient Dies

Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Now Ebola Free

Ebola HCW In New York Had A Fever of 100.3 F

Ebola In Dallas & New York - Night & Day

Montserrado Liberia Ebola Modeling - Lancet ID

Jim Marrs - Remember Those Dead Microbiologists

Real Deaths From Ebola 15,000 And Rising

NY Ebola Doc Jogging, Riding Subway, Cab & More - Vid

Why NY Ebola Case Will Hurt Infected Patients

Where Are Most New Ebola Cases Located?

Dozens Threaten To Break Ebola Quarantine

What 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ Tells Us About Ebola

Ebola To Kill 67,000 In Monrovia By December

Ebola Confirmed In MSF MD In NYC ex-Guinea

MSF MD Tested For Ebola In NY Hospital - Vid

Predictions On The NYC Ebola Case

Some US Hospitals May Refuse Ebola Patients

Contagion - The Potential To Alter Our World

Predictions On The NYC Ebola Case

Some US Hospitals May Refuse Ebola Patients

Mali Confirms First Ebola ex-Guinea

MSF MD Suspected Ebola In NY Hospital ex-Guinea

Insurance Cos Writing 'Ebola Exclusions' Into Policies

Where Does Ebola Hide?

N Korea To Ban Tourists Over Ebola Concerns

US And CDC Policies On Ebola And TB Full Of Unknowns

Dallas Presbyterian ER Gets Low Mark


  Influenza And Viral Updates

Dr. Henry Niman's
Exclusive Reports With Jeff
MP3 - Listen FREE

August 29 - MP3

Dr. Henry Niman's Swine Flu World Tracking MAP

Updated H7N9 Pandemic Map From Dr Henry Niman

Suspect MERS Turkey Ex Saudi Arabia 66F HAJJ

Additional MERS Suspect Turkey EX Saudi Arabia 68F?

WH Halts Risky Flu Virus Studies

Suspect MERS Turkey Ex Saudi Arabia 66F HAJJ

Additional MERS Suspect Turkey EX Saudi Arabia 68F?

Suspect MERS Turkey Ex Saudi Arabia 66F HAJJ

Fatal Ankara Turkey MERS ex-KSA

US Pauses Studies Of Influenza, MERS, SARS

All Jeddah MERS Sequences Similar - CID

Suspect MERS Case Galveston Co. TX - ex-Arabian Peninsula

EV-D68 Paralyzes 5 Yr Old Girl

Enterovirus Kills Toddler In Michigan - Vid

CDC Releases 2014 Enterovirus D68 Sequences

H7N9 Vaccine Requires Adjuvant - NIAID

Ebola-Like Marburg HCW Death In Uganda

NJ Boy's Death Linked Directly To Enterovirus 68

Enterovirus D68 Confirmed in LA

HHS Preps For Flu Pandemic - 'Could Kill Over 60 Million'

EV-68 Kills Rhode Island Child

Increases In EV-D68 Associated Paralysis In Children

Vienna, Austria MERS Case ex-KSA

Enterovirus Cases TX Rising - School Nurses On Alert

EV-68 Suspected In Death Of 4 Year Old In New Jersey

Mystery Enterovirus 68 Paralyzes 9 CO Children

EV-68 Suspected In Death Of 4 Year Old In New Jersey

CDC Issues HAN Advisory On D68 Paralysis In CO

10 Year Old Dies Of EV-68 Case In Hong Kong ex-China

Relationship Between CA And CO EV-68 Paralysis

FAO Warning Over New Bird Flu Strain

Relationship Between CA & CO EV-D68 Paralysis


Videos Of HAARP Destroying Pacific Rain Storms And Continuing The Deadly Artificial CA Drought!

Yellowstone Supervolcano - Vid

Rense - How The Pacific Storms Of, 2013-2014 Were Trashed

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-24-14 - Pt 2 - Vid

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-25-14 - Pt 3 - Vid

Watch HAARP Kill Hurricanes Off Baja CA - Pt 1 - Vid

Watch HAARP Kill Hurricanes Off Baja CA - Pt 2 - Vid

Watch HAARP Kill Hurricanes Off Baja CA - Pt 3 - Vid

Hurricane Simon Steered To Continue CA Drought - Vid

HAARP Rain-Blocking High Pressure Back Off CA! - Vid

Underground Nuke 90 Miles South Of Yellowstone? - Vid

How Hurricanes Are Stopped And Racketeering - Vid

David Duke

Zionist Terror In Gaza - Free Palestine & The World - Vid

The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion - Vid

Israeli Media Reveals Secret Behind Communism - Vid

Jeff Rense & Dr. David Duke - Worldwide Zionist Stranglehold - Vid

How The Media Incites Violence & Racism - Vid

Hitler In Argentina
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Jeff with Harry Cooper & Jim Marrs - Hitler In Argentina - MP3

Sharkhunters Hot Mail!

PHOTOS *for program above*

Hitler In Argentina - Buy The Book Here!

Reviews Of Cooper's 'Hitler In Argentina' Show Truth Wins

Jeff & Harry - Hitler In Argentina - MP3

Harry Cooper's History-Shaking New Book - Hitler In Argentina


FBI Declassifies Files Proving Hitler Went To Argentina

More On Giant WW2 Japanese Sub I-400 Found Off Hawaii

FREE Listen MP3s
Harry Cooper - Germany In Argentina During & After The War - mp3


Harry Cooper - Hitler's Post-War Time In Argentina - mp3


Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 1/2 - Vid

Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 2/2 - Vid

Hitler's Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden And Underground Bunkers - mp3


Stunning Evidence Hitler & Eva Braun Escaped To Argentina - mp3


The Escape Of Adolf Hitler To South America

Walter Bowart

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart - pdf

Report From Iron Mountain - pdf

The Invisible Third World War - pdf

David Cole (Stein)
Listen FREE

Jeff & David Cole - Holocaust Revisionist Historian - Vid

Auschwitz Gas Chamber Hoax? - Part 1 - MP3

The Search for The TRUTH - Part 2 - MP3

The Trouble With Sandy Hook

NEW Free Listen 8.4.14 - Wolfgang Halbig

NEW Free Listen - Wolfgang Halbig & James Fetzer MP3 - Sandy Hook - Latest Shocking Developments - Click HERE

Free Listen - Hear Jeff With Wolfang Halbig - Sandy Hook Hoax - MP3 - Click HERE

Sandy Hook - CT State Police Lt. Paul Vance.. Liar - Vid

Wolfgang Halbig - Cops Are To Protect People Not Lie

Sandy Hook - Broadcasting Hoax Violates FCC Regs

Sandy Hook - Newtown Residents Threatened, Bribed To Shut Up

Big Problem In News Video Of Sandy Hook School

DHS & FEMA Caught With Their Pants Down At Sandy Hook - Pt 1 The Actual 911 Dispatch Sandy Hook Transcript

DHS & FEMA Caught With Their Pants Down At Sandy Hook - Pt 2

Emergency Vehicles Staged At Sandy Hook

Glaring Gaffes In Sandy Hook Story

Sandy Hook Is Our Last Chance To Stop The Lies

Jeff & James Fetzer - The Sandy Hook Hoax - Vid

Stranger Yet - Sandy Hook Council BLOCKS FOIAs

Sandy Hook GAME OVER! - NO Deaths NO Victims In Record - Vid

Natl School Safety Expert - Sandy Hook Was A FRAUD - Vid

'Sandy Hook...A Scripted Event, Two Yrs In Planning'

CT State Worker Quits Over Sandy Hook Weirdness

Incontrovertible Evidence!

Solid 3D Proof That Apollo Photos Were Faked

Robert Felix

'Climate Change' BS Exposed - Latest Global COOLING
News Updated Around The Clock

Slovenia Buried Under Ice - Forests Destroyed - Pics

Glenn Greenwald

How Internet NSA Agents Manipulate, Deceive, Destroy Reputations

The Great American Adventure

The Secrets Of America - pdf

EMF Dangers

EMF Effects On Your Cells And Tissues

What If...?
Listen FREE

Hitler Visits Oprah - The German Side Of Starting WW2 - MP3

DARPA & Google Plan Total Control

Top DARPA Projects That Should Creep You Out - Vid

Kirwan - For Your Eyes Only!

Ex DARPA Boss Talks About Beast Tech - Vid

Ex DARPA Chief Dugan, Now At Google, On The Future

The Ultimate Sociopath?

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 1 - Vid

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 2 - Vid

Obama Exposed By High School Friend

Pastor Manning - Mia Pope Outs Obama As Gay - Vid

How You're Being Mind Controlled And Don't Know It

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain

MK Ultra - Handlers, Propagandists, Professional Liars - Vid

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control Through TV And The Media - Vid

Stop Eating Meat And Dairy

McDonalds Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos - Vid

DANGER - Listen Carefully

FREE Listen - Jeff With Deborah Tavares

The Horrendous NASA War Document - Part 1

The Horrendous NASA War Document - Part 2

Robert Hastings

10 UFOs Cavort Above US Nuke Missile Base

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Roswell Eyewitness
FREE Listen - Jeff With Jesse Marcel, Jr

Peter Davenport , Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson - Roswell 2010! - Very Special Guest - Col Jesse Marcel, Jr - MP3

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Veteran, Patriot & Roswell Witness Passes On

Memories Of Jesse Marcel By Kevin Randle

Phoenix Lights Witness Remembers Jesse Marcel, Jr - Fortson

Remembering Jesse Marcel, Jr - Balthaser

Mainstream Media Homage To Jesse Marcel's Passing

 Clark McClelland - The Stargate Chronicles

FREE LISTEN - Jeff with Clark McClelland 5.9.14 - MP3

Get A Piece Of Apollo 15 GOLD FOIL That
Went To The Moon And Back! - Click Here!

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Clark McClelland - Celestialism

Jeff & Clark McClelland - ET And The Apollo Program - Vid

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg
UFO Connection
- Part 1 - pdf

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg UFO Connection - Part 2 - pdf


2013 Stonehenge - Photos

UFO - Man Gets More Than Rocks In Stonehenge Photo

Overwhelming Evidence

Was 9/11 An Inside Job, Or A MOSSAD Job?

Think You Know Cars?

The Ultimate Car Trivia Test! - Pics

The Mysterious Charles Dellchau

Incredible Drawings & Descriptions Of 1850s Flying Machines

Dr. Roger Leir
Astonishing UFO Over Turkey

Roger's Personal Photo Video Analysis Showing ETs

Non-Humans, ETs, Shown Inside Turkey UFO

All Known Videos Of The Turkey UFO

Spectacular Turkey UFO - Information Site

Overpopulation In America Pt 2 - Endless Additions, Endless Shortages

Accelerating Growth Consequences Pt 1

Accelerating Growth Consequences Pt 2

No Species Can Get Away With This

Immigration Policy Without Population Policy Illogical

Oil Created A 100 Year Window That’s Closing

We Need To Think Like A Life-Giving Planet

FREE Listen MP3

Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - Shocking New Morgellons Photos - mp3

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

Elizabeth’s Morgellons Samples

Destructive Wiki Editing Keeps Morg Sufferers In Dark

Jeff And Cliff Mickelson - CDC Liars Say Morgellons Doesn't Exist - mp3

Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin - Vid

Official CDC Denial - Morgellons Does Not Exist


When Radio Was King

Here Is A Major Collection Of All The Great Old Time Radio Shows - LISTEN!

What Zion Doesn't Want You To See

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 1 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 2 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 3 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 4 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 5 - Vid

Aspartame Deaths & Suffering Must Stop
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Betty Martini & Jeff Rense - The War On Aspartame

Dr. Betty Martini On The Major UK MSM Article On Aspartame

UK MSM - Cancer, Premature Births Tied To Aspartame

Dane Wigington
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Jeff & Dane Wiggington - GeoEng...It's Too Late - Free Listen

GeoEngineering...A Fancy Word For Murder! - Vid

GeoEngineering Targets Drought Condition In CA

Jeff & Dane Wigington - Chemtrails...Heavier, Deadlier - Vid

MASSIVE Increase Of Ultra-Violate Light Pounding The Earth - mp3

GeoEngineering Insanity - It's Far Worse Than You Think - mp3

Wigington's Censored Chemtrail Interview Restored - Vid

Jeff And Dane Wigington & Stunning Chemtrail Video - Vid

The Problem With Higher Education

Should Classrooms Be Arcades?

Destroying Higher Education - A Rebuttal

Destroying Higher Education A Conspiracy?

Keynesianism In Three Charts

Students Fail After College

The Criminality Of Community College - Part 2

Vaccines And Autism - Part 2

Some Notes On Vaccines And Autism

Tuition Leaps $0 To $19,000...In One Year

College Students Are Cash Cows

80% Of Community College Students Are Victims

Higher Education Fails Leftist Students?

Kangaroo Campus Courts


How Zionist Central Banks Rule The World

All Wars Are Bank Wars - The Central Bank Beast - Vid

Must Viewing

Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid

Battle Of LA

Footage Of UFO Being Fired On In 'Battle Of LA' - Vid

1942 Battle Of LA - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History


Ingo Swann Passes Into Great Beyond

FREE Listen MP3s
March 1999 with Jeff Rense & Ingo

Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)

Mind Control - An Exact Science
FREE Listen MP3

The Grand Masquerade - DID/MPD Now Common In US

Dr. Colin Ross - Mind Control, How Easy, How Deadly

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 1

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 2

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 3

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Mind Control - A Piece Of Cake - Vid

Trauma Based Culture - Vid

Humans In An Inhuman War

Bf-109 Ace Franz Stigler And B-17 Pilot Charlie Brown Meet - Vid

Feline Adventures

Videos And Photos Of Cats At 'Work' And Play - Vid

Kitty Cams Show Secret Life Of Cats

Required Reading

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!

Withering Facts

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 1 - Vid

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 2 - Vid

The Whole Story

The Best 5 Minute Documentary On 911 Ever - Vid

The Stark Reality Of Precision Scientific Individual & Mass Mind Control

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid

Evidence Of Existence Of 'Multiverse' Revealed For First Time

'Quantum Microscope' Peers Into Hydrogen Atom

After Months In Space, Gravity A Drag For Astronauts


Charlotte Iserbyt

The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid


More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines...Proof - Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 - Vid

A Provocative Documentary

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Vid

Killer Cops - Taser Executions Of Americans

Woman Tasered To Death By Cops, Resuscitated, Sues LA

Cops With Tasers Have Now Executed Over 500 Americans

532 American Citizens Murdered By Killer Cops With Tasers

US Police Executions By Tasers Accelerating

FL Man Recounts 'Brutal' Tasering By Police - Vid

The Cult Is Everywhere

Ritual Child Sex Abuse, Pedo Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

Andrew Gause

FREE Listen - Vivid Portrait Of Post-Sandy Chaos, Suffering In NJ

Tribute To A True Hero

Ernst Zundel - A Spartan Of The Spirit - Vid

GM Yellow Corn Equals Tumors, Cancers & Death

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Justice Kagan Rules For Monsanto In Farmer GMO Case

Nestle Folds To SA Consumer Pressure Over GMOs


Joseph Skipper

An Underwater Base In The Pacific? - Photos

The Term 'Organic' Rapidly Becoming Useless

The Great Organic Deceivers 

Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer

World Man-Made AIDS Day - December 1

Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer

Bacteria Cause Cancer...The Microscopic Evidence - Photos

Heroines All

Women At Work In The 1940s - Rare Color Photos

Brother Nathanael

National Monetary Reform Convention Now! - Vid

Creepy, Weird Otherworldly Sounds...Vanished Again

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

A Chronology Of The Eerie, Strange Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

Eerie Sky Sounds Validated By Russian Scientists

Bizarre Noises Over Cambridge, England - Vid


Hollywood's Golden Days

The Original Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland - Pic

Round About Hollywood 1931, Color - Vid

Wonderful Color Photos Of 50s & 60s LA/SoCal - Pics


American Graffitti In LA

Background To Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s

Rick Mack - Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s - Pics

A Dream Lost

1940s Small Town America...Cafes, Stores, Shops - Color Photos

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 1 - Vid

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 2 - Vid

The Death Of Clean US Mass Transit

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 1 - Vid

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 2 - Vid

What You See Isn't What You Get

The Fraud Of Digitized 'Beauty' - The Big Lie - Vid

Things You MUST Have

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Gear

Eustace Mullins

1. Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation

2. Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter

3. Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 21, 2003)

4. Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 31, 2003)

National Socialism + Zionism = NAZI - Vid

Newest Zionist Hit Piece Libel Attacks On Jeff 

I'm Being Blackmailed By A Sociopath - What Can I Do?

How To Spot A Sociopath - Ten Red Flags

The Makow Mirror Effect

Icke Blasts Makow Again

Attacks On Jeff Deadly Serious, Hacker Removes His Replies

Reply 4

As Predicted - Attacks Begin On David Icke

The Rense Fight Club...

Reply 1- 'Jeff Rense's Abuse Of Power & Trust'

Reply 2 - 'The Hidden Jeff Rense'


UN Agenda 21 Evil

Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda For The NWO - Vid

Agenda 21 - The Plan For A Global Fascist Dictatorship

Agenda 21 - Your Life Is In Their Hands - Vid

Agenda 21 Takeover In Klamath Basin

Agenda 21 Has Rural America In The Crosshairs

Agenda 21 - The Steady-State Illusion



Rosetta Mission Could Change Science Forever - Vid

NASA Acknowledging Electric Universe?

Big Bang Pronouncement Is Big Bluster

Planetary Nebulae Are Electrical

Debunking Misconceptions About The Electric Universe.


Mysterious John Lenard Walson

John Walson Is Back - Another Mystery Video, Bizarre - Vid

Walson Visits The Moon Through His Telescope - Vid

Walson Finds New Lunar Anomalies...Strange - Vid

Walson's Work Apparently Verified - Vid

MARS - The Mysterious

Tomb, Cross, Platform, Relics Found On Mars - Vid

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Rense & Joseph Skipper - Proof Of LIfe On Mars

Mars' Greatest Mystery

LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Jeff And David Oates FREE Listen Click Here

Fascinating Mars Structures, Cities, Plant Life?

Mars Structure Found - The Real Reason For The US Vendetta Against Gary McKinnon?

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

MSNBC Picks Up The Mars Structure Video

Stunning Mars Anomalies 

Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies

Zionism DataPage/Archive Link

Zionism Unmasked

Two Anti-Zionist Heroes Speak Out

FREE Listen - MP3
Jeff With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael On The Greatest Threat To The World

Documents Show How US Allowed Israel To Have Nukes

US Military On Israel Nuclear Blackmail Of America

Psychopathology Of The Zionist Mind

How The 'Holocaust' Was Faked - Read The Facts

Zionist Forces Arrest Camel In Bethlehem

What Zion Doesn't Want You To See

More Holocaust Fantasy Fraud Memoirs Revealed

How Zionism Exploits Judaism, Kills Jews Around The World

Eustace Mullins - Zionist Anti-Christ Will Rule The NWO - Vid

Peak Crackers - The Anti Semitic Jewish Zionist Punch Bowl - Vid

The Cause Of Our Conflict

Ward - Zionism...The Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind

Bishop Williamson On The Evil Of World Zionism

You'll Never Guess Who Started The Holocaust Story!

Protecting The Truth From Those Bad Holocaust Deniers

Mark Elsis - Amazing Documentation Refuting The Holocaust

David Icke - The Elephant In The Living Room

Jeff Rense And David Icke On Zionism - Listen Free Here

READ - The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion

'Zionism - World Conquest Through World Government'

David Icke Joins Rense In Exposing Zionism
The Zionist Elephant In The Room

Proudly Supports...

Jews Against Zionism

The Ernst Zundel Data Archive

Click Here

World's Best

The Ten Most Influential People In The Alternative Media

The American Dream Is Dead (graphic language)

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

The Genius George Of Carlin - Vid

George Carlin On NASA Plans For Mars - Vid

George Carlin - Exposing The Matrix - Vid

George Carlin On Civil Liberties In America - Vid

George Carlin - It's Over - Vid

The Other Side Of The Coin

Right Wing Israeli's Astonishing Praise Of Hitler

Former British Prime Minister Praised Hitler

Hitler Speech Against Freemasonry, Illuminati Warmongers - Vid

Stalin Created Auschwitz 'Gas Chamber' AFTER WW2! - MP3

Hitler's Prophetic Warning About 'Democracy'

The EU Was Hitler's Idea For Post War Europe

Hitler To The World - 'I Do Not Want War' (Quotes)

Black Preacher Praises Adolf Hitler - Vid

Facts And Lies About Adolf Hitler

The Escape Of Adolf Hitler


It's A Zionist World - Virtual And Real

How Jews Run The Internet - eBay, Google, FB, Wiki, Yahoo, MySpace...

The 'Six Million' Number Was Used After WWI

How The 'Holocaust' Was Faked - Read The Facts

Zion's Big Lie - The 'Six Million' Myth

The Elusive Six Million

Crash Of 'Compartmented Craft w/Hieroglyphics' 1865

Hovering 'UFO' Found In 16th Century Painting

Incredible UFO Case Is A Mystery - Vid

Deputies Chase A UFO – 1974

UFOs - The Secret Story – Robert Hastings

3 Football-Field Sized UFOs Fly Low Over Several

Roger Wescott, Roscoe Hillenkoetter & MJ-12

Wave Of Flying Triangles Over Poland

Pilots Report Flying Man?

Worst Enemy Of UFO Community Is UFO Community

Ultra Secret German UFO Technology At Roswell?

Germans Flew Flying Saucers In 1944 - Engineer, 1954

Strange Object Startles Residents Of Peru

Campers Encounter UFO At Ground Level

‘Shape Shifting’ UFOs Over Massachusetts

Mysterious 'UFO' Seems To Watch Astronauts - Vid

Man Catches UFO On Cam - Vid

Foreign UFO Sightings Intercepted by NSA

UFOs Cause Panic On Airliner - 1954

UFO Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled - Vid

UFO Spotted Over Swansea - Vid

Would Finding Alien Life Change Religion?

He, Too, Began To See MSM Doesn't Cover UFOs

Oppenheimer Hearing Declassified in Full -1954

MJ-12 - The Hoax That Quickly Became A Disinfo Op

Why Planes Vanish - Vid

MARS: Rare Comet Encounter To Be Captured By Spacecraft

Considerations Of The Work Of James Carrion

Another UFO Over Lorain County? - Vid

Multiple UFOs Over I-85 In Georgia? - Pic

Why ‘Aliens Landed’ In Russia 25 Yrs Ago

CO-UT Low Flying Orb UFOs - Multiple Witnesses

UFO Encounter Claimed By Olton Dog Walker

UFO Video In Erie Goes Viral

UFO Radar Data - Proof Of Near Mid-Air Collision?

MJ-12 Debate - Alejandro Rojas Rebukes Friedman

MJ-12 Debate - Randle's Final Word On The Matter?

UFO On Video From Passenger Plane - Vid

UFO Spotted Over Clwydian Range

MJ-12 Debate - Friedman Counters

MJ-12 Debate - Kevin Randle Queries Friedman

Military Jets Chase UFO Orbs Over CO Springs?

NORAD - 'No Anomalies' Re Breckenridge UFOs - Vid

Iceland - 'Loch Ness' Monster Video 'Authentic' - Vid

UFO 'Went Upward Until It Completely Vanished'

Colonel Howard McCoy And MJ-12

Jet Pilot Spotted A UFO Near Pune

Two UFOs Photographed Over Lake Ontario

UFOs In NY And North America – A 2014 Report

Police, NORAD Probe UFOs Over Breckenridge - Vid

MoD Forced To Release More UFO Docs In 2015

Incredible Picture 'Proves' Aliens Do Exist

Mystery Fireball Lights Up The Utah Sky - Vid

Triangular-Shaped UFO Reported By State Trooper

China's Shocking UFO History - Vid

Video Of Captured Alien Goes Viral - Vid

MoD Discovers 18 New UFO Files - Pt 1

Encore - Intelligently Made Items On Mars?

Encore - Curiosity Finds Weird Ball On Mars

Did UFOs Invade Renaissance Art?

UK UFO Witnesses Exposed To Radition

British MoD Still With-Holding Secret UFO Documents

Finding Aliens And Its Impact On Society

New 'Nazca Lines' Discovered in Kazakhstan

UFO Hovers Over Alaskan Town

Trent UFO Photos...The 'Best' - Finally Busted?

Modern Physics May Explain How UFOs Travel To Earth

UFO Over Mar del Plata Argentina - Vid

One Of The Most Remarkable UFO Cases - 1962

Additional UFO ‘X Files’ Uncovered in UK

UFOs Photographed Over Seattle

Creators Of UFO Hoax Come Forward

Man Sees Strange Object At Back Of Jetliner - Pics

UFO Caught On Sky Watch Camera - Vid

Next Generation Spacesuit Like Second Skin

UFO Spotted Hovering Over Neighbor's Home

Passenger Films ‘Mystery Lights’ Beside His Plane

UFO Photographed Over The Skies Of Portsmouth

UFO Photographed Over St Helens

UFO Triangle Recorded Over Pagosa Springs, CO

UFO Reported Over FL Town, Loud Humming Sound

UFOs Over Asheville, NC

Photo Of Bellocq, Argentina UFO Confirmed

Photo Analysis Of Bellocq Argentina UFO - Pic

Are We Doing Enough To Learn UFO Truth?

Transparent UFO Caught On Night Vision - Vid

NJ Diamond-Shaped UFO At Tree-Top Level - Pic

20 Yr Mystery Of Universe's Brightest Objects Solved

Multiple, Pulsating UFOs Affect Electronic Equipment?

Wanted - Astronomer With Top Secret Clearance

UFO Filmed Over Lake Havasu City - Vid

Quick Response Team To Investigate UFO Sightings

UNIDENTIFIED - The UFO Phenomenon - Review

Carl Sagan On Life, Learning And The Universe

'Mirage Men’ Operates On Premise UFOs Are Hokum

UFO Filmed Over Villaguay, Argentina - Vid

Two Boomerang-Shaped UFOs Over Cowpens, SC

Triangular UFO Caught On Night Vision - Vid

Top Scientists Gathered For 'Secret' UFO Conference

'The Science Of Ufology Is Dead'

UFOs Over San Francisco de Bellocq, Argentina?

Mystery UFO Sighting Over Cinnamon Brow

The Roswell Rock

Replicating the Roswell Rock - Vid

Mystery UFO Caught Baffles Police - Vid

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne - Vid

Britain’s X-traordinary Files


1959 And 1992 Pontiac Bonneville Side-By-Side

The C7 Corvette Built In Less Than 60 Seconds - Vid

Worst Woodie'? Rare Chrysler Town 'n Country Goes For $13,750

Liberace’s Solid Gold Cadillac? Not Quite

My First Car: The First Cars of Carroll Shelby, Johnny Carson, Arnold Palmer, Paul Newman, Andy Warhol, Tom Wolfe, Jay leno & More, on Far Out Radio

The Plexiglas See-Through 1939-1940 New York World’s Pontiac

Henry Ford’s Model T Plant in Detroit “May” Be Saved

Automotive Mysteries, Myths and Rumors Revealed – Urban Automotive legends With Matt Stone on Far Out Radio

New Earth Health Solutions
Oxy C • Allicin C • Rife • Ozone Generator
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Health Matters

Diabetes - The Real Causes - Part II

Stress Is Killing Us - Why?

What Makes The Deadliest Cancers So Deadly?

Raw Milk – Hazardous To Healthcare Industry

Alcohol - 40% Rise In Liver Disease Deaths In 12 Yrs

Powerful Disease Protection From Pomegranate

The Diabetes Bonanza – Part I

Ebola Hoax - The Feared 'Bleeding' Symptom

Anonymous Letter On The Ebola Scam - Vid

Doctors Tell All…And It’s Bad

Entheogenic Use Of Cannabis in India

Mysterious Fibers From UFO Turns Hands Green

UFO Turns Night Into Day - Vid

UFO Over Moon's Surface? - Vid

UFO Encounter Over Nuclear Weapons Depot

Plastic Nanoparticles Also Harm Freshwater Life

Sugared Soda Consumption Linked To Cell Aging

Designer Viruses - The New Antibiotics?

Drug-Resistant Head Lice Spreading Fast

Sugary Soft Drinks Linked To Accelerated DNA Ageing

Are ALL Superfoods Truly Super?

Vaccines - Penalizing The Unvaccinated?

The HPV Vaccine - Injuries And Treatment

Vaccine Industry A Law Unto Itself - Vid

Energy Drinks May Cause Pubic Health Problems

How Olive Oil Reverse Heart Disease Threat

PET Scans Reveal Psychopathic Markers

Stress Puts Teen Girls At Bigger Depression Risk

Why I'm Saying 'No' To Drug Reps

Hidden STD Epidemic - 110 Million Infections In US

Medicine, As You Know It, Is Younger Than You Think

How Much $$ Did Your MD Take From Drugs Cos?

The Real Truth About Antidepressants

10 Ways To Banish Bad Smells From Your Home, Body

Read This Before Ever Buying Bread Again

Mapping The World's Forgotten Places

How To Make Your Own Vitamin C

Drug Delivery Capsule May Replace Injections

3 Dental Procedures That Should Be Avoided

McDonald’s Offers Organic Milk In UK

9 Activities Linked To A Longer Life

Awesome Health Benefits Of Spinach

Six Changing Faces of ‘Global Killer’ Bacteria

Learning About Drug Company Payments To MDs

Prescription Drugs Kill Over 100,000 People Every Year

Poorest US Kids Gets Wildly Amounts ADHD Drugs

Antibiotic Resistant 'Superbug' Rates Double

'History Proves Vaccines Are Quite Safe' - Oh, Really?

6 Toxic Products To Eliminate From Your Home

Gardasil - Take A Closer Look

El Salvador - 30,000 Infected With Chikungunya

Tiny Tick Bite Can Turn You into A Vegetarian

Artificial Sweeteners - Root Of Diabetes, Obesity Epidemics

The 5 Healthiest Breakfast Foods

Best Red Wine For Your Health

10 Symptoms Of Liver Cancer

Scientists Warns Against Eating Farmed Salmon

What Chemicals Are Inside Your Smartphone?

Hep C Drug Cost $84,000 In US, India $1800

Doc Purposely Diagnosed...To Give Chemo

Natural Ways To Improve Gum Health

Why You Should Drink Green Tea Everyday

Hospital Treats Hundreds Of Employees For Scabies

2009 EV-D68 TX Distinct From NY 2009 Sequences


Vegan Recipes

High Protein Foods For Vegetarians

Vegan Hummus

Raw Recipe - Avocado Tropical Salsa...Addictive! - Vid

Easy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Dick Allgire - Cook Healthy Fast!

Great Veggie Pizza - Vid

Dick Allgire's Amazing Vegan HEALTHY Bread Pudding - Vid

Coconut Milk Bread Pudding - Vid

Pea Sprout Salad With Vinaigrette - Vid

Security Surrounds Us - Vid

Gee Whiz - Best Low-Fat Vegan 'Cheese' Spread - Vid

Don't Eat Store Salsa, Make Your Own! - Vid



More Data

9-11 Master Archive

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9-11 Ten Years Later

9-11 Nine Years Later


Morgellon's Data Center

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George Carlin

George Carlin - 'I Gave Up On My Species' - Vid

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At Home With Hitler

1938 Homes & Garden
Magazine Spread


Mars Anomalies

Remote Views Mars

The Man Who
Talks To Animals

Coral Castle

War of the Worlds

The Deadliest Medium Ever
How TV Ruined Your Life - Vid

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Nano-Chemical Poisoning
Of The World

Aerosol Crimes & Coverup


Depleted Uranium

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Depleted Uranium
Videos - Important

Bush's DU Nightmare



A US Soldier Remembers Eisenhower's Monstrous Genocide

Satanic Eisenhower's Starvation Order And Genocide

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Mad Cow Data

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Rense UFO Data

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The Museum
of Hoaxes

'Baby Dragon'
In The Bottle

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