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Confirmation - Reports Of
Bugs And Birds Nearly Gone

Compiled by
We'd Like To Hear From You About Your Area


From Jason   
Location - Yorkshire England

Hi Jeff

  I can report a lack of bugs here in the north of England. I live in a lush green rural area with plenty of bird life, however very few bugs on the car windshield or radiator grill. We have local beekeepers, still plenty of bees buzzing around the garden, but the car should be covered in bug splats, it hasn't been washed all year. A point to note is that this is a cattle and sheep grazing area and very little pesticide is used around here.

  In the west of England we still have some fields that are contaminated with Ceasium from Chernobyl. No livestock are allowed to be grazed on the contaminated fields. In the aftermath of Chernobyl we retained our bug population. Never see chem-trails up here the sky is bright blue, much bluer than in the USA.

  Having hung out in New England for some time last year i was shocked that i never heard bird song in the morning, or for that matter ever saw anything other than turkey buzzards. I noticed a lack of bugs there last year, i also noticed that the sky in the USA always seemed to be the wrong colour, ie washed out white with a halo around the sun.

Keep up the good work, Jeff



From Barry Egerton

Jeff, Thanks for all you do.

I was able to leave the West Coast do in part to all your information.   It took me a year after Fukashima to get out and move back to Calgary, Alberta from Vancouver BC. I was also able to convince others to leave.

It was hot as hell in Vancouver during the initial fallout which amounted to about half the radiation that Tokyo was getting, coming down in the rain.

I am happy to report that there are plenty of bugs and birds in the eastern foothills of the Rockies,
I have a friend who lives in the interior of BC who tells me that the bugs and birds situation is still normal.  However, the Adams River salmon run is greatly reduced and all of the fish returning from the Pacific are covered with white tumors that go all the way through the flesh.


Evidence Fukushima Radiation Heavily
Circles The Entire Northern Hemisphere

From: Crey
Date: September 1, 2016

Hi Jeff,
Same issue here in Ireland. No bugs!! I've never been a fly killer, but now I'm seriously aware we need to protect the insects. No insects= no pollination


From: Paul
Date: August 5, 2016 at 8:21:29 AM PDT
To:  <>
Subject: Bug Report

Hi JeffÖ   I live in Oklahoma City, and this summer we have had ample rain.   Everything is green and leafy, so there should be an abundance of bugs.  Even in drier years there can be plenty of them.  But this summer, the bug count is well below what it has been in the past.  

On the property of the house where I live, we have 2 large night lights mounted on power poles.   In summers past, there would be a cloud of bugs around well as the porch light at the front doorÖyou would have to fight the bugs to get in the door.   Not the case this year.  There are a few...but just a few.  Even last year, there were more than now and many more 2-3 years ago.

I just played a show done by Josh Tolley and he said in Wisconsin he would walk thru the grasses and the grasshoppers would be jumping out of the grassÖbut he hasn't seen one in 3 or 4 years.

Thank you for all the years of information.  Long time listener, going back to the mid-90s.



From: Dana
Date: August 3, 2016
Subject: Lack of bugs

Anyone who has driven in California's Central Valley has known how messy your radiator, chrome and windows become, encrusted with hundreds of huge, juicy agricultural insects.

In the recent past a trip across the valley would mean a trip to the car wash.

This past month of July 2016 I drove across the Central Valley from Yuba City to Clear Lake. No bugs. I drove down Highway 5 to Merced. No bugs. I drove back to Yuba City.

My Son and I laughed when one medium sized bug hit the windshield near Stockton. One Bug!

Last year I had visits from about 3 mosquitos. This year I saw only one mosquito.

I do not see many birds now in the Sierra Nevada foothills. These forested hills previously teemed with bugs, birds and critters. As I walk along I search for critters like ants, grasshoppers and beetles. I very rarely see any.

This forest is becoming too quiet.


Fireflies Vanishing Along With Other Flying Insects


From: jeremy
Date: August 3, 2016 at 12:03:31 PM PDT
To:  <>
Subject: Dying Insects Central WV

Hi Jeff

Love the show, especially love the Yochi and Dana episodes.
You are correct, almost no one else talks about Fukushima.

I live in the almost Geographic center of WV... a couple miles from it.
It's heavily-wooded and rural, the whole county only has about 11,000 people.

I'm 43, so I remember before all the craziness started.

I have seen a major decline in both insects, birds and creek life.  The yard used to be full of birds years ago, the creeks used to be full of minows and crawcrabs (crawfish).  Looking out my window onto the 10 acres of meadow beside my house on this warm summer afternoon I don't see or hear 1 bird.  The creek is literally empty of life (especially compared to the life it used to have when I was a kid).

As far as bugs, there are still a few, mostly wasps... (haven't seen a fly in the house or outside at all for a few years) the lighting bug population is way down (they used to be every where in the summers).  We still have some spiders, but I can jog around the field in the evening without a shirt and not get bitten by anything.    

I also don't have to clean my windshield at all anymore ( and I only wash my car about twice a year, the rain washes off the dirt mostly). The windshield never needs cleaned at all.  It was cicada season, as a kid they would be so thick in the yard you almost could not go outside... I think I saw 3 this year.       

I find the radiation numbers in this week in your radation so high there hard to believe, there damn scary if true.  When I have the money I am going to buy a radiation detector so I can test for myself.  I have a Radex picked out I heard you recommend on Amazon.

As Far as the county... when I grew up no one locked there doors here, everyone was friendly.  People would gather in groups every where on Fri and Sat nights and hang out, talk, and socialize.  

Now Meth and Pills have basically wiped the place out... along with the coal mines shutting down.  We actually have herion overdoses occur on a regular basis.  The county is empty after dark even on weekends  (I mean no one).  We had 2 deputies and 1 state police when I was in high school.  Now we have almost 30.  Pretty much they keep everything locked down so no one goes out unless they have to.  

Also people don't visit much anymore, they don't talk to each other at the grocery store.  (I am guilty of that, just get in and get out before I have to talk to anyone).  I used to love to hike, and take drives, hang out with friends.  Now I am glued to the internet day in and day out (just like everyone else)... nothing else to do.  Atleast I try to watch informative stuff.  Catherine Fitts Jay Weidner, Joeseph Ferral, Gerald Celente on your show (people along those lines), etc.

It's sad...  it's such a waste and so stupid that the world has been driven to this...and by design.  

Anyway that's what I see happening here...

Love the Show



From: Dylan
Date: August 3, 2016 at 12:43:06 AM PDT
To: ContactRense <>
Subject: the biosphere (or lack thereof)

My grandma, a few weeks ago, complained about no birds in her neighborhood, say 6-7 miles SE of downtown Denver.

I am 10 blocks E of downtown, and there is only the slightest decline in bird and bug activity. we've got squirrels & many crows, that do their daily sunrise & sunset hell raising session.  we've got insects, bees, flies, wasps, and my nightly mano y mano battle with the occasional mosquito lookin for blood, continues. we have raptors, that i heard and saw in the trees this afternoon, and the only bird i dislike, the flying pooh device, pigeons.  why this area does not reflect your findings I do not know.

thank you so very much for your work, there is a reason the attempt on your life did not succeed. May God have mercy on us for what we have, and continue to do to our mother Earth.


From: Chad
Date: August 3, 2016 at 3:34:08 AM PDT
Subject: bugs

Hi Jeff,

 I am in southwest Georgia, and this place is crawling in gnats, mosquitoes and flies during the summer. They are out in force this year, but I did notice that the gnats were late. They make their appearance in mid April to early May and this year there was a marked absence of them for several weeks. It was enough to comment on at any rate. I think it would be a good idea to map the reports on the insects and layer them over any radiation tracking maps and see if there is any correlation.
All the best.


From Ron xxxxxx
Date: August 2, 2016 at 1:17:31 PM PDT
To: <>
Subject: NO BUGS

Hi Jeff...My name is Ron xxxxxxx,  I live in a very nice trailer park in the foot hills of the Gallatin mountains, in the small town of Emigrant, Montana which is located about thirty north of the north entrance of Yellowstone Park. My mobile home has a stream flowing right next to it and there is on the property a small pond. Four years ago you could not go outside in the summer unless you wanted to be attacked by millions of mosquitoes and flies. Last year there were some mosquitoes but they hid out in the tall grasses and would only come out when one walked through the grass. I got bit maybe six times all summer.

This year, I have not seen a single Mosquito and I have seen only the occasional fly. The pond on the property which is only about three hundred feet from our mobile should be an ideal breeding ground for the mosquitos but they are gone. I have had not one single bite this year. I travel around the state on business which I do a lot of outdoor arts and craft shows. I use to get bit constantly, but this year not one single bite. I walk my dogs around the pond every morning and I really enjoyed watching all the Dragon flies, but this year they are all gone as well.


From: "Stewart xxxxx"
Date: August 2, 2016 at 6:38:48 PM PDT
To: <>
Subject: fyi, bugs, etc.

Hi Jeff:

Iíve sent emails to you about this over the past couple years.  For approximately 20 years Iíve driven frequently in the OH, WV, PA, and VA areas (Appalachia/rust belt).  I recall trips where after say 3-5 hours of driving the front of the vehicle was covered in bugs.  The past 2-3 years Iíve noticed this is not the case anymore.  Few bees, wasps, yellow jackets and the high amount of other flying insects such as flies, dragon flies, butterflies, mayflies are also absent.  We did have a good hatch of 13 and 17 year locust (cicada) in the part of OH where Iím originally from.  If it is weather related you would think that the cicada would not have had such a good hatch.  Very worrisome.  Thus far I canít say that I see a huge decline in birds but Iím being more watchful now.

From: tom xxxxxxxxxx
Date: August 2, 2016 at 2:08:54 PM PDT
To: Jeff Rense <>
Subject: YES  --- VERY FEW BIRDS!

I just drove around the edge of Little Rock on an errand and did not see one bird in the sky, none on the wires, none on the ground. When I got home, I did hear some in the trees, but there are very few to speak of.

A few Big nasty blackbirds tried to get my figs the other day. I'll let you know if they return. They do have the ability to eat more than other smaller species.



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