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To have a better understanding of what is going on in our world, you have to look at it in context. So let’s look at context through thought contagions that we are infected with.

Let’s start by defining some terms that are deceptively and inaccurately used.

Anti-Semitism: Used in the context of being Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel. In fact the term Semite includes both Jews and Arabs. There are 16 million Jews and a half a Billion Arabs. That means that 97% of Semites are Arabs and only 3% of Semites are Jews. Arabs are known for hating both Jews and Israel so it is absurd to label them Anti-Semitic because they are in fact Semites.

This is a Zionist effort to belittle Arabs and make them less than human.

This leads us to;

Anti-Zionism: The official US narrative on Anti-Zionism is that it is in fact Anti-Semitism.

This is patently a damned Lie. There is no doubt that the Arabs, which make up 97% of Semites are very hardcore Anti-Zionists. How can Semites be Anti-Semitic? Let us go further in saying that there are 16 million Jews and they are not all Zionists, but there are 45 million Christian Zionists. There are More Christian Zionists than there are Jewish Zionists. We might say accurately that most Zionists are not Jewish nor are most Zionists Israeli. Christian Zionists outnumber them by three times as much. Yet to be protected as Zionists, you must actually be Jewish. So the next question is are there any Anti-Zionist Jews? Yes there are. Jews that have a personal Relationship with God tend to be Ant-Zionist. They say it is their duty to Love God and they cannot do that without a relationship with God. The primary reason that they are Anti-Zionist is because Zionism can be defined as Judaism without God. This is a definition crafted by Jews. You see Zionism is Humanistic, Progressive, Atheist and Marxist. Religious Jews cannot support Humanism nor Progressivism because they elevate Man over God. But this is not just Religious Jews, there are Secular or Nominal Jews that detest Marxism and love freedom.

This said, the Zionists have claimed everything, they are the only Semites and the Only Jews. This is simply not true.

This leads us to;

Judeo-Christian: the West itself is defined as a Judeo-Christian construct. This is not correct. The Term Judeo-Christian is an Oxymoron. Judaism and Christianity are not fundamentally the same. In Judaism you must obey the Ten Commandments to get to heaven, in Christianity you develop a personal relationship with Christ and he justifies you and through your relationship with Christ you are just simply inclined to obey the Ten Commandments. Obedience to Christ is through the power of Christ and not from your own efforts. The Christian belief that the only way to heaven is through Christ alone is diametrically opposed to the Jewish concept of getting there through your own works. You stop sinning because Christ said “First seek the Kingdom of heaven, and all of these things will be added to you.” To use the term “Judeo-Christian” is to allow Zionism to Co-Opt Christianity just like they co-opted the terms Semitic and Judaism.

The French Enlightenment Philosopher Voltaire observed that you can determine who rules you by noticing who you are not allowed to Criticize. Biden just had an Anti-Semitic Summit where millions of our dollars are to be used to Censor and Punish “Anti-Semitic Speech or action.” Governor DeSantis went to Israel to sign an Anti-Semitism Bill for Florida making anti-Semitic or Anti-Israel speech a criminal offense. DeSantis wants to be seen as an enemy to the Woke, but he does major Pro-Israel Virtue Signaling himself. Earth to DeSantis, America first does not mean Israel First, it means America First and Americans First. This is not Israel and we are not Israelis. You can criticize America, but not Israel? What is wrong with this picture? Anti-Zionist Jews detest this because they feel that Zionists are passing these laws to actually create hatred of Jews. Let me emphasize this, it is the Zionists that provoke hatred for Jews. Who told me this? Jews did.

Judeo-Christian does however describe the reality of America and the International System.

Zionism has so taken over our Culture and our Politics, and finally our Government. Personally I saw this in my Journey through life and my Spiritual wellbeing. I was raised a Lutheran, but attended Catholic Mass for 11 years, went to Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Non-Denominational Churches, Pentecostal Churches, and even Christian Scientist, Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls and even Scientology. Let’s say I just had an Open mind. I look back in anger as I see all of the Zionist control over my religion. I was not being taught about Christ, I was indoctrinated by these Dead Churches into Zionist Humanist, Progressive and Marxist Ideas. They were all false prophets leading me astray.

The Truth is that all the trouble in the world is created by Zionism. Zionism is the religion of Satan, it is the faith of the Anti-Christ. You see, since Christianity, Islam and the White Race have to be destroyed in order for the Jewish Messiah to come, the Anti-Semitism Laws are in fact the ideology that signals the acceleration of the persecution and slated extermination of these people. The Anti-Semitism campaign is inherently Anti-Christian, it opens the Fifth Seal of the Apocalypse which is the final persecution of Christians.

Humanism: In Secular Society Zionism manifests itself in Humanism. We have all been brainwashed all of our lives into this Philosophy. Humanism is the narrative or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or Supernatural matters. This had a great effect on our religious thoughts. This began in the Age of Enlightenment. The Zionist Beginnings were with Moses Maimonides, a 12th Century Jewish Zionist Philosopher who wrote Guide for the Perplexed which is so bold as to list what God can and cannot do. God by definition can do anything, we answer to him, and he does not answer to us. Then the Jewish Zionist Baruch Spinoza, then to Jean Jacques Rousseau and his book The Social Contract, America Founding Philosopher Thomas Paine who wrote The Rights of Man and The Age of Reason (Yes, Conservative heroes are also Humanist and therefore Zionist), the systematic humanist philosophy of Immanuel Kant, Aguste Comte and his Religion of Humanity, Moses Hess (Father of Communism and modern Zionism) Ludwig Feuerbach, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Karl Marx. This also developed during the Italian Renaissance and had great influence on Christian Thought. It began with Francesco Petrarca or just Petrarch, Giovanni Boccaccio, and Dante Alighieri. Almost all that we talk about in regards to our thinking about Heaven and Hell comes from Dante’s book The Divine Comedy. The Divine Comedy is divided into The Paradise, the Purgatory and the Hell, it is where the popular concept of purgatory comes from. Modern Humanist Philosophers have intimately shaped the narrative of our lives that we unthinkingly bought into by Philosophers like A.J. Ayer, Charles Darwin, John Dewey (Who created the American Compulsory Education System, Erich Fromm and Bertrand Russell. Through popular culture by Oscar Wilde, George Elliot, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and even Gene Rodenberry of Star Trek fame, and Emile Zola. We did not have a prayer. You see that this is Wokeism and we just had not progressed far enough in our culture for it to be full blown like now. The precursors were the Bohemians of the early 20th Century, followed by the Beatniks, the Hippies, the New Agers and now the Woke. You see there was a progression.

Progressivism: holds that it is possible to improve human societies through Political Action. They seek to advance the Human Condition through Social Reform based on purported advancements in Science (“I Believe in Science” meme), Technology (Yuval Noah Hariri’s Homo Deus which pushes Transhumanism and changing the Human Body with Human Engineering to the World Economic Forum), Economic Development (The Green New Deal and the next Industrial Revolution) and Social Organization (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). Folks America was founded on this. Our Founding Philosophers were the Progressive Philosophers John Locke and John Stuart Mill. It is seen in the modern Economics of John Maynard Keynes and the Keynesian Economics that enslaves us. It was highlighted in the Administrations of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson who bought us the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve Bank. Progressivism is the foundations for the special group rights of minorities (As opposed to just simply Equal Rights for everyone) Social Justice which uses Guilt Tripping as an method for change (Remember it is the Devil and Satan that Accuses or Slanders us, that is not something Christ does), Cancel Culture and Political Correctness. Progressivism is the source.

Wokeism is Humanism, Progressivism, Marxism and Satanism. Is that not what our world looks like right now? We do live in a police state that is Satanic and it will only get worse.

Finally I want to describe how the Woke think through Magical Thinking. Magical Thinking is the belief that one’s Ideas, thoughts, actions, words, or the use of symbols can influence the course of events in the material world. Magical Thinking presumes a causal link between ones inner, personal experience and the external world. It is called “Visualization” by the Woke and it works by the Law of Attraction (You visualize it and it happens). This is very old. It started in India. In the Dhammapada, the Buddha’s book it states in the first sentence “Your Life is a creation of your mind.” Buddhism is a Humanist Religion. It is an Atheist Religion. It was bought to the west by authors like Hermann Hesse and Philosophers like Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche. It is actively preached from the pulpit by the likes of Joel Osteen who preaches it. Magical Thinking ignores realities and practicalities. This is exactly why DEI is an actual policy of our government even though it clearly violates the Fifteenth Amendment.

Consider the Second Amendment, which has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to mean “Contemporary Military Arms”, yet constantly you hear the phrase “We need to ban Assault Weapons” because it is being repeated until it comes true. It will come true and soon. The People have no representatives in Congress and the Supreme Court is doing nothing to protect the rights of American Citizens. The Supreme Court intentionally overturned Roe vs. Wade in order to keep Conservative Republicans from winning in 2022. There is no one in Government, Business or the Church who wants to defend your freedom and liberty because they all profit greatly from you losing your freedom and liberty.

So let’s look at some popular concepts that we are brainwashed into:

“Our strength is in our Diversity”: First, Scripture calls bullshit on this. It sounds nice, but it is untrue. The Tower of Babel was a Multicultural and Diverse place but God thought it evil. Imagine God creates Black, White and Yellow People. He loves them just like they are, he does not approve of destroying his work under the Woke rubric of the browning of Humanity. You see if everyone looks the same, then there will be no Racism. That is what they visualize, a perfect non-racist world. This also leads to the acceptance of Transhumanism. While we are at the task of making one race, we will also change Genetics of Humans (COVID Shots and making humans into GMOs) and to Cyborgs. God wants the races he made, not some man-made race. It is a rebellion against God and a direct repudiation of him. God does give us a Love Hierarchy. You naturally love your family, your clan, your tribe, your ethnic nation, your race and then humanity at large (This would be your friends- which the state has no business in picking for you). Races and cultures developed for survival. Your race and culture give you an edge for survival in your environment, the browning of humanity makes everyone less adapted to survival- it does not enhance it. God knows what he is doing, mankind is lost in the darkness.

“All Religions lead to the same place, all are paths to God”: Christ said he was the only way to God. That means Christ, he is our ONLY intercessor with God and the Holy Spirit is the ONLY Interpreter for God. Necessarily all religions have many similar themes, but that in no way makes them the same. When I was younger I was enthralled with Mysticism because it was the path of Union with God. It used similar themes in all religions. Basically the Mysticism of all religions is identical and very wrong. I first learned the Mysticism of all Religions and I thought they were all valid. Later in life I got ahold of a copy of Allister Crowley’s Theory and Practice of Magic which is clearly and admittedly Satanic. What was it? It was exactly like Religious Mysticism only based on Satanism and Selfish Desires. It uses Magical Thinking and Visualization. The Woke follow this without knowing the source. None of the Religions are the same. Christianity is not like Judaism nor like Islam. To call them Abrahamic Religions is just an arbitrary convention. It seeks to make you think they are all the same or at least similar to each other. They are not and they do not accept each other’s views. It is wrong in the same way that my grandfather had little to do with who I am. He would be kind to me because I am Kin, but we definitely inhabit different worlds.

“LGBT People are Normal”: Not True. The word Normal is quantitative and not qualitative. Normal means what most people are. So if 90% of people are straight, then straight is the norm. To say that LGBT People are Normal is an outright lie and government supported Bullshit.

We also have Christian Churches, mainly the Mainline Denominations that accept and celebrate LGBT Lifestyles. Read Chapter One of Romans, it describes all Sexual Sin and it disapproves. The fact is that there are no LGBT People in Heaven, God calls them an Abomination and he means what he says. If you have openly LGBT People in your Church, you are in a church without God.

Nowhere does God call on us to be Tolerant or Accepting of the LGBT. He in fact tells us to flee from them and not look back- this is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Child Molestation is being normalized in our society and Christ has made clear that it would be better to tie a millstone around your neck and jump in the sea rather than face him as a Pedophile. Yet we have a Pedophile for President that could be elected again in 2024. We are an evil and reprobate nation that allows our children to be groomed into LGBT lifestyles and to murder over 65 Million Babies. We as a nation are sacrificing our children to Moloch and God hates that with a passion. Christ is unhappy about this, he warned us, and how many of us have voted for Pro-Abortion Candidates? Yes, we stand by and let it happen so we are guilty of this.

Can LGBT People be saved? Only if they turn away from their perversion and stop thinking about Homosexuality, stop lusting, stop having perverted sex. Contrary to the Government, the Medical Establishment and yes even lukewarm churches, LGBT People can be Obedient to Christ and Christ can give them the power to stop.

I could go on and on with all of the stupid and sick bullshit that we believe.

In Conclusion, the world we live in is according to the Zionist Narrative, the world to come will be according to the Christian Narrative.

Many will say that the West is the Christian Narrative. No it is not, we live in a Zionist World, and Satan is in control of this world not Christ. This is Satan’s time. We should wake up and start acting like it.


First, the Ukrainians cannot launch a real counter-offensive and it would be foolish to think the Russians will give them time to get all of the Armaments and Logistics to launch an effective Counter-Offensive. Russia would like them to launch one because they have set up Kill Boxes along all fronts to destroy the Ukrainian Army.

This past week Ukraine has stepped up its attacks on Russian Soil. Most are drones and Russia knows that we give active assistance to these attacks. This is an indicator of failure. The only way Ukraine can have a victory on the battlefield is by entering Russia and killing civilians. These are desperate measures and indicate weakness and a lack of resources.

Another indication that a Ukrainian Offensive is going to be a nothing burger is that the vast majority of Ukrainian Combat Brigades are still on the front in the Donbass. Zelensky, besides being an inhumane monster, has no Military Background at all. Holding ground and fighting a defensive war. The Defense is a temporary measure. You must go on the Offensive as quickly as possible. The one that wins the war will always be the side that takes the initiative. Even in a fistfight between two people, the one who aggressively attacks will be the winner.

Russia can initiate at its leisure because Ukraine can’t.

Why doesn’t Russia hurry? It does not have to. There is much going on now that is to the Russian advantage like all of the Political and Economic changes happening in the world. Especially the joy they get from people in the West learning the truth about their lackluster leaders. They are winning without having to do anything. If the Russians just finished the war this summer it would actually benefit the West. It would also let the West gang up on China.

There is talk of a Ukrainian Offensive going on now. General Milley says it is the Great Counter Offensive. Since he is running the Ukrainian Army I guess we should accept it. But what I see on the ground is probing attacks, unsuccessful ones at that. In just one attack, the Ukrainians lost 1,600 KIAs.

They still talk of an attack to cut Crimea off from the Donbass. I noted that the Russians have an apparently weak defense in this sector. So let me explain. On the battlefield you use Defensive Positions, obstacles, minefields, and terrain to create “Avenues of Approach” that funnels the enemy into attacking only on certain axis’s. This is a kill box, a trap.

When Ukraine fails, I want you to know that it is a failure due to the incompetence and lack of leadership in the US Military because we are the Leadership of the Ukrainian Army. We have American Military Officers on the ground in Ukraine providing leadership, plans and training. The Ukrainian failure will be an American Military Defeat. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran know this.


Chairman Xi has ordered the People’s Liberation Army to get ready for war.

After Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin addressed the Singapore Security Summit, Jing Jian Feng, Chinese Deputy Chief of the Central Military Commission replied:

“The US Secretary of Defense Austin elaborated the US Side’s views in his speech, overtly or covertly making false allegations against China. We do not accept this, and are firmly opposed to it.

The Taiwan issue concerns China’s core interests and there is no room for us to concede or compromise.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is fully prepared and ready to fight at any time to firmly safeguard national sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity.”

Lloyd Austin had asked to talk to the Chinese Defense Minister, but he refused to meet Austin because we sanctioned him. America thinks it can be disrespectful to other Nation’s leaders, but you will notice how often we get snubbed.

In Austin’s speech, which was delusional nonsense, he said America was going to team up with ASEAN Nations to contain China and make Asia Free.

ASEAN Nations are not on our side, they want us out of their life.

They are De-Dollarizing fast, faster than the Middle East. ASEAN Nations are getting rid of Visa and Mastercard and consumers will pay with “Union Pay” the Chinese Credit card because China will not sanction them. We have such a vapid and inane foreign policy not based on Vision or Foresight, that we alienate other nations with our Magical Thinking bullying and ordering other nations about as if we have some moral authority. The World is not fooled, they know how evil we are. The World sees us as the gay sissy nation and they are losing any respect for us.

For example in the 2000’s Vietnam had such a positive attitude towards the United States that a Pew Poll found they were the nation that the Vietnamese people approved of the most. They tried to have good relations with us, but we sanctioned them because they would not obey us and let us tell them how to live. The very best potential ally in Asia, and we squandered it with our wokeness.

Reality Check, but the one who oppresses ASEAN Nations is the United States. With us gone, there will be peace. Senior Colonel Zhang Chi specifically stated that there would be peace and prosperity in Asia, the Middle East and Europe if only America would quit bullying nations and starting trouble within and between the Nations of the world. We are actually seen as the biggest problem in the world.

Who will miss us when we are nuked off the face of the Earth? We are not specifically mentioned as a player in the End Times. Maybe we will already be gone.