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What Wagner Boss Prigozhin Really Said To
Vladimir Putin About The War And The Easter
Sunday Attack By Ukraine On Donetsk


Note - When I read the stories about Prigozhin allegedly telling Putin to end the war and
consolidate holdings in the East, I immediately sent it to Russell Bentley to clarify the translation see if that is what Prigozhin actually said. It wasn't. Here is the reply I received...

Hi Bro,

The nazis bombed the main Russian Orthodox cathedral in Donetsk last night. If the lines were frozen where they are now, they (Ukrainians) could bomb Donetsk again anytime they want. That ain't gonna happen. The Russians have gotten burned on every cease-fire and treaty they have made with NATO, from 1990 to 2022. If they fall for another one, it's not because they are stupid, it's because they are traitors...but I doubt that will happen.

The BS story about what Prigozhin said is part disinfo, part shabby translation - 

The original source of this nonsense is a misunderstanding of what Prighozin actually said. The article: chestnyj-boj-nikakogo- dogovornyaka-04-14

Of course, if you skip down to the summary, Prighozin concludes with:

" Russia cannot accept any agreement, only a fair fight. And if we come out of this battle battered, there is nothing to worry about. The fortified regions of Russia make it impossible to penetrate into its depths. And the Russian people have never broken down and will never break down. Therefore - Only Fair Fight! And the sooner it starts, the better.

I summarize. The Ukrainians are ready to attack. We are ready to repel the blow. The best scenario for healing Russia so that it rallies together and becomes the Strongest State is the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in which no handouts and negotiations will be possible.

And either the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be defeated in a fair fight, or Russia will lick its wounds, build up muscles and tear its rivals again in another fair fight. Therefore, I believe that the option of agreements is impossible for the future of Russia.

See you in Bakhmut."

My opinion, stated in my last article, still stands.  Maybe move the date back to June, but I still say it's (counteroffensive) coming and still say it will be here (Donetsk).  I am beginning to feel a little bit more confident that the Russians will be able to handle it, but as Khodakovsky said today, "NOBODY knows how this war will end."
Khodakovsky posted this today - 

"Kyiv is flooding.

Just re-read now this pre-Christmas post by Andrey Afanasyev ( 8165 ) about the prophecy of the elders that the city will sink after schismatics serve in the Lavra.

Read. And believe me, finally. God is not mocked. And such a mockery of God, as on this Easter night, Kyiv did not know before.

I will only say one thing to those Kievans who read me and who have such an opportunity:

Run! Run before it's too late.

Do not believe your propaganda telling you about the successes of the All Forces at the front or about the upcoming deal.

It's a lie.

Nobody knows the outcome of this war...but there will be no former Kyiv.

The evil done in this once holy city brought the hand of God upon it.  If not a Russian soldier, then the Lord Himself will decide his fate. Already decided.

The current element may be the beginning or maybe only a warning for those who can still open their eyes.  Whoever can. Run."

Bro, when the ukrop/NATO nazis target a church during Easter service with 20 Grads (by a true miracle, only 1 person killed) it is literally satanic, there is no other word for it. They were trying to kill everybody in that church. 

I wrote this today - 

" Everybody in Donetsk knew the ukrop/NATO nazis would target churches and bomb Donetsk last night, but we went to church anyway, to celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ over death, and the victory of good over evil. I went to church for the Easter service, from 11:00 PM till almost 4:00 AM, with my wife, my Godmother, and two close friends. We went to a small church near my Godmother's home, also in the center of Donetsk. if I had been alone, I'd have gone to the main cathedral that got hit. Every person in every church in Donetsk last night proved their faith by action, put their life on the line for their religion and principles, and overcame the forces of evil and terror. This is Donetsk - a HERO CITY. We will NEVER surrender or retreat. Amen." ????

Best regards from Donetsk,