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Electronic Warfare & Civilian Targeting Program
Presented By Sabrina Wallace, Explained By Dr.
Eric Karlstrom on The Rense Program, 11-8-23


On this Nov. 8, 2023 Rense program, Dr. Eric Karlstrom attempts to summarize some of the information and insights that computer network engineer, DARPA black projects survivor, and TI, Sabrina Wallace, puts forth in recent podcasts (see below links).   Link to broadcast HERE https://mediaarchives.gsradio. net/rense/special/rense_ 110823_hr3.mp3

If Sabrina's analysis is correct, as it seems to be, this is groundbreaking information for TIs and indeed, for ALL citizens in our society.   According to Wallace, the "dual use" technologies deployed in electronic warfare/Civilian Targeting Program include: a) computer networking through the human biofield (Wireless Body Area Network or WBAN) via optogenetics and other EM frequencies, b) wireless sensor networks (WSN) in the body, c) netcentric-electronic-drone- cognitive warfare, d) digital twins tethered to the cloud, e) wireless tissue engineering, and f) human energy harvesting!

Have we really been paying our government, military, corporations, law enforcement, and fellow citizens to torture, murder, and transhumanize us for decades!!!!???   It seems so!    Ponder these concepts: Dual use!   Market share!  Emergent, exponential technologies!   Jobs!    DoD's Geographic Information Grid!  Lethal Autonomous Weapons!  Metamaterials!  In-Body Biosensors!  AI Precision Health Care! The Internet of Things!  Internet of Behaviors!   Internet of Bio-nanoThings!  SMART Cities!  Sensor Hunters!  White Vans Gangstalking People Into Submission!  "Kill Boxes!"  "Net-Centric, Service-Oriented DoD Enterprise!"  "Value Chain Partners!"

Will we be "ambushed" by these electronic-netcentric- cognitive warfare systems in ongoing and future wars?

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What Sabrina Says in her podcasts (see links below) might sound like science fiction to most, but it sounds familiar and plausible to researchers and Targeted Individuals (TIs).   Sabrina:

I've been out here for a year and a half trying to bring attention to drone warfare, electronic warfare, electronic ASSAULT.  Because we have two sets of programs, bare minimum.  One of them is we are protecting everyone with our tanks and planes. The other one is a  civilian targeting program."
It's all just electronic warfare. "Pay for play."  We are killing with computer networks. Network killing IS their system." This is about running electromagnetic signals through the human body via computer networking to do it.  This is huge market share. They're hitting buttons and you're just sitting there. Their EM waves that they were selling with the MAC IDs already installed  inside humans in the 70s. They sold access (to people) so you could fuck with your loved ones for 30 grand from the FBI, 45 grand from Aerospace.  That's why no one can get themselves off the database.  It's all money.

When you say "surveillance under the skin," they don't know that you've been at it since the 60s.

The body is the node, the network, the weapon because the body generates the DNA wave which is the carrier wave for the signal. Someone has a way to hack into your body.   Ambush, guerrilla warfare, cyborg. 
"Your body (Wireless Body Area Network; WBAN; aka "human biofield" or "aura") IS the weapon. No cell tower or nano required.  Because photons generate within you. You create them and they propagate out on the wave of your DNA.   These are biophotonic frequency weapons that have been deployed and tested.

Biophotonics: That is your prana, your chi, the study of optical processes in biological systems, both those that occur naturally and in bio-engineered materials. We have radiated the human biofield and we have all this optics, light sourcing, that's what's really been going on since the 1980s. And the mind wars are network segmentation of this body part (WBAN).  Why are they doing this?  Energy harvesting.

They root around in REAL TIME in people's veins and arteries because that is how the hardware and software works (hardware: MOSA; Modular Open Systems Approach; software: SOSA; Sensors Open Systems Architecture) for COMMAND and CONTROL with the Pentagon's DISN (Defense Information System Network) and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance)."

We really need people to understand that these are jobs.  And that there are people going to work in these jobs, some of them are very young.   They use video game controllers (aka "computer network engineers" and "chaos agents") to play real people like sims in video games.  A button push to make you vomit uncontrollably, since 1972.  They gave the guys in the white vans jobs and a pension (the "guys in the white vans" were formerly the pedophile CIA "Finders" and now are the Signature Reduction Force).  They have a human frequency DNA board and drive around and zap people into submission. 
People are paid $250,000/year to be "chaos agents."  You sit on the keyboard and fuck it up for everyone else.  You hit a button on your phone or keyboard and it sends an electric signal in my body from my own bone.   You report to a CIA handler, or it could be FBI, DHS, DoD or whatever.  Nobody ever needed a remote to your central nervous system for national security.

Electronic warfare: That is what the SMART Grid, Agenda 2030, the SMART City Initiative, the 6G low Personal Area Network (PAN), all of it, IS - on these (intra-body) biosensors and the Body Area Network. The body is the network, the body is the node. The body is what they are using.

Now everybody's wired, since 2005, and available commercially... $30 to 45 grand to buy someone.   Pay for play, depending on your security clearance.  (The Pentagon folks) just hand things out to people.   Just take people out.  And the new standard for Cyber Security is the Wide Body Area Network (WBAN). And the digital ID is made of your bone marrow.

You have a death panel data base to institute since 2008 under Obama.  Digi ID was instituted in 2009.   WBAN is how their electronic warfare functions.  It's also the electrical homeostasis of your immune system. The body electric.   Organs essential to the immune system are thymus, bone marrow, lymph nodes, vessels (vasculature), spleen, skin, and the BIOFIELD (makes up 80% of the immune sysem)....  We've been letting people do this without oversight since the 1960s.
Why?  Don't you want total control of humans and have them on remotes to make them do whatever you want? No free will, no ability to think. 

They've been reading your thoughts with cognitive warfare technology at Georgetown University since 2007.   Neuro mitigation was subtle behavioral modification.    Neuro modulation was mandated by the FCC in 2014 for Medical Body Area Networks.   Some people have apps on their cell phones which allows them to point their phone at you and make physical changes inside you, inside your cellular structure, in vivo, in situ.

They hid your body part (biofield) for total human enslavement... In a Cognitive Body Area Network (C-BAN), they use something called Adversarial Neural Networks and they attack you.  Because they are watching you think with those C-BANs. Cognitive radar... watching you think in real time. And it shows up on their little tiny ipads. Then they click a button. Now you got a heart attack or a stroke or anything they want.

(With) Sensor Open System Architecture- we are energy harvesting through the body. The young nerds don't want anyone to know.   We are running computer data through the human body since 1995.   Tons of routing protocols.   Kill boxes with net centric warfare since 2014.
You will be allowed to do three things: entertainment applications, gaming, and social networking.  Starting to see how the metaverse, electroceuticals, the internet of things, the internet of bodies, the cyber internet of things are all tied together?  Inside your bone marrow.  This is drone warfare.

This is a dual use system of human targeting (for military and medical purposes). This is for Project Lockstep.  You have a human body part (biofield, WBAN) that is targeted in electronic warfare. Electronic warfare exploits the electromagnetic spectrum. These electrical weapons have been around, with Boeing, Lockheed, BAE, for 60 years. This is drone warfare.   This is life and death.   A lot of people have already died.   And a lot more are going to.   We electrocute people from the inside out and from the outside in.  Stingray and DRT Box with the police, and lots of different ways that we literally connect into your tissue.

People have been being murdered for decades. THz bullets.  I form a bullet out of the air around your head with Terrahertz bullets.  Metaverse style.  Applied signals technology- they are logging into people's bodies and doing horrible things. They've been lying to everybody since the 60s. They keep everybody in line by paying their mouths shut. And the wireless death that no one can stop, because you won't take their buttons (remotes) away.  You have to ask: Who would do this and why and for this long? 
Twenty percent of the population enjoy being evil,.  They think they are going to be gods, love playing with their remotes (to control and create chaos for others), and have access to 4D beings.   They are protecting their sensor hunter friends. Sensor hunters hunt humans because the sensors are inside of humans.
Who's behind this?  Electrical and radio frequency engineers, IT (Information Technology) people, radiologists, doctors, nurses, IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers), police, military, military black ops, lawfare, Silicon Valley.  It's a secret system.  It's an industrial system for Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). "

Sabrina Wallace, former IT computer network engineer, DARPA black projects survivor, and TI

The 802.15.4 IEEE protocol is assigned to Bluetooth biosensors! The 802.15.5 IEEE protocol is assigned to wireless body sensor networks! The 802.15.6 IEEE protocol is assigned to the Wide Body Area Network (WBAN) - your biofield!
From (Bilderberger) Jaques Attali's book: Verbatim (1981):

"The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn't matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself, they will go to the slaughterhouse alone."