Please view THIS video by environmental researcher, Dana Durnford, to better understand the enormity of the highest level coverup of the radiation that is killing the entire North Pacific Ocean and is blanketing the West Coast from Alaska to Baja California. Dana was recently arrested in Canada in relation to his publicizing the facts of the radiation coverup and his outrage over it. The Nuclear Industry does not want this information, photos and videos to be seen by the public. Go to and look at some of the data Dana has gathered through his five heroic expeditions along the B.C.coast and be sure to read Yoichi Shimatsu's brilliant paper below explaining the effort to shut down vital data regarding the truth of Fukushima radiation along the West Coast...which is clearly presenting as a potential extinction level event.

See The BC Coast Before & After Fukushima - Shocking Photos

Yoichi Shimatsu On Dana Durnford's Plight - HERE




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Joe McCarthy vs Joe Welch: What REALLY Happened?

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The REAL Motive Behind The Volkswagen "Scandal"

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The Feds Order You To Kill Or Be Killed


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A Christian Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

America’s Collegiate Shop of Horrors

Christians Win...Liberals Lose


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Vet's Day Began To Honor Peace Not To Honor War, Warriors

Apartheid Law Enforcement In The US


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Robin Williams Death From Autoerotic Asphysixia?

The Secret History Of Laurel Canyon

Dr. Ed Ward, MD

Happy 13th Year And 514th Day Anniversary Of US Treasons - Too Many to Count All

Boston Bombing Treason - Four Important Articles

First Israeli Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?


Professor Doom

Only 9% Recent Students WIth Debt Think College Worth It

Females With Degrees Outnumber Males...Good News?

Missouri...Sportsball Genie Out Of The Bottle

Women's College Looted?


Adrian Salbuchi

The Death Of Israeli Agent & 'Argentine' Prosecutor Nisman

Charlie Hebdo - Déjà Vú…?

Sovereign Debt For Territory - New Global Elite Strategy


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JoeTalk - We Are The Damned - Vid

JoeTalk - Obama's Plan - Vid

JoeTalk - America Heads To its Own Suicide - Vid

JoeTalk - I Told You - Vid


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Onward Christian Soldiers - A Review

Sidney Blumenthal, Vince Foster And The Deep State


Webster Tarpley

Tsar Alexander II Ready To Fight In 1863 To Help Lincoln

How To Identify CIA Limited Hangout Op?

Margaret Thatcher And The Decline Of The West



Commenter Says LGBT Are A Terrorist Organisation - Morris

I Am Thinking Is Paris A Hoax? - Morris

Multiple Drills In Paris At Time Of Massacre


Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s New Approach To Russia

The Matrix Extends Its Reach

Another Paris False Flag Attack?


Frosty Wooldridge

The Most Violent Religion On Earth—Islam: Any-town, America the Next Paris, France

To Stop 250,000 Syrian Muslims Coming To America

Immediate Shutdown Of All Immigration Into America

Muslim Onslaught Of America - This Video Depicts Our Future

How To Stop 200,000 Syrian Muslims From Coming To US


Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

March 15, 2013 Interview

They Are All Wrong About Planet X - pdf

The End Time Timetable

It's Not The Economy, Stupid…It's The END


Kawther Salam

Russian Presence In Syria Puts NATO In Movement

Child Killed, Cousin Wounded Amidst 'Settlers' Yelling - 'Die'

Multipurpose Armored Vehicles Handed To The Austrian Military Police

International Strategy To Combat Illicit Trafficking In Precious Metals


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Circling The Wormhole

Fruit Loops And Perilous Pitfalls

Honesty Begins At Home

Futuretime - Masterstroke Of Suspended Animation

The War Of Words - Evidence Of The Awakening

Critics, Lazy Cynics, Controlled Apathy

Paragons And Parasites


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Fire In The Minds Of Men - James H Billington

Original Gun Control


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Eye Opening Facts To Know About Challenger


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The Pope Appeareth

The Migration Of Populations vs The Individual

Official Science - The Grand Illusion Of All Robots


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Americans Irrationally Fear Terrorist Attacks

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Hyped Fear Grips Europe And America

Jonathan Pollard Released

Neocons Call for Invading Syria


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Zio-Guardian Pushes Mini-Nuke Reactors For Cimate Hoax

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Sex Perv Bill Starts Fundraising For Hillary - Vid

Turkey Can't Get Its Su-24 Story Straight

Russian S-400s In Syria Big Warning To Turkey

Russia To Send About A Dozen Fighter Jets To Syria

Details Of Russian Su-24 Co-Pilot Rescue Revealed

Br Nathanael - Why The Jews Love Hillary - Vid

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Turkey Is Unpredictable, Not Russia

Dirtbag Turkey Overtly Supports ISIL To Oust Assad

Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Now In US Cities

Evidence Mounts US Created ISIS

ISIS Recruitment Thrives in Brutal Egypt Prisons

The War On ISIS - What’s The Endgame?

Obama And The 'Assad Regime'

France Starts Shutting Down Alternative Media

Netanyahu Paves Way For New Era Of Tyranny

French Comedian Faces Prison For 'Anti-Semitic' Jokes

UK Announces 178 Billion Military Spending

Pakistan Political Islamists Tried To Kill Me


Ave American To Spend $830 Dollars On Christmas

The False Resurrection Of George W Bush

The First Transparent, Unbiased Computer Modeling Of WTC 7

Topham Awaits Sentencing - Bail Conditions Remain Same

PETA Sued For Kidnapping Dog Off Porch, Killing It

Migrant Boom - Goodbye England's Green, Pleasant Land

Tranquil Swedish Village At War With Migrants

Tamiflu Cause Abnormal Behavior & Hallucinations

How Nantucket Came To Be Whaling Capital Of World

How CA Will Legalize Pot In 2016 - Vid

Cops Freak Out Over New Type Of Marijuana

Government And Tech Can’t Agree About Encryption

The Post-Antibiotic Era Is Finally Upon Us

A Funeral Director Wants To Bring Death Home

Injured By The MMR Vaccine

Inaccurate Medical Tests Put Thousands In Danger

Here’s Why Millennials Really Aren’t That Different

Fossilized Tropical Forest Found - In Arctic Norway

Shark Feeding Frenzy Caught On Camera In FL - Vid

This Technology Is 100x Faster Than Wi-Fi

How Earth's Pacific Plates Collapsed

Sinatra And His Crew Of Hellraisers - Vid

Against Authority, Against Terror

Are Plants Conscious, Intelligent?


Hillary’s Anti-Wall Street Pitch Wearing Thin

CNN Hack Worked With Hillary Aide To Smear Rand

No Evidence Of Terrorist Plot Over Thanksgiving - Obama

Biden Thanksgiving Trip To Italy - Cars, Hotels Run $307,118

Obama Has Brought 680,000 Muslims Into US In 4+ Years

Sessions List Of 12 Refugee-Jihadis Charged in 2015

Origins Of Jihadist-Inspired Attackers In The US

Obama Been Arming ISIS Accidentally On Purpose

Schumer - Senate Dems Push Major Gun Control In 2016

Obama Homosexuality Hasn't Been A Total Secret

Changing Our Society To Merge US Into NWO - Vid

Mainstream Media Fabricates News To Push For War

World Getting Closer To War?

Russia Bombs Syrian Terrorists Near Downed Jet

Will Putin Cut Off 57% Of Turkey's Gas

Putin - 'We Can't Rule Out Possibility Of Other Incidents'

Russia Should Give Turkey 8 Hrs & Then Nuke Its Capitol

Lavrov - Downing Of Russian Su-24 Looks Planned

Lavrov Reminds Turkey Of Its Role In ISIL Oil Trade

Selling Fear

Is Turkey The Real ISIS?

Henderson - ISIS Creation Of Western Bankers


Israeli Colonel Caught With IS Pants Down

Medvedev - Ankara Defends ISIL, Financial Interest In ISIS Oil

Turkey Downing Russian Jet Had To Be Pre-Planned - US Gen

US - Turkey Shot Down Russian Su-24 Over Syria

Shoot Down Could 'Finish' Turkey's Erdogan Politically

NYT Lying (Again) About Russian Fighter Jet Shootdown

Iran, Russia Sign 1.2 Billion Euro Railway Deal

Russia Tests First New Aircraft Engine In 30 Years

Gold Market Goes Quiet – The Echo Of The Bottom?

Demos Rise Against Obama's Climate Change Agenda

Trinity Explains How We Are Living In an Actual Matrix

CNN Debate - Ex-Cop Denies Cop Killings Are Epidemic


O'keefe Covers New Territory!

Russian Military Delegation To Visit China

US-Backed Terrorists Have Right To Self-Defense, Not Others

Wait, Both? Dumb Obama - Russia Can Target Daesh AND ISIL

Dirty Secret - Why NATO Abhors Russian Involvement In Syria

Growing Demand For US Weapons Due To Conflicts

Yemeni Forces Destroy Another Saudi Warship

Russia To Respond If Kiev Fails To Restore Crimea Power

Russia’s Gazprom Stops All Gas To Ukraine

Windows 10 Is Malware - Deletes Users Programs

GMOs Are 125x More Deadly Than Previously Thought


Fetzer Sandy Hook Book Banned By Amazon - Now Free!

Read Fetzer's Book - pdf

3 Judges Hold Fate Of Internet In Their Hands

China Again Tests Nuclear Hypersonic Missile

China To Open First Military Base In Afric

Jonathan Haidt On Coddling U. vs Strengthening U. - Vid

Protests After Video Shows Cops Shooting Black Teen 16x

Britain’s Govt Sponsored National Housing Ponzi Scheme

Earth May Have‘Hairy’ Dark Matter Around It

Tests prove Li-Fi 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

UFO Incidents Over Nevada - Vid

Brit Cop Claims He Was Abducted By Aliens

Air Force Pilot Reports UFOs Landing 1957


Turkey PM Gave Order Personally - Shoot Down Russian Jet

Turkey's Planned Death Of Su-24 Requires Powerful Response

Co-Pilot Says There Was No Warning Given

Russia Sending S-400s To Syria

ISIS Kills Second Teen Poster Girl For Trying To Escape

Navigator On Shotdown Su-24 Rescued In Heroic Effort

Russian Cruiser Moskva Will Cover Air Groups In Syria

Trump Correct - NJ Resident Also Saw Muslims Celebrate

Trump Backed By WaPo Story On Celebrating Muslims


Trump Hits Hillary For Hypocrisy On Border Walls

GQ Article 'F*ck Ben Carson' vs Fox News

Poor Carson - He's Just So Misunderstood

Hillary Sorry Said 'Illegal Immigrants' To Stop 'Illegal'

Hillary vs Syria And Bashar al-Assad

Obama Is The Enemy Within & The Ally Of Our Enemies

How World War Three Could Start Tomorrow

Tracking ISIS To DC’s Doorstep

Turkey - The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base

ISIS Working On Building A Dirty Nuke Bomb

Syrian Army Tightens Noose Around ISIS In Palmyra

Public More Doubtful Of Obama's ISIS 'Strategy'

What Do Spider-Man & ISIS-Man Have In Common?

Br Nathanael - Mossad's Fingerprints On Paris Attacks - Vid


How ISIS Terrorists Are Going Dark

Rand Paul Cites KY Refugee Terrorists

Huh? DHS Secy, FBI Boss OPPOSE Refugee Vetting Bill

Crazy Kerry - Syrian Refugees In US Totally Vetted

Docs Warn AIDS, TB, Other Diseases Coming w/Migrants

Canada To Reject Single Male Refugees

The Dirty War On Syria

How France Is Allowing Terrorism To Win

The ISIS Of Paris

Amazon Bans Fetzer’s 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook'

End Of Cheap Labor As China’s Workforce Dwindles

Roberts - TPP 'Trade Deals' & The New World Order

Netanyahu Escalates State Terror Against Palestinians


Critic Of Jewish Power Ruffles Ashkanazi Feathers

Donald Sutherland - Hunger Games An Allegory For US

15 Yr Old Teen Sitting Above Bomb On Russian Jetliner?

Beware Of Stupid 2 - Vid

Emails Reveal Coke's Role In Anti-Obesity Group

Night Military Drill Startles Phoenix Residents

25% Of Americans Believe Govt Is The Enemy

JoeTalk - We Are The Damned - Vid

Grinch That Stole Christmas

Prince Charlie And The Climate Factory

Huge Snowstorm Coming To Sierra Nevada


Ex Comml Pilot Continues Fight vs GeoEngineering

Arctic Ocean Shows New Record Low Sea Ice

Canfield Ocean - Hydrogen Sulfide In Oregon’s Purple Waves?

Engineering 50 Degree Snowstorms

Nader Calls Fed 'Out Of Control, Private Government'

Deutsche Bank Bankruptcy Soon - The Fed Is Ready

Congress Votes To Raid Fed’s Slush Fund For Hwys

Swiss Alternative Bank Breaks Negative Rates Taboo

$17.5m For Luxury Doomsday Underground Complex

Feds Sued For 'Losing' Critical JFK Murder Film

$4.9m In Cops Killing Of Mentally Ill Homeless Man

Chicago Nails First Cop For Murder


MH370 Will Be Found In Near 8 Weeks - Pilot

Signs Of A Dying Society

Top Scientists Demolish Ciimate Summit Alarmism

China Faces ‘Internal Debt Crisis’

China Building Largest Animal Cloning Factory

20 Yrs & GMO Crops Are Costing Canadian Farmers

Majority Of UK Public Wants ‘Brexit'

Warnings In 43 Yr Old Brit TV Sitcom? - Vid

US Kids Who Grow Up On Prescription Drugs

This Is The Generation That Will Destroy America

10 Outstanding Cases Of ‘Past-Life Memories’

Modern Life Destroys Survival Instinct


Coca-Cola’s Five Darkest Secrets

Loneliness Can Make You Sick

Brain's Miracle Superpowers Of Self-Improvement

When Your Doctor In On A 30 Hour Shift

100,000 On People Petition To Oust DEA Chief

32 Symbols In Ancient Caves All Over Europe -Vid

The Rise Of Synthetic Flavor

Photog Finally Gets Perfect Shot Of Kingfisher

Space Weather Warning System Could Save Earth

NASA Cut Feed After Donut UFO Stalked ISS - Vid

How NASA's Flight Plan Described Apollo 11


Was Obama Complicit With Turkey In Jet Shootdown?

Turkey’s Downing Of Russian Jet An Act Of Madness

Turkey Protects Terrorists On Ground - Henningsen

Most Violent 'Religion' On Earth - The Death Cult Of Islam

Russia May Use Jamming Systems To Protect Its Pilots

Russia - Turkey Jet Violated Syrian Border To Kill Su-24

Turkey Shows West’s Duplicity Towards ISIS

'Turkey Serves Interests Of DC Sociopaths

Global Mkts Fall After Turkey Shoots Down Jet


Kirwan - Rothschild-Khazar Conspiracy Commits Suicide

Video Proves Russian Jet Was NOT Over Turkey

Time For A NUCLEAR Regime Change In Dirty Turkey

Both Russian Pilots Shot Dead While Parachuting

US Backed Terrorists Kill Parachuting Russian Pilots - Vid

Killers Gloat Over Body Of Murdered Russian Pilot - Vid

Obama TOW Missile Destroys Russian Rescue Copter - Vid

Lying Turkey Says Didn't Know Jet Was Russian

Russian Choppers Cover Syrian Troops Near Palmyra

ISIL Trapped In Palmyra - Syrian Army Preps Final Attack


Moment RT Car Hit By Mortar In Syria Caught On Cam

US Intel - Paris Attackers Got Military-Style Training

Dem Rep's Bill Must Anger Obama

4 Examples Of Fake MSM News Pushing World War

France Denounced TTIP One Year Before Attacks

German Store Sorry For Removing Israeli Products

Kerry Won't Condemn Israel Terror Against Pals

Israel Was Prime Force Behind 9/11 Attacks

Donetsk Stop Coal Deliveries To Kiev Ukraine

Russia Backs Halting Coal To Ukraine Over Crimea

US Targeted Killing Memos To Remain Secret

NASA Looks For Alternatives To Russia’s Soyuz

Navy Orders $245m Construction On Guam For Marines

US Robot Ship Closer - Has New Anti-Sub Sonar

NY Transit Authority Pulls Ads w/Powerful German Symbols

Woman Sues US Over JFK Murder Footage

Chicago Cop Indicted For Murder, City Braces For Video

More Britons Want To Leave EU After Paris Attacks

1,000s Of Brits Treated For Malnutrition In 1 Yr


Trident Nukes Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Engineering 50 Degree Snowstorms!

Extensive ESEA Reauthorization Language?

Arthur Topham's 'Anti-Semitic' Site Still Up

Lower Your IQ With New Happiness Pill - Vid

Multiple UFOs Reported Over Tuscon

UFO Caused Traffic Accident? 1972

Mars Likely To Become A Ringed Planet

Real Cause Of Depression May Not Be Your Mind

Religious Children Meaner Than Secular Kids

Who, How, Why Of JFK Assassination – 52 Yrs On

Putin - Missile Cruiser Near Syria To Shoot Down ANY Threat

Outraged Putin - Turkey Will Suffer For Su-24 Shootdown

Social Media Shares Putin Outrage Over Shootdown

1 Mi-8 Rescue Copter Shot Down, 2nd Destroyed On Ground

Trump Wants An Apology From Critics Of His 9/11 Claim

GOP Big Shots Trying To Dump Trump - THEIR Party Frontrunner

Ted Cruz Has A Donald Trump Problem

Trump Posts Vid Of Hillary Laughing Over Benghazi


Jewish Media Flips Out Over Trump Black Violence Tweet

Ashton Carter The Biggest Threat To World Peace

GLADIO In Retard - Kids ‘Fight Terror’ By Tweeting Cat Pics

A Foolproof Democrat Way To Pass Gun Control?

NON-Mexians, Illegal Children Surge Through Our 'Border'

Iran Video Says US, Israel, Allies Are Behind ISIS & Paris

Syrian Passport In Paris May Be Planted

Some Idiots Thought #PrayforParis Meant Paris Hilton

Big Winners After Paris Terror Attacks - Weapons Makers

France Goes To War On Civil Liberties

Obama Dropped Leaflets Warning ISIS Before Bombing


Russian Bombs Leave ISIL At Brink Of Defeat

How DC, NATO Invoked The Rise Of ISIL

ISIS Releases Target Lists Of US Officials?

US Allies Secretly Helping ISIS To Grow

AF Can’t Afford F-35 Turkey, May Buy F-15s, F-16s

USAF Tool Liquefies Metal In Seconds

Where Does The Constitution Get Its Authority?

Clock Boy Islamist Demands Millions From School

JP Morgan Chase & The Saudi Oil Colony

New Ebola Outbreak Could Explode In Liberia…And Here

Ex CIA Dir Woolsey Wants Snowden Hung Until Dead

Grand Jury Indicts Citizen Filming A Political Rally

'Smart' Apts Are Spying On Everything We Do


LifeLock Electronically Tracks AZ Woman

'Cooler' Heads Prevail At Texas Climate Summit

Labor Costs To Skyrocket For American Cars

Big Pharma In Biggest Tax Evasion Scheme

Orange County’s Secret Informant Program

El Niño May Trigger Floods, Famine, Sickness

11 Toxic, Disease-Causing Ingredients In Vaccines

Food Safety On Thanksgiving Day

What You Might Not Know About Thanksgiving

Cruel Piracy Behind Stevia-Based Sweeteners

How And Why You Should Make Your Own Bread

Getting Home from the Holidays


We Blew It With Ebola

I Will Not Give You The Gift of My Hatred

Mapping The World's Largest Volcano

Time To Cancel 'Oscar Season'

Suicide Kings - Vid

Trophy Hunters Kill 70,000 Animals Every Year

How Earth's Hidden Magma Ocean Formed

Gamma-Ray Sensor Can Find Gold on Asteroids

Man Creates His Own Country in Utah Desert

Solving the Asthma Riddle

About Witchcraft and the Devil

The Interrogator’s Soul


ADL Censures Trump Over 9/11 Claim

Trump Saw Thousands Cheer The WTC Towers Fall

Trump's Eyewitness Accounts Of Cheering Muslims Confirmed

Trump Says Use Waterboarding To Counter ISIL

US Using 9/11 Trauma To Terrorize People

Is US Using Hollande As Pawn Against Russia?

Pepsi Produces Short Video About ET Disclosure - Vid

More Vile Hollywood Garbage For The Christmas Season

Tribute To Dave McGowan, Conspiracy Researcher - Vid

US Issues Worldwide Travel Alert

New Anti-Immigration Ad With Great Barbara Jordan - Vid


Americans Irrationally Fear Terrorist Attacks

Post-Paris Europe - A New (Western) Iron Curtain Falls

Escobar - Why Paris Attacks Didn't 'Change Everything'

Crackdown On Paris Citizen Freedoms Like Post 9/11 US

France Wiretapped 'Mastermind' Cousin At Length

Passports From Next 20 Terror Attacks In Putin Garage! (Parody)

Total Jewish Support For Unlimited 'Refugees' To The West

Heroic Russian Air War Pummels ISIS

Weekend Russian Airstrikes Pummel ISIS

Medvedev - US Mideast Policy Contributed To Rise Of ISIL

Putin's Brilliant Anti-ISIL Strategy Gets Italian Media Praise


ISIS - Intelligence Agencies Creation And Asset

Kuwait Media - Russia Starts Ground Operations in Syria

Climate Change To Blame For Syrian War Says Prince Charles!

Daesh Hunting For Recruits In US High Schools - FBI

Ban Ki-moon Wants Russia To Join US War On Humanity

Dem Rep Nails Illegal US War Against Assad & Syria - Vid

French Carrier Launches First Strike On ISIL

Grateful Al-Qaeda Thanks Obama For Anti-Tank Missiles! - Vid

US Gives ISIS 45 Minute Warning On Oil Tanker Strikes!

Obama vs Russ Strikes - His Advisors Want To Arm Terrorists!

(50) US Special Forces To Arrive In Syria Soon


Failed US Policy in Syria - If You Don't Succeed, Keep Lying

Paris-Like Terror Attack In US Probably Inevitable - Kerry

US Vows Support For Kurd Peshmerga Forces

Israeli Jets Strike Gaza Again

Remember Palestine!

Silent Arsenal - Israel's Nukes, By The Numbers

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes In West Bank

Atzmon - Cameron A Chamberlain Pretending To Be Churchill? - Vid

Yemen Missiles Destroy 4 US-Made Abrams Tanks

Saudis Open Fire On People In Shia Region

Kiev Blockading Crimea? Stops Cargo Traffic To And From It

300 US Soldiers Training 6 Kiev Battalions

Chinese Troops Train In US While NYC Has Mass Shooting Drill


Delivery S-300 Systems To Iran Begins - Ambassador

Russia Eyes $21 Billion Deals As Putin Visits Iran

Putin Lifts Ban On Uranium Enrichment Hardware To Iran

Here Is How Afraid US Corporate Media Machine Is Of RT

Galloway - ‘British War Drums Beating, Fanatical Media Mood’ - Vid

Russia Hints At Oil Discount As OPEC Price War Escalates

Venezuela Warns OPEC Of OIl Price Drop To Mid $20s

Oil Jobs Lost - 250.000 & Counting - Mass Layoffs In TX Soon

ASEAN States Create Community Larger Than EU

Urgent - Iserbyt Implores Us To Press For Defeat Of ESEA Bill

MA Rejection Of Common Core Test Shows Shift In US


Doom - Failures Of Public School Mirrored In Higher Ed

Surge In Deadly Flesh-Eating Disease In Japan

Japanese Public-Private Fund To Invest In TX Bullet Train

Japan City ‘Rubbish’ Project To Achieve Biomass Power

US Public Thinks Pols 'Put Their Own Interests Ahead of Nation'

US Senators Demand WH Fix Loophole In Gun Legislation

USAF Scraps ‘Brand-Spanking-New’ AC-130J Ghostrider

USAF Struggling For Cash For New Trillion Dollar F-35 Turkeys

Freemasons May Have Influenced Titanic Inquiry - New Info

Suit - Rikers Guard ‘Raped Female Inmate, 2nd Guard Watched’


The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

Idiot MN Students - Remembering 9/11 Harms Muslims!

Hillary’s War Whoop - Get The Picture?

The Kochs, Loathsome To The End

Should We Call It 'Radical' Islam?

Paris Attack Suspect Escapes Brussels Raid

Syrian Army Advances On Aleppo Province With Russian AF

Russian AF Flies 141 Sorties, Hits 472 ISIL Targets In 2 Days

Gifts From Obama - Al Qaeda Fights w/US Weapons In Syria


France's Only Carrier Ready To Start Flights

UN OKs French 'All Necessary Measures' Against ISIS

Russia Updates Its Only Aircraft Carrier

ISIS Aimed At The West By Globalists - What To Do

Afghans Seeking Asylum Buy Fake Taliban Threat Letters

Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA And The TPP

Strangers In Our Own Nation?

Decades Of Bombs On Iraq - Enemy Always Rebranded

Understanding Talmudic Judaic Evil

Ukraine Nuke Plants Dangerously Low Of Power

Liberia Moves To Control New Ebola Outbreak

The Plot To Get Every American High On Acid

Oakland Sues Monsanto

Back To The Country - Part II

Why Wireless Radiation Is Dangerous

What Meat Label Actually Means

'Pirate Disease' Now Showing Up Among US Poor

Big Pharma To Be Banned From Advertising Drugs?

Sniffing Out Ovarian Cancer

Thanksgiving 2015 - What Is It All About?

The Peak Of Sinatra’s Power

Inside America's Most Expensive 'House' For Sale

Could There Be A Third Bamiyan Buddha?

The Astral Surgical Team

Cats, Dogs and Astral Commotion


Kirwan - Amerika…The Wasteland Of Obsessions

Trump Gains, Carson Slips In New Fox Poll

Trump's Latest - Muslim Immigrants Should Be Tracked - Vid

Obama Suddenly Takes Harsher Anti-ISIS Tone

Judge Jeanine - We Can Handle The Truth, Obama - Vid

Belgians Arrest 16 In Anti-Terror Raids

'Refugees' An Easy Walk-In For ISIS Killers

Charles Koch Is A Liberal Sympathiser - Vid

Court Says NSA Mass Data Collection Center Constitutional

Who Do Intelligence Snoops Serve?

Fear-Mongering At Fever Pitch

A Christian Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Training Drills Seem To Dovetail With Mass Shootings

Obama In Asia

Russia's Real War On Terrorism

11 ISIS Linked Terrorists Killed in Russia’s North Caucasus

Russian Operations Improve Situation In Syria - Assad

US, French Carriers Find Russian Warships Already At Syria

ISIS Fighters Give Up To Kurds As Supplies Cut Off

Syrian Army, Popular Forces Advance To Turkish Borders

Syrian, Hezbollah Fighters Destroy AA Weapons In Aleppo

Damascus, Moscow Reconciliation Talks w/Syrian Opposition

Russia Plans To Rebuild Syria From Ashes

Russia Develops New Tactical Iskander-M System

760 Germans Joined ISIS, 200 Return Home

ISIL Created By US Interventionism, Saudi $ - Assad


Iran Urges End To Pushing Wahhabism, Aid To Terrorists

US Rep Intros Bill To Stop Illegal War On Assad

Tangled Threads Of US False Narratives

The MIdeast Era Of Regime Change Is Over

Israel Possesses 115 Nuclear Bombs - US Think Tank

Israelis Murder 2 More Palestinians In West Bank

Largest Euro Dept Store Drops Israeli Settlement Products

The Chickens Of Communism Come Home To Roost

The One Thing You Need To Know About ISIS - Vid

More Syrians Stopped At Laredo Port Of Entry - Vid

The Refugees Crisis, Paris Attacks, Wars Without End

Anti-Islam Rally Gaining Momentum In Oz

Top German Pol Tells Ash Carter To 'Go F**K' Himself

3 Stories Show The War On Terror Is A Fraud

Privacy Groups Fight To Expose Secret Cyber Ruling

SF Bay Bridge Leaks Invade Foundations


Fox Stopping Live Ratings For Most Of Its Shows

Judge Mocks Public Concerns Over Kicking People Off Net

US Anthro Group Votes To Boycott Israeli Universities

New Bentwaters UFO Witness Speaks

Some Of Are Being Accused Of 'Mental illness'

More OH Teachers Carrying On The Job

Homeless Ex-Banker - The American Dream A Load Of Crap

Ten Most Remote But Inhabited Places In The World

Trump, Truth Teller Extraordinaire - Kerry is A Loser

Kerry - Warming Apocalypse Doubters Must Be Silenced

Billionaire Hillary Donor - Sacrifice Liberty For 'Safety'

World War III For Dummies


Americans Worried About Major Terror Attack in The US

Catholics Get $79m From Obama To Force Migrant Invasion

TN Lawmaker - Natl Guard Should Round Up Syrian 'Migrants'

A Muslim Diaspora Grows In Kansas

Candidates Ready To Trash Constitution To Fight ISIS

Proof US Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria - Vid

Astonishing US Hypocrisy On ISIS

Russia AF Destroys Dozens Of ISIS Oil Trucks

ISIL Only 34 Bases Left In Syria And Iraq

Russian Self-Propelled Gun Worth Whole Battery

Why Don't 'Suicide Terrorists' Ever Hit Politicians?


France Rushing Through Internet Censorship Law

Last Chance, Monsieur Hollande

Paris Attackers MADE IN ISRAEL

Israel Is A Psycho State

Israeli Settlers Burn Young Palestinian To Death

500+ Chicago Flights Cancelled - 16" Snow - Vid

Chicago Snowiest November Storm In 100 Yrs - Vid

Crimea Power Cut Off - Only 29 Days Of Reserves Left

An Act Of War Hits Crimea - ALL Power Cut Off

SPECTRE - Multinational, Global Surveillance Octopus

NSA Moved Email Program Overseas To Avoid Oversight

Global Trade Snaps - Container Rates Down 70% In 3 Wks

From Zundel To Topham - Zionist Theatre


YouTube Terminates PINAC Acct For 'Violent' Police Videos

Scumbags At Walmart Are At It Again

The Stingy Are Fined, While the Rich Soak

MRI Scans May Have Located Intersection Of Happiness

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity From Microwave Tech Proven

LAX To Build Terminal For Celebrities And The Rich

LaViolette Presents Secrets Of Antigravity Propulsion

Microaggressions, Macro Impacts

Cannabis Protects Traumatized Brains

Restorative Properties Of Ginseng

Why Sleep? Why Dream?

Young People With 'Old Eyes'

Circling The Wormhole

Think About The World’s First Time Travel Project

Hancock And Carlson On Alternative Ancient History - Vid

My Life As An Empire

Jim Carrey’s Secret Of Life - Choose Love Over Fear - Vid


US Zio Media Shows Russian Airstrike Vid As American!

Hollande Doesn't Want The US Fighting Terror For France

Trump Hones Logic Of Muslim Database, Mosque Watching - Vid

Bernie Sanders Hypocrisy, Carson's Geopolitical Ignorance

Hyped Fear Grips Europe And America

Kirwan - Crossing Borders

Obama Flying 1,000s Of Muslim On UPS Cargo Jets? - Vid

Obama Actions Shield Most illegals From Deportation

Paul Craig Roberts - 'More Paris Puzzles


Paris False Flag? Sifting Through The Evidence

'Ask Your Govt If It Supports Countries Who Fund ISIS'

UK Calls for Cutting Off ISIL Finances, Severing Its Oil

Look Inside Putin's Massive,Triple-Deck War Room

Euro Govts Hold 'Secret' Meeting To End Borderless Travel

Is Ashton Carter Insane?

Russia Actually Does It, Sick US Gives Itself The Credit

Putin's Syria Strategy

Russia ‘Must Change Syria Strategy’ if It Wants To Join US

War To Remove Syria's Assad 'Illegal' - Congresswoman

Hacker Exposes 97 ISIS Websites

War On Xmas - Pope Says It's A ‘Charade’ During War, Hate

Saudi Arabia’s Economy Coming Apart At The Seams


Saudis Damaged, Destroyed 23 Historical Sites In Yemen

Yemeni Forces Attack Saudi Power Station

Saudi Arabia Shuts Borders In North, East

Intl Jewish Anti-Zionist Network Statement

Daily Israeli State Terror Rages

Israel Closes Palestinian al-Khalil Radio Sttation

About 400 Palestinian Children Held In Israeli Jails

In Mali & Rest Of Africa, US Military Fights Hidden War

US, CAN, UKR Reject UN Res Condemning Glorification Of Nazism

US Govt - Pay Your Taxes Or Give Up Your Passport

Goldman Sachs Advises Buy Russian Ruble in 2016

NSA US Email Surveillance Continued Despite Program Ending

Pentagon Unaware Of What Terror Groups US Fighting In Africa

Taunting China - US B-52s May Fly From Oz Over S China Sea

Halbig - Sandy Hook...Is There Justice In CT?

Crown's Third Try At Draconian Bail On Topham Fails

Salmon Holds Risk Of Allergies, Hormonal Disruption

Engdahl - GMO Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Who Needs Gates And Monsanto?

US Children Literally Grow Up On Prescription Drugs

An Illustrated History Of US Money Design - Vid

Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak Reaches Six States


I Left My Church For My Family

Hemingway’s Love Letters To Paris

3D Pavement Paintings Reach A New Level - Pics

The Incredible Intelligence Of Pigs

Can ‘The Force Awakens’ Be The Biggest Movie Ever?

Yellowstone Grizzly - Pics

Don’t Sweat It! Easy & Delicious Pie Crust

Moonshine In Missouri

Wild Walk - Coral Mushrooms

Police Officers Report Triangular-Shaped UFOs

Lake Whatcom Resident Shoots Down UFO 1950

NORAD And The UFO Smokescreen - Pt 5


Muslim Americans Shocked By Trump

Sanders Delivers Speech On Democratic Socialism - Vid

Why We Shouid Worry About Hillary’s ISIS Plan

House Defies Obama, OKs Bill Halting Syrian Refugees

US-Killer Obama Asks SCOTUS To OK Executive Amnesty

The Tiny Pill Fueling Syria’s War

Dim Kerry Claims Al Qaeda Was 'Neutralized' Before Mali

Roberts - Washington’s New Approach To Russia


The Koch Intelligence Agency

UT 9th Graders Assigned To Make ISIS Propaganda

Paris Killers Trained In Israel, Fought In Syria

US Pilots - Obama BLOCKS 75% US Strikes On ISIS

Russian Cruise Missiles Kill 600 ISIS In One Strike

Russia Rolls Out It's Super MiG31BM Fighter Jet

China Buys Russian SU-35s Over US Moves In Asia

US-Based NGO Trying To Scam You w/Aleppo Report

Putin – Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man

Russia Becoming 'Indispensable' World Power

Secret US Drone Whistleblowers Speak - Vid


Obama - TPP Okayed, Now Time For Public Debate

How Israel Controls Key Committees In US Congress

2/3 Of Democratic Money Comes From Jewish Donors

Jewish Campaign Contributions Way Out Of Proportion

Again, BBC Caves To Israel - Rewrites Headline

They Should Stop Supporting Terrorists

What We Lost When Bobby Kennedy Died

US Corporate Media Are Govt Propaganda Shills

73 Airport Employees On Terror Watchlists

Saudi Court - Poets Gets Death For Renouncing Islam

Oz Army Motto 'Offends' Anti-Christ Muslims


Hang Onto Your Wallets - Negative Interest, War On Cash

US Economy Is Collapsing – Americans Out Of Money

Push To Separate Us From Our Cars Begins

JoeTalk - Obama's Plan - Vid

Sales Spike - Get Your Guns Before They’re Gone

US Spends Most Its Budget On Killing And The Rich

Homeless Vet Goes To Tears As Stranger Buys Him Food

More Than 500,000 Americans Homeless

We Are Killing Earth - Many Amazon Trees Face Extinction

DOJ - Body Cam-Wearing Cops Can't Works With Feds

Australia Blocks Huge China Land Buy


FDA Finally Approved ‘Frankenfish’ (gosh)

Supersonic AS2 Jet - London To NY In 3 Hrs

DR TB Now Found In US

New Ebola Case In Liberia

Here We Go, Two More Ebola Cases In Liberia

Scottish Nurse Beats Ebola For 2nd Time

Really Good News For Coffee Drinkers - Vid

Walnuts Can Prevent A Heart Attack

Return Of Whooping Cough In High Vax Areas

Fear Shrinks The Brain

Charting The Post-Antibiotic Era

Surprising Number Of Americans Don't Have Toilets

CWD Chronic Wasting Disease Vax Fails Test – The Amish Are Online

A Buddhist And A Hindu Walk Into A Room…

When Meth Was An Antidepressant

BC City Gas Stations Warn Of 'Global Warming'

London's Super Rich Trying To Buy Immortality

Einstein's Unfinished Dream

Catching A Thief By Their Face

Gruesome History Of The Galapagos Islands - Vid

Going Native - For The Soil

Most Precarious Vehicle Bridge In The World

Rats, Exploding Toilet Seats, Demons Of Deep


Jeff & Gerald Celente - 'Migrants', Debt & Overpopulation - Vid

Jeff & James - Globalist Plan To Take Down The World - Vid

Kirwan - The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Hillary's Foreign Policy - Endless Wars Of Aggression

To Stop 250,000 Syrian Muslims Coming To America

Devvy - When Paris Comes To America This Will Happen

Time To Arrest The Real Paris Culprits

Zio French - Assad Must Go…Assad Says 'No Thanks'

Resolution In Syria Impossible Without Assad

Fascists Running America Endorse National Socialism

'For Paris!' Written On ISIS-Bound Russian Bombs - Vid

Paris Had Ample Warning Of An Attack - Did They Want It?

No Joke! The Onion Predicted All Of This Back In 2003

Paris - Challenging The Narrative Of The New 911

Fake Islamic Terror Sponsored By British Crown

Likely Phony Threatening ISIS Videos

Russian Ships Launch 18 Cruise Missiles On Terror Targets

Russian Round-The-Clock Retaliatory Attacks In Syria

Russia's Long Range Bombers Fly 60 Sorties In 4 Days

29 Long Range Bombers Strike ISIL From Russia

Russia Ups Number Of Jets Involved In Syria Op

Russian Vid Of Missile Strikes On ISIL From Caspian

Russia's Newest Weapons Used In Syria - Vid

Kremlin Rules Out Syria Ground Operation

Russia Sending Police Pup To France For Dog Killed In Siege

Terrorists Lose Over $1m Day Under Russian Strikes


160 Russians Fighting For Daesh Killed In Syria

Russia Develops Landmine With Nano Brain

81% Isis-Linked Suspects Charged In US Are US Citizens

CNN’s ‘Source’ ISIS Mag - ‘Schweppes Bomb’ Killed A321

Fetzer - Debunking The Sandy Hook Debunkers

Why I Stand For God, Canada & Free Speech…Not Israel

Onward Christian Soldiers - A Review

FDA Drops GMO Salmon Approval Bomb - Media Jokes

Goldman Sees $20 Oil As Glut Overwhelms Storage

Commenter Says LGBT Are A Terrorist Organisation - Vid

Females With Degrees Outnumber Males...Good News?

Speak Out!


Congressional Cat Is Out Of Decepticon Bag

Only 9% Recent Students WIth Debt Think College Worth It

Senator Pan - Water Most Dangerous Vaccine Ingredient

Dutch Study Suggest Wifi Is Killing Trees

Catstrophic Pacific Ocean Die-Off- The Military’s Assault On Life

Akiane - The Most Gifted Young Painter On Earth - Pics

How A White Man Says N-Word To A Black Man - Vid

Earthlings - Full Documentary - Vid

Product Recall Issued For Bible Amid Health, Safety Concerns

UFO Appeared to Land in Field

UFO Hoaxers Put On Notice By YouTube / Google

Oval, Maybe 200' Long, 'Began To Rise With A Roar...'


Jonathan Pollard Released

Trump Has Big Plans For ‘Radical Islamic’ Terrorists

Trump's Comments On Refugees Being Trojan Horse - Vid

Trump Open To National Database For US Muslims

Hillary - Muslins Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism (!)

Hillary - There is No Radical Islam (Except For Radical Islam)


Obama - Refugees No Bigger Threat To US Than 'Tourists'

Carson Campaign Put US States In Wrong Places On Map

Hillary Clinton…The Democrats' Dick Cheney

Obama, UN Passed Agenda 21 On Steroids, No One Noticed

Real Reasons Obamacare Premiums Are Rising Fast

Clinton Email Companies Rebuff Senate Investigators

UT Prosecutor Investigating US Sen. Harry Reid

Ex-CIA Chief - Bush & Cheney Knew 9/11 Was Imminent

Throngs Of Children Trying To Cross TX Border Again


NBC Exec's 'illegals' Remark Angers Hispanic Lawmakers

Drone Operators Link Obama Drone War To Terror

8 Syrians Caught At Texas Border In Laredo

6th Syrian w/Fake Passport On Way To US Caught

ISIS vs The World (Except Israel)

Vid Shows Paris Killer's Gun Misfiring At Woman - Vid

IS Magazine Warns 9/11 Scale Attack Coming

Russia's Awesome Backfire Supersonic ISIS Killer Bombers

Russian Jets Destroy 3 Major Oil Facilities In Syria

US Anti-ISIL Coalition ZERO Results Compared To Russia

McCain Calls For 10,000 US Ground Troops In Syria


Obama Advisor - Ground Forces In Syria Not Sustainable

22 Islamic Terror Training Camps Now In The US - Vid

1,070 Iraqis Let Into US In First Last Six Weeks

The Four Horsemen Behind The Oil Wars

Confirmed - Mass Shooting Drill Right Before Paris

Russian Presents Suicide Belt Detection Device In Paris

No US Space Program W/Out Russian Rocket Engines

China's Growing Air Power Unsettling For Washington

China Buys 24 Advanced Russian Su-35 Warplanes - $2 Billion

Saudis Kill 20 Fishermen In Northwest Yemen

5 Killed In Tel Aviv, West Bank Clashes


Israeli Cop Who Beat US-Palestinian Teen Won’t Face Jail

Israel May Sue EU Over Labels On Occupied Territories Products

Israel Deports Africans, No Multiculturalism Allowed

Annexation Of Monroe NY Town's 500 Acres By NYC Jews

Fox Visits Holy Islamville In South Carolina

More Mexicans Leaving US Than Entering

Ex-Mexico President Sees Cocaine, Heroin Legal Soon

Household Costs Skyrocket, Incomes Crashing

All Companies Have Slave Labor In Supply Chains

Probe Finds 100s Of Bay Area Police Weapons Missing

Police Restraints, Not LSD, Killed TN Man

Two MN Cops Identified In Murder Of Unarmed Black Man

MN May Be Next Ferguson - Cops Point Guns At Protesters

Cameron Force One? PM Orders £10m Jet

Clinton Fnd Runs $20m Private Equity Firm In Colombia

Hillary Goes After Comedians For Making Fun Of Her

Two Clintons, 41 Years, $3 Billion

Antibiotics Will Soon Be Useless

Insane Yellowstone Considers Killing 1,000 Wild Bison

Who Turned Out The Lights?

Objectivity, Subjectivity And The Nature Of Matter

No Sledgehammers - Only Flow

This Year’s Godzilla El Niño

WTC Syndrome & The Real Rudy Giuliani - Vid

5 Clear Advantages Of Carrying Concealed


The Cop Shooting So Horrific It Cost $5 Million To Hide

People Decide 13 Things Within Seconds Of Meeting You

Visit the Only Village Inside The Grand Canyon

Earth's Major Events On Timeline From LA To NY - Vid

Today's IQ Tests Are Outdated

The Five Most Earth-Like Exoplanets

UFO Buzzes Over IKEA Siberia - Vid

The Beauty Of South Korea - Pics

Your Sense Of Taste Is All In Your Head

Why Is Blood Red?

Pigeons Can Spot Breast Cancer

Can You Be Too Clean?


MA Woman Calls For Assassination Of Donald Trump

Carson Likens Some Refugees To Rabid Dogs - Vid

Obama Threatens To Veto GOP Halt On Muslim Refugees

Cruz Calls On Obama To 'Do His Job'

Hillary Laughs At Fiorina Strangle Comment

Hillary - US Must Focus On Defeating ISIL, Not Assad, Now

Kerry Speaks On Terrorism; Makes Complete Ass Of Himself

Gun Sales, Permit Applications Spike In US After Paris


Sanders - Must Set Aside Diffs With Russia Over ISIS

House OKs Syria Refugee Screening Despite Obama

Cops Look For 4 Bearded Men Seen At Pentagon

Frightening IG Report On TSA - Prepare For Disaster - pdf

Strategic Engineered Migration As Weapon Of War

Who Is Twitter-Luring Refugees To Germany?

Jews Demand US Accept More 'Refugees' (and terrorists)

Activists Hit Ryan & 15 States Wanting Refugees

Insanity - Marxist Hollande Welcomes More Terrorists!

Dutch Parliament Member - Close All Mosques & Ban Islam

The French Republic Taken Hostage


Winston Churchill On Islam

Putin Outed ISIS G20 Financiers - Zio Media MUM

EU Pres Offer Putin Closer Econ Ties After Summit

355 ISIS Targets Destroyed By Russian AF In Last 48 Hours

Russian Tu-95 Bombers Cruise Missiles Hit ISIL HQ In Syria Idlib

3 ISIS Field Cmdres In Aleppo Prov Killed In Russian Airstrikes

ISIL Top Cmdrs Evacuating Syria's Raqqa

Syrian Forces Enter Strategic Town In Homs

Russian Campaign In Syria Doomed To Fail Says Carter

ISIS Video Shows Children Training To Kill - Vid

Jews Demand US Accept More 'Refugees' (and terrorists)

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Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 2 - Vid

Obama Exposed By High School Friend

Pastor Manning - Mia Pope Outs Obama As Gay - Vid

How You're Being Mind Controlled And Don't Know It

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain

MK Ultra - Handlers, Propagandists, Professional Liars - Vid

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control Through TV And The Media - Vid

The Stark Reality Of Precision Scientific Individual & Mass Mind Control

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control - An Exact Science
FREE Listen MP3

The Grand Masquerade - DID/MPD Now Common In US

Dr. Colin Ross - Mind Control, How Easy, How Deadly

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 1

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 2

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 3

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Mind Control - A Piece Of Cake - Vid

Trauma Based Culture - Vid

Stop Eating Meat And Dairy

McDonalds Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos - Vid

 Clark McClelland - The Stargate Chronicles

FREE LISTEN - Harry Cooper & Clark McClelland - WW2 German UFO …'The Bell' -MP3

FREE LISTEN - Jeff with Clark McClelland 5.9.14 - MP3

Get A Piece Of Apollo 15 GOLD FOIL That
Went To The Moon And Back! - Click Here!

Order Clark's Stunning e-Book The Stargate Chronicles Here!

Contact Clark at

Clark McClelland - Celestialism

Jeff & Clark McClelland - ET And The Apollo Program - Vid

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg
UFO Connection
- Part 1 - pdf

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg UFO Connection - Part 2 - pdf


2013 Stonehenge - Photos

UFO - Man Gets More Than Rocks In Stonehenge Photo

Think You Know Cars?

The Ultimate Car Trivia Test! - Pics

The Mysterious Charles Dellchau

Incredible Drawings & Descriptions Of 1850s Flying Machines

FREE Listen MP3

Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - Shocking New Morgellons Photos - mp3

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

Elizabeth’s Morgellons Samples

Destructive Wiki Editing Keeps Morg Sufferers In Dark

Jeff And Cliff Mickelson - CDC Liars Say Morgellons Doesn't Exist - mp3

Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin - Vid

Official CDC Denial - Morgellons Does Not Exist


When Radio Was King

Here Is A Major Collection Of All The Great Old Time Radio Shows - LISTEN!

Adolf Hitler & WWII

How I Came To Love The Führer

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 1 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 2 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 3 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 4 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 5 - Vid

Hitler Visits Oprah - The German Side Of Starting WW2 - MP3

'Good War...Better Peace' - The 70th 'Anniversary' Of The End Of WW2

Kodachrome Color Prints Of Homefront Wartime US
And 20th Century US

David Cole (Stein)
Listen FREE

Jeff & David Cole - Holocaust Revisionist Historian - Vid

Auschwitz Gas Chamber Hoax? - Part 1 - MP3

The Search for The TRUTH - Part 2 - MP3

Aspartame Deaths & Suffering Must Stop
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Betty Martini & Jeff Rense - The War On Aspartame

Dr. Betty Martini On The Major UK MSM Article On Aspartame

UK MSM - Cancer, Premature Births Tied To Aspartame

Dane Wigington
FREE Listen MP3

Jeff & Dane Wiggington - GeoEng...It's Too Late - Free Listen

GeoEngineering...A Fancy Word For Murder! - Vid

GeoEngineering Targets Drought Condition In CA

Jeff & Dane Wigington - Chemtrails...Heavier, Deadlier - Vid

MASSIVE Increase Of Ultra-Violate Light Pounding The Earth - mp3

GeoEngineering Insanity - It's Far Worse Than You Think - mp3

Wigington's Censored Chemtrail Interview Restored - Vid

Jeff And Dane Wigington & Stunning Chemtrail Video - Vid

Professor Doom And 'Education'

Missouri...Sportsball Genie Out Of The Bottle

Women's College Looted?

Ban College Remediation

Prostitution To End Student Debt...Seriously

Adjunct Abuse Might End?

Test Scores Are Clear - US Higher Ed Is Weak

Dept of Education - Accreditors Clueless


How Zionist Central Banks Rule The World

All Wars Are Bank Wars - The Central Bank Beast - Vid

Must Viewing

Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid

Battle Of LA

Footage Of UFO Being Fired On In 'Battle Of LA' - Vid

1942 Battle Of LA - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History


Ingo Swann Passes Into Great Beyond

FREE Listen MP3s
March 1999 with Jeff Rense & Ingo

Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)

Humans In An Inhuman War

Bf-109 Ace Franz Stigler And B-17 Pilot Charlie Brown Meet - Vid

Feline Adventures

Videos And Photos Of Cats At 'Work' And Play - Vid

Kitty Cams Show Secret Life Of Cats

Required Reading

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!


The Best 5 Minute Documentary On 911 Ever - Vid

Was 9/11 An Inside Job, Or A MOSSAD Job?

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 1 - Vid

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 2 - Vid

Charlotte Iserbyt

The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid


More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines...Proof - Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 - Vid

A Provocative Documentary

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Vid

Eustace Mullins

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Power Of The Rothschild Bankers

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 21, 2003) - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 31, 2003) - Vid

National Socialism + Zionism = NAZI - Vid

The Cult Is Everywhere

Ritual Child Sex Abuse, Pedo Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

Andrew Gause

FREE Listen - Vivid Portrait Of Post-Sandy Chaos, Suffering In NJ

Tribute To A True Hero

Ernst Zundel - A Spartan Of The Spirit - Vid

GM Yellow Corn Equals Tumors, Cancers & Death

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Justice Kagan Rules For Monsanto In Farmer GMO Case

Nestle Folds To SA Consumer Pressure Over GMOs


Joseph Skipper

An Underwater Base In The Pacific? - Photos

The Term 'Organic' Rapidly Becoming Useless

The Great Organic Deceivers 

Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

The Incredible & Unrecognized Germ Of Cancer

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer

World Man-Made AIDS Day - December 1

Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer

Bacteria Cause Cancer...The Microscopic Evidence - Photos

Heroines All

Women At Work In The 1940s - Rare Color Photos

Creepy, Weird Otherworldly Sounds...Vanished Again

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

A Chronology Of The Eerie, Strange Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

Eerie Sky Sounds Validated By Russian Scientists

Bizarre Noises Over Cambridge, England - Vid



The Platters

LV Court Restores The Platters Name To Rightful Owner

The Platters - The Great Pretender 1956 - Vid

The Platters - Twilight Time 1958 - Vid

The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1955 - Vid

The Platters - Only You 1956 - Vid

Hollywood's Golden Days

Wonderful Vintage Hollywood Photos... pdf

Great Vintage Hollywood Photos

Fabulous Hollywood Stars And Their Classic Cars

The Original Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland - Pic

Round About Hollywood 1931, Color - Vid

Wonderful Color Photos Of 50s & 60s LA/SoCal - Pics


American Graffitti In LA

Background To Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s

Rick Mack - Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s - Pics

A Dream Lost

1940s Small Town America...Cafes, Stores, Shops - Color Photos

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 1 - Vid

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 2 - Vid

The Death Of Clean US Mass Transit

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 1 - Vid

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 2 - Vid

What You See Isn't What You Get

The Fraud Of Digitized 'Beauty' - The Big Lie - Vid

Things You MUST Have

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Gear

Newest Zionist Hit Piece Libel Attacks On Jeff 

I'm Being Blackmailed By A Sociopath - What Can I Do?

How To Spot A Sociopath - Ten Red Flags

The Makow Mirror Effect

Icke Blasts Makow Again

Attacks On Jeff Deadly Serious, Hacker Removes His Replies

Reply 4

As Predicted - Attacks Begin On David Icke

The Rense Fight Club...

Reply 1- 'Jeff Rense's Abuse Of Power & Trust'

Reply 2 - 'The Hidden Jeff Rense'


UN Agenda 21 Evil

Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda For The NWO - Vid

Agenda 21 - The Plan For A Global Fascist Dictatorship

Agenda 21 - Your Life Is In Their Hands - Vid

Agenda 21 Takeover In Klamath Basin

Agenda 21 Has Rural America In The Crosshairs

Agenda 21 - The Steady-State Illusion



Baffling Mars Plumes Are Electric

Why Don't Comets Melt In The Sun?

The Impossible Dunes Of Comet 67P - Vid

Oops! No Water On Comet 67P?

Rosetta Mission Confirms The Death Of Journalism

Rosetta Mission Could Change Science Forever - Vid

NASA Acknowledging Electric Universe?

Big Bang Pronouncement Is Big Bluster

Planetary Nebulae Are Electrical

Debunking Misconceptions About The Electric Universe.


Mysterious John Lenard Walson

John Walson Is Back - Another Mystery Video, Bizarre - Vid

Walson Visits The Moon Through His Telescope - Vid

Walson Finds New Lunar Anomalies...Strange - Vid

Walson's Work Apparently Verified - Vid

MARS - The Mysterious

Encore - Obvious Valve Found By Curiosity On Mars - Vid

Leaked Mars Photos Loaded With Signs Of Life - Vid

Trees On Mars Coverup - Vid

Amazing Photos On Mars 2014 - Vid

Train Wheels, Axle On Mars - Vid

Tomb, Cross, Platform, Relics Found On Mars - Vid

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Rense & Joseph Skipper - Proof Of LIfe On Mars

Mars' Greatest Mystery

LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Jeff And David Oates FREE Listen Click Here

Fascinating Mars Structures, Cities, Plant Life?

Mars Structure Found - The Real Reason For The US Vendetta Against Gary McKinnon?

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

MSNBC Picks Up The Mars Structure Video

Stunning Mars Anomalies 

Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies

Farcical Prosecution Of The 'Accountant Of Auschwitz'

Proudly Supports...

Jews Against Zionism

The Ernst Zundel Data Archive

Click Here

World's Best

The Ten Most Influential People In The Alternative Media

The American Dream Is Dead (graphic language)

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

The Genius George Of Carlin - Vid

George Carlin On NASA Plans For Mars - Vid

George Carlin - Exposing The Matrix - Vid

George Carlin On Civil Liberties In America - Vid

George Carlin - It's Over - Vid

It's A Zionist World - Virtual And Real

How Jews Run The Internet - eBay, Google, FB, Wiki, Yahoo, MySpace...

The 'Six Million' Number Was Used After WWI

How The 'Holocaust' Was Faked - Read The Facts

Zion's Big Lie - The 'Six Million' Myth

The Elusive Six Million

Robert Hastings

10 UFOs Cavort Above US Nuke Missile Base

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Roswell Eyewitness
FREE Listen - Jeff With Jesse Marcel, Jr

Peter Davenport , Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson - Roswell 2010! - Very Special Guest - Col Jesse Marcel, Jr - MP3

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Veteran, Patriot & Roswell Witness Passes On

Memories Of Jesse Marcel By Kevin Randle

Phoenix Lights Witness Remembers Jesse Marcel, Jr - Fortson

Remembering Jesse Marcel, Jr - Balthaser

Mainstream Media Homage To Jesse Marcel's Passing

Dr. Roger Leir
Astonishing UFO Over Turkey

Roger's Personal Photo Video Analysis Showing ETs

Non-Humans, ETs, Shown Inside Turkey UFO

All Known Videos Of The Turkey UFO

Spectacular Turkey UFO - Information Site


Chemtrails, ET’s & Alien Technology

We Live In a Multiverse Teeming With Alien Life

UFO’s Paralyzing Light Beam

Formation Of Alien Worlds Photographed 1st Time - Vid

‘Strange’ Hovering Lights Over ID - Vid

UFO Xmas Card From Hynek To Ufologist McKay

'UFO Occupants' Seen In Strange Craft

Nick Jonas Relives His UFO Experience - Vid

'Telepathic' Boy To Be Tested By Scientists - Vid

What Are A-51 Weather Stns Really For? - Vid

UFOs Videotaped Over Poza Rica, Mexico - Vid

UFOs Caught Over Castro Valley, CA -Vid

Amazing Fireball Over Thailand - Vid

UFO Lands In Russian City - 1989

Cylinder-Shaped UFO Over Frisco, TX - Pic

Sheriff’s Deputy UFO Encounter - Vid

UFOs Near India Airport Prompt Air Force Scramble

What Would An Alien Megastructure Look Like?

USS Independence UFO Incident 1973 - Vid

Spectacular Fireball Lights Up Bangkok Skies - Vid

Scientists To Monitor Skies For UFOs

UFO Lands, Aliens Emerge, Say Villagers

UFOs Reported At IGI Airport, Security On High

UFO Witness, Ex Obama Pilot, Capt. Andy Danziger Dies

Ufology In Decline?

Panel Talks UFOs At Area 51

New, Science Team To Study UFOs

UFO Fleet Or Drone Race Over Waraira?

‘Burning UFO Wreckage’ Near London Mystifies Police

CIA Employees Chat About A-51 & UFOs - Vid

'Blue Glowing' UFO Captured Over Sandy, UT - Vid

Govt Steals Family's Land Near Area 51 - Vid

Lt. Chester Barton And The Roswell Incident

Pulsating UFO Orb Videotaped Over W Virginia

Strange Objects Whirling Around a Distant Star


New Earth Health Solutions
Oxy C • Allicin C • Rife • Ozone Generator
Click HERE

Health Matters

Really Good News For Coffee Drinkers - Vid

Walnuts Can Prevent A Heart Attack

Return Of Whooping Cough In High Vax Areas

Fear Shrinks The Brain

Charting The Post-Antibiotic Era

Surprising Number Of Americans Don't Have Toilets

Bio-Grenades Destroy Cancer Cells Only

You'll NEVER Have A Root Canal After Watching This

Terminally Ill 5 Yr Old Wants Heaven Not Hospital

What Is Health Freedom?

A Handy Solution to Every Pending Mandatory Vax Program

The Difference Between My Psychiatrist & My Shaman

How Thinking Mothers Are Changing The World

Symphony Of Self

Eugenicists Finally Got Sterilants Put In Drinking Water

Anthrax Lab’s History Of F-ing Around With Explosives

Harvesting Garlic For Natural Medicine

The 4 Main Benefits Of Bentonite Clay

Pot Legalization Hasn’t Led To Increased Teen Use

Teen Dies After 'Routine' Dental Procedure - Vid

Not Flossing Could Have Dire Consequences

Dangerous Food Recalls In Last Few Days

Big Pharma To Blame For Rise Of Deadly Superbugs

Canada Supreme Court - Medical Pot Legal In All Forms

Time To Ban Toxic Flavorings From Processed Foods

GM Moths Field Release Near NY Causes Outrage

World Still Unprepared For Global Pandemic

Enormous Scope Of US Drinking Problem

Fracking Wells Linked To Lower Birth Weights

Can Deep Sleep Fight Alzheimer’s?

Obese & Pregnant - Bad For Mother And Baby

Homeopathics Extremely Helpful For Cancer Patients

Veterans First To Try Cyber Physical Therapy

Cognitive Dissonance & Psycho-Pharmaceutical Ind

Arrhythmias, Heart Problems In A SHTF World

Biotech Co Developing Needle-Free Vaccines

Abbott’s GMO Free Similac Baby Formula

Toothpaste Loaded With Tiny Plastic Beads?

Why Lyme Disease Cases Are Spiking

Body Antenna For Long-Term Patient Monitoring’


Vegan Recipes

High Protein Foods For Vegetarians

Vegan Hummus

Raw Recipe - Avocado Tropical Salsa...Addictive! - Vid

Easy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Dick Allgire - Cook Healthy Fast!

Great Veggie Pizza - Vid

Dick Allgire's Amazing Vegan HEALTHY Bread Pudding - Vid

Coconut Milk Bread Pudding - Vid

Pea Sprout Salad With Vinaigrette - Vid

Security Surrounds Us - Vid

Gee Whiz - Best Low-Fat Vegan 'Cheese' Spread - Vid

Don't Eat Store Salsa, Make Your Own! - Vid



More Data

9-11 Master Archive

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9-11 Ten Years Later

9-11 Nine Years Later


Morgellon's Data Center

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George Carlin

George Carlin - 'I Gave Up On My Species' - Vid

Click Here


At Home With Hitler

1938 Homes & Garden
Magazine Spread


Mars Anomalies

Remote Views Mars

The Man Who
Talks To Animals

Coral Castle

War of the Worlds

The Deadliest Medium Ever
How TV Ruined Your Life - Vid

Click Here

Nano-Chemical Poisoning
Of The World

Aerosol Crimes & Coverup


Depleted Uranium

Click Here

Depleted Uranium
Videos - Important

Bush's DU Nightmare



A US Soldier Remembers Eisenhower's Monstrous Genocide

Satanic Eisenhower's Starvation Order And Genocide

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Mad Cow Data

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Rense UFO Data

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The Museum
of Hoaxes

'Baby Dragon'
In The Bottle

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