You Really Think These Rapists Qualify As 'Human' ?

Is There A Refugee Placement Office In Your Town?

Islam Roots In One Of S America’s Most Violent Cities

Jewish Org Working To Plant Muslims In US Towns

Why Do Jewish Orgs Want Anti-Israel Refugees?

Muslim Invasion Of Europe A Daily Disaster

Austrian Police Foil Terror Attack

Germany Could’ve But Didn’t Stop Berlin Attacker - Why?

Islamist Colonization Of America - A National Security Crisis

DtRH The Muslims Flooding Canada & Those On The Way

Sweden Continues To Hide Muslm Crime Statistics

EU Facing New Wave Of Muslim Invaders In Spring

Time To Stop The Deconstruction Of America

Christian Speaker Brings Cheers Explaining Radical Islam

Muslim Savages Turn Swedish Shopping Center Into No-Go Zone

UN Org Pushes 10,000 More Muslims Into Europe
106,000 More Are Planned In The Next 2 Years


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This Is A Constitutional Amendment We Must Fight For

How To Self Deport Illegals



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J. Edgar Hoover's Forgotten Connections

The Last Twenty Four Hours?

The Death Of The Democrats & Republicans

Oklahoma & Outlaw Territories

San Francisco…An Occupied City

San Francisco Is Gone!

Twenty One Days Until Reality…

Making 'Israel' Great Again?
US Pays $10 Million A Day For Next 10 Yrs

The Fifth Element...A Thousand Traitors

A Gift From Two Presidents To 65 Million Americans?

Bush Jr And Company On Trial In SF?


Jeff With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael On The Greatest Threat To The World - FREE Listen

Did You LikeTrump's Inauguration Speech?

Obama's Homosexual Gay Legacy

Bro Nathanael Video - Trump's First Hundred Days

Don't Move The Embassy Mr Trump!

Jared Kushner...Trump's Court Jew

Putin's A Statesman, Obama's An Ass

Good Riddance Obama

UN Teaches Israel The Law

When The Antichrist Comes

Hey Obama - Hillary Lost, Get Over It


Paul Craig Roberts

Roberts - Lest We Forget...The USS Liberty

Roberts - Trump's Declaration Of War

Roberts - Trump vs The CIA

Roberts - Remember Don Siegelman

Roberts - Is Trump Already Finished?

Roberts - 'Don't Count On Trump Being Inaugurated'

Roberts - Is Trump Beginning To Bend?

Roberts - The Greatest Gift For All

Roberts - Coup Fails, Threat To Trump's Life Rises


Gilad Atzmon

Jeff & Gilad Atzmon - Bibi & The Deal - FREE Listen MP3

Atzmon - Why Did The Al-Jazeera Exposé Fail?

Atzmon - Britain Pulled Stings On UN Settlement Vote

Gilad Atzmon Coming To NYC This Wednesday! - Details

Israel National News Attacks Gilad Atzmon


Preston James, PhD

The Coming War On Pedophilia

The Hidden Truth About Fidel Castro...'The Rest Of The Story'

Currently Deployed Psychotronic Mind-Control Technologies


Prof James Fetzer

Obama's Efforts To Obstruct Trump Transition

More On Michael Robinson Becoming Michelle Obama

Fetzer - US, Intl Experts To Alt Versions Of 9/11 Attacks


Patricia Doyle

Black African Migrants Surge Into US Ahead Of Jan 20

African Sleeping Sickness Now In Maryland

Another Whopper! - Chagas Disease Spread By 'Cardboard Boxes'

Cost Of Illegals - 13 MILLION Said To Have Latent TB In The US


Yoichi Shimatsu

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Pizzagate Update

Yoichi Shimatsu's Stunning PizzaGate Series
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10 - Click Here To Read It All

Rothschild’s TNK-BP Intriguers
Drafted The Trump-Russia Report

Cloud Over Amazon WaPost And
Trumped-Up In Moscow - Pizza 9

Jeff & Yoichi Shimatsu - Pizzagate Coverup Continues

Capriccio For A Sausage Fest By Chef Alefantis - PizzaGate 8

The Latest - Roger Stone Concocted 'PizzaGate' !

Shimatsu Exlclusive - Pedophile Savile Haunts NY Times - PizzaGate 7

Shimatsu Exlclusive - Strange Days In The
Snopes-DHS-ICE Underworld - PizzaGate 6

Shimatsu Exlclusive - For Anyone Who Still Believes Snopes Is An Abuse Victim - PizzaGate 5

For China, Trump’s Rise And Hillary’s Falls Are Not Unpresidented


Frosty Wooldridge

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The Perfect Storm Descending Upon America - Environmental Impact Part 3

Unraveling Our National Identity Via Endless Immigration

Why Trump Won and Hillary Lost


David Duke

Constant Zionist Efforts To Censor Dr. Duke May Result In Some Broken Links

FREE LISTEN - Jeff & David Duke 6.15.16

Baton Rouge…Black Lives Matter...& They Murder - Vid

The Dallas Massacre & The War On Whites - Vid


Robert Steele

Trump Trips, Preibus-Spicer Betrayal, Deception,
Gaslighting & Lies - The War Between To
Alternative Forms Of Fake News

Steele - Trump’s Unforced Errors - Is Preibus Our Judas?

Phantom Phixer - Priebus Betrays Trump…Again

Mongoose - Is 'The Family' Penetrating Donald Trump?
Is a Religious-Criminal Cabal Securing Key Spots?

Donald Trump’s Future — Over Reince Priebus’s DeadBody…

A Message For Trump…And The 73% Who Didn't Vote For Him

Seven Questions Answered For The Outer Dark

Steele - The Soft Coup Collapses…What Next?

Steele - The Trump Briefing: Assessing Russian
Activities And Intentions In Recent US Elections


Gerald Celente

In The Age Of Stupid, Consequences Of Disaster

Celente - Warren Buffett 'Dead Wrong' On US Future!


Dean Henderson

Press TV - Worldwide Trump Fury

Frankenstein’s Oil Can

Frankenstein Blow Back

Bill It To The Oil Sheiks

Press TV Interview - Alice In Wonderland

Poppy Fields Forever

Skull & Bones

The Bilderbergers

Putting The Eggs In One Basket


Mike King - Tomato Bubble

Meet The Man Who REALLY Started World War II

'Proud' To Be An American? Really?

Liberal MacArthur Foundation Kicked Out Of Russia


Charles Smith

Podesta & Ex-CIA Boss Mike Morel Meet 6 Days
Before Morell Testifies On Clinton Emails

Softwar Gift - The Feature Twitter Refused To Add


Jordan Maxwell

FREE Listen - 9-5-16... MP3 File

Congressman Admits US Is A CORPORATION!

America's Youth


Charlotte Iserbyt

Stop Nikki Haley's Appointment As US Amb To The UN

Iserbyt Encore - Trump Should Get Us Out Of The UN

Better Schools…Or A New (Communist) Form Of Government (1956)

Iserbyt Explains Dumbing Down In Schools


Jon Rappoport

The Individual vs Globalism

Reporters Tell Me The Truth Off The Record About The Fake News Biz

One Takeaway From Trump's Inauguration Speech - Gang Carnage

Analyzing Mainstream News Anti-Logic

Who Gave US Uranium To Putin - Trump Or Hillary?

Why Fake News Matters

Will California Secede From The US? I Hope So...

Warning To Trump - Don't Approve GMO, Pesticide FDA Horror Show

My Position On Donald Trump

Intel Agencies Make Living By Lying - Now They're Truthful?


Stephen Lendman

Putin Blasts Anti-Trump Prostitutes

Outgoing CIA Boss Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Deep State Orchestrated Storm Awaits Trump In Office

TrumpCare Nears Completion



We Are In An Age Of Staged Events - Morris

Saintly People All Fight For The Oppressed - Morris

9//11 - A Lie To Say There Was Tons Of Molten Metal - Morris

Attempted Lynching Of Gay Man At Turkish Airport - Morris

Is It Safe Passage For All Aleppo Rebels? - Morris

Israel Bombs Syria - Will Iran Win The War - Morris

Preparing Banana Flower For Health Benefits - Morris

Trump, Iran, Asia - Russia's Concerns


Breaking All The Rules - BATR

Special Privileges For Feds

Patriotism And Civil Disobedience

Soros, Leftist Loons Want A Civil War


Kawther Salam

The 2nd Iranian Trade Conference Exposed US Dirty Play

The Role of Advanced Medicine For The Care Of Refugees


Jay Weidner

Weidner - It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now...

Rense & Weidner - Psychopathic Satanic Evil Everywhere - Vid

Smoking Out The Monster

Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

March 15, 2013 Interview

Chiappalone - Could It Really, REALLY Be The End?

The Scene is Set

Suffering Is Inevitable... Enjoy It! Part 3


John Barbour

John Barbour's Speech, JFK Assassination Conference, November 19, 2016

John Barbour Open Letter To Bernie The Betrayer

Bush Splash


Frosty Wooldridge Adventures

Learning To Live Above Your Demons

A River Runs Through It


Matt Barber

The Myth Called 'Race'

Hillary’s Fall - Specs, Lies And Video


Dave Martin

Post Gives Away 'Sucker-Punch' Game

DC Dave - The BBC Wanted Me

American Academia Scrapes Bottom

DC Dave On Post Sucker Punch Story

The Case of the Death of Vincent Foster, Part 5

The Fayetteville 'Sucker Puncher’s' Last Stand

Was Vince Foster's Murder PizzaGate Related?


Professor Doom

Eastern Michigan U - Mandatory Black Studies

Colleges Attack "Toxic" Masculinity

Student Debt Doubles Under Obama - Fake News Spins It

Trump to Stop Campus Sex Police?

Football Tickets For College = 0.7% Graduation

Trump U Opens Up $20 Trillion Higher Educ Suit


Dave Lindorff

Is Sanders’ End Game To Sell Out His 'Revolution’?

Dem Convention Delegates Story Nobody Mentions

The Problem Is That Clinton IS Qualified For Pres


Xaviant Haze

Robin Williams Death From Autoerotic Asphysixia?

The Secret History Of Laurel Canyon

Dr. Ed Ward, MD

Happy 13th Year And 514th Day Anniversary Of US Treasons - Too Many to Count All

Boston Bombing Treason - Four Important Articles

First Israeli Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?


Ted Twietmeyer

Cartel Wars Coming To The US-Mexico Border?

Many Now Fear Common Sense...Or Simply Ignore It

Mammogram Found A Tumor? What YOU Need To Know

Simone Can Teach The World A Serious Lesson


Barbara Peterson

The Game Is Rigged - InfoGraphic


I.C.U.P. Inc. – Where Employees Are Paid To Work, Not Pee

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

I Woke Up Today


 Joe Tells It Straight

JoeTalk - Angels

JoeTalk - Commie

JoeTalk - It's Coming…

JoeTalk - UFO

JoeTalk - All Quiet Before The Storm

JoeTalk - All Is Not Well...

JoeTalk - Down And Out 007

JoeTalk - A Warning For Trump 1/2

JoeTalk - America On Fire 1/2

JoeTalk - America On Fire 2/2


Betty Martini

Eat, Drink, & Be Buried - Aspartame Is A Carcinogen

Open Petition - FTC - Obesity, Death From Aspartame

Korea Requires New Strict GMO Labeling -
India Considers Aspartame Ban

India Health Min Asked To Reverse Aspartame
Approval To Protect 1.25 Billion Indians

Aspartame Diet Drinks PREVENT Weight Loss

Victory Over Aspartame In California - Prop 65


Jill Henderson

A Bygone Bee Gum

Ozarks Green In December


Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer


E.T. Williams - The Dr. Of Common Sense

ET Williams - Americans Must Prepare For War

Obama Apologizes For Hiroshima - What About Pearl?


Anthony Lawson - (Five Stars - Rense)

In Memory Of Anthony Lawson - Vid

Anthony Lawson's Last Video - Sexual Consent & Israel's Biggest Lie - Vid

Friends Of Israel Are Enemies Inside The Gates - Vid


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State Dept Says #1

Declared Communist
Goals In US - Familiar?

The Eve Of Destruction

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Spilling The Beans -
The Trouble With Soy

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Danger, Potential
- Vid

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2012...The End Of 
Life As We Know It?

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Climate Change Catastrophe
Took 6 Months

Benjamin Freedman -
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An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 1/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 2/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 3/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 4/4

Jesus Was NOT A Jew -
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Confessions Of A
KGB Master Spy

How A Zionist-Communist Takeover Happens - Vid

The Dark Side
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Turkey - Stunning UFO
Video - The Best Ever?

140 Years Of UFO
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140 Years Of UFO
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140 Years Of UFO
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Betty Martini
Toxic Aspartame

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Cell Phone Dangers

The Hidden Dangers Of
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Brain Tumors From Cell
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UK Schools Outlawing
WiFi In The Classroom

Secret Report On Cell
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12 Basic Life-Saving
Cell Phone Use Precautions

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Bare Naked Islam

Refugee Resettlement Watch - Tracking The Invasion

Listen - Dr Leonard Coldwell Details The Staggering Death Of
Germany By Globalist Sub-Human Muslim Invader Savages

Is There A Refugee Placement Office In Your Town?

Islam Roots In One Of S America’s Most Violent Cities

Muslim Invasion Of Europe A Daily Disaster

Pay Muslims In US To Go Home?

Austrian Police Foil Terror Attack

Germany Could’ve But Didn’t Stop Berlin Attacker - Why?

Islamist Colonization Of America - A National Security Crisis

DtRH The Muslims Flooding Canada & Those On The Way

Sweden Continues To Hide Muslm Crime Statistics

EU Facing New Wave Of Muslim Invaders In Spring

Time To Stop The Deconstruction Of America

Christian Speaker Brings Cheers Explaining Radical Islam

The Islamic Invasion Of Australia


Jeff & Charlie Smith - A US-China Head-On Collision Coming?

Roberts - Are Americans Racists?

Trump Trips, Preibus-Spicer Betrayal, Deception,
Gaslighting & Lies - The War Between Two
Alternative Forms Of Fake News

Stop Nikki Haley's Appointment As US Amb To The UN

Trump - 'We Are Imposing A Very Major Border Tax'
And Will Cut Regulations By 75%

US Exit From The UN Could Become Reality

Spicer…The New Sheriff Shakes Up The WH Press Room

Reporters Tell Me Off The Record About Fake News

Another Huge Trump Win For America
GM To Invest One Billion In US

The Deep State In The Age Of Trump


1 In 3 Californians Support CALEXIT

NY Slimes Takes Offense To 'America First'

CNN Top Exec Delivers Veiled Threat To Trump

Priebus Blasts Lying, Dirtbag, Dishonest Media

Foreigners Are Dumping US Debt At Record Pace

The Dollar Index Is At A Crucial Level

Celebs Threatening Trump Doesn’t Help

Is There A Refugee Placement Office In Your Town?

Islam Roots In One Of S America’s Most Violent Cities

Germans In The Antarctic, Before, During & After WW2

Hawaiians - Zuckerberg Is The Face Of Neocolonialism

Downing Street Hid Severe Trident Missile Malfunction

Why We Need School Choice


Asteroid Mining Sounds Hard, Right?

Physicists Make Something From Nothing

Science Of Preventing Dangerous Psychopathy

A New 'Flesh-Eating Parasite' In Oz

Animated Maps To Change How You See World

My Unhappy 48 Hours As An Astronaut

Massive Solar Storm Could Wreck Global Economy

25 Animals Scientists Want To Bring Back

Top 10 Free Alternatives To Expensive Software

Roswell - What's Next?

Increased Transparency Via Intel Records

Driving Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway

Br Nathanael - Did You Like
Trump's Inauguration Speech?


Trump Declares War On Regulations & Offshoring Jobs

S/S To Investigate Madonna's Threats On Trump

Trump vs America's Media Deplorables

SNL Writer Tweets Barron Trump Will Be
America’s ‘First Homeschool Shooter’

GOP Senators Roll Out Obamacare Replacement Bill

There’s A Capitalist Living In The White House

A Key To Trump's Presidency - Ending American Empire

Trump Pledges To Address Nonexistent Iran Threats

Hacked NYT Tweet Warns Of 'Russian Attack On US'

US Exit From The UN Could Become Reality

The Coverup - Clinton Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice


Dems Postpone Vote On DeVos As Education Secy

Nutcase Woman Slashed Trump Sign Because...

Scott Baio Says Attacked By Anti-Trump Protesters

Trump, Egypt’s Al-Sisi Talk Fighting Terrorism

Trump To Keep Obama’s ‘Beautiful’ Letter Secret

Cartel Wars Coming To The US-Mexico Border?

ALIPAC Asks Trump To Re-Open WH Comment Line

DtRH - Inauguration Of The 45th American President - pdf

America's Maidan Rears Its Head

Karl Rove's Prophecy

The Trump Speech That No One Heard

US Probed Trump Natl Security Advisor Flynn On Russia

Top Dem Wants Bill To Stop Trump
From Relaxing Sanctions On Russian


Obama’s Classmate Leads Lawsuit
Against Trump On Day One

Wiki Calls On Hackers To Leak Trump's Tax Returns

The Individual vs Globalism

Nancy Sinatra Slams CNN, Congratulates Trump

The Perfect Storm Descending Upon
America, Pt 3 - Environmental Impact

12 Yr Old Muslim Arrested Planning Terror In Austria

The Battle For Deir Ezzor, Syria

Russian Warplanes Fly First Joint Mission With
US Aircraft, Kremlin Says But Pentagon Denies

Russia, Turkey Hit ISIS Targets In Aleppo province

Six Russian Tu-22 Long-Range Bombers Hit ISIS

US Spent $11 Billion To Bomb ISIS – Pentagon

USS Carrier George H. W. Bush Back In Mideast

Ergogan Seeks Powers To Stay In Office Until 2029

Saudi Gets 7 Years For 'Insulting’ Kingdom

EX Israeli FM Cancels Brussels Trip
Threatened With War Crimes Arrest


Cultures And Civilizations Are Based On Dogmas - Morris

Trump Fires Up Europe's Anti-Establishment Movement

Hungarian PM Calls Trump’s Remark On Nations A Great Gift

Swedish Pol Quits After Suggest5ing Trump Be Shot

Swedish Woman Gang-Rapred Live On Facebook

Netherlands PM - Those Whio Don't Honor Customs Must Go

French Socialist Primary Winner Proposes Tax On
Robots, Universal Income, Right Of Foreigners To Vote

A Balkans Crisis Made In EU

Belgrade Breathes Easier As Trump's Win
Marks End to Clinton Era Interventionism

UK Univ Scientists Consider 'Vaccine' Against Fake News

Russia Could Wipe Out Brit Army In One Afternoon

UK Opp Demands Disclosure Of Nuclear Missile Failure


Cameron ‘Names Birds After Boris Johnson & Shoots Them’

Organisms Created w/Synthetic DNA = New Life Forms

Why Do Hollywood Villains Often Have English Accents?

Eastern Michigan U - MANDATORY Black Studies

Wall St Traders 'Should Have Been
Jailed' For 2008 Financial Crisis'

China's 'Carl Icahn" Hedge Fund Billionaire
Sentenced To Five And A Half Years In Prison

Foxconn May Build $7 Billion Display Factory In US

Putin Offers Domestic Airlines To Buy Russian Jets

Norwegian Bank Offers Muslims Interest-Free Loans

How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists

Why Davos CEOs Think They Can Control Trump

H7N2 Confirmed Cats Increase To 386


Trump Signs Order Pulling US Out Of TPP Trade Deal

Trump - No War vs Russia…Our War Is Here
At Home Against The Establishment

Trump Vows To Move Quickly On NAFTA
Closer To Moving Embassy To Jerusalem

Trump Batters Brussels - Warns Them To Stop
'EU Army' Plans Or Lose All NATO Funding

Steele - Trump’s Unforced Errors – Is Preibus Our Judas?

Priebus - We Will Not Let Media Delegitimize Trump

Trump May Be Waffling On Illegal 'Dreamers' - Bad Sign

A UK Trident Nuke Misfired And Veered Toward FL

Roberts - Lest We Forget...The USS Liberty

The Netanyahu Investigations

Clearly Manipulated Anti-Trump Protests

Soros Funded 50 Organizations In Women’s DC March

Deadly Storms In South Leave At Least 18 Dead

Evacs Ordered - Biggest SoCal Storm In Years

CA Goes From Drought To Deluge


Rothschild Family Wealth Is Five Times
That Of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined

Do Psychopaths Run The World?

Eugenics, Pop Control To Save Planet - Berkeley Prof

New Science - DNA Begins As A Quantum Wave

New CIA Docs Reveal Black Budget 'Project
Star Gate' To Study 'Supernatural' Abilities

Popular Selfie App Sending User Data To China

SuperVolcano In North Korea Is Set To Erupt

AK Woman Builds Beautiful Tiny Home In Forest

Ten Atomic Clocks Have Failed On ESA Galileo

Israel Is Running Out Of Marijuana

New Star Really Sign Of A Messiah For Israel?


Mississippi Tornado Wreaks Havoc

It's Freezing Inside…That Tornado?

5 Perennials Preppers Should Consider

Europe’s Deep Freeze Of 1709

First Photo Of A 'Wavemaker Moon'
Hiding In Saturn's Rings

Your Pillow May Be Causing Your Allergies

Watch Woman Kicked Off Plane For
Bashing Trump Supporter

CIA Release Mass Of Classified UFO Documents

Eerie UFO Puzzles Residents Of Segovia, Columbia

UFO Filmed Over the Ocuviri District, Perú

NASA Scientists Prepare For Life On Mars


MSM & NYT Scam Public With Inaugural Photos - Disgusting

Trump Blasts Fake News Over Inaugural Figures

Clearly Manipulated Anti-Trump Protests

Escobar - How The Trump Presidency Will Play Out

Trump’s Speech At Langley ‘Deeply Saddened’ Brennan
...And Wahabist Brethren And Paymasters?

Trump At Langley

CIA Tries To 'Edit The Past' With Release
Of Declassified Documents On Internet

Iserbyt Encore - Trump Should Get Us Out Of The UN

Kirwan - Is This The Mask…Or The Man?

BBC Says Hackers Tweeted Trump Had Been Shot


Pope Pedo Warns World Of 'Hitler-Like' Leaders

Fierce Backlash As Woman Suggests Killing Trump

Nigeria Arrests 65 At Pro-Trump Rally

German Press - 'That Was No Presidential
Speech...That Was A Declaration Of War'

Asian Media Warns Of Conflict, Economic
Turmoil Under 'Trump World Order'

Exposing The 'Fake News' Censorship Industry

Fake News About 'Love' For Obamacare?

America's Real 'Division' (Summarized In 100 Seconds)

Henderson - Hysteria, Confusion Over Trump

Two Americas Clash On Inauguration Day - Pics

Madonna - 'I Have Thought An Awful Lot
About Blowing Up The White House'


Ashley Judd And Madonna Go Low At Women's March

Not Again - Trump’s Baker Accused Of
Plagiarizing Obama’s Inauguration Cake

Jewish Org Working To Plant Muslims In US Towns

Why Do Jewish Orgs Want Anti-Israel Refugees?

Israel OKs 550 More Illegal 'Settler' Homes In Jerusalem

Obama Fdn Dominated By Business & Finance Execs

UK Covered-Up Trident ICBM Launch Failure Off US

Russia Developing Weapons Based On New Physics

Russia To Keep Missiles In Kaliningrad Amid
NATO Plans to Create Missile System

'Russia Against Meddling In Affairs Of Other Countries'

China Is Changing The MidEast’s Geopolitical Dynamics


China Hits Back Over Sec State Tillerson Island Remarks

Syria Peace Talks To Begin Monday

Russian Long Range Bombers Hit ISIS Positions

Assad On Astana Peace Talks

Russian Sappers Destroy 25,000 Explosives In Aleppo

Russia In No Discussions Of Creating Bases In Libya

Madsen - ‘Billion-Year’ Gambian President Installed By CIA

Facial Recog To Replace Passports In Oz Airports

Ukraine May Get New President - Another Oligarch

Will 2017 Be The Year Europe Wakes Up?

New Online Generation Take Up Holocaust Denial

Israel Conference Ended By Complaints Of Irish Jews


British Tanks In Channel Tunnel A 'Cheap Stunt'

Sinister Agenda Behind The Washington War On Cash

Visualizing The Global War On Cash

Public Employee Unions Guarantee Natl Bankruptcy

Press TV - US Hysteria, Confusion Over Trump

Game Over For Nuclear Power In New York?

Saudi Minister - 1.5m BpD Of Oil Now Off The Market

2,900 Evac As Huge Fire Hits Japan Petro Plant

Countries Must Have Chance To Leave Euro - Le Pen

Draghi - Countries Can Leave Eurozone But Must Pay-Up First

Mom Convicted Of Homeschooling Not Bending

8.4 Quake Hits Off Papua New Guinea


Bill Clinton Sounded Exactly LIke
Trump In 1995 - Did Nothing

Aerial Views Of Women's Marches In Cities Across US

Theresa May To Meet With Trump In WH On Jan 27

Muslim Invasion Of Europe A Daily Disaster

Internet Flips Over GW Bush's Inaugural Remarks

Trump Speaks At CIA - Audience Applauds
When He Blasts The Fake News MSM

Spicer Blasts MSM For 'Reckless...False Reporting'

Phantom Phixer - Priebus Betrays Trump…Again

Mongoose - Is 'The Family' Penetrating Donald Trump?
Is a Religious-Criminal Cabal Securing Key Spots?

Watching The Major Media Commit Suicide

Richard Spencer Punched In Face By Protester In DC

On His Way Out The Door, Obama Bombs Libya

Words That Had Never Been In An
Inaugural Address, Until Trump

Melania’s Hometown In Slovenia Celebrates

Melania, Ivanka And Tiffany Trump Dazzle


Did Hillary Just Catch Bill Checking Out Ivanka Trump?

Shimatsu - PizzaGate Series, Part 10

Kirwan - J. Edgar Hoover's Forgotten Connections

Does Putin = Hitler? You Decide

Tehran Bldg Owner Executed For Israeli Support - Morris

Italian Hotel’s Too-True Earthquake
Avalanche Horror Story

Can Science Prove The Existence Of God?

Chicken Pox Vax Permanently Disabled Young Boy

Crop Chemical Makes Bees Open To Deadly Viruses

Astounding Origins Of Every Atom In Your Body

8.0 Quake Hits Solomon Islands


Watching The Major Media Commit Suicide

State Dept Won't Hold Daily Press Briefings Next Week

Hundreds Of Thousands In Anti-Trump Celeb Protests

Trump Supporters Blocked At Inaugural Checkpoints

Ohio State Offers Snowflakes Inauguration 'Safe Space'

Obama Admits No Evidence On How Wiki Got DNC Leaks


Trump's Top Priorities

Trump Lays Out Policy Priorities For First 100 Days
On New, Revamped White House Internet Site

NYT Editors Bash Trump's Inaugural Address

Hannity - Left Wing Media Stunned That Trump Hits Back

Lowlife WaPo Rains On Trump's Inaugural Parade

One Takeaway From Trump's Speech - Gang Carnage

Trump Hard At Work On Inauguration Day

Trump Admin To Embrace Shale Oil & Gas Revolution

Trump Committed To US Independence From OPEC Oil

Trump To Pull US Out Of TPP, Renegotiate NAFTA

Trump To Eliminate Obama's Climate Action Plan

Churchill’s Bust Back In Oval Office

Roberts - Trump's Declaration Of War

Hear Oates Reverse Speech Analysis
Of Donald Trump's Inauguration Speech

Trump Administration Relations With Russia

Trump Orders Freeze On Regulatory Changes
Until His Cabinet Heads Are Confirmed

Trump And A New Gold-Backed Dollar

Sidestepping The Military Leviathan

Trump, Kissinger & Ma On A Crowded Chessboard

Indiana YMCA Bans CNN Over Complaints
About Constant Barrage Of Fake News

Vile, Despicable CNN Caught Lying Twice
About Trump On Inauguration Day!

CIA Planned To Hand Falklands To Argentina


Complicated Sig Sauer P320 - The F-35 Of Pistols?

Pay Muslims In US To Go Home?

100s Of India Battle Tanks To Pakistan Border

Construction Crane Collapses On Japan's Takahama NPP

Turkey Hopes Trump Will Extradite Gulen

Second Rocket Attack In Istanbul

Watch Mass Brawl In Turkish Parliament After MP Protest

Israel Crosses Into Lebanon To Place Spy Gear

Bulgarian NGOs Plot Color Revolution

Austrian Police Foil Terror Attack

Germany Could’ve But Didn’t Stop Berlin Attacker - Why?

Police Taser Their Own Race Relations Adviser In Bristol


Global GeoEngineering News Alert 1-21-17

Criminal Insiders In Institutions - Filipino
Professor On The Duterte Revolution

Tehran Staged News An Initiation Price? - Morris

Frankenstein’s Oil Can

Russia's Gold Reserves Top 1,614 Tons

First Commercial Fusion Reactor Ready By 2027

Months, Not Weeks, Before A Trump-Putin Meeting

Americans See Last 4 Presidents As Illegitimate

Trump Didn't Create Divisions In The Nation

Trump Stuns Young Man At Ball In Borrowed Suit

In First EO, President Trump Orders Agencies
To Ease Obamacare Burden On Americans

A-51 & Other Secrets Trump About To Discover

Millions Of CIA Docs Reveal UFO Investigations

Vatican Has ET Truth…Are They Ready To Reveal It?

John Lewis Didn’t Pay Taxes On $1 Million DC Townhouse

Nexium - The Dark Side Of Pharma

Plants Have An 'Ear' For Music

Oates - Reverse Speech Analysis
Of Donald Trumps Inauguration

President Trump Goes Right To Work, Signing EOs

Cars Burned, Windows Smashed In Inauguration Violence

100s Arrested InInauguration Clashes With DC Police

Anti-Trump Protests Across US And Worldwide

Obama Drove Up US Debt 86% To 20 TRILLION Dollars

Hillary BUSTS Bill Ogling Melania Trump!

Trump - 'From This Day Forward, It Will Be America First'

Trump To Sign Executive Orders Immediately

President Donald Trump

Russia's Premier Blasts Obama

Buchanan - New President, New World

Roberts - Trump vs The CIA


Why Outsiders Need Insiders To Get Anything Done

Trump Team Prepares Budget Cuts For State, Others

Kirwan - The Last Twenty Four Hours?

CNN Is Hiring An 'Angry' 'Fake News' Reporter
'Must Know The Darkest Corners Of The Web'

CNN Sinks To New Low

Why Readers Shouldn’t Trust Staff Reporters

Obama Presidency ‘Shameful, Ridiculous' - Russia

Post Gives Away 'Sucker-Punch' Game

PizzaGate Not Going Away - CBS Airs Great
Overview Asking Important Questions - Vid

Sick Soros - Trump A 'Would-Be Dictator', May Won't Last


Obama New Single-Day Clemency Mark On Last Day

'Obama…Only Nobel Winner To Drop 100,000 Bombs

Does Michael Moore Matter Anymore?

Gov Moonbeam Admits $1.5 Billion Budget 'Math Error'

Facebook Zuckerberg Filing Lawsuits In Hawaii

Assange ‘Stands By’ US Extradition Offer
Promises Big Publishing Year Ahead

Alibaba Founder Accuses US Of Spending
Trillions On War Instead Of On Its People

US Bombing Everything Except ISIS Fighters Attacking City

Paul - Neocon Senate Axis To Spend $5 Trillion On Military

Are NATO Members Paying Their Fair Share? NO

US Launches Rocket To Defeat Missiles From Space

Israel Introduces Arrow-3 Missile Interceptor System

Germany Sending Troops For NATO Anti-Russia Force

Japan, S Korea, US Drills To Counter NK Missile Threat

CIA's Role In Financial Markets EXPOSED

CIA Memos Reveal Probes Into Gold Manipulation

Nobel Winner Tells Davos US Should Dump Currency

Brazil Supreme Court Justice Presiding Over
Carwash Corruption Scandal Dies In Plane Crash

China Robot Reporter Writes Article In One Second

Russia Get Cyber Attacks From UK, Germany & US

Inhuman Isis Fighters Destroy Part Of
Beautiful Ancient Roman Theater In Palmyra

Syria - Unknown Assailants Kill 9 ISIS Fighters In House

Gabbard Visits Damascus In Unannounced Syria Trip

3 Dead, 20 Hurt As Car Rams Oz Pedestrians

Euro Space Chief - Moon Villages Coming ‘Rather Soon’


Trump Taking Charge As 45th American President

Violent Ptotests In Major US Cities Before Inauguration

Bashing Trump on His Day of Days

We Are In An Age Of Staged Events - Morris

Hero Patriot Wolfgang Halbig - I Am 70 Years Old
And Now Labeled A 'Domestic Classified Terrorist'


Trump Joined By Stunning Melania
At Pre-Inauguration Dinner - Vid

Obama Signs16 Exec Orders On Last Day

Police Body Cams Shut Down For Inauguration

Two Radiation Spikes In Washington DC ? - Image 1

Two Radiation Spikes In Washington DC ? - Image 2

Outgoing CIA Boss Hypes Fake Russian Threat

Soros Says He Wants To See Trump Fail

Tehran Bldg Collapse Staged Threat To Trump? - Morris

Trump Truck Trumps Anti-Trumpers At DeploraBall

Roberts - Remember Don Siegelman

Obamacare Disaster - How Badly Will Congress 'Fix It'

Donald Trump Wax Figure Unveiled

Alt-Media To Be Let In To WH News Confs

Sub-Human ISIS Destroys Part Of
Ancient Roman Theater In Palmyra


How East, West Think Profoundly Differently

Secret CIA Tests - TV Psychic DID Have Powers

The End Of The Obama World Order

Saying Goodbye To Worst President Ever

GOP PizzaGate Truther Hosting
Atlanta’s CBS Nightly News

A Dating Site For Trump Supporters

Your DNA Can Be Studied Without Permission

The Coldest Village On Earth

How Would We Make First Formal
Contact With ET Aliens?

NASA's Strange, Expensive Dilemma w/Russia

3 Ways Prepping Pays Off Right Now

Right-Wing EU Populist Leaders To Meet In Germany

Br Nathanael - Obama's Homosexual Gay Legacy


DC Cops Stripped Of Body Cams For inauguration - WHY?

Close Clinton Family Friend Threatens To Kill
Trump Says 'Im Following Orders'

Why Jan 20th Is Inauguration Day

A Divided Country Awaits President Donald Trump

CNN - If Trump Killed During Inauguration
Obama Appointee Would Be President

Man Planning To Kill Trump Hillary Close Friend

WaPost Rains On Trump's Inauguration Day Parade

DtRH - Inauguration Day…Hooray, Mr. Trump!

The 5 Craziest Hours In The White House


Trump's Handlers Now In Place - Morris

Trump's Director National Intel - A Dire Wolf For Jesus

Trump Intelligence - Sometimes Really Big Lies Are Good

Trump Team To Return 20% Of Unused Funding

Clinton Family Friend Charged After Threat
To Kill President Donald Trump On Twitter

Does A Rogue Deep State Have Trump's Back?

Trump Again - Lockheed Cuts F-35 Price To Below $100m

New CIA Rules Allow Operatives To Remain
Covert Within US Organizations

The End Of The Obama World Order

McCain's Hypocrisy Has No Bounds

Dataminr Shuts RT Access To Twitter News Tool

FB Blocks RT From Posting Until After Inauguration


Facebook Fires First In Fake War On Fake News

RT FB Restrictions Follow Complaint From RFE/RL Project

FB, Google Refuse To Help Bundestag
Inquiry Into NSA Activity In Germany

CNN President Says CNN Credibility Higher Than Ever (!)

Obama - 'The Whole Notion Of 'Vote Fraud' Is Fake News (!)

Kerry Reinvents Ruthless Obama Admin History

When Reality TV Programming Masquerades As Politics

Obama's Painful Long Goodbye

New Obama Guidelines On CIA Use Of Info On Us

Obama Rejects Clemency For Leonard Peltier

Webb - Braverman, Haiti And Me

Black African Migrants Surge Into US Ahead Of Jan 20

Islamist Colonization Of America - A National Security Crisis

DtRH The Muslims Flooding Canada & Those On The Way

Will Trump Stop Aiding ISIS And Other Terrorists?

Imagining A Sanders Presidency On January 20

Here's How Google Tracks You
(And What You Can Do About It)

NATO Chief Warns Of Big Rise In Cyber Attacks On It

Germany Wary Of Russia CyberHits - But No Proof

Spain Detains Vacationing Russian Programmer For FBI

Dodd - Satanic Influence Heavy In Education

How Did The DOD End Up In My Child's Classroom?

Up To Their Scrambled Eggs In Alligators

Young American Avg Net Worth is Negative $17,612

Feds Massively Fabricating Student Loan Default Data

Huh? US, Russia Jets In 'Mock Dogfight' Over A-51

US Tried To Recruit Russian Diplomat Jan 14 - Moscow

Moscow Denies Obama’s Claim On Nukes
Says It is Always Ready To Cut Nuclear Arms

China Urges US To Bar Taiwan Delegation From Inauguration

China On Alert For 'Death Of Night' Trump Tweets

Chinese ‘Hack-Proof’ Satellite Put Into Service

US B-2 Bombers Strike ISIS Camps In Libya

Russia Invites US To Syria Talks In Astana - Lavrov

China To Provide More Aid To Syria

Mass Graves Of ISIS Victims Found Near Damascus

Gym Selfies Put Iranian Bodybuilding Beauty In Jail

20 Firefighters Dead - Fire Drops Iran's Oldest Highrise

Soros Teaming Up With MasterCard to 'Help' Muslims

Can Saudi Arabia Survive With Oil Below $60?

Iran, China To Ink Refinery Upgrade Deal

CIA Finan Markets Role Exposed By Docs Release

Israel Bolsters Maritime Defense In Oil, Gas Zone

The Truth About Venezuela's 'Economic War'

Davos - A Stark Warning On Capitalism's Excesses


Heard At Davos - This Is One Of The Most Dangerous Times

British Tanks Sent Thru Channel Tunnel To Prep For War

Pak Threatens To Use Nukes In Case Of India Agression

India Considers Changing Military Doctrine

Dozens Of Human Traffickers Jailed in India

Indian Minister Wants Visa Ban On Foreign Pedophiles

Still Got The Blues In Vienna

Finnish Police Urge Kids To Rat Out Parents

Colleges Attack 'Toxic' Masculinity

Uganda Patient Symptoms Linked To H5 Exposure

Man Convicted Of Killing Family Is Executed In VA

Colleges Attack 'Toxic' Masculinity


Outrage As Obama Frees FALN Terror Leader

Roberts - Donald Trump vs The CIA

When Will Trump Be President (Officially)?

Trump & The History Of The Atlantic Alliance

Trump Warns Canada, Mexico He Will
Begin NAFTA Renegotiation

Snowden's Lawyer Appeals To Trump

Girl Scouts To March In Trump Inauguration Parade


Soros - The Man Behind The Mayhem

Puerto Rico Government Could Collapse

Russia, US Mulling Joint Mission To Venus

Clouds On Venus Hide A 'Bizarre' Anomaly

Complex Life On Earth At Least Once Before

When Are You Too Stoned To Drive?

Flint - How Safe Is America’s Water Supply?

8 Surprising Facts About
The Deepest Part Of The Ocean

80 Dolphins Die Off The Coast Of Florida

Marijuana By The Numbers

Some Oz Apex Black Muslims To Be Deported


Anonymous Warns Trump - ‘You'll Regret The Next 4 Years’

Deplorables Out Organizer Of Inauguration Disruption
Plot Leader As Potential #PizzaGate Pedo

Trump Plans 20% Cut Of Federal Work Force

NAFTA ‘Logical’ First Trade Priority For Trump Team

Trump Right Again - Top NATO
Gen Says Alliance Is Obsolete

Trump Announces Plans For Military Parades In Big Cities

Rex Tillerson, Biggest Gator In The Swamp

Trump Pick For UN Amb Questions US Funding Of UN

UN Resolution On Israeli 'Settlements' Was A
'Terrible Mistake' - US Ambassador Nominee

Bashing Trump's Justifiable Outrage
Over Disgraceful Press Coverage

Rothschild-Israeli Obsession With Nuclear Weapons

NYT Bashes Trump's NATO And EU Critique


The Beatification Of Barack Obama

Idiot Biden Calls Russia Threat To World Order

Russian Attempts To Meddle in Europe
Democracy Should Be Expected - Biden

Russia Is 'Tearing Down World Order - US UN Amb

US Demagogues Hype Nonexistent Russian Threat

Trump Opponents Ignore US Fascism
Wrapped In The American Flag

Russia Shares Trump's Stance On Cooperation- Lavrov

Obama - Denying Hacking By Russia Insults US Intel

Ex-US Intel Agents Demand Evidence Of Russia Hacking

A Foreign Nation Did Interfere In A US Election In 1980

UK, GR, FR ‘Grossly Interfered’ In US Election - Russia

Obama's Chelsea Manning 'Pardon' Proves
Russian Election Hack Story Was One Big Lie

Manning Paid Big Price For Exposing Iraq War Crimes

Bro Nathanael Video - Trump's First Hundred Days

Russian Arms Foundry Mints One Kilo Silver
'In Trump We Trust’ Commemorative Coin


Snowden Legal Grounds To Be Russian Citizen

Ben Swann CBS News Covers PizzaGate

WaPost Just Blew The Lid Off PizzaGate

LA Satanic Temple Hosts First Black Mass

Ex US AG Dirtbag Holder To Work For CA
To Protect 'Sanctuary Cities' Against Trump

Carlos Slim Launching US TV Channel 'For Mexicans'

US Journalists Fear 'Aggressive Behavior' Towards Press

RT Starts Broadcasting Within UN HQ

Gun Owners vs Social Justice Warriors

George Soros - The Not So Mysterious Donor

CIA Releases 13 Million Pages Of Documents
Including Psychic Experiments, UFO Research

Lights Go Out On Biden In Davos Speech!


Limp Duck Obama Gives Half Billion To Climate Fund

Obama Pardons US General Who Leaked Secrets
On Cyber Attack Of Iran Nuke Program

56 Years Ago Today, Eisenhower Warned Americans
Of The Unwarranted Influence Of The Deep State

Russian, Turk Air Forces First Joint Anti-ISIS Op In Syria

ISIS Cuts Off Deir ez-Zor Airbase, Threatens 120,000

UN ‘Appalled’ At Bahrain Execution Of Activists

Iraq Urges Full Inquiry Into 2003 US-Led 'Occupation'

Sao Paulo’s Streets Burn As Protesters Throw Molotovs

China Supercomputer To Be As Powerful As Human Brain

Russia Gets Multibillion-Dollar Iran Projects

$25 Trillion Needed To Meet Future Oil Demand

Airbus Plans To Test Flying Car In 2017

Greece Sells Its National Railway Operator To Italy

EU Imports 15x From Illegal Israeli Settlements Than Pals


Jamie Dimon - 'The Euro Zone May Not Survive'

Lagarde Urges Wealth Redistrib To Fight Populism

EU Needs Independent Defense, Says French PM

Portland, OR 7th City To Sue Monsanto Over PCBs

Environmental Killing Becomes A Medical Disease

More Than 500 Potential Victims In Soccer Sex Abuse

Indian Serial Pedo With Over 700 Victims - No Remorse

Boris Johnson Compares French President To Nazi Guard

Sweden Continues To Hide Muslm Crime Statistics

EU Facing New Wave Of Muslim Invaders In Spring

New Italy Quakes Disrupt Transport, Close Schools

Probe Detects Massive Gravity Wave Over Venus

Russian Scientists Debunk Tunguska Meteorite Theory


Disc Near Navy Carrier - Stunning Video

Jeff Rense & William Tompkins On 'Solar Warden'

'Unprecedented' Inauguration Threats Expected By S/S

What To Expect From The Trump Admin

Deep State Storm Awaits Trump In Office

Russia Wants To Talk To Trump About
Nuclear, Hypersonic & Space Weapons

Will There Be War On The Streets Of DC?

Anti-Trump Morons Planning 'Stink Bombs' At Ball

CIA Director Slams Trump For Slamming CIA


Analysis & Almost Kushner Presidency - Morris

Manning Commutation Leads To Assange Extradition?

Interior Nominee Disputes Trump On Climate Change

F-35 Turkey Crisis Soars To $1.5 TRILLION

F-35 Is UNFIT For Combat Ops - Pentagon
This Junkpile Still Has Over 276 Defects

Pentagon Program Trained Torturers, Rapists

Mom And Dad Hid A Terrible ISIS Secret

IMF Boosts Growth Forecast, Cites Trump Effect

The Psyop To The Rebel

$25,000 Offered To Debunk Pizzagate

Euro Crisis Deepens

Frank Zappa On Steve Allen

Obscene Wealth Of Eight Mega-Billionaires


Frankenstein Blow Back

US Considering Miniature Nuclear Reactors

Politicians Make Bootlegging Great Again

25 Rare Muhammad Ali Photos

How To Save Old Laptop With A Free OS

New Icy Island Forms As Arctic Glacier Retreats

Secrets Of Puebla Tunnels

Man Who Tried To Photograph Thoughts, Dreams

We Lost 7% Of Wild Areas In 15 Years

Scientists Engineer Animals With Ancient Genes

The Resurrection Of Mother

Depression Is New Obesity For The Heart

Spanish Bankers Sent To Jail


Trump Interviewed On Fox 3 Days Before Inauguration

Obama To Pardon Chelsea Manning

Secret Service Taking Extraordinary Measures
Overt 'Unprecedented' Inauguration Threats

Ads Offer Protesters $2500 To Wreck Trump Inauguration

Weapons Caches Found Stashed In DC

5 Signs Something Going Down On Inauguration Day

Report - Planned Terrorist Attack On US Border Friday?

Analyzing Mainstream News Anti-Logic

New ABC-WaPost Poll Shows Drop In Trump Favorability
(Courtesy Of Aggressive Oversampling !)

Outgoing CIA Boss Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat


Putin Warns Of 'Maidan-Style' Attempt To Delegitimize
Trump - Doesn't Believe Trump Used Hookers In Moscow

Putin Blasts Anti-Trump Prostitutes

Putin - Those Behind Trump Leak 'Worse Than Prostitutes''

Neocon John McCain Restoring American Power Madness

BBC Trump-Kremlin Doc Like Austin Powers Film - Galloway

Facebook 'Fake News' Plan 'Brutal Attack On Free Speech'

Buchanan - Reagan & Trump…American Nationalists

Trump As Lightning Rod - Not Just For Disaffected
Progressives, But For Panicked Insiders

Civil War Two Underway - What's Left In CIA Bag Of Tricks?

Pilger - The Issue Isn't Trump, It's US

Become More Fair - Trump Adviser

Trump - People Are Seeing Big Things
After GM Unveils 7,000 New US Jobs

Hyundai To Boost US Investment To $3.1 Billion

Why Obamacare's 20 Million Number Is Fake


NYT Warns It Will Invest $5 Million To Cover Trump
And There Will Be In House Budget Cuts

Feds - Wife Present When Orlando Muslim Bought Ammo

Atzmon - There Is No Anti Semitism in Britain

Western ‘Messiahship’ Bred Ukraine Crisis,
Arab Spring, & Muslim 'Migrant' Flood – Lavrov

Putin Accuses Obama Of Trying To Undermine Trump

Lavrov Blasts Voice Of America’s Report As ‘Lie’

Lavrov Dismisses Allegations Of Cyber Attacks

Lavrov - US Wanted To Use ISIS, Nusra To Oust Assad

Trump-Putin Alliance Is Doom For ISIS & Sykes-Picot

Russia Carries Out Successful Test Of Topol-M ICBM

Russia Concerned About West Breaking Syria Ceasefire

US Military Boosts Weapons Drops To Syrian Terrorists

Taiwan Holds Military Drills Simulating Invasion By China

Theresa May Says UK To Leave EU Single Market

Merkel's HR Speaker Resigns Over Muslim Policy

Lithuania, Estonia Deals For US Troops On Their Land

End Of NATO, Alliance w/Russia - German Left Echoes Trump

Trump Right To Call Merkel Muslim Policy 'Catastrophe'

Other Countries Will Be Leaving EU

Amnesty Urges EU To Drop Secret Mass Surveillance

Qatar Gives $12 Million To Buy Fuel For Gaza

'Muslim NATO' Has Little Chance To Succeed

Pound In Biggest Intraday Rally Since 2008
As May Sets Out 'Hard Brexit' Plan

Amazon Wants To Cash In On Food Stamps

Davos - Disgusting Spectacle Of Small-Minded Rich People

12 Yr Old Indian Girl Gang Raped By Principal & 3 Teachers


Brennan Fires Back At Trump - Says Never Read Dossier!

'Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? 'He's Being
Really Dumb For Questioning Conclusions'

Nuking The Inauguration On January 20, 2017?

Roberts - Can Trump Take Back Presidency From CIA?

Trump Slams NATO, EU In Stunning Interviews

Trump - 'I'll Make Brexit A Great Thing’

One Of Most Pivotal Weeks In Modern US History

Trump Won't Be Using The Potus Twitter Account

Could Hackers Wreak Havoc From The WH?


DC Natl Guard Gen Offered Extension, Refuses

Hannity - Obama Came In A Crybaby, Leaves The Same

Russian Foreign Ministry - 'Obama Still Has A
Few Days Left To Destroy The World...'

Will Obama 'Get Away With It'

The Trump Anti-Communist Counter Revolution

Does Michael Moore Matter Anymore?

Time To Stop The Deconstruction Of America

Christian Speaker Brings Cheers Explaining Radical Islam

1950s TV Program - A Man Named 'Trump' Would Build
A Wall To Save A City From The End Of The World

Long Duration Ice Storm Continues In Central US

The FBI’s War On Civil Rights Leaders


The Fight Against A $6 Billion AK Mega-Dam Project

Brooklyn's 'Soviet Style' Underground Boxing Gym

Why Lyme Disease Is Common In The North

The Global Effort To Map The Night Sky

A Rare Red Nova Will Light Up The Sky?

New CERN Experiment With Even Higher Energies

The Calorie-Counting Drinker

A 5 km High Skyscraper That Eats Smog

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Joint & Wrist Pain At The Office

Yes, Poor Nutrition Makes You Crabby

People Who Can't Go Numb At The Dentist

Wig-Snatching Schemes Of The 18th Century


When Will The Government Tell The People

As We Warned - MASS Die-Off Of Sea Life From CA
To AK - Animals Starving To Death, Food Chain Collapsed
No Hope To Stop It - Most Radiation Isn't Even Here Yet

We Told You - Fukushima Rad In Most West Coast Fish
Scientist Says Plume Has Spread From From AK To CA
Radiation Now In US Food Chain - 'Terrifying Discovery'

Russophobic Hysteria Now Backed By
Massive US Troop Movements In Europe

US Marines Land In Norway, Signaling End
Of WW2 Commitment To Russia

Local Germans Want US Tanks To 'Get Out'

Denmark Braces For Military Buildup
Amid Accusations Against Russia

Tensions Rising In Balkans As Serbia
Accuses Kosovo Of 'Wanting War'

Biden In Ukraine to Unite World Against Russia

Russia - Washington Initiating New Arms Race In Europe


Who Gave US Uranium To Putin - Trump Or Hillary?

SECURITY LAST - The Emails Putin Really Hacked

Russia To Upgrade Its Naval & Air Bases In Syria

China Ready For Geopolitical Standoff With US

China Daily - It’s ‘Gloves Off’ If Trump
Continues His Taiwan Position As President

China Gives 2 Ships To Pak To Protect Trade Route

Japan, UK Developing Stealth Fighter Super-Rocket

Deep State Ultimatum To Trump - Play Ball Or Else

Trump Faces US War-Making Machine
If He Tries To Negotiate Peace With Russia

'Utterly Bizarre' - Trump Team Seeks Good
Relations With Russia But Threatens China

Trump Calls For Making Good Deals With Russia

Trump Slams NATO & EU, Ready To "Cut Ties" With Merkel

28 Dumbocrats Plan To Boycott Inauguration

Undercover Video Shows Criminals Plotting On Inauguration


TrumpCare Nears Completion

Trump Promises 'Insurance For All' In Obamacare Repeal

Trump - Was Brennan The Fake News Leaker?

Brennan Warns Trump To 'Watch What He Says'

America…The World's Leading Hacker

Trump Tells Germany To Buy American Autos
Germany Tells Trump - 'Build Better Cars!'

Trump Offers UK Quick Post-Brexit Trade Deal

America Is No. 1 in All the Wrong Things

Robert F Kennedy Jr - CDC Is An 'Edifice Of Fraud"

F-35 Has 276 Defects, Is UNFIT
For Combat Ops - Pentagon

Paris Middle East Conference A Total Failure

Daesh Terrorists Surround Deir ez-Zor Airbase In Syria

Aleppo's Famous Street Market Opens First Time In 2 Yrs


Egyptian Court Blocks Giving Red Sea Islands To Saudis

Paris Mideast Peace Conference - UK Breaks
With Allies Over Two-State Solution Push

Fisk - 2 State Solution in Israel
& Palestine Impossible Now

Israel Begins Construction of Road
Connecting West Bank Settlements to Country

Turkey to Send Fuel to Help Gaza
Blackout as Hamas, PA Argue Over Blame

Muslim Gangs Turn Sweden Mall Into No-Go Zone

Germany To Try Facebook 'Fake News' Vetting Feature

Clinton Global Initiative Lays Off Workers, Shuts Down

8 Richest People As Wealthy As Poorest 50% Of World

IMF Expects Oil Prices To Grow By Almost 20% In 2017

EU Finance Chief Warns Of Collapse 'Fragile' Eurozone


China Surpasses US In Number Of Skyscrapers

Germany Calls On China To Counter Protectionism

Davos Elite Eat $40 Hot Dogs 'Struggling For Answers'

GeoEngineered Winter Weather Onslaught

Community College And Poverty

Saintly People All Fight For The Oppressed - Morris

9//11 - A Lie To Say There Was
Tons Of Molten Metal - Morris

UFO Caught On Vid By Police Copter In Bristol Channel

Japanese Ship Crew Caught Slaughtering Minke Whale

Fukushima Teacher Threatens Students With Death Note


Trump Calls Brennan A 'Fake News Leaker'

Trump Slams 'Outrageous' CIA Boss Brennan

Russia Blasts Outgoing Marxist Muslim Failure Obama

Fake News Reporters Slam Trump Plan To Limit WH Access

Anti-Trump Rabble To Protest Outside Ivanka NYC Home

Rand Paul Reveals Obamacare Replacement Plan

Dorothy Kilgallen And Jack Ruby - A Toxic Mix

Western Secularism vs Russian Christian Revival

Austria Freedom Party Wants Ban On 'Fascistic Islam'

Rothschild’s TNK-BP Intriguers
Drafted The Trump-Russia Report

Treasury Specs Are So Short, It Is Now A 4 Sigma Event

US-UK Paid 'White Helmets' Help Al Qaeda Blocking Water

$1.2 Billion and Rising - CO Pot Sales Keep Climbing

Russia - Guardian Of World's Lost Plants

US Could Be Energy Independent By 2026

Flesh-Eating Worms Reach Florida's Mainland

Kids Aspartame Consumption Up 200 Percent

Gadget Mountain Rising in Asia

How Sugar Led To Our Lung Cancer Epidemic

The Scary Truth About Earbuds And Hearing Loss

NASA Full Scale Wind Tunnel

Lincoln Could Have Filled The US With Elephants


Wahabi Muslim Brennan Warns Trump Of Russian Danger

Excellent Analysis Of Blatant Differences Between
Hillary And The New North Carolina Body Double

Conway - Trumps Inaugural Speech Will Be Sweeping

Too Funny - Dems Blame Bush For Obama's Failures

Declaring Trump Illegitimate Is Part Of Coup Plot

Obama Hustles In Dozens Of Policies

Trump Says He Is Open To Lifting Russia Sanctions

Obama Ends Economic Embargo On Terror Sponsor
Sudan But Prolongs Sanctions Against Russia, Iran

NYT Reinvents Obama's Disgraceful Legacy

A Likely Way Trump Would Be Forced Out Of Office


Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? Ron Paul Warns
Of Dangerous, Powerful, Shadow Government

The Clinton Global Initiative Is Shutting Down

CDC Scientists Attack CDC, Expose Mass Corruption

Getting Worried About Snowflake Krugman

Facebook Job Ads Suggest Mind-Reading Social
Networks Are Coming Soon

US Deploys Third Carrier Group In Asia To
Boost Naval Air Strength In South China Sea

Beijing Tells Trump - One China Policy Non-Negotiable

The Islamic Invasion Of Australia

Austria Needs To Ban Political Islam Threatening Europe

Black African 'Apex' Terror Gang Robs Oz Jeweler

Boat With 110 Black Illegals Sinks Off Libya - 4 Survive


Protesters Want Netanyahu To Resign Over Corruption

Syria Responds To Israeli War & Aggression

Kerry Says Putin Saved Syria

Turkey Completes Walla On Syria, Iraq Borders

Yemen - Obama's Little Reported Dirty War

Yemeni Town Faces Mass Death By Starvation

British Fake News - Russian Amb Killed In Yemen

Top Saudi Cleric Calls Concerts & Movies A 'Depravity'

SpaceX Rocket Puts 10 Satellite Payload Into Orbit

Canada Supports War Crimes

EPA Acknowledges Neonics Harm To Bees, But...

An Explanation For The Alien Megastructure?


Poison Fruit

Relax...The Season Encourages It

A Wise Monkey Knows How Little He Knows

Violent Storm Slams Europe

Is Your Password Safe?

Preserving Bodies In A Deep Freeze - 50 Years Later

Bananas May Be Close To Extinction

Snow Day At The Oregon Zoo

Alaska By Train Is Totally Gorgeous

An Alien Moon Eerily Like Earth

Going Consciously Selfish?

Spy Who Convinced America To Take ESP Seriously

Sinkholes…The Groundbreaking Truth


Trump's Rep Refutes Reports About Summit With Putin

Trump Team May Move Press Center From Away From WH

Trump Team Will Not Attend Davos

'Bikers For Trump' Ready To Prevent Inauguration Violence

Israeli Settlement Group Invited To Trump’s Inauguration

Fascinating - 50% Of Hilary's Appearances Were NOT Her
Inarguable Scientific, Mathematical Proof Of Hillary's DOUBLE

China Repeats Warning - One China Policy Non-Negotiable

Why Thinking Americans Are So Enraged

DtRH - What Are We To Believe Anymore? - pdf

DtRH - Obama Says This…Trudeau Says That... - pdf

DtRH - The Strange Care Of Monica Shaefer & Jasper - pdf

Zoe Saldana - Hollywood Bullied Donald Trump

Insane Minneapolis Council 'Please Send Syrian Muslims Here!'

JoeTalk - Angels


Obongo Wants Poland To Start World War 3

Steele - Donald Trump’s Future…
Over Reince Priebus’ Dead Body

CIA Planning To Take Out 'That Traitor Trump'

Will The Wahabi Muslim Led CIA Assassinate Trump?
It Certainly Looks Like That May Very Well Happen

Trump Faces Dallas Rerun - Obama Axes DC
National Guard Head 12:01 Inauguration Day

Tucker Carlson - Deep State War On Trump
Ex-Spook Hints At Murder Of DonaldTrump

Dual Citizen Kushner, Highest Level Trump Advisor
& Son In Law, Bankrolls Radical Jew West Bank 'Settlers'


US Intel Met With Mossad To Plot
Denying Trump Sensitive Data

Roberts - Is Trump Already Finished?

Intel Vets - Trump 'Dossier' A Clumsy Fake, Fraud

Kirwan - The Death Of The Democrats & Republicans

Human Rights Watch (HRW) Praises Mass Murderer, Liar,
Traitor Obama & And Denigrates Trump, Putin & Assad

NSA Pushing To Obliterate All Email Privacy In The US

Beijing To Trump - One China Policy 'NOT Negotiable'

Trump's Policy On Russia And China?

Anti-Trump Protesters Head To Washington

Inauguration Thugs To Destroy Property, Disrupt Parties

Protesters Plans To Block Inauguration Check Points

Ben Stein Slams Hollywood Bullies Trying To Stop Dissent

Atzmon - Why Did The Al-Jazeera Exposé Fail?

Fake News Report Suggests Assad
Ordered Chemical Weapons Use


Muslim Savages Turn Swedish Shopping Center Into No-Go

Afghan-Born Convicted In Hammer Attack On Cops

German Cops Seize 155 kg Of Explosives

66% Of Germans Believe Racial Profiling
Necessary In War On Muslim Invaders

Lockheed CEO Promises Cheaper F-35s And
1,800 New Jobs After Meeting With Trump

Trump - One China Policy To Be Negotiated

Trump - No Immediate Lifting Of Anti-Russia Sanctions

Obama Mystery Order - Troops Providing Inauguration
Security To Lose Commanding Gen Mid-Ceremony

Galloway - Anti-Russian Witch Hunt In US Is Surreal

Sen Intel Comm Passes Bill On Russian 'Covert Broadcasting'

Buchanan - Trump’s Enemies See An Opening

Greenwald - The Deep State Goes To War With Trump


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Rense TV

Over 6.8 Million Views To Date

Jeff & Charlie Smith - A US-China Head-On Collision Coming?

Jeff & Jay Weidner - Trump...Numerology & Divine Inspiration?

Jeff & Yoichi Shimatsu - Pizzagate Coverup Continues

Jeff & Robert Steele - Donald Trump's Bunker Hill

Jeff & George Webb - The Clinton Foundation Ties To Mideast Terror

Jeff & James Fetzer - Is Obama Trying To Incite WW3?

Jeff & Dr. Leonard Coldwell - Muslim Savage Violence In Germany Out Of Control

Jeff & Charles R. Smith - Capitol Chaos...Trump Danger Rises

Jeff & Det. Jim Rothstein - Pizzagate, Pedophilia & The Cult


Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

Yoichi Shimatsu &
Dana Durnford
Fukushima Update
Free MP3 - Listen

Updates - NO BUGS, NO BIRDS As We've Warned
Extinction Is Here - Please Contribute Observations

Watch Animated Map Of Gigantic 3-11 Japan Quake

Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

Fukushima Radiation Blasted US In March 2011 - Model

Real Time World Earthquake Monitor

As We Warned - MASS Die-Off Of Sea Life From CA
To AK - Animals Starving To Death, Food Chain Collapsed
No Hope To Stop It - Most Radiation Isn't Even Here Yet

We Told You - Fukushima Rad In Most West Coast Fish
Scientist Says Plume Has Spread From From AK To CA
Radiation Now In US Food Chain - 'Terrifying Discovery'

1/3 World’s Oceans Already Damaged And
Contaminated With Fukushima Radiation

Radioactive Death Spreading In Closed Hanford Nuke Plant

Fukushima - Steelhead Collapse, Humpback No Show

Your Radiation This Week # 87 and #88

Obama Fired Key Scientist On The Deadly
Cumulative Affects Of Low Dose Rad Exposure

See Air And Ocean Currents Kill The Pacific

Carmel CA Tide Pools 'Deader Than Dead'

San Diego - Pt Loma Dead, Dying Tide Pools...
As We've Told You, The Pacific Is Virtually Dead

CA Tide Pools - Fukushima Radiation Has Killed
Them - The Feds Have Lied To You For 5.5 Years

Fukushima - ALL Pacific Fishing To Be Shut Down
Greatest Environment Disaster In History

The Horror of Fukushima Can No Longer Be Called A Conspiracy Theory

Fukushima Has Contaminated 1/3 Of The World's Oceans

Entire N. Pacific Ocean Is Radioactive And It's Worsening

West Coast And CA Tide Pools Are Sterilized…
There Is Almost Nothing Left In Them

Low Dose Radiation Exposure - The Facts

Coverup Ends - Deadly Fukushima Radiation Admitted
To Be In West Coast Fish And In Shoreline Waters

Gosh…Radioactive Fukushima Fish Found On West Coast
Deadly Cesium 134 Fish In Oregon Shoreline Waters

For The 'First Time' Fukushima Radiation Found On
West Coast Shoreline And In Fish (This Is A Lie
…Radiation Has Been Here For 5+ YEARS)

Fukushima Cesium-134 Found In Canadian Salmon
Wake Up - US Salmon Also Swim In The Ocean!

First Fukushima-Caused Thyroid Cancer Admitted By Govt

West Coast And CA Tide Pools Are Sterilized…
There Is Almost Nothing Left In Them

Low Dose Radiation Exposure - The Facts


Fukushima Radiation On America

Hear Jeff Discuss How To Establish
Your Own Online Rad Station - Click HERE

Pictures Of How To Create Your Own Clone HERE

* Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

* National Nuclear Emergency Map
Updated 24/7 In Real Time

* Obama OKs DEADLY Hikes In 'Safe' Radiation Exposure

* Obama Raises 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water 27,000x Higher

* Huge Radiation Readings In CA And NM Disappear

* Enormous W Coast CPMs Vanish After Site Back Online - Vid

* Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map - Vid

* W Coast Covered In Massive 3/11 Radiation - Vid

* Coverup Of West Coast Radiation From Fukushima

* Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

* WATCH - What Cesium 137 Will Really Do To You - Vid

* Chart Of Radiation Dose Levels In Millisieverts

* Jeff & Dr. Russell Blaylock - Supplements
To Fight Radiation Exposure
- Vid

* Live National Radiation Network Map

* Radiation Dose Chart

* The Radiation Database User Guide - Vid


William Tompkins

Book - Selected By Extraterrestrials


UFO-ET Disclosure
Astonishing Technology

From William Mills Tompkins

A Rense World Exclusive
Never Before Seen Ultra Secret Documents And
Stunning Revelations From Giant Aerospace And
Defense Contractor - Douglas Aircraft Corporation -
...From The Early 1950s


Jeff & William Tompkins - Cosmic Top Secret
Propulsion Documents Leaked

Copyright 2016 Jeff Rense - All Rights Reserved
Links Encouraged


William Tompkins - Our Next Amazing
Conversation Of UFO & ET Disclosure

Hour 1...Hour 2...Hour 3


William Tompkins - NEW UFO-ET
Advanced Secret Documents Revealed

Hour 1...Hour 2...Hour 3




Yoichi Shimatsu's Stunning PizzaGate Series
Concludes With More Staggering Revelations In Part
10 - Click Here To Read It All

PizzaGate Not Going Away - CBS Airs Great
Overview Asking Important Questions - Vid

WaPost Just Blew The Lid Off PizzaGate

Ben Swann CBS News Covers PizzaGate

Deplorables Out Organizer Of Inauguration Disruption
Plot Leader As Potential #PizzaGate Pedo

$25,000 Offered To Debunk Pizzagate

Lost Documentary…Now Called 'PizzaGate' - 'America's MIA Children'

Jeff & Yoichi Shimatsu - Pizzagate Coverup Continues

Newsweek Editor Viewed Child Porn 22 Times

'False Flag Weekly News' CENSORS 'PizzaGate' Reports 1/2

'False Flag Weekly News' CENSORS 'PizzaGate' Reports 2/2

Capriccio For A Sausage Fest By Chef Alefantis - PizzaGate 8

The Latest - Roger Stone Concocted 'PizzaGate' !

Shimatsu Exlclusive - Pedophile Savile Haunts NY Times - PizzaGate 7

Shimatsu Exlclusive - Strange Days In The
Snopes-DHS-ICE Underworld - PizzaGate 6

Shimatsu Exlclusive - For Anyone Who Still Believes Snopes Is An
Abuse Victim - PizzaGate 5

Podesta's Body Language = GUILTY

Cloud Over Amazon WaPost And
Trumped-Up In Moscow - Pizza 9

Capriccio For A Sausage Fest By Chef Alefantis - PizzaGate 8

The Latest - Roger Stone Concocted 'PizzaGate' !

Podesta's Artist - Things So Hideous The MSM Hides It

George Michael - A Pizza Pedophile?

Shimatsu Exlclusive - Pedophile Savile Haunts NY Times - PizzaGate 7

Shimatsu Exlclusive - Strange Days In The
Snopes-DHS-ICE Underworld - PizzaGate 6

Shimatsu Exlclusive - For Anyone Who Still Believes Snopes Is An
Abuse Victim - PizzaGate 5

Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway Child
Porn & Macedonia Fake News - PIzzaGate 4



Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower
Gangstalking And Deadly
Electronic Targeted Victim

11-16-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 1

11-17-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 2

11-21-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 3

Hour 1 ....Hour 2

Remote Viewing The
Death Of Adolf Hitler

Join Us For Time Travel Back To WW2 Germany And Then Forward To The Final Moments Of The Life Of Adolf Hitler With Remote Viewer Dick Allgire And Historians Jim Marrs and Harry Cooper. A Classic Program!

5-13-16...Hour 1
5-13-16...Hour 2

Joseph Skipper's Incredible Mars Research

Mars Anomaly Home Page - Undeniable Artifacts & Life

Mars Anomaly Research Index - From Water To Structures

Enormous, Perfect Hole On Mars - Who Made It?

Stunning, Historic JFK PROGRAMS


JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 1
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
Click HERE

JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 2
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
Click HERE

Remote Viewing JFK - Whodunnit?
Jim Marrs
- World's #1 Scholar On JFK Assassination
Dick Allgire - One Of World's Premiere Remote Viewers

12-9-15.. Hour 1 MP3
2-9-15.. Hour 2 MP3

Photos 1 ... Photos 2

1-4-15.. Hour 1 MP3
1-4-15.. Hour 2 MP3

Photos 1...Photos 2

Jim Marrs, Courtney Brown & Remote Viewer Daz Smith - Revealing More Answers To The JFK Murder

12-29-15..Hour 1 MP3
12-29-15..Hour 2 MP3

RFK Assassination

David John Oates, Jim Marrs
& Jeannette Teagle
Reverse Speech SolvesThe RFK Murder

Hour 1,,,,,Hour 2

Michael Salla

Amazing FOIA Data Backing Up The Bill Tompkins Revelations

12-16-16 .. Hour 1 .. Hour 2

FOIA Files

Flash Frozen Civilization Found In The Antarctic?

On Tompkins & The Navy League
ET Special Projects In Medford OR 1985-1999

6-26-16 .. Hour 1 .. Hour 2

Navy League ET Special Projects From 1985-1999

 Clark McClelland
The Stargate Chronicles

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

12-30-16 ..NASA Science Officer Clark McClelland - Truth About NASA

10-20-16 .. Clark McClelland Is Back!

2-1-16 .. WW2 German Flying Saucer Technology

10-7-15 .. The Grim Truth About US Space Program

10-17-15 .. The Truth About NASA

6-23-15 .. More Inside Dope On NASA

4-23-15 .. True Origins Of NASA Space Program

12-29-14 ..ETs Are Watching Us

7-21-14 ..More Truth About NASA

5-8-14 ..NASA Secrets

10-30-13 ..The Truth About  Americans In Space

9-20-13 ..ET & The Apollo Program

8-9-13 ..ET & The Shuttle Program

3-4-13 ..The Kecksburg Object

3-29-12 ..ETs Are Here

11-29-12 ..Astronaut UFO Encounters

Die Glocke
9-14-15 ..
Harry Cooper & Clark McClelland - WW2 German UFO …'The Bell' -MP3

Die Glocke/Kecksberg - Pics

Get A Piece Of Apollo 15 GOLD FOIL That
Went To The Moon And Back! - Click Here!

Order Clark's Stunning e-Book The Stargate Chronicles Here!

Contact Clark at

To The Sheeple Of Our Now Destroyed Nation

Clark McClelland - Celestialism

Jeff & Clark McClelland - ET And The Apollo Program - Vid

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg
UFO Connection
- Part 1 - pdf

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg UFO Connection - Part 2 - pdf

NASA Dir Dr. Kurt Debus, Dr Werner von Braun And JFK

Herbert Dorsey

Book - Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

6-23-16 ..Astonishing Technology & German Flying Saucers ..Pics

6-6-16 ..Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

5-25-16 ..Our Secret Space Fleet

5-24-16 ..The World Is Not As We're Told

One Millennial Speaks
Kindness Costs Nothing

A 'Moronnial' Fesses Up

David Duke Videos

Duke And Trump - The Supreme Court Does Matter

Baton Rouge…Black Lives Matter...& They Murder - Vid

The Dallas Massacre & The War On Whites - Vid

Donald Trump Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs - Vid

Ted Nugent vs The ADL - Who's Behind Gun Control? - Vid

Watch - David Duke Destroys The Liar, Fraud Ted Cruz - Vid

Zionist Terror In Gaza - Free Palestine & The World - Vid

The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion - Vid

Israeli Media Reveals Secret Behind Communism - Vid

Jeff Rense & Dr. David Duke - Worldwide Zionist Stranglehold - Vid

How The Media Incites Violence & Racism - Vid

Jeff Talks To Russell Bentley On
The Donbass Frontline


12-31-15...Click Here.

12-15-15...Click Here.

  Zika And Viral Updates

Dr. Henry Niman's
Exclusive Reports With Jeff
MP3 - Listen FREE

August 18- MP3

Dr. Henry Niman's Swine Flu World Tracking MAP

Updated H7N9 Pandemic Map From Dr Henry Niman

HPAI N Serotype In Uganda Not Determined

Uganda Patient Symptoms Linked To H5 Exposure

2017 Breeder Duck H5N8 Sequence Sop Bukevski Croatia

NYC Veterinarian Gets H&N2 From Sick Cats

H7N2 Spread To Chester Co. PA Shelter Cats

H7N2 Confirmation In NY Cats Exceeds 100

CDC Issues Zika Advisory For Pregnant Women In Brownsville Texas

H5N5 Confirmed Tufted Duck In Werkendam Netherlands

Four Additional Local Zika Cases In Brownsville TX

H5N8 In Coots In Nile Delta Egypt

H5N8 Backyard Farm Kherson Ukraine

South Korea Confirms H5N6 Poultry Outbreaks

H5N8 In Denmark Matches Germany and Poland

H5N8 In Poland Wild Duck Is Novel Reassortant

Novel H5N8 PB2 Change D678F Raises Mammalian Adaptation Concerns

Full H5N8 Sequence From Wild Duck In Poland


Videos Of HAARP Destroying Pacific
Rain Storms & Continuing The Deadly
Artificial CA Drought!

HAARP Report New Video

Special Report - Watch How HAARP Is Melting The Arctic - Vid

DEADLY Ultraviolet UVA UVB UVC Measured, 10-15-15 - Vid

How HAARP & Chemtrails Are Changing You - Vid

Five PROOFS HAARP Created CA Drought - Vid

Weather Manipulation - Brutal Cold In US, Melting Arctic Methane 1-9-15 - Vid

Polar Vortex Restarted - Weather Warfare On Europe - Vid

Yellowstone Supervolcano - Vid

Rense - How The Pacific Storms Of, 2013-2014 Were Trashed

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-24-14 - Pt 2 - Vid

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-25-14 - Pt 3 - Vid


The Trouble With Sandy Hook

NEW Free Listen 8.4.14 - Wolfgang Halbig

NEW Free Listen - Wolfgang Halbig & James Fetzer MP3 - Sandy Hook - Latest Shocking Developments - Click HERE

Free Listen - Hear Jeff With Wolfang Halbig - Sandy Hook Hoax - MP3 - Click HERE

Hero Patriot Wolfgang Halbig - I Am 70 Years Old
And Now Labeled A 'Domestic Classified Terrorist'

Where Are These Sandy Hook Children?

The Sandy Hook Massacre…Uh, I Mean Drill

Would You Allow Your Children To Attend Sandy Hook? Update

Halbig On The Latest Lies Out Of Sandy Hook

Would You Put Your Child In Room 12 At Sandy Hook?


Stunning Journalism - Awesome History

John Barbour's Last Word On 'The Garrison Tapes'
Don't Miss This Incredible Video!

David Haynie and Jim Wyrick

Ghost Voices !

Hitler In Argentina
Harry Cooper

Sharkhunter Books

Listen FREE
Jeff with Harry Cooper & Jim Marrs - Hitler In Argentina - mp3

Sharkhunters Hot Mail!

PHOTOS *for program above*

Hitler In Argentina - Buy The Book Here!

Reviews Of Cooper's 'Hitler In Argentina' Show Truth Wins

Jeff & Harry - Hitler In Argentina - mp3

Harry Cooper's History-Shaking New Book - Hitler In Argentina


FBI Declassifies Files Proving Hitler Went To Argentina

More On Giant WW2 Japanese Sub I-400 Found Off Hawaii

FREE Listen MP3s

7-15-16...Hour 1...Hour 2...Hour 3


Harry Cooper - Germany In Argentina During & After The War - mp3


Harry Cooper - Hitler's Post-War Time In Argentina - mp3


Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 1/2 - Vid

Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 2/2 - Vid

Hitler's Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden And Underground Bunkers - mp3


Stunning Evidence Hitler & Eva Braun Escaped To Argentina - mp3


The Escape Of Adolf Hitler To South America

Talk A Walk Through A Restored German U-Boat - Pics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish Genocide Of Armenian Christians - Mp3

Walter Bowart

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart - pdf

Report From Iron Mountain - pdf

The Invisible Third World War - pdf

Incontrovertible Evidence!

Solid 3D Proof That Apollo Photos Were Faked

Robert Felix

'Climate Change' BS Exposed - Latest Global COOLING
News Updated Around The Clock

Slovenia Buried Under Ice - Forests Destroyed - Pics

Glenn Greenwald

How Internet NSA Agents Manipulate, Deceive, Destroy Reputations

The Great American Adventure

The Secrets Of America - pdf

EMF Dangers

EMF Effects On Your Cells And Tissues

DARPA & Google Plan Total Control

Top DARPA Projects That Should Creep You Out - Vid

Kirwan - For Your Eyes Only!

Ex DARPA Boss Talks About Beast Tech - Vid

Ex DARPA Chief Dugan, Now At Google, On The Future

The Ultimate Sociopath?

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 1 - Vid

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 2 - Vid

Obama Exposed By High School Friend

Pastor Manning - Mia Pope Outs Obama As Gay - Vid

How You're Being Mind Controlled
And Don't Know It

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain

MK Ultra - Handlers, Propagandists, Professional Liars - Vid

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control Through TV And The Media - Vid

The Stark Reality Of Precision Scientific Individual & Mass Mind Control

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control - An Exact Science
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Colin Ross - Mind Control, How Easy, How Deadly

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 1

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 2

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 3

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Mind Control - A Piece Of Cake - Vid

Trauma Based Culture - Vid

Stop Eating Meat And Dairy

McDonalds Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos - Vid


2013 Stonehenge - Photos

UFO - Man Gets More Than Rocks In Stonehenge Photo

Think You Know Cars?

The Ultimate Car Trivia Test! - Pics

The Mysterious Charles Dellchau

Incredible Drawings & Descriptions Of 1850s Flying Machines


Listen MP3
Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - Shocking New Morgellons Photos - mp3

Morgellons Nanotechnology Exposed

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

Elizabeth’s Morgellons Samples

Destructive Wiki Editing Keeps Morg Sufferers In Dark

Jeff And Cliff Mickelson - CDC Liars Say Morgellons Doesn't Exist - mp3

Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin - Vid

Official CDC Denial - Morgellons Does Not Exist


When Radio Was King

Here Is A Major Collection Of All The Great Old Time Radio Shows - LISTEN!

Aspartame Deaths & Suffering Must Stop
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Betty Martini & Jeff Rense - The War On Aspartame

India Health Min Asked To Reverse Aspartame
Approval To Protect 1.25 Billion Indians

Aspartame Diet Drinks PREVENT Weight Loss

Victory Over Aspartame In California - Prop 65

Requiring A Carcinogenic Label On Aspartame


Dane Wigington
FREE Listen MP3

Jeff & Dane Wiggington - GeoEng...It's Too Late - Free Listen

GeoEngineering...A Fancy Word For Murder! - Vid

GeoEngineering Targets Drought Condition In CA

Jeff & Dane Wigington - Chemtrails...Heavier, Deadlier - Vid

MASSIVE Increase Of Ultra-Violate Light Pounding The Earth - mp3

GeoEngineering Insanity - It's Far Worse Than You Think - mp3

Jeff And Dane Wigington & Stunning Chemtrail Video - Vid

Professor Doom & 'Education'

Eastern Michigan U - Mandatory Black Studies

Colleges Attack "Toxic" Masculinity

Student Debt Doubles Under Obama - Fake News Spins It

Trump to Stop Campus Sex Police?

Football Tickets For College = 0.7% Graduation

Trump U Opens Up $20 Trillion Higher Educ Suit

The Snowflakes Of Higher Ed

Criticize Campus Leftist Insanity And Get Suspended

Enrollments Drop - Good Economy?

University Disinvites BLM Critic, Lies About It

Fake Visa School Closed Down (Sort Of)

Why Your Boss Hates You

Students, Not Admin, Complain About Cheating

Student Debt Past Death

College Debt List of Shame

UNH...Don't Give Us Money


Must Viewing

Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid

Battle Of LA

Footage Of UFO Being Fired On In 'Battle Of LA' - Vid

1942 Battle Of LA - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History


Ingo Swann Passes
Into Great Beyond

FREE Listen MP3s
March 1999 with Jeff Rense & Ingo

Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)

Humans In An Inhuman War

Bf-109 Ace Franz Stigler And B-17 Pilot Charlie Brown Meet - Vid

Feline Adventures

Videos And Photos Of Cats At 'Work' And Play - Vid

Kitty Cams Show Secret Life Of Cats

Required Reading

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!


The Best 5 Minute Documentary On 911 Ever - Vid

Was 9/11 An Inside Job, Or A MOSSAD Job?

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 1 - Vid

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 2 - Vid

Charlotte Iserbyt

The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid


More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines...Proof - Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 - Vid

A Provocative Documentary

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Vid

Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins - How The Rothschilds Created Israel

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Power Of The Rothschild Bankers

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 21, 2003) - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 31, 2003) - Vid

National Socialism + Zionism = NAZI - Vid

The Cult Is Everywhere

Ritual Child Sex Abuse, Pedo Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

Andrew Gause

FREE Listen - Vivid Portrait Of Post-Sandy Chaos, Suffering In NJ

GM Yellow Corn Equals
Tumors, Cancers & Death

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Justice Kagan Rules For Monsanto In Farmer GMO Case

Nestle Folds To SA Consumer Pressure Over GMOs


The Term 'Organic' Rapidly
Becoming Useless

The Great Organic Deceivers 

Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Cantwell - Rigged Science And Manmade AIDS

Dr. Alan Cantwell - Why Doctors Ignore Bacterial Cause Of Cancer

'Watchful Waiting' Just As Effective A Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Toxins In Skin Bacteria Help Lymphoma Cells Spread

Bacteria As A Primary Cause Of Breast Cancer

The Incredible & Unrecognized Germ Of Cancer

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer

World Man-Made AIDS Day - December 1

Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer

Bacteria Cause Cancer...The Microscopic Evidence - Photos

Heroines All

Women At Work In The 1940s - Rare Color Photos

Creepy, Weird Otherworldly
Sounds...Vanished Again

Eerie Strange Sky Sounds Are Back Again

Sky 'Trumpets' In The Netherlands

Strange Sounds Over Tangiers, Morocco

Eerie Sounds Over Casablanca

Creepy Sounds Over Bristol, England

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

A Chronology Of The Eerie, Strange Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

Eerie Sky Sounds Validated By Russian Scientists

Bizarre Noises Over Cambridge, England - Vid



The Platters

LV Court Restores The Platters Name To Rightful Owner

The Platters - The Great Pretender 1956 - Vid

The Platters - Twilight Time 1958 - Vid

The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1955 - Vid

The Platters - Only You 1956 - Vid

Hollywood's Golden Days

A Drive Through Beverly Hills In The Early 1930s

Wonderful Vintage Hollywood Photos... pdf

Great Vintage Hollywood Photos

Fabulous Hollywood Stars And Their Classic Cars

The Original Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland - Pic

Round About Hollywood 1931, Color - Vid

Wonderful Color Photos Of 50s & 60s LA/SoCal - Pics


American Graffitti In LA

Background To Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s

Rick Mack - Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s - Pics

A Dream Lost

1940s Small Town America...Cafes, Stores, Shops - Color Photos

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 1 - Vid

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 2 - Vid

The Death Of Clean US Mass Transit

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 1 - Vid

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 2 - Vid

What You See Isn't What You Get

The Fraud Of Digitized 'Beauty' - The Big Lie - Vid

Things You MUST Have

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Gear

UN Agenda 21 Evil

Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda For The NWO - Vid

Agenda 21 - The Plan For A Global Fascist Dictatorship

Agenda 21 - Your Life Is In Their Hands - Vid

Agenda 21 Takeover In Klamath Basin

Agenda 21 Has Rural America In The Crosshairs

Agenda 21 - The Steady-State Illusion



The Arc Blasted Earth

Big Blue Jet Above The Electric Earth

Baffling Mars Plumes Are Electric


Mysterious John Lenard Walson

John Walson Is Back - Another Mystery Video, Bizarre - Vid

Walson Visits The Moon Through His Telescope - Vid

Walson Finds New Lunar Anomalies...Strange - Vid

Walson's Work Apparently Verified - Vid

MARS - The Mysterious

Unequivocal Proof Of Buildings On Mars

Must See - Life On Mars…Water, Trees, Cities

This Is Mars - 2015

Stunning - The Best Mars Discoveries, Part 2

They've Hidden Entire Mars Cities From Us

Clearly A Intelligently-Designed Relic On Mars

Reaching Mars In A Few Days? Yes! Says NASA

Oh, My - Hidden By NASA - Stunning Structures On Mars

NASA Coverups On Mars Continue - Clear Structures

1,000s Of Obvious Buildings On Mars -What Do You Think?

Explosive Mushroom Cloud On Mars By Indian Orbiter

Encore - Obvious Valve Found By Curiosity On Mars - Vid

Leaked Mars Photos Loaded With Signs Of Life - Vid

Trees On Mars Coverup - Vid

Amazing Photos On Mars 2014 - Vid

Train Wheels, Axle On Mars - Vid

Tomb, Cross, Platform, Relics Found On Mars - Vid

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Rense & Joseph Skipper - Proof Of LIfe On Mars

Mars' Greatest Mystery

LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Jeff And David Oates FREE Listen Click Here

Fascinating Mars Structures, Cities, Plant Life?

Mars Structure Found - The Real Reason For The US Vendetta Against Gary McKinnon?

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

MSNBC Picks Up The Mars Structure Video

Stunning Mars Anomalies 

Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies

World's Best

The Ten Most Influential People In The Alternative Media

The American Dream Is Dead
(graphic language)

Carlin - War Culture And The Sham Of Democracy

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

The Genius George Of Carlin - Vid

George Carlin On NASA Plans For Mars - Vid

George Carlin On Civil Liberties In America - Vid

George Carlin - It's Over - Vid

Robert Hastings

10 UFOs Cavort Above US Nuke Missile Base

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Roswell Eyewitness
FREE Listen - Jeff With Jesse Marcel, Jr

Peter Davenport , Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson - Roswell 2010! - Very Special Guest - Col Jesse Marcel, Jr - MP3

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Veteran, Patriot & Roswell Witness Passes On

Memories Of Jesse Marcel By Kevin Randle

Phoenix Lights Witness Remembers Jesse Marcel, Jr - Fortson

Remembering Jesse Marcel, Jr - Balthaser

Mainstream Media Homage To Jesse Marcel's Passing

Dr. Roger Leir
Astonishing UFO Over Turkey

Roger's Personal Photo Video Analysis Showing ETs

Non-Humans, ETs, Shown Inside Turkey UFO

All Known Videos Of The Turkey UFO

Spectacular Turkey UFO - Information Site


Groundbreaking Chilean Navy UFO Footage

Silent Triangle UFO Spotted Over California Town

Forty UFO Sightings Debunked By Air Force

UFO Research Against Skeptics

Top Secret Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit
Report (IPU) On The Two Roswell Crashes To
MAJIC Signed By Directors Of CIA & NSA
- pdf

Look - JFK Orders A Complete Report On
All UFO Data Made Just Before His Murder

Moon & ISS UFO Videos & Mitchell 'UFOs Are Real'

UFO Reported Near British Nuclear Weapons Facility

(Some) UFO History

UFOs Over RAF Welford

Plane In Evasive Maneuvers To Dodge UFO

UFO Sighting Causes Commotion In Peru

UFOs Reported Over Saigon – 1948

Signature of Past Life on Mars?

Bomber Pilot Encounters UFO, Loses Power - April 1945

UFO Radar Intel Summary IR 29-52 - Korean War 1951-52

Mysterious Roving Light Puzzles Roswell 1932

Malfunctioning Nuke Missile, Fear Launch 1984

Is That An Alien Signal?

‘UFO’ Filmed Over Vienna; Frightened Onlookers Call Police

Hunt For ET Joined By China’s FAST Radio Telescope

UN Interest In UFOs In WikiLeaks Documents

UFO Cluster Over La Meridian Hotel, Charlotte NC

Wiki - Podesta Emails That Involve Ed Mitchell And ET

UN Interest In UFOs Revealed In WikiLeaks Documents

UFOs Over La Meridian Hotel In Charlotte NC

UFO Lights Over North Carolina


New Earth Health Solutions
Oxy C • Allicin C • Rife • Ozone Generator
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Health Matters

Walnuts May Delay, Reduce, Prevent Alzheimers

The Inner World Of Alzheimer’s

Scientists Find That Australian Berry Cures Cancer

Aluminum DOES Cause Alzheimer's - New Confirmation

Ayahuasca Fights Alzheimer’s & Down Syndrome

The Total Failure Of Chemotherapy

Emails Show Govt Corruption In Approving Aspartame

Iowa Girl Facing Death From Gardasil Killer Vax

Why Would ANYONE Get A Flu Shot?

New Flu Vax Contains Gulf War Illness Adjuvant!

Germs, Diseases, Bacteria Living On Your Phones

Aspartame - The Deadly Poison

Diet Coke WON’T Stop Diabetes - It Can CAUSE IT

Antibiotics In Fast Food – 25 Top Chains

Record Rates Of STDs Hit America – CDC

How To Thrive On Two Hours of Sleep

15 Disturbing Consequences of Sugar

Medical Marijuana Decreases Big Pharma Opioid Use

‘Memory Hacker’ Explains How To Plant False Memories

Eight Non-Residents Zika Infected In Florida


Vegan Recipes

Vegan Hummus

Raw Recipe - Avocado Tropical Salsa...Addictive! - Vid

Easy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Dick Allgire

Allgire - The Best Veggie Soup In Honolulu

Allgire In Honolulu - What Tongue Chinatown?

Haven't Felt This Good Since Bangkok - Allgire

Time-Cross August Remote Viewing Results

News Analysis - Clinton's Collapse Is Conspiracy Theory

July Remote Viewing Of AUGUST - US City Blasted?



More Data

9-11 Master Archive

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9-11 Ten Years Later

9-11 Nine Years Later


Morgellon's Data Center

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George Carlin

George Carlin - 'I Gave Up On My Species' - Vid

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At Home With Hitler

1938 Homes & Garden
Magazine Spread


Mars Anomalies

Remote Views Mars

The Man Who
Talks To Animals

Coral Castle

War of the Worlds

The Deadliest Medium Ever
How TV Ruined Your Life - Vid

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Nano-Chemical Poisoning
Of The World

Aerosol Crimes & Coverup


Depleted Uranium

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Depleted Uranium
Videos - Important

Bush's DU Nightmare



A US Soldier Remembers Eisenhower's Monstrous Genocide

Satanic Eisenhower's Starvation Order And Genocide

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Mad Cow Data

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Rense UFO Data

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The Museum
of Hoaxes

'Baby Dragon'
In The Bottle

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