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Jeff Survives Terrible Crash On April 24 2015
Assassination Attempt Fails


I have decided to go ‘public’ with this data because there are some trolls and shills who are suggesting the crash that should have ended my program was somehow a ‘fake’ or very much ‘exaggerated’. I don’t lose sleep over these kinds of ‘people’ and their attempts to defame, demean and smear me and my work. However, there are some good people who believe the often insidious trash that has been posted about me by MK Ultra mind controlled assets and other forms of lowlife filth.

I put this together to illustrate and document what was done to me with the intent of removing me from this troubled planet. This is not the first time there have been efforts to kill me but it was certainly the most violent. It should have worked…but it didn’t. More about that later.

This first photo shows the two lane highway heading toward my home driveway which is up ahead and just out of sight. As most know, my program is on the air at 7 pm Pacific, Monday through Friday. This recreated scene shows me driving home in my vehicle at 6:25 in the evening. I am on the air in 35 minutes and am wide-awake thinking about the program that night and many other things having to do with work. I did not ‘fall asleep’ at the wheel and drift off the road. I was FULLY alert. Until something shut off my brain and instantly knocked me out at the wheel. Yes, ‘they’ have emf and laser beam weapons that are highly accurate and are used at distance to do exactly that. These weapons have been around since the 1980s.


So, I am driving home on a road I have driven for many years doing about 65. Remember, I am on the air in about a half hour. Traffic was light at that moment and I have no recall of following anyone ahead of me or of any oncoming traffic. What you see in this first picture is the last thing I remember seeing for the next 4 and 1/2 hours…which was spent in a deep coma as a result of critical head injuries and massive brain hemorrhaging and trauma. This was no automobile 'accident.'


To the right of the road is about a 6 foot deep drainage and irrigation ditch which you can see in the photo below taken at the exact spot my car went off the road and down into the ditch. At this point, I was no longer conscious. My brain had already been shut off. A note about my vehicle. This was a 1997 Toyota Landcruiser…one of the strongest, most rugged SUVs ever. It had full-time all wheel drive and a steel chassis that was second to none.


So, with an unconscious driver, the Landcruiser drifted off the road and went down into the ditch…at about 60 mph. This recreation will give the general idea of what happened next. The SUV hit the mud and water and pushed it forward into a mound of earth and the forward speed of the car caused it to immediately cartwheel forwards, end over end. Although I was not aware, both air bags deployed the moment the car hit the bottom of the ditch. These photos show what transpired according to eyewitnesses behind me and a couple of people out walking and by the damages to the car.


The Landcruiser, still moving over 50 mph, begins to cartwheel up and out of the ditch.
Both airbags had deployed but I was already unconscious and being thrown around like a rag doll.


The Toyota than went completely airborne as it vaulted forward and back out toward the highway. The force of the impact at the bottom of the ditch had destroyed the front axle and ripped the 4WD left front wheel off.


It then smashed down on its roof on the side of the road, blowing out the front windshield and rear glass and totaling the car. At some point in this sequence, and the rollovers ahead, my head hit the driver's door window several times behind my left ear so hard it broke the glass. Remember the car was still moving at about 40 mph at this point, and after coming down and hitting the road it began to roll over and over…two complete rolls. I am only showing one rollover in this photo recreation. This photo is my actual vehicle…using pictures taken later at the salvage yard.


I found a picture of the bottom side of a Landcruiser to better depict the rollovers on the highway.


It finally came to rest in the highway, destroyed. This is a photo of my actual car. During the cartwheel and rollovers, my head kept hitting the driver's door window. The glass on both front doors was finally knocked out completely during the rollovers. I had been unconscious from whatever was used to knock me out to cause the crash but now I was in a coma with severe brain injuries, a broken left wrist and a number of other issues.

In the months that followed, one day there was a knock at my door. It was a woman whom I had never seen before. She happened to live across from where the crash happened and was about the first on the scene. She told me the story of what had happened, what she did to try to help me...and returned something to me that was thrown out of the car as it rolled over and over on the highway. She described some strange things that went on after the fire department, and rescue EMTs and ambulance arrived...odd circumstances that I may write about at some time. I have no recall of any those events and was taken to the nearest hospital and then transferred to the big regional hospital for emergency surgery…all the while in a coma. This is not melodrama, the woman’s last name was…'Angel'.


I was in a coma and completely unconscious when the medics transported me to the Ashland
City Hospital which, after an apparent quick exam, ordered me taken to the very large regional hospital
ICU about 25 miles away.


I have no recollection but I was given a CAT scan immedaitely


And then put in their ICU unit similar to this one.


About 11pm Friday, April 24

I am still 100% unconscious about 4 and 1/2 hours after the crash, Friday evening, April 24. For some reason my eyes suddenly
blinked open and I was instantly awake. Rather than seeing the roadway in front of me, I was looking up at a white ceiling
and hearing electronic sounds and beeps. Those who have been in hospitals will know these sounds.


Seeing the white ceiling above me, I spoke my first words to anyone who could hear me,


A nurse immediately stepped over to me and put her hand on me and said,

“Please don’t move. You’ve been in a terrible car crash. You are in ICU in Rogue Regional Medical Center.
You are bleeding very badly and we are just about to take you into emergency surgery to try to stop it.”


I checked to see if my arms and legs were still there and where this ‘bleeding’ was coming from.
I then said, "Bleeding? From WHERE?"

She said, “In your brain and they are on the way with the gurney to rush into surgery right now.”

If I had remained in that coma for another 30 seconds, I would have been rolled into surgery…and into the history books.

At least that is how I view it. You’ll see ahead...


This is where it gets strange. As I said, when my eyes popped open, I was fully awake and so my conscious mind began to try to process what she had just said about bleeding in my brain but before I (me) could say anything further, my voice, on its own, said very loudly to her, "NO SURGERY!”

The nurse was shocked and took a couple of steps back. She said, and I remember like this was yesterday,

“What?? You're bleeding profusely and the neurosurgeons and staff are all scrubbed and waiting in the
operating room. If we don’t get you in there right now, you may not make it."

Again, someone spoke with my voice. It wasn’t me, I was just listening. My voice said,

"I am in full control of my faculties and I do NOT authorize surgery under ANY circumstances. Do you understand?”

This photo approximates the situation. I was laying in ICU, in critical condition, bleeding plenty enough to already be dead and my voice was refusing surgery. I didn’t know how this was happening but it was. Something told me not to interfere.


As I recall, the nurse didn’t seem to know what to say.

There were two CAT scan images in a light box on the wall behind her. At this point, I (me) said,

“Is that me on the wall?” She said, “Yes.”

I said, “Is all of that ‘white’ inside my head blood?”

She was very frustrated and said, “Yes! NOW do you understand??”

Whoever it was, borrowed my voice again and said, “NO SURGERY!”

The nurse, one of several in the ICU, then left and I assume went to call off the surgery. The nurses with the gurney left...and I laid there in ICU the rest of the night. I remember, they were very kind and professional but didn’t understand how anyone would snap out of a coma and dare to refuse surgery in such condition.

This is one of the CAT scans showing the massive hemorrhaging going on deep in my brain.
Apparently, a bleed the size of a quarter can be fatal. Those of you with medical
training will understand.


Saturday, April 25

The next morning, Saturday, April 25, I told the hospital staff I was checking out and going home. They told
me I should stay in the hospital for another 10 days to two weeks. Nope, I was leaving.I signed all their forms and they called a taxi...and I went home. It was very late Saturday afternoon, about 24 hours after the crash, when the cab dropped me off at the front of the house. I then realized that I was locked out with no keys...they were still with my car, wherever that was. All I wanted to do was go to bed but I was locked out, alone, bleeding in my brain and had a broken left wrist. Getting into the house is another whole story. Maybe another time.

Sunday, April 26

I had to go collect my belongings from my vehicle at the towing company yard and I was able to get a ride into town. Seeing my car was not a good experience. The tremendous force of the crash was clear and left me with a feeling of loss and sadness.

The entire frame of the 1997 Toyota Landcruiser was severely deformed. The windshield, front sides and the rear glass were blown out and the driver's side door is crushed from the TOP front downward from the vehicle going end over end and then rolling over.

The driver's side window is where my head struck the glass repeatedly during the disaster. It is believed my head hit the glass so hard several times - behind and above my left ear - that it broke the glass which was then completely knocked out by the crash.


Massive damage to frame and front end. Wheel is gone.


Front wheel was completely torn off this very rugged car


Vertical force of the impact result in the car wheeling forward massively damaging the frame.

Right rear hit after the roll and hit something solid and apparently ejected the forward moving car from the ditch back out onto the road.


Engine pushed back into firewall displacing the dashboard and pushed off to the left from its inline position.


Air bag and seat belt saved a life here. The dash was pushed in by the engine.


Less than 48 hours after the crash, still bleeding and my cranium full of blood, thanking and saying goodbye
to a great car that gave its life to help save mine.


April 30

Back In Hospital In Critical Condition

I did the radio program on Monday April 27, Tuesday April 28 And Wednesday April 29. I have no recall of doing them or putting news up on I vaguely remember crawling from the bed to the desk - too dizzy to walk - to do the programs and then go back to bed. I was not getting any better. I was getting worse. I had a fever and was semi-conscious much of the time. I did not want to do ANYTHING by Thursday except lay in bed and wait…for whatever. The medics came and carried me out of the house and took me straight back to the hospital.

I was diagnosed with critical cerebral-spinal meningitis and continued bleeding in my brain. The doctor said they did not know which kind of meningitis I had - bacterial or viral. Both can kill quickly. So, they did a spinal tap and overnighted it to Johns Hopkins to see what they could grow from it...bacteria or viruses.


Four days, 24 hrs, constant 24 hour IV pumping of antibiotics, antivirals,
anti-inflammatories, anti-nausea medications. Morphine every two hours


Trying to walk, dragging 24/7 IV pump along


Heading off to another CAT scan to monitor brain bleeding


Late at the end of the fourth day of getting bag after bag of IV anti-virals and antibiotics, and morphine around the clock, because it wasn't known which kind of meningitis I had (viral or bacterial), and they were giving me everything they could to try to save my life, a new doctor came into my room. 

It was an Asian woman and for the first time in four days, someone had come in without wearing a full gown, hat and face mask. 

I asked "What happened? You aren't wearing a gown and face mask?”

She said, “We got the results back from Johns Hopkins.” I was slightly relieved because now they would know what to treat. 

I then asked, “What did they find out.”  She said, “Nothing…nothing grew.' 

This was a shock. I then to her “If no bacteria or viruses grew, what does THAT mean?”

She looked down at me at the foot of my hospital bed and said, “That means you have the OTHER kind.” 

I was almost speechless and asked her “What is the OTHER KIND?”

She said, “It is called aseptic meningitis.”

I replied, “What does THAT mean?”.

She kindly explained that the bleeding in my brain from the crash had gone all the way down my spinal column. She added that there is one place in the body that you don't EVER want to see blood…and that it is in the spinal column. 

Reason? The white cells,, NK cells, B and T cells and other aggressive defenders in the blood will attack the nerves in your spine and will destroy them all...and you die.  That was why I was in such pain and misery…my own blood was destroying the nerves in my entire spinal column.


I then asked her, “So, Doctor, what can you do…how do we treat that?” 

She said, “There is no treatment, nothing we can do. I am very sorry.”

So, on Monday, May 4, I was told there was nothing that could be done to save me. 

Just like the ‘presence' that spoke with my voice and told the ICU nurse “No Surgery!” on April 24th, that same kind of presence told me to go home...that I had a LOT of work still to be done. 

And that is exactly what I did…cerebral hemorrhages, deadly aseptic meningitis and all. And I have been working ever since. 

What saved my life those several times (and others I may write about someday)?  God, divine intervention, miracles, ET, fierce willpower, or a relentless work ethic to serve to the best of my ability? That is one thing I cannot answer for certain.  I do know, as grueling and tough as things have been, I never once thought I was going to die.  I know I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing…and that is the course I will keep. And when I can get away from the desk and microphone and out on the tractor to mow the grass, move some dirt, plant some trees or talk to the deer and geese, I especially appreciate how blessed I am




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