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Devvy Kidd

Warning About the 'Best Economy in Fifty Years'

Satan's Pimps

How Dems Will Try To Beat Trump At Ballot Box

Pres. Trump Talking Points 'Fireside Chat'
– Baseless Impeachment

America: YOU Are Keeping Drug Cartels
in Business

Next Impeachment Star Witness: Sgt. Schultz

More Impeachment? No! Let's Have Some Fun

Impeachment Farce: Three Important Things
Not Talked About

Will Christopher Wray Protect Joe Biden?

None Is So Blind As He Who Will Not See

Democrats Want Trump Dead – And You, Too

The Ukraine Set Up...
Three Very Important Questions

Who's to Blame for Evisceration
of the Second Amendment

Trump Jabs Fed Chairman While
Central Banks Have Nowhere Left To Go

Voting Every Two Years Won't Cure the Cancer

Latest Mass Shootings: What You Need to Know

Baltimore Rat Feud: What People Are Missing

The Clown Show Ends With I Know Nothing!

Trump's Band Aids Won't Cure The Cancer

Americans Shocked, Angered:
Trump's Latest GMO Executive Order

Your Patriotic Assignment for
Independence Day aka 4th of July

AG Barr...Indict And Prosecute These
Governors And Mayors

Extreme Danger: These Illegal Aliens
Must be Quarantined

Want To Be Empowered? Let Me Show You

The Quest For 9/11 Truth Continues
...What You Don't Know

A Sex Deviant As America's Next President?

Impeach Trump And Barr - Nadler's Attacks
Aim To Get This Done

Trump Must Reverse His Support Of Dangerous 5G

Lettuce $2.98 A Head But No Inflation?

AG Barr: Stop States Attempts To Skirt The Constitution


Demand Congress Stop Funding The
Manufactured Hoax Of Global Warming

Trump's Budget Deal A Toxic, Despicable Betrayal

Urban Warfare Exercises No Surprise

Cultural Marxism In Congress Must Be Destroyed

Where is the Tea Party - Debt Crisis?

2019: The Year We the People Say No More

Syria: Mr. President, You Made the Right Move

Cohen: Proven Liar Becomes 'Truth' Composer

Protect Robert Mueller? Jail Him

Will This Man Bring Down Our Domestic Enemies?

Devvy - Alleged GOP Losers Just Walk Away, As Usual

'Anchor Babies', Posse Comitatus & The Invaders- Part 1

'Anchor Babies', Posse Comitatus & The Invaders- Part 2

A Bill: Stop All Public Welfare In Any Form For Illegal Aliens

Trump: Put The Army & Marines On OUR Border NOW

Devvy - If You Think Identity Theft Won't Happen To
You, You're in Severe Denial - Shocking Facts

Devvy - Kavanaugh's Destruction: Why This Is So Badly Needed

Devvy - Civil War here In America? Talk Or Reality? (Part IV)

Devvy - Top Priorities For State Capitols, Part 3

Devvy - Jan 2019: Top Priorities For State Capitols, Part 2

Devvy - Dems Doing This While Conservatives Are Doing -

Devvy - How Can We Bring Home Our Troops
...And Stop Policing The World?

Devvy - Internet Censorship Onslaught - Here's The Solution

Members Of Congress - Alcoholics, Dementia,
Alzheimer’s – How Many Are There?

Devvy - Killing Us for Our Own Good

Devvy - Kavanaugh Nomination Hearings
...Another Ugly Fight Dems Can’t Win

Devvy - Distraction Is Your Enemy’s Greatest Weapon

Pres. Trump: Band-Aids Will Not Cure the Cancer

GOP Amnesty Traitors Must Be Stopped – Act Now

Devvy - My Body Is Not Your Body

Devvy - Special Counsel - Fruit From The Poisonous Tree?

Next, We Must Bomb Myanmar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia And South Africa

Judge Flapdoodle Strikes Again

Omnibus Spending Bill Betrayal: What Do We Do Now?

Worthless “Pro-Life” GOP Incumbents: Vote Them Out

Devvy - Trump...Don’t Stop Slaying Destructive 'Free' Trade

?Devvy - Warning...The Debt Is Going To Blow Up In Everyone’s Face

Gowdy, Sessions, McCain – 1 Down, 2 To Go

The American Crisis Then & Today

Alleged Roy Moore Loss - The Case For
Vote Fraud Investigation

President Trump Stands Up For The Constitution, Dems Need Smelling Salts

DACA Amnesty...Don’t Do It, Mr. President

President Trump - Don't Slap US In The Face

Destruction & Removal Of National Monuments
...America’s New ISIS

AG Sessions: Shut Down The Phony ‘Russiagate’ Special Prosecutor Witch Hunt

Catastrophic News - Will YOU Be Next?

Destroying Our Military From Within Continues

Shame - These Soldiers Could Not Celebrate Independence Day

Remember When President Trump Promised
'Not One More Dead Soldier In Afghanistan'..

DV - READ - Seniors To Get Screwed – A Third Time?

Comey’s Collusions - Time For A Federal Grand Jury

Pittsburgh Mayor's Head In Rectal Darkness

Are We In The Third Part Of Washington's Vision?

States Will Regret Not Reconstituting
The Constitutional Militia

President Trump’s New Vote Fraud Commission: Fluff Or Substance?

Rat Ryan Continues Screwing American Workers

Why Is James Comey Still Director Of The FBI?

Why The Hell Do Americans Put Us
With This Outrage, Year After Year?

NOW Is The Time To Make Your Move On This Before It’s Too Late

Texas Legislature - Historic Bill Now Introduced

Congress At Home In April - Get Out In Huge Numbers

How 'They' Sell Vote Fraud
As Legitimate Election Totals

Illegal Alien-Loving Rogue Sheriff - Indict & Arrest Her

California's Big Threat to Protect Illegal Aliens

Trump Protesters Against Creating Jobs and National Security

Obamacare - How Badly Will Congress Screw Up Fixing That Disaster

Fake News Everywhere - Who Do You Trust?

Getting Serious About Getting Out Of The UN

This Is A Constitutional Amendment We Must Fight For

How To Self Deport Illegals

The Horror of Fukushima Can No Longer Be Called A Conspiracy Theory

Trump Says He Needs Our Help - Here's How

My Thanksgiving Thoughts

Unfortunately, The Voters Didn't Completely Drain The Swamp Nov. 8, 2016

The Senate Could Impeach Hillary Today

ABC Posted Election Results On 11-2-98
12 Hours In Advance - Were They Right?


No True Catholic Can Vote For Hillary Clinton

Gun Owners Want Hillary To Gut 2nd Amendment

We The People - Hillary You Will Not Steal This Election

Female Clinton Voters - When A Muslim Or Other
Illegal Alien Rapes Your Daughter Or Your LIttle Boy…

The Most Dangerous Thing Trump Said During Second Debate

Take These Animals Out And Shoot Them

Clinton Body Double - What Changed My Mind

9/11 - Never Forget the Lies Fed to the American People

The Senate Could Impeach Hillary Clinton Today

How To Self-Deport Millions Of illegals

Will We Let Them Steal The Election Again?

Unbiased, Independent Poll - Trump 67% Clinton 19%

Clock Is Running In Your State Capitol

Bill And Hill's Convention - Beyond Obscene

Jeff & Devvy Kidd - Money Is Still Master


Why My New Book, Taking Politics Out Of Solutions, Is So Important

Lawsuit Against Racist BLM & Their Comrades

Comey Hearing - Criminal Referral Coming Next Few Hours

Hildebeast Clinton - FBI Sit Down Chat…A 'Voluntary Review'!

The Next Orlando - Americans Will Still Be Unprepared

Paul Ryan In Bed With Obama, Again, Part 1& 2

America's Killing Fields, A Final Chapter

'Transgender' Bathrooms And Jurisdiction

Why Veterans Must NOT Vote for Hillary Clinton

Cruz, Rubio - Yes, It Was God's Will

Violence By Illegals Against Trump

Cruz NJ Eligibility Hearing - Stunning Ignorance...Or Deception?

Update On Atty Sibley & The DC Madam Records

DC Madame's Ted 'Creep' Cruz Records To Be Released

Chicago Protesters...Ignorant, Useful Fools

Will Trump's Attys Go After Cruz Who Is Clearly Ineligible?

Primary Voters Still Voting For Their Own Destruction


Donald J. Trump And Congressional Incumbents

Texas Republican Party, Cruz, and Rubio Commit Election Fraud

Trump Should Move On This: Cruz, Rubio and Secretaries of States

GOP Primaries - Shut Down The Farce, Stop The Fraud

A Few Choice Words for Mark Levin and National Review's Elmer Gantry's, Part

Blood at Benghazi - It Drips From Hillary's Hands

Ted Cruz Eligibility - Something Extraordinary Happening, Part 1

Prodding Today, Lights Out Tomorrow

One Thing Donald Trump Can't Do For The Economy, Part 1

Ideal VP Choice For Donald Trump

Jihad In Islam - pdf

Trump's Biggest Opponent Isn't Clinton, Carson, Cruz Or Rubio

Unimaginable Carnage From Fukushima Killing Pacific Ocean

Democrat Congresswoman Introduces Bill That Must Anger Obama


When Paris Comes to America This Will Happen

Dr. Ben Carson Won't Get My Vote

What Everyone Ignores About Planned Parenthood

States MUST Refuse To Take Any More Refugees

Three Tips That Can Save You Big Money

Finally - Federal Judge Slams 'Standing'

Biggest Loser GOP Debate - The American People

Are You Prepared To Deal With This? Most Aren't Til Too Late

What Happened to Sheriff Arpaio's 'Cold Case Posse'?


Jade Helm Will Be In My Town Next Week

Kathryn Steinle's Blood Drips From Your Hands, America - Pt 1

States Can Stop Sexual Deviant Marriage

Rand Paul's Tax Code Non-Solution

Camaraderie Between The DOJ & Bilderberg 2002 & 2011

Boehner And McConnell Work To Kill Off America As We Know It - TPP

Katzenbach Memo, Warren & 9/11 Commissions

9/11 - A Full Accounting Of Another Nineteen Legitimate Suspects

Taking Down Hillary Clinton Once And For All

In Memory Of An American Warrior - Thelma Taormina

Why Ted Cruz Must Be Declared Eligible


Vaccine Safety - Why Media and Politicians Lie

Betrayal by America's Churches - Much Worse Than People Know

How The GOP Committed Political Suicide In 1982

John Boehner Doesn't Give A Damn What You Want

Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project

God, Can You Hear Me?

Louis Farrakhan & The Constitutional Militia

America, The Roman Empire And Illegal Aliens

Obama Will Stop Govt If Congress Defunds EO Amnesty

Mid-Term Election Results - Brutal Reality

Why Haven't States Kicked Monsanto Out?

Could Lawsuit Stop Obama's Toxic Plan For Amnesty?

Queering Of The Republican Party

Lawsuit Filed - Seventeenth Amendment Not Ratified


Why Haven't Lawmakers Been Indicted & Charged For This?

State Legislators - Wake The Hell Up

Is Another 9/11 In The Works?

States Contribute To Identity Theft, Judges Condone It

How You The Consumer Can Create One Million New Jobs

A Bill - Stop All Public Welfare In Any Form For Illegal Aliens

Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya: Did anyone expect a different outcome?

Russia's Technology & War Machine Built By US Taxpayers


Nullification - Get To Your State Legislators

Downed Malaysian Airliner Act Of War? Let Me Tell You Something

Has DHS Opened Your Mail Yet? They Did Mine

Why TX Gov Perry Won't Put Natl Guard On Border

Illegals Protesters To Face SWAT Teams - Will They Shoot Americans?

Is America On The Edge Of A Depression? Get Prepared Now

Appendix - American On Edge Of Depression


What Real Immigration Reform Means

Urgent Action Needed - Stop Illegals Invasion Tsunami Underway Pt 1

Bergdahl - Currency. Marine in Mexico - A Nuisance

9/11 Truth Seekers: The 'Lunatic Fringe' Is Whom? Pt 1

Prez Run: Rubio, Jindal & Cruz All Constitutionally Ineligible

No Drilling In ANWR - Blame The Republicans

Voters, Again, Choose Their Own Destruction

Americans Approve: 100 Years IRS Fraud Against Them

Ft. Hood - Official Response More Meaningless Rhetoric


Forced Into Meidcare With A Gun To My Head

Four Important Bills Languishing In Congress

Desalinization Plants In California And Fukushima

Shut Up With the Martial Law Hysteria

State Legislatures - Incumbants - Should You Reelect Yours?

GOP Incumbents Will Betray America End Of Year

Sincere, Well Meaning Conservatives Are Killing Us


It's War - Stop The TPP & TAFTA

9/11- Build Those Models

It's War - Stop Any Form Of Amnesty Now

Cutting Veterans Pensions vs Cupboard Is Bare

Let's Talk About Obamacare Subsidies

You're Men Ain't You?

A New 9/11 Revelation - Cover Up Continues

No, Paul Ryan - What You Don't Get

This Is How You Create Jobs In America


Giving Thanks Today For War, Killing, Destruction, Murder

Raise Minimum Wage To $100.00 An Hour

Stop Sexual Deviants Using Science To Debunk The Big Lie

Endless Congressional Hearings = No Accountability

America The Ugly

Liberals: Coarse, Crude, Dangerous, Ugly People

Illegals Aren't "Going To Take It Anymore"? Part 1


Replace Obamacare With Nothing

GOP: Pay Back For Ignoring Obama's Ineligibility

Families Of Benghazi: Sue For Wrongful Death

Obamacare, Doctors, Employers & SCOTUS Cases

Connecting the Americas 2022

Here's How To Clean Out Bad Politicians

Why I Don't Support "Conservative" Organizations

The House That Evil Built – Part VI


Get Out Of The Military, Don't Enlist

Soetoro (aka Obama) & Lincoln - Two Racists Together At Last

The House That Evil Built - Part V

Fukushima - What You Need To Know

The House That Evil Built - Part IV


Will Hillary Run In 2016? A Distraction Instead Of Action

The House That Evil Built - Part 3

Who Will Stop Rampant Police Brutality In America?

Your Congress Critter In Your District - Act Now Or We're Doomed

The House That Evil Built - Part 2

Hounds From Hell Nipping At Our Heels

If You Ignore the Upcoming Primaries, We're Toast

Unraveling The World's Secret Societies


Good Things That Are Happening In America


Blackmail? NSA, Obama, Roberts and Congress - How Deep Does it Go?

If Obama's Amnesty Goes Through,Within 5 Years, America Is Finished

NSA Snooping: Who To Blame & What To Do

Congress: Who The Hell Do You People Think You Are?

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Liar, Globalist Traitor


Immigration "Reform" Hoax Will Kill Millions of American Jobs

Wounded Knee - Much More Than Gun Confiscation

Will Alabama Supreme Court Jettison the Impostor President?

Boston: Irresponsible, Disgusting Conspiracy Theories

Queering Of The Boy Scouts

How's The Seventeenth Amendment Working Out for You?

Who's Telling The Truth About The Economy?

Alert: Bad And Good Bills - State Legislatures

Gun Owners - Fightings With An Unloaded Gun


Is There Any Way To Get The Impostor Out Of The WH?

Stop Amnesty For Liars And Thieves - Melt The Phone Lines In DC

Killing Fields of America -  The Deadliest Of The Deadly

The House That Evil Built

Sequestration: Another Band Aid While U.S. Economy Exsanguinates

Medicare Can't Be Fixed Or Saved

The Diseased Minds Of Liberals

US Supreme Court Should Be Impeached

How The GOP Committed Political Suicide In 1982

This Is An Urgent Alert


Voters Educate The Elected

Criminal Impostor Who Usurped Presidency Sworn In Again

Which STD Factory Are You Dating?

Gun Grab Blame? Gun Owners Need To Look In Mirror

Blame For Fiscal Cliff? Look In The Mirror

'Smart' Meter Opt Out For Texas Is Unacceptable

There Is No Money In 'Peace On Earth'

Armed Guards At Every School? Another Solution

Employers, Doctors, Obamacare And US Supreme Court Cases


Montgomery Sibley's Electoral College Suit vs Obama

Plotting For America To Be Under Sharia Law Is Sedition

The Killing Fields Of America: Infants, Babies, Teens

Election Fraud Volunteers Needed In WI, OH, PA, VA, FL

Vote Fraud Underway - What Candidates Must Do

This Christmas, Will You Support US Or Foreign Workers?

Indiana Judge Hears Obama Forgery Evidence - What Happened

The Killing Fields Of America

Cures For Cancer - Congress Doesn't Want You To Know

Don't Vote In November - An Irresponsible Message

9/11: A Challenge For Those Who Believe
The Government's Story

Cheney, 9/11- More Uncomfortable Facts

9/11 - Why Are Americans Afraid Of The Truth?


What Do You Expect When Socialists Are In Congress?

Working Papers For Essential Bills For State Legislatures

Critical Bill For States In 2013 - A Constitutional Militia

Neither Romney or the Impostor President
Will Create Jobs

My Statement ToThe Texas PUC

'Smart' Meters & Corporate Thuggery


Paul Ryan: Read the Warning Label

Second Critical Bill For Your State Legislature - 2013 Session

Critical Bills For 2013 Legislatures

Supreme Court Ruling On Obamacare Is Insane

Gun Owners Voted For The Gun Grabbers

Are Americans Really This Stupid?

Is It Treason And Who Will Stop It?


No Latino Issues For Any Presidential Candidate

End the Violence, Legalize All Drugs - A Pipe Dream

Lawsuit Coming Over Obama-Soetoro Illegals Amnesty

In Memory Of Tommy K. Cryer, Esq

Electing New Band Aid Pushers

The Most Morally Bankrupt Impostor President In US History

Preparing For Mass Civill War, Re-Education Camps

US Supreme Court Eligibility Issue...Shame On You


Lawsuit Coming Over Obama-Soetoro Illegals Amnesty

In Memory Of Tommy K. Cryer, Esq

Electing New Band Aid Pushers

The Most Morally Bankrupt Impostor President In US History

Preparing For Mass Civill War, Re-Education Camps

US Supreme Court Eligibility Issue...Shame On You


Justice Sotomayor: Tax Evasion, Perjury - What Did Obama Know And When?

Judicial Cowardice - A Stench Rolling Across America

Americans Love The IRS And The Income Tax

What's Wrong With These Headlines?

Veterans To Get Shafted By Illegitimate President


Contraceptives Should Not Be Covered By Insurance Companies

Elected And Appointed Officials Continue To Check Their Manhood At The Door

The Hypocrisy Of Republicans Over Oil Prices

My War Against The Smart Meter

36 States Didn't Ratify The 17th Amendment

Overlooked Language In NDAA

Anchor Babies - Florida Can Make History


States Must Fight Legal Fiction Called 'Anchor Babies'

Constitution Doesn't Allow Recalling A Sitting US Senator

Reforming Social Security - The Cruel Hoax

States Rights - Nullification With Baby Teeth

Rick Perry's 'Flat Tax' - Another Way To Feed The Bank Cartels

State Legislatures Ignoring What The Whole World Can See

The States MUST Fight The 'Anchor Baby' Scam

Taking Heat Over Ron Paul

Wait, Gunny, I Have To Change My Diaper


'Smart' Meter That Does NOT Save Energy

'Smart Meters'... The New Silent Killer - Pt 1

'Smart Meters'...The New Silent Killer - Pt 2

The Destroyers

My Fight Against The Smart Meter

Why I Will Never Vote For Michelle Bachmann

Solutions...Not More Band Aids

The Unconstitutional EPA Must Be Abolished

Obama Could Be Removed By His Own Signature

Play It Again, Sam - Why Obama Can't Be Impeached

Victims Of Illegals & TSA - Sue People Not Municipalities


Obama EO Granting Amnesty To Illegals - Not So

Congress - Yes, Obama Is Above The Law

This Costs The States 2 Billion Dollars A Year

Short History Of Paper-Money - PDF

A Sound Money Bill

Force An Investigation Into Obama's Birth Certificate Criminal Fraud

Update Quo Warranto As It Relates To Removing Soetoro

Removing Obama/Soetoro From Office

Terry Lakin Is Obama's Willie Horton


Timing Is Everything

Obama Has Provided The Ammo To Bring Himself Down


Obama's 'New' Long Form BC Proves His Dual Citizenship

Sounding The Trumpet On RINO Donald Trump

Get My Wallet Out Of Your Vagina

Obama Using Fake SSN - 'No Big Deal'

The Other War Powers Act

SHAME On You, Gov. Chris Christie


AZ Bill Defines Dual Citizens As 'Natural Born' Citizens

Reagan Most Popular President? Does Anyone Ask Why?

What's Going On With Your State Legislature?

Can A State Ignore A Constitutional Amendment?

Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

States Begin Fight Against Food Safety Act - Is Yours?

The Economy - You'd Better Be Darned Scared

Do Not Support Kucinich Fed Bill

52 Million Americans Won't Celebrate Christmas Tomorrow


Sen. Menendez Recall Killed by NJ Sup. Ct

Food Safety Act & The Federal Death Administration

Character Of No Matter In Midterm Elections

The Marxist Influence

Example Of Past Vote Fraud

Reform Act Of 2010 - Un-Constitutional & Unrealistic

S 510, Cap & Trade, Codex & Federal Jurisdiction

Why 17th Amendment Can't Be Repealed

'Pledge To America' - Despicable GOP Ruse

O'Donnell Win A Disaster

Robbing You To Pay Freddie-Fannie Mass Debt

States Rights - Not Necessary To Reinvent The Wheel

Seeing Red Over Afghanistan

Christians Beware Of The Bible Literacy Project

New Obama/Soetoro Exectuvie Order - Court Martials

Lincoln Memorial Tribute To A White Supremacist

Our Military Is Not For Training Mexican Cops

'Fair Tax' Is A Trap

August Town Hall Meetings - Boots On The Ground

Rense & Devvy - A Gals Plight In Our Trash Culture - Vid

Rense & Devvy - Communitarianism & NAFTA - Vid

Stop The Sharia Law Drive In America

Islam - A Cancer Oozing Across America

Union Pension Funds - The States And Financial Ruin

What Did Halliburton Do To The Deepwater Horizon Drill Hole, April 19, 2010? - Pt 1

Federal Judges Sitting On Critical Cases Inexcusable

Recall Of US Senator Robert Menendez

Attack On Aid Ships - Brute Force Of Zionism

Memorial Day - Don't Forget Those Killed On The Liberty

Obama's Lies, Fraud - Can Patrick Fitzgerald Investigate?

Financial 'Reform' Will Guarantee More Stealing

Federal Court Decisions Favor AZ Immigration Law

EU Times Story On 'Toxic Oil Spill Rains'

Mexican Pirates Vs Constitutional Militia

Re-Electing The Band Aid Brigade

AZ Deputy Shot In Stomach By Suspected Illegal

Going After The Enablers

New AZ Imm Law - Not All Illegals Are Mexicans

America - Do You Feel Violated Yet?

Southern Poverty Law Center - Liars Ca$hing In

McVeigh's Second Trial

How Many More Tears? How Many More Funerals?

GOP Rep Voters Shouldn't Be Able To Elect Senators

Devvy - The IRS Is Not An Agency Of The US Govt - Vid

Obama Orders Lenders To Cut Mtge Pmts For Jobless

Fox Poll - 79% Say US Economy Could Collapse

More Than States Will Sue Over
Unconstitutional Health 'Law'

17th Amendment Not Ratified - Archive Documents

Only 67% Of Americans Replied To 2000 Census 

Stop The Census: Nothing But Fraud

Census Law

Finally: Bill To Get The U.S. Out Of NAFTA

MD Attorney General Claims..
"I Cannot Be Impeached!"

When Will Parents Stop Funding Failure In Education?

Throw The Bums Out? - Not In Texas

Will Vote Fraud Rule The Primaries...Again?

What If A Joe Stack Had Murdered Joe Banister? - Pt 1

What If A Joe Stack Had Murdered Joe Banister? - Pt 2