August Town Hall Meetings -
Boots On The Ground

By Devvy
The so-called 'August Recess' for the Outlaw Congress is August 9 - September 12. This is when the crooks who represent you in Congress go back to their home district. Most will be holding town hall meetings and you need to be there. My worthless congress critter, Rep. Randy Neugebauer, begins his district tour August 3 and ends August 31st. Don't be surprised if your Congressman/woman won't be holding a town hall meeting. The Outlaw Congress is made up of gutless cowards and after the hot town hall meetings over the health care mess, too many are now hiding behind phone town hall meetings or not holding any.
(August 05, 2009. EUREKA CA (Humboldt County) Aug 5th 2009, Old Glory Radio - The Eureka Ca office of Congressman Mike Thompson (D) Ca 1st Cong. Dist, (North Coast of California) confirmed to Old Glory today that the Congressman is not currently planning on staging a single public town hall forum during the August break. While the Democratic Congressman hides under his desk and will only schedule controlled "phone sessions, hundreds of residents of the 1st Ca. Cong. District are flooding the offices with calls demanding he come out from under his desk and face the people.)
This is an election year and not just for the poltroons in the Outlaw Congress. It's critically important to get to ALL public meetings and campaign stops for your state legislators, governors, sheriffs, mayors, etc.
Do not feel it's an exercise in futility to go to these town hall meetings.
It's very important that you tell your elected representative that we the people understand the cancers eating this country alive and are fed up with Band Aids.
We are fed up with the worn out mantra between the two parties and the corruption.
The list below is just a drop in the bucket, but at the top. The whole system is rotten and corrupt because the Outlaw Congress spends it's time legislating in areas forbidden under Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution and have lost control of all these agencies and cabinets decades ago.
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