Character Didn't Matter In Mid-Term Elections
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By Devvy
Does anyone remember back when morally bankrupt, Bill Clinton, was president? Does anyone remember how conservative Republicans made character an issue? Character counts! Why, it is was a staple of mega millionaire, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other GOP shills. Bill Clinton was a moral reprobate because of his consistent lying and cheating!
Apparently, the same sentiment didn't matter in the mid term elections for too many Republicans who were willing to support liars, cheats and morally bankrupt candidates (and incumbents) just because they had a R next to their name. Because we must get control of Congress away from the socialists and communists and checkmate the usurper in the Red House. True, but at what cost?
Let me give you just a few examples.
Carl Paladino [R] vs Andrew Cuomo [D] - New York Governor
Paladino has the credentials and experience to qualify being elected governor of a state. However, he has the morals of a dog in heat. Paladino sent out emails full of hard core porn. They are published on the Internet in living color. He sent out email depicting bestiality; I have seen them. Paladino's response when caught by the media: He thinks it's funny. Sure, color photos of a woman having sex with a horse is real funny, Carl. He is an adulterer who fathered a child outside his marriage. Paladino also has a very rough side to his personality, i.e., telling a news media writer he would "take him out." All of this is well documented, yet I received dozens of emails from people saying it didn't matter, they were voting for Paladino. Allegedly 1,445,779 people in NY voted for Paladino despite cheating on his wife and his love of pornography. He's a moral pig, but his supporters were fiercely loyal. When someone will lie and cheat as a way of life, how can you expect them to be honest with you?
Cuomo is the typical morally bankrupt Democrat who became the Attorney General for NY after Eliot Spitzer self-destructed over paying for sex with whores. Cuomo is married to a Kennedy; allegedly he received 2,602,443 votes. Good luck, New York.
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