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'Anchor Babies', Posse Comitatus & The Invaders- Part 1

By Devvy
Exclusive To

As the cauldron continues to bubble, the Internet is awash with crap passed off as expert opinion regarding the 'legal' myth called anchor babies. Biased prostitutes on networks like CNN (Communist News Network) as well as racist garbage elected to Congress have talked themselves to death in support of a political agenda vs the U.S. Constitution.

President Trump continues to be hammered by the mentally deranged who support open borders and allowing criminals, terrorists and hordes of uneducated, unskilled leeches who want your paycheck - especially in job sectors like restaurants, hotels and construction. His announcement to send U.S. military troops to the border I'm sure increased the number of prescriptions for drugs from the Congressional pharmacy. (Members Of Congress: Alcoholics, Dementia, Alzheimer's - How Many?)

I am not a lawyer but I do know how to read and do the research. So, let's start with the destructive anchor baby myth - something I and so many others have been trying to educate the American people about for what seems like forever.

"If anyone's going to be deported, it's going to be you! ... Get out! We are the future. You're old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you - leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. Right now, we're already controlling those elections, whether it's by violence or nonviolence. Through love of having children we're going to take over." --Augustin Cebada, information minister of Brown Berets, militant para-military soldiers of Aztlan shouting at U.S. citizens at an Independence Day rally in Los Angeles.

States must fight legal fiction called 'anchor babies', my column, October 3, 2011

"What exactly is this legal fiction referred to as an 'anchor baby'? The theory is that a child born on U.S. soil of an illegal alien female, regardless of country of origin, automatically becomes a U.S. citizen.

"Nothing could be further from the truth.

"Those favoring illegal aliens sneaking into our country use the Fourteenth Amendment as justification for babies born on U.S. soil by mothers who have no legal right to be in our country. They are wrong.

"Consider these words from Edward J. Erler, Professor of Political Science, California State University, San Bernardino, in his column (I hope you take the time to read all of it):

"Birthright Citizenship and Dual Citizenship: Harbingers of Administrative Tyranny

 "In sum, this legacy of feudalism—which we today call birthright citizenship—was decisively rejected as the ground of American citizenship by the Fourteenth Amendment and the Expatriation Act of 1868. It is absurd, then, to believe that the Fourteenth Amendment confers the boon of American citizenship on the children of illegal aliens. Nor does the denial of birthright citizenship visit the sins of the parents on the children, as is often claimed, since the children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. are not being denied anything to which they have a right. Their allegiance should follow that of their parents during their minority. Furthermore, it is difficult to fathom how those who defy American law can derive benefits for their children by their defiance—or that any sovereign nation would allow such a thing."

"He further points out: "But in any case, to say that children of legal aliens are entitled to citizenship is one thing; after all, their parents are in the country with the permission of the U.S. It is entirely different with illegal aliens, who are here without permission. Thus repeal of the current policy of birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens would not require a constitutional amendment."

"Prof. Erler hit it out of the ball park: Children born on US soil of an illegal alien parent (or two parents) regardless of country of origin have no "right" to U.S. citizenship."

An ILLEGAL alien female dropping a kid on U.S. soil is here illegally and so is the newborn. Everyone in favor of this industry is trying to use the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as justification:

Amendment XIV - U.S. Constitution

Section 1. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

So-called anchor babies are not subject to the jurisdiction of these united States of America because the mother is here ILLEGALLY and not protected by our Constitution and neither is her kid. As a matter of fact, a baby born to a mother from Mexico under their Constitution is a citizen of Mexico, not the U.S.

Mexican Constitution - Chapter II

 Article 30. Mexican nationality is acquired by birth or by naturalization:

 A. Mexicans by birth are:

 II. Those born in a foreign country of Mexican parents; of a Mexican father and a foreign mother; or of a Mexican mother and an unknown father;

Quoting one of the experts on the destruction of the illegal invasion and 'anchor babies', Frosty Wooldridge, wrote in one of his columns, January 6, 2011:

"April 4, 1997, President Sedillo of Mexico stated that "We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans. Our contention is that we are not enacting or dictating any laws on the Mexican illegal alien children born by illegal alien females in the US territory. Further, he states that "he was going to use all diplomatic and legal forces at his disposal to protect Mexicans living in the United States."

What Sedillo was saying is legally correct:

Illegal aliens who smuggle themselves across our borders from Mexico are Mexican citizens and so are their off spring according to their Constitution, which is why he vows to protect "Mexicans living in the United States."

Now, my state of Texas took steps to stop giving illegal alien newborns birth certificates - the beginning of sucking the gravy train for a lifetime. Naturally the lawsuits came rolling in costing we Texans a ton of tax money better spent:

Mexican and Central American Illegal Immigrants Sue Texas for Birth Certificates, July 24, 2015

"Citizens of Mexico and several Central American nations have filed suit, claiming entitlement to birth certificates for their children born in the United States. They allege that the Texas denies them the certificates because they do not possess the required identification.

"The parent plaintiffs of the 23 children claim that the State of Texas violates their children's rights because the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that any child born on U.S. soil warrants American citizen. It also provides that they are citizens of the state where they reside. The plaintiffs and their children reside in Texas."

1. Texas is not violating their children's rights because illegal aliens are not U.S. citizens and have no constitutional rights.

2. "...the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that any child born on U.S. soil warrants American citizen" is simply repeating a fiction.

3. They and their children do not reside in Texas. They squatted here in Texas after sneaking across our border.

The articles continues:

"They allege in their petition filed in U.S. District Court in Austin that the birth certificates are being denied because of their immigration status. They argue that, "Such refusal is de facto based upon the immigrant status of the Plaintiff parents." In the lawsuit, the parents do not refer to themselves as "immigrants," or "illegal immigrants." They refer to themselves in their legal capacity "as next friend."

"In the petition filed in federal court in the Western District, the parents cite the Equal Protection Clause and the Supremacy Clause, and allege that their rights are being violated under these sections. At issue is the form of identification that is now being required of parents by the Bureau of Vital Statistics in border communities. They claim that officials in Hidalgo, Cameron, and Starr counties deny them birth certificates lawfully theirs and their childrens'."

Again, it all comes down to the law: "...deny them birth certificates lawfully theirs and their childrens'." Since they broke the law by sneaking across the border, they are not here lawfully so stop trying to twist words to justify a lie they are somehow "lawfully" entitled to birth certificates.

Memo From Middle America: Trump Says "Eliminate Anchor Baby Loophole" —Texas May Have Begun!, August 25, 2015

"According to the complaint by the plaintiffs, Texas officials refuse to provide birth certificates because they won't accept the infamous matricula consular, a form of ID issued to illegals by Mexican consulates in the U.S, Now, illegals have to show a driver's license or border identification or a visa with their passport.

"In Texas, an applicant for a driver's license must produce documentation proving "Identity", "Social Security number", "U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status" and "Texas residency". The "border identification card" is for foreigners who may live right across the border and are authorized to cross back and forth. It is a legal form of identification. But they didn't have that either.

"The "visas with passport" part means Texas doesn't accept a foreign passport unless it has a current U.S. visa attached [Texas fights suit after denying birth certificates to children of illegal immigrants, by Eyder Peralta, NPR, July 23, 2015]. Obviously, the plaintiffs can't provide these documents.

"In effect, these illegals are demanding that the U.S. accept an identification document issued by the Mexican government with the express purpose of facilitating the illegals' presence in the U.S. The Mexican government's subversive scheme only works because too many American jurisdictions do accept it. (And seeing how well it worked for illegal Mexicans, Central American countries began issuing equivalent documents to their illegals in the U.S.)"

If this would have been done decades ago across this country, illegals would have gone back to where they came from because they come here to steal the fruits of your labor: "The parents complain their children are not able to obtain government benefits, including health insurance, and they cannot enroll their children into school.

Naturally, the corrupt Mexican government is howling like a stuck pig: Mexico Warns Texas to Stop Refusing to Issue Illegal Alien Babies Birth Certificates, August 27, 2015

"The Mexican government is warning that Texas' denial of birth certificates for U.S. children born here to undocumented immigrants stands to imperil the relationship between Mexico and the Lone Star State. The concern was raised in an amicus brief filed Monday evening to lend support to immigrants parents who sued Texas after being denied birth certificates for their U.S.-born children, even after showing their "matrículas," the ID cards issued by the Mexican consulate to undocumented immigrants.

"[It] not only jeopardizes their dignity and well-being, but could threaten the unique relationship between Mexico and Texas, the Mexican government said in a brief tied to a lawsuit filed against the state by Texas Civil Rights Project and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid. The lawsuit, the Texas Tribune reported, was filed on behalf of six U.S. citizen children and their undocumented parents, who came from Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. Other groups since have joined the suit."

They should rethink their bitching because you don't push Texas around without a fight. And the BS about 'undocumented' means they are illegal aliens not immigrants and they have no documentation because they slither across our border illegally. The State of Texas has the absolute legal right to make required documentation mandatory.

Guess who ended up with the bigger cojones?

Texas allowed to deny birth certificates to US-born kids of undocumented parents, October 19, 2015: "A federal judge has ruled that Texas may continue to deny birth certificates to children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants who are unable to present the specific documentation that is now required by the state.

"While all children born on U.S. soil are automatically granted full citizenship rights, undocumented families allege that Texas has recently raised the bar for the types of documentation it accepts from immigrants who seek birth certificates for their U.S.-born children."

The author of that rubbish, Amanda Sakuma, doesn't know her ass from her elbow and just keeps repeating the same old lies along with popular propaganda TV shows like Law & Order: "While all children born on U.S. soil are automatically granted full citizenship rights..." Wrong.

No, Bill O'Reilly, the Constitution doesn't make "anchor babies" U.S. citizens, August 24, 2015

"On...August 19, 2015, Bill O'Reilly argued with Andrea Tantaros about a Supreme Court decision from 1985, INS v. Rios-Pineda [471 U.S. 444]. He vociferously claimed he was right and Ms. Tantaros was wrong (as was Donald Trump the previous night) about so-called anchor babies, children born in America to illegal aliens living here. O'Reilly said INS v. Rios-Pineda was the definitive and declarative issuance of the Supreme Court regarding the Fourteenth Amendment's provision that people born in America are automatically American citizens. In fact, O'Reilly was and is wrong. The case had nothing whatsoever to do with the Fourteenth Amendment and anchor babies. It had to do with the Attorney General's discretionary ability to deport people who are here illegally" (

'EXACTLY! "Fox News' O'Reilly is not a lawyer and never went to law school. Nevertheless, he freely offers legal opinions. Sometimes he's right. So is a broken clock.

'O'Reilly should stop treating a passing reference in a United States Supreme Court to "anchor babies" as United States citizens as a definitive pronouncement on constitutional law, study the history of the Fourteenth Amendment to glean its intent and apologize to Angela Tantaros and Donald Trump.

"Justice John Marshall Harlan II explained in Afroyim v. Rusk, 387 U.S. 253 (1967}, that the sponsors of the Fourteenth Amendment believed that citizenship needed to be defined, lest freed slaves be denied citizenship under the "reasoning" of the Dred Scott decision, "good law" before the Civil War and notorious since.

'Granting United States citizenship to "anchor babies" was NOT intended when the Fourteenth Amendment was enacted.

"In 1898, in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649, the Supreme Court ruled that a child born in the United States to legal immigrants was a United States citizen. It did not address the issue of the citizenship of an "anchor baby."

"Anchor babies" received a mention in an 1982 Supreme Court case in which it was not an issue. Therefore, that mention is merely dicta, not holding."

Watch—Harry Reid in 1993: 'No Sane Country' Would Grant Birthright Citizenship

On August 24, 2014, I wrote a column, A Bill: Stop All Public Welfare in Any Form for Illegal Aliens. In that column I quoted dirty Harry Reid, now retired Senator and one of the biggest crooks to ever serve in the Senate next to Diane Feinstein from a bill he introduced in 1993 ripping illegal aliens a new one. THE strongest anti-illegals bill ever written.

His statements were to announce a bill he introduced back then titled the Immigration Stabilization Act [S.1351]. I'm betting it was not written by Dirty Harry, but by lawyers who know what they're doing and the sure to come legal challenges. It covers the whole gambit of turning off the trillions spent over the past 28 years since Reagan sold us out. One section I want to highlight: TITLE X--CITIZENSHIP


"In the exercise of its powers under section 5 of the Fourteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Congress has determined and hereby declares that any person born after the date of enactment of this title to a mother who is neither a citizen of the United States nor admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident, and which person is a national or citizen of another country of which either of his or her natural parents is a national or citizen, or is entitled upon application to become a national or citizen of such country, shall be considered as born subject to the jurisdiction of that foreign country and not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States within the meaning of section 1 of such Article and shall therefore not be a citizen of the United States or of any State solely by reason of physical presence within the United States at the moment of birth."

Of course, Dirty Harry has now 'repented' after his wife whacked him with his diaper: Harry Reid Furiously Backpedals After Trump Tweets 1993 Anchor Baby "Mistake"

Dirty Harry was speaking about the legal fiction called 'anchor babies. I sent a letter to Senator Ted Cruz and Reps. Louis Gohmert, Steve King [IA] and a half dozen others: Re-introduce Dirty Harry's bill and get this in front of the American people. Never received a single response from any of them.

At the time, the criminal impostor president, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Obama aka Barry Dunham aka Barack Dunham - ALL aliases used by that POS over his worthless lifetime was still in office so it would have never been signed into law. But after Trump was sworn into office I sent them all the same letter again and just like the first attempt I received not one reply.

After President Trump was sworn into office I sent him the same letter with Dirty Harry's own words and the name and bill number asking Trump to put the screws to the House and Senate and get that bill passed. I sent it again to President Trump earlier this year. I received a letter thanking me for writing the president.

As time went by I figured no one was listening while THE final solution (besides actually enforcing our immigration laws and ending the 'catch and release' game) has been already written. So, you can imagine my absolute shock last week when President Trump brought up Harry Reid and anchor babies. I thought, Holy Mackerel! At last!

The left and those who support open borders all joined in with the usual cacophony of trying to twist the Fourteenth Amendment with a ton or two of the standard racist accusations.

Trump is right - ending birthright citizenship is constitutional - Right to the point

"As a result, the president of the United States has the authority to direct federal agencies to act in accordance with the original meaning of the 14th Amendment, and to issue passports and other government documents and benefits only to those individuals whose status as U.S. citizens meets this requirement."

Now, if anyone and I mean anyone who votes for a Democrat tomorrow for the U.S. Congress is someone who wants criminals (rapists, murderers, thieves), terrorists and leeches to continue flooding across our border. THAT is their platform along with protecting gangs like MS-13 and continuing to rob you blind in taxes and destroying America's moral fabric with their degenerate social causes.

Not that the incumbent Republicans are any better for a hundred reasons which I and so many others have covered over the decades, but with Trump as president, we can get Dirty Harry's bill passed by both chambers of Congress if they have a majority and Trump will sign it, I believe. The American people want the invasion to stop now.

IF YOUHAVEN'T VOTED YET, GET OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW. You can skip voting for someone in a particular office like dog catcher, but the general election ballots are also for sheriffs, governors, Congress, your state house and sometimes constitutional amendments.


Moving on to Part 2. The left going absolutely bonkers over Trump putting military on the border and what he can and can't do and what hopefully he will do.

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