Don't Vote In November -
An Irresponsible Message

By Devvy Kidd

The Internet has been awash with “Don't vote in November because you will be playing right into the hands of the one party system disguised as a two party system.” Or, “Don't vote in November and show the two parties we won't vote against our conscience.”

Only someone completely detached from reality can't see how the American people and vote fraud put a devout Marxist in the White House. An illegitimate candidate that no one had the right to vote for in 2008.

The conservatives have boxed themselves into the same old hold your nose and vote. This cycle it's Willard Romney.

There is an excellent video every voter should watch because it comes straight from the mouths of Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein Obama and Willard Romney. With the exception of a few things, you could be listening to one person talking because they say the same things on almost every issue. Romney is known as a flip flopper for a good reason.

Just use a search engine and type in: "Romney Obama the Same?"

As I said in a recent column, Paul Ryan- Read the Warning Label: “You can vote for the "comeback team," but don't expect anything to change except the deck chairs on the Titanic. In November, tens of millions of GOP voters will hold their nose and vote for what's offered them because there is no choice. Again.

“I guess the only way to take the bitter medicine is this: A vote for Willard Romney is a vote against the Marxist impostor president. You're not voting to support Romney or Paul Ryan's sales pitch, you're voting to keep the usurper out of office for a second illegal term.”

Voting for Romney will slow things down a little, but he will continue the unconstitutional invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. He could order bombing Iran killing more innocent civilians. Romney is a globalist with a thirst for war. Take money to the bank on that one.

I've never said this in my 21 years as an activist: This time around there is no other choice – vote to remove the putative president because Congress and the courts are too cowardly to do it. That means vote Romney.

The presidential ticket isn't the only category on the ballot in November. There are important initiatives and bond measures that directly impact you and your family at the state and county level.

All politics are local; believe it. On the ballot are races for county supervisors, city counsel, Secretary of State, some governor seats, judges, sheriff's and other public offices. If you don't vote, then you can't complain about the taxes being raised locally or bad judges on the bench.

The entire U.S. House of Representatives in the Outlaw Congress are up for reelection. Tragically, incumbents continue to win their primaries all across the country. The American people want to send the same thieves back to Congress to continue raping us blind and sending the comatose economy straight to the morgue.

One third of the illegitimate U.S. Senators are up for reelection. Most of the incumbents in that category are winning their primaries, so the only thing that will change is the damage all of them, “conservative” or Marxist alike, do to this country.

At the top of the priority list is cleaning out the state houses. Fire your state representative and senator if they have raised your taxes to pay for nonsense or refuse to stand up to the federal tyranny coming out of Washington, DC.

2013 will be the pivotal year where we the people regain self governance or we go down. That is why what happens at the state capitols next year is critically important.

If you have a computer, please go to my web site:

Under the image of a 'smart' meter you will see a box titled: "Critical Bills – State Legislatures 2013 Session”

Click on the link and you will see this:

Critical Bills - State Legislatures 2013 Session Act Now - Time is not on our side.

1. Critical Bills for 2013 Legislatures (Seventeenth Amendment fraud)
2. Second Critical bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Constitutional money bill)
3. Third Critical bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Agenda 21)
4. Fourth Critical Bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Reconstituting the constitutional militia)
5. Taking a stand against the myth called 'anchor babies' (Coming soon)
6. Monsanto (Coming Soon)
7. Industrialized Hemp & Raw Milk - Jurisdiction (Coming soon)
8. No more association with the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education (Coming Soon)
9. The chemical spraying of our skies (Coming Soon)

Bills for your state legislature have to be written usually no later than Thanksgiving. Our legislators are already getting bills ready to be introduced in January 2013. If you wait until February to approach your state representative, it will be too late.

Four states, Texas, Montana, Nevada and North Dakota, are only in session a few months every other year. Here in Texas, our legislature will convene in January and go out of session by the end of April if there are no extensions. They don't come back into session until January 2015. NOW is the time to go for the bills.

Here in Texas we are networking with tea party groups, 9-12 chapters and other organizations to be united in addressing critical issues. Solutions instead of Band Aids. I'm doing my part. How about you?

It cannot be business as usual this January in the state houses. That's why you need to vote in November. Spread the word about the bills above. Networking works. As I have said for so many years, boots on the ground. Nothing will get done if everyone does nothing.

Thousands of gallons of blood ran on battlefields to birth this constitutional republic and our right to vote. By not voting, all the death and destruction during the Revolutionary War were for nothing. Self-governance means just that. We the people. Our voice. Those who make the loudest noise get the most attention.

Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not a political party. Her web site is

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