Attack On Gaza Flotilla -
Brute Force Of Zionism
Part One

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The act of piracy committed by Israel against what is being called the 'Gaza Flotilla' has created more than a firestorm. It's dividing many countries. Besides the outrage and threats from countries like Turkey, sides are being drawn here in the U.S. Those who wish to see the killing stopped against the people of Gaza and the sanctions lifted and those who believe Israel has a right to attack ships some 80 miles out in international waters. Those who support Israel no matter what they do have become hysterical in their support while dismissing anyone trying help the people of Palestine as haters of Israel.
Several big name Evangelicals have been making money hand over fist pumping "Israel First" while demanding our money and military exist solely to fight wars for Israel. I watch all this and wonder does anyone really want peace or is it just a cash cow for too many?
As with all problems, one has to go back to the beginning to try and determine what exactly is causing all this conflict. Bloody wars that never seem to end. For decades I've heard "Peace in the Middle East." For decades all I've seen is war and misery coming out of the Middle East.
Let us go way back and see how the 'State of Israel' came into being and hopefully have a better understanding of history. According to the web site, Zionism-Israel: 
A Definition of Zionism:
"Zionism is the national revival movement of the Jewish people. It holds that the Jews have the right to self-determination in their own national home, and the right to develop their national culture. Historically, Zionism strove to create a legally recognized national home for the Jews in their historical homeland. This goal was implemented by the creation of the State of Israel. Today, Zionism supports the existence of the state of Israel and helps to inspire a revival of Jewish national life, culture and language."
A different perspective
Henry Makow, labeled a "self-hating Jew" by those who support Zionism, calls Zionism a protection racket. Because Makow took on the sacred cow called Zionism, the Canadian Tribunal went after him. In May 2010, the Tribunal halted its investigation. While there are hundreds of books on the subject, and I have read so many in trying to understand this complex issue, I do recommend Zionism - the Real Enemy of the Jews by Alan Hart. It's not popular among those who support the current never ending conflict and wars over in the Middle East. One reviewer said this:
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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; two million copies distributed. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.
Visit Devvy's website at: You can also sign up for her free email alerts. Devvy's radio show broadcasts Mon-Fri. To listen, go to:
Visit Devvy's website at: You can also sign up for her free email alerts. Devvy's radio show broadcasts Mon-Fri, 3:00 pm PST, 5:00 pm CST and 6:00 pm EST. To listen, go to:

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