My Fight Against The Smart Meter
(You don't want one of these dangerous things on your house)

By Devvy
Despite the fact that I try to keep up with the massive assault against we the people by the Outlaw Congress and too many new laws coming out of our state legislatures, no one can keep up with everything. Which is why I had only read a little here and there about something called 'smart meters'. Then, of course, the problem came knocking at my door.
On April 18, 2011, I received a letter from Reliant Energy there was a repeat problem with the meter reader having access to my property. I have locks on both gates because I have dogs. Last year, some punk opened one of the gates during the night and my beloved Mr. Willy got out; the locks went on the same day. I was unaware the meter reader was having trouble since my husband is always home due to his serious health problems. If he has to go to the doctor, I'm here. What also waved a red flag was Reliant's letter which stated I am required to have one of their new 'smart meters' installed.
So, I call Reliant and they referred me to a company called ONCOR, a TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider). Dialing away, I call ONCOR's customer service rep and explain the situation. I also told the lady there is someone at this house every day; either John or myself. All their meter reader has to do is knock on the door and he can read the meter. I thought that was the end of the matter until one day a nice young man showed up at the door to let me know he was going to install a 'smart meter'. I politely said, no you aren't; he left.
By that time I had done some research that was beyond alarming. In early July, while I was gone running errands, another ONCOR fellow showed up at the door to install a 'smart meter'. My husband said, no we will not have one of those dangerous things attached to our house. The ONCOR installer informed John that if we didn't agree to have it installed, ONCOR would shut off our power with no notice. On July 12, 2011, I sent both Reliant and ONCOR a certified letter in which I explained my husband has serious medical problems and depends on oxygen during the day and a machine at night to keep his heart from stopping. If they shut off the power, it could have dire consequences. He is also a cancer survivor, all the more reason not to have one of those dangerous meters on our house.
On July 22, 2011, I received a letter from ONCOR. They would shut off the power if I didn't agree to have the meter installed. Their letter was also very deceptive. In paragraph 2, it states, "The EPAct further requires states to consider the adoption of Smart Metering..."
'Consider' does not mean mandatory. In fact, there is no mandatory requirement by the Federal Government from any quarter because I looked up every reference resource in their letter.
Referring again to their letter, they state: "...when the Texas Legislature passed a law (H.B. No 2129) encouraging the deployment of new advanced meters..." no where does it state mandatory installation in residences throughout the State of Texas. It says 'encouraging' and it all has to do with federal bribe money to the states. Surprise, surprise..
ONCOR further cites in their July 20, 2011 letter Section 8 & 9 of H.B. 2129. However, they did not provide the entire bill, only the sections they thought would benefit their agenda. I looked up the entire enrolled bill signed into law, there is no mandatory requirement for forced installation of a 'smart meter' in households.
The letter concluded with "Please allow the AMS meter to be installed at your property, since failure to provide access may result in suspension of delivery service."
On July 26, 2011, I had a quick meeting with the County Judge here in my town. I had prepared a sworn affidavit as well as exhibits and was seeking a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) to keep ONCOR from turning off my power. Judge Barr said he had no jurisdiction, try the District Judge across the street. Trek across the street only to be told the one and only District Judge is in a jury trial for a week or more. Rural Texas. That's when I went home and called a state representative I have been working with on another project; he's a lawyer when not in session. I'll get back to this shortly.
You might ask what is my objection to a 'smart meter'? Which one would that be? Health concerns or privacy? Both, actually. As I said I knew little about this new technology, so about 100 hours of research later and thanks to so many dedicated people fighting this, here are some of the known problems at this time:
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