Islam - A Cancer Oozing Across America
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By Devvy
Until September 11, 2001, most Americans didn't give a thought to Islam or Muslims. As the years have passed, the truth about that brutal form of government has become a subject of major discussion in this country. While people continue to refer to Islam as a religion, I do not, which is my absolute right under the First Amendment. My personal opinion is that being a Muslim is nothing more than a being a slave to a violent, barbaric form of government which demands everyone must be a Muslim or join all non believers in death.
By declaring Islam a religion, religious leaders in the Middle East and now here in America, control their believers with the threat of some god named Allah. Allegedly, their "holy" Quran was revealed by a man named Muhammad. Many believe Muhammad was a pedophile. I have devoted a great deal of time reading about Islam and Muslims. Nothing I've read leads me to believe Muhammad wasn't a pedophile, he was. One web site in particular seems to be very fair in allowing Muslims and non-Muslims to post their views on Muhammad. One of the links from that site led me to this one:
Child marriage and divorce in Yemen
"After visiting their home and seeing Arwa and her 15-year-old sister, he opted for the younger child. Abdul Ali says the man promised he would wait for the girl to reach puberty before calling her to his house but then changed his mind and came to live with them. So why did he sell his daughter to a stranger? "He gave me 30,000 rial ($150, £90) and promised another 400,000 ($2,000). I was really in need of money and thought it was a solution for the family," he explains.
"For seven months, Arwa's husband shared the small room where the family eat, play and sleep. When Arwa fought off his advances, she was beaten. The torment only came to an end when her husband and father quarrelled and Abdul Ali gave her permission to seek outside help. At this point in the narrative, she finds her voice again, describing how she went looking for a neighbour who could lend her money for the journey to court where the judge took pity on her and granted her freedom. A medical examination showed that she had been sexually molested but was still technically a virgin....
"A third girl, Reem is still waiting for the court's decision and says her two ambitions are to get a divorce and go to college. Married at 12, she describes the moment when her 30-year-old husband insisted on sex. When she resisted, he choked and bit her and dragged her by the hair, overwhelming her with force."
Americans support such a putrid culture by being raped in taxes:
"Defense relations between Yemen and the United States are improving rapidly, with the resumption of International Military Education and Training assistance and the transfer of military equipment and spare parts. In FY 2009 U.S. Foreign Military Financing (FMF) for Yemen was $2.8 million, International Military Education and Training (IMET) was $1 million, and Non-Proliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related Programs (NADR) was $2.5 million. In FY 2009 Yemen also received $19.8 million in Economic Support Funds (ESF), $11.2 million in development assistance, and $67.1 million in Section 1206 funding."
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