Do Not Support Kucinich Fed Bill
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By Devvy

Dennis Kucinich is a socialist serving in the U.S. Congress. Over the years I have received excited emails about bills introduced or supported by Kucinich. Many of these emails are addressed: Dear Comrade. Most are from desperate Americans who believe old Dennis is on the side of the U.S. Constitution. One only has to read his voting record to get disabused of that notion. Kucinich moves closer to Red Square with each passing year.

Kucinich supports the communitarian (communist morality) philosophy. Pro sodomy, "gender equality" as the excuse to murder unborn babies; believes sexual deviants of every flavor should be able to marry and is clearly anti Second Amendment. He believes in the redistribution of wealth. Like all the socialists serving in Congress who label themselves progressives or liberals, Kucinich believes it's the right of Congress to pass laws that steal the fruits of your labor to give to others, i.e., universal health care.

That loon has become attractive to Americans because mixed in with his socialist agenda are constitutionally correct positions: get rid of the 'Patriot Act' and a bill titled, Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act. But, make no mistake about it, Dennis Kucinich consistently violates his oath of office and has worked hard to destroy our constitutional republic and rip our moral fabric into shreds.

As regular readers know, I became an activist two decades ago because I learned the truth about the "Federal" Reserve Banking System. The head of the beast and the cause of depressions, recessions and the cash register for one corrupt Outlaw Congress after another to steal the fruits of our labor for all the massive, unconstitutional programs and spending now bringing America to the brink of financial ruin. Kucinich has been in the House since 1997 and he's just now coming to the conclusion that something has to be done about the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System? Where was this champion of honest money back in 1997 or 2000 or 2005 or 2008?

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