Obama Using Fake SSN - 'No Big Deal'
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By Devvy
I believe evidence now has confirmed that Obama/Soetoro/Dunham has been using a social security number that belongs to another individual. The two individuals who have done countless hours of research are not some "right wing nuts" with a vendetta against Obama. Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator for 15 years. Neil Sankey is also a licensed private investigator with an impressive background. He was part of elite Scotland Yard units who hunted down IRA bombers, organized crime figures and other dangerous criminal elements. Both of those individuals know fraudulent documents when they see them.
If you are unfamiliar with this aspect of the on-going criminal enterprise called Barack Hussein Obama, the links at the bottom will provide you with the pertinent details of the investigation into Obama/Soetoro's social security number. That Barry is a pathological liar and narcissist should come as no surprise. The fact that he's been using a fake SSN (Social Security Number) all these years also doesn't come as a surprise since his entire life is shrouded in cover up. I suppose the best description of the character camped out in the White House is that he is truly the definition of a Manchurian Candidate. Nurtured and groomed by known communists, the path to the White House has been paved all the way by one lie after another to conceal the putative president's past. 
Dr. Orly Taitz has been on the issue of Obama/Soetoro's citizenship for years along with other attorneys. She's also been pursuing Obama/Soetoro's use of someone else's SSN, including filing lawsuits. 
Now, one would think using someone else's SSN would be a crime. Identity theft is rampant in this country because the gutless cowards in the Outlaw Congress have refused to pass a law that forbids the use of anyone's SSN except by the Social Security Administration. The states of the Union have done little other than slap more Band Aids on the problem because it might cost them campaign dollars. 
Obama/Soetoro has been using a fake SSN to obtain school loans, employment, entrance to the Illinois Bar and other monetary gains. But, guess what? According to the courts, using someone else's SSN isn't really a crime!
Courts: Using another's SSN not a crime 
"Is using a forged Social Security Number -- but your own name -- to obtain employment or buy a car an identity theft crime? Lately, U.S. courts are saying it's not.
"The most recent judicial body to take on the issue, the Colorado Supreme Court, ruled last month that a man who used his real name but someone else's Social Security number to obtain a car loan was not guilty of "criminal impersonation," overturning convictions by lower courts.
"That follows a ruling last year by the U.S. Supreme Court that a Mexican man who gave a false SSN to get a job at an Illinois steel plant could not be convicted under federal identity theft laws because he did not knowingly use another person's identifying number. The ruling overturned an opinion by a federal appeals court in St. Louis -- and contradicted earlier findings by circuit courts in the Southeast, upper Midwest and the Gulf states.
"It hasn't been a shutout for identity theft prosecutors, however. In July, an Iowa state appeals court came to the opposite conclusion, affirming a lower court decision that a man who used a California woman's SSN to obtain employment was guilty of breaking that state's identity theft law.
"Identity theft can take many forms, but one of the most vexing is so-called "SSN-only" ID theft. In it, an impostor uses a victim's SSN --- sometimes purchased from a broker, sometimes nine digits pulled out of thin air -- to obtain credit or to provide necessary documentation to obtain work. In many cases, SSN "borrowing" is successful and the impostor goes undetected for years.
"At the heart of all these cases is a simple question: Does the mere use of an anonymous victim's SSN break identity theft laws?
"Mari Frank, a California-based lawyer and identity theft victim advocate, said courts are failing to recognize the real harm caused by impostors, even if imposters are unaware of that harm."
Bull the impostor doesn't know how they can destroy another person's life by stealing and using that insidious number. And, don't tell me it isn't the intent of criminals (illegal aliens) to steal SSN's:
"During this segment on illegals stealing YOUR social security number to gain access to jobs that belong to Americans, this is what one man said during a live interview: "Hector Angel, Relative of Swift Employee: Everybody has to do what they have to do to make a living. I agree with that, that it's wrong. But at the same time, it's not, because, you know, we are human beings."
"So, even though it's wrong to steal the identity of an American, it's not really because "we're all human beings." It's okay to smuggle yourself across the border, steal someone else's identity and credit history because, after all, "we're just human beings." It's okay to smuggle yourself across the border and take a job that lawfully belongs to an American because, golly, warm, fuzzy - "we're just human beings." This is how these criminals think: they know they're breaking the law, but any politically correct excuse will be used to justify their actions."
Chattanooga: Use of false IDs not necessarily illegal in Pilgrim's Pride case 
"A federal judge has suggested that when two men used fake Social Security cards to gain employment at the local Pilgrim's Pride plant, they might not technically have broken the law.
"Juan Luis Dardon-Canelo and Andres Loarca-Reynoso, along with three others, are being criminally prosecuted in the wake of a large immigration raid in April. The pair arrived in court Monday expecting to plead guilty to using a fraudulent illegal identification document - a Social Security card - to get jobs at Pilgrim's Pride.
U.S. District Judge Harry S. Mattice's suggestion that a Social Security card is not necessarily a form of identification, however, has allowed more time for the defense to evaluate whether guilty pleas are appropriate.
"I'm not sure you can base this charge on a false Social Security card," Judge Mattice said during the hearing, noting that another federal judge dropped a similar charge against Tyson Foods because of a loophole in U.S. immigration law. The 2003 Tyson Foods trial in Chattanooga concerned allegations, among other things, that the company had smuggled Mexicans across the border to work at various plants. The government accused Tyson of hiring the Mexicans even though the company knew they were using false ID documents - in this case, Social Security cards, too - in order to get jobs. But the defense argued that the portion of U.S. immigration law under which the company was charged does not expressly list a Social Security card as a form of ID."
Why should any of us bother to follow any laws any longer in this country? From the Outlaw Congress violating the supreme law of the land everyday to judges giving free rides to illegal aliens and now stealing and using someone else's SSN, America is becoming a lawless nation. 
If, and its unlikely, any investigation were to be officially conducted into the usurper's use of a fake SSN, likely he will squirm out of it with the help of corrupt individuals who will do anything to keep Barry in office. Gee, his deceased mother actually helped a minor Barry Soetoro apply for the number so he's not responsible. There was some mix up in paperwork decades ago, blah, blah, blah. Obama/Soetoro is going down, but I doubt it will be over the SSN issue. 
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