Sounding The Trumpet On RINO Donald Trump
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By Devvy
Well, "The Donald" - Trump that is - has certainly shaken up things for the 2012 presidential race. Why, his persistent pounding on Obama/Soetoro's birth certificate has the MSM and pundits all in a twist. "The Donald" didn't have things quite right at the beginning, but with someone whispering in his ear, he's pretty much on track now with his spiel: the usurper's father's citizenship status at the time Barry was born makes him forever ineligible.
Trump has impressed a whole lot of people with his "serious" discussions during various interviews ranging from the liars for hire on the big three networks to anchors on cable networks like MSNBC and FOX. So much so that his ratings have gone through the roof. Everyone says he's so intelligent. A billionaire businessman who presents no nonsense responses to questions during interviews. Well, the ones I've watched show a lot of hesitation in his speech as if he's trying to remember the right answer. Someone who knows the issues doesn't need so many, "Well, look..." and goes off in another direction.
The same thing was said about the dimwit who camps out in the White House. You notice I said was. After several years of watching the putative president hop on his favorite toy (Air Force One) every time a serious issue needs to be addressed, to his total dependence on teleprompters, even some of his former loyal supporters now doubt the "brainy" candidate bringing hope and change.
Besides exposing fraud, I believe his college records will reflect Barry was a less than average student of less than average intellect. Quite the opposite of the manufactured image of this hot shot lawyer who gave up his law license (who also never had a single case in court). I believe it was to avoid being prosecuted for fraud and disbarment since he lied on the application when he said he never used any other names besides his current alias, Barack Hussein Obama.
Honestly, I don't know how the usurper has kept track of all his aliases: Barry Dunham, Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama and Barack Dunham - all names known to be used by Mr. Cool in the White House. It is a fact he used Barry Soetoro while living in Indonesia. It is a fact he used Barry Soetoro while attending Occidental College. His mother used Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah on one of her passport documents; I know because I obtained them under the Freedom of Information Act.
Let's get back to Trump. The game is just getting underway with the worn out retreads stepping up with a few "new" faces. However, due to Donald Trump being a virtual household name, he's made the biggest splash so far. Successful businessman married to a young trophy wife 24 years his junior with some stupid TV program about apprentices and who struts around on the boob tube for one of his latest acquisitions, another freak side show, the World Wrestling Entertainment's 'RAW' franchise. Countless numbers of brain dead Americans have made Monday's night's "wrestling" cable show a top earner. And, you wonder why this country is on the verge of dropping into the abyss? A "reality" tv show host as president of these united States of America?
But, make no mistake about it: Donald Trump is no outsider. He plays in money - big money. And, like all savvy money makers, "The Donald" makes sure he uses someone else's money. He's been sued many times; below are a few and you can make up your mind whether or not he's just another "rich person with deep pockets which makes him an easy target." Trump has said during interviews he will discuss any of his business dealings. I'm sure he will as he is a master at tap dancing. I'll bet his legal fees run into the millions. Sure, Trump has fought back because he loves his extravagant life style which requires stacks of thousand dollars bills a day and because his ego might just be bigger than Obama/Soetoro's.
Donald Trump Sued In New Lawsuit Over Failed Project (Baja)
"Looks like the saga of the failed Trump Ocean Resort Baja is far from over. Radar Online has documents that show a new lawsuits has recently been filed by seven investors in the project. The individuals sued not just Donald Trump but his children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump and others saying they were " duped into buying hotel-condominium units that were never built." The plaintiffs have asked for punitive damages of no less than $10 million dollars.
"The lawsuit details the many ways that the plaintiffs feel like they were swindled by Trump. They were led to believe that Trump was directly involved when instead it was a licensing deal. The lawsuit produces evidence including newspaper stories to prove that the project was widely known as a Trump project and that Ivanka Trump and Donald J. Trump, Jr. attended key sales events for the project and announced that they would be purchasing units in the project.
"What was to be a 526-suite luxury project with a spa, swimming pool, restaurants and shops has instead turned into an abandoned excavation site with six cement pads sitting on it. The lawsuit papers say that Trump and the developer Irongate did not have financing and construction permits approved before the sales and that the site itself had contamination and mold issues. There is also an allegation that certain "favored" buyers were allowed to purchase without a deposit while others including the plaintiffs were forced to tender hefty sums before purchase"
More join lawsuit against Donald Trump over failed Tampa tower
"TAMPA - Ten more individuals and companies have joined a lawsuit against The Trump Organization and Donald Trump, saying they were duped into investing millions of dollars in the failed Trump Tower Tampa Project. There are now 41 plaintiffs, and they say they purchased because they thought Trump himself was building the property".
Deutsche Bank filed a $40 million lawsuit against Trump, but don't worry, The Donald has an answer for everything.
More Lawsuits Filed Over Trump Tower Chicago
Donald Trump's Scam School Gets Sued
"A California woman has filed a class-action lawsuit against the unaccredited Trump University claiming she was swindled into spending $60,000 on bogus seminars and a trip to Home Depot. Swindled by Donald Trump! Imagine that!
"Tarla Makaeff filed the suit in federal court on Friday. Makaeff says she spent nearly $60,000 on seminars after she was promised a one-year apprenticeship and a "complete" real estate education. Instead, she says the seminars were more like "infomercials," aimed at upselling students to enroll in Trump University's $35,000 "Gold Program."
"Her "one-year apprenticeship" turned out to be a three-day workshop that Makaeff says "consisted of no practical insights and no mentorship, but rather excursions to the Home Depot and 'mentors' who either recommend real estate deals they stood to benefit from financially, or quickly disappeared and failed to return calls."
"She also says Trump U deceived its students by telling them to raise their credit limits and max out their credit cards to "enter into 'real estate transactions,'" only to turn around and tell them they should use that credit to pay for the Gold Program. Makaeff went ahead and did that, but now says Trump University never warned students they might incur finance charges, interest fees, or late fees by charging the seminar to their cards and that Trump failed to tell them that raising their credit limits or maxing out their cards might damage their credit scores."
Donald Trump's Casino Company Files Third Bankruptcy
Trump Loses Latest Round in Feud With NY Firm
"Now Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn of Manhattan has ruled that Morrison Cohen and Mr. Scharf may take on their old client on behalf of some new clients who are also being sued by Mr. Trump over the use of his name.
"In a decision Monday, Justice Cahn denied Mr. Trump's motion to disqualify Morrison Cohen from representing the principals of property group Crescent Heights Diamond, which had licensed from Mr. Trump the right to build a 70-story "Trump Tower" in Israel, agreeing to pay him royalties on the sales of condominium units."
With the Donald, it's always someone else's fault. I wonder if that would be his response to the American people should God forbid, he were to actually win the bid for the White House?
Trump feels your pain when it comes to taxes, but does his rhetoric live up to reality?
Trump 'just another liberal'?
"Donald Trump for President? You've got to be joking," said Chris Chocola, the president of the conservative anti-tax group Club for Growth. "Donald Trump has advocated for massive tax increases that display a stunning lack of knowledge of how to create jobs. Trump has, in the past, expressed support for positions that are embraced by liberal voters, including abortion rights (though he has since said he is pro-life). The "Celebrity Apprentice" host also supported then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008....
"Trump advocated for universal healthcare in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, writing that the goal should be to "make reforms for the moment and, longer term, to find an equivalent of the single-payer plan that is affordable, well-administered, and provides freedom of choice."
To be fair, Trump is on point regarding trade with the communist Chinese.
Trump was for killing unborn babies (just like Romney), but now he's against it (just like Romney). Gee, how convenient since they're both running on the GOP ticket.
For those who believe Donald Trump is a Republican you had better think again. He's a RINO. Don't tell me he doesn't know the politics of the miscreants below. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. You don't give big money to incumbents unless you agree with their voting record.
Donald Trump's Donations to Democrats
"Since the 1990 election cycle, the top 10 recipients of Trump's political contributions number six Democrats and four Republicans. Embattled Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), who was censured last year by his U.S. House colleagues, has received the most Trump money, totaling $24,750. The most recent contribution from Trump to Rangel was a $10,000 gift during the 2006 election cycle.
"The top Republican recipient of Trump's money is Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) who has collected $13,600 from the billionaire magnate, the second most of any politician. Trump did not contribute to McCain during the 2010 election cycle, during which the former presidential candidate was facing re-election.
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has received the fourth-largest amount of Trump's contributions, including $4,800 in the successful 2010 campaign against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle. In total Trump has contributed $10,400 to Reid. However, of the nearly $420,000 Trump has donated to committees, the largest recipient has been the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with $116,000 - or more than one fourth of his total contributions to all party and political action committees."
Trump has given money to John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. All pro abortion politicians who support bowel movement sex (sodomy preferred by homosexuals) and lesbians. What does that tell you about his value system? Media accounts portray Trump as a serial adulterer who seemed to have no problem publicly rubbing his infidelity in his ex-wives faces. I could find no lawsuits by Trump disputing charges of adultery.
Why wouldn't Trump support pro sexual deviant career politicians since he has supported sexual deviants in the past, but is now changing his stripes to hoodwink conservative Republicans:
Donald Trump's Big Gay Problem
"But Trump's political makeover doesn't end there. He has also changed his once-moderate stance on gay rights-a reversal that could spell trouble with the conservative base. Last month, Trump told the Des Moines Register that he opposes giving gay couples the same benefits as married ones, a position that's in stark contrast to his past support for gay rights on everything from domestic partner benefits and civil unions to gays serving openly in the military. Asked about his position legalizing on gay marriage and giving "civil benefits" to gay couples, he replied, "No and no." (A Trump spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.)
"That's a dramatic change to his past position on gay rights. In February 2000, Trump gave a long interview to The Advocate, a leading magazine covering the gay community. At the time, Trump was mulling a presidential run on the Reform Party ticket, the party founded by billionaire Ross Perot that counted former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura among its members. In his response to The Advocate's questions, Trump laid out a decidedly progressive stance on gay rights issues for a Republican.
"Trump told The Advocate he opposed legalizing gay marriage, but said he supported "a very strong domestic-partnership law" giving gay couples the same legal protections provided to heterosexual married couples. "I think it's important for gay couples who are committed to each other to not be hassled when it comes to inheritance, insurance benefits, and other simple everyday rights."
Why is Trump running now? The eligibility fraud has been steadily gaining ground and Obama/Soetoro's handlers know it's becoming a major issue for ballot qualification and lawsuits in 2012. Up pops "The Donald" who pushes the issue which is going to reach crisis level. If the shadow government is going to throw their faithful fool, Barry, under the bus, it has to be in time for them to find a viable replacement for the DNC Convention. Trump has been injected into the game, trumpets blaring, his asinine hair do the butt of jokes from comedians to pundits and pushing the eligibility issue. Poor Donald. I believe he doesn't understand the game and term 'useful fools'.
Trump has secured a regular Monday morning slot on FOX News Network; something that appeals to his monster ego. He's now some sort of expert on government boosting his credibility with desperate Americans seeking another savior. They had better take off the blinders and realize Donald Trump is a player and he's not playing this game for you or me.
Could Trump win the Republican nomination? Not if neon con scum like Karl Rove have anything to say about it. Would Trump run as an independent and split the vote in 2012 ensuring another communist, er, Democrat wins the White House? I submit to you that is an option for the shadow government as they play the American people, again.
Donald Trump Considering Independent Presidential Run
"Donald Trump, who has been considering a Republican presidential bid, now says he is considering running in the 2012 election as an independent candidate. In remarks made to the Wall Street Journal, the billionaire businessman and reality show star suggested that there was "concern" among Republicans that he might run as an independent if he does not win the GOP nomination. He also said that he "probably" would run as an Independent -- and that he believes he can win."
Read these words in the column above:
"Trump says he could win without the GOP backing him. "I'm not doing it for any other reason," he said. "I like winning."
No doubt some think that's a good thing - being competitive. I believe it's poison when you're talking about a future president. For Trump it is all about the game. The future of this republic is not about playing a game, it's about our survivial.
The decisions are made behind closed doors with the American people being sold another illusion. Make us believe we have some say in the matter. Hogwash. Between illegals voting, electronic machines and scanners counting votes during the primaries and election and obscene amounts of money, shut up, be good little sheep and follow the Pied Piper. I use this metaphor: A driver in training gets the fake steering wheel while the instructor has the real one. The student feels like he's in control, but it's just an illusion.
We will hear a lot more from Trump in the future, but the questions still linger: Why Donald Trump and why now?
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