Solutions - Not More Band Aids
By Devvy
Exclusive for Rense
I continue to see blatant socialism being pushed in columns on the Internet as well as Band Aids being presented as solutions. Those pieces use the usual "for democracy" as the come on to get their mark. Let me give you one example of a recent piece:
America In Collapse by Leon Fisher
"Capitalism is wreaking economic havoc everywhere it has been introduced."
And, at the very bottom of that piece of slick propaganda:
"How this will play out once the line is crossed is speculative but hopefully a new society and economy based upon socialist principles of fairness and shared wealth will arise out of the ashes and a stake is finally driven through the heart of the capitalist vampire." 
Straight out of the book written by head of the Communist Party USA, Gus Hall, on the environment and capitalism. There are a lot of columns/articles floating round the Internet with a little bit of truth and a lot of socialist propaganda mixed in so the reader, if inexperienced with such deception, emails around to their list with "Read, read!" as if they've just discovered a new gold mine.
This country is infested with socialists and in your face communists. That column above "sounds good", but its very dangerous. I find it truly sickening how many people in this country have been suckered into working so hard for their own destruction by embracing the toxic tenants of socialism, communism and Fascism.
There are millions of well meaning Americans who don't really understand how government systems work. For the past two decades I have been reading, researching and learning because that's what freedom requires. Due vigilance as well as understanding the genesis of the problem and constitutional solutions - not political - is the only way we're going to defeat the global elites and their stupid puppets who regurgitate socialist and/or outright communist propaganda. Remember Obama/Soetoro's greenie czar, Van Jones? He is an unapologetic, in your face communist and he is a big hit with "progressives".
I hope you will take the time to read the column below all the way through. Click on the links. Kelleigh has written the truth. Tea party folks must open their eyes. Educating on the facts is absolutely critical and as Kelleigh says in her column, too many folks just now coming to the fight really don't understand the core mechanisms being used to grind us down.
Think of all the groups and organizations like a gigantic octopus with a thousand tentacles choking the life blood out of US.
If Americans continue to fund and support the very people destroying our republic, we are doomed. Traitors have infested groups and organizations across this country with "patriotic" words and glitzy web sites. Don't be fooled. The stakes are very high - our survival as a free constitutional republic. The battle has to be the states vs the corrupt, rotten General Government out there in DC. If your state rep and/or state senator lies down with the dogs, they will get up full of fleas. In other words, they will betray us while waving the American flag.
The Tea Parties and the Jealous Power and Money
Talking about the cancers killing us won't get the job done. Millions of Americans across the country are putting aside their "leisure" time and getting to meetings. Tea Party, committee meetings for their party and other events. As Kelleigh said in her column, if people arrive unprepared (the lady who spoke about Agenda 21), then the message is lost. If you do nothing, nothing will get done.
Agenda 21 is a MAJOR foundation for the destruction of this country courtesy of the communist UN. We are paying for our own destruction. Besides a sound money bill for every state and the constitutional militia, Agenda 21 (ICLEI) is top of the list. We are being destroyed from within. Once people get the truth about Agenda 21, then you and like minded folks must get to your city council meetings and make presentations until "they" get it.
Sound the Alarm Against Sustainable Development
Don't think WE can't get the job done:
Help APC Stop Agenda 21 - From Tom DeWeese:
"Let me give you just a sample of what has happened across the nation in battle after battle in local communities to remove ICLEI and stop the spread of Sustainable Development - in just the past 6 months:
"In February, Carroll County, Maryland elected 5 new county commissioners. Their first act was to close the county's Sustainable Development Office and fire its manager. They then ended their contract with ICLEI and rejected the county's ICLEI-written comprehensive development plan - telling the planning commission to re-work it to protect property rights and assure the plan was in compliance with the U.S. Constitution. Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild called me soon after his election and told me it was APC materials that he used to educate the other commissioners and lead the fight.
"Also in February, Amador County, California was the second community to reject its contract with ICLEI and begin to dismantle the Sustainable Development policies that had been put in place. The effort was led by the "Mother Lode Tea Party."
"In March, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania became the third community to reject its ICLEI contract and send them packing. The effort was again led by local activists Ruth Miller and Maggie Roddin, armed with APC materials. I had talked several times with these leaders before they led their successful effort.
"In April, Edmond, Oklahoma became the fourth community to reject ICLEI and its policies. The Edmond City Council was confronted by nearly 200 citizens demanding that the city end its contract with ICLEI.
"In May, Las Cruces, New Mexico became the fifth community to out ICLEI and I have been invited to be the keynote speaker at a conference there this summer, sponsored by the group that led the ICLEI fight.
"In June, Spartanburg, SC became city number 6 to oust ICLEI by a city council vote of six to zero.
"Also in June, Albemarle County, Virginia Board of Supervisors voted 4 - 2 to reject its contract with ICLEI."
The book below is a must. Folks must understand how they are being manipulated - especially by the two parties. Have you ever been to political rallies and events? I have and I've watched people get spell bound while not even realizing they are buying propaganda dressed up in the American flag.
How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics: The Techniques of Unethical Consensus-Building Unmasked
Blind Loyalty - That's what I titled my 1996 booklet on vote fraud stealing our elections. I also wrote that Americans are unwilling to stop supporting the same RINOs who are NOT getting the job done because of Blind Loyalty to an individual who talks a good game. When the collapse comes, those scoundrels will not be there to bail your bacon or keep the chains of bondage from strangling your freedom.
Millions just like me have been fighting for decades to stop what is now underway. Sadly, voting back 86% of the same rotten, corrupt incumbents last November has assured the real and only solutions (abolishing the FED, the income tax, abolishing unconstitutional cabinets, getting us out of three illegal "wars") will not even be discussed by the current Outlaw Congress or the Red in the White House.
Below is the truth we need to share with those who are stepping up to the plate and getting more frustrated by the minute because "nothing we do is working". That's because the corruption is so well entrenched, so systemic and widespread at all levels of government, unless one fully understands how this republic was birthed (Got that, Charles Kruthhammer - we are not a democracy), we won't be able to work towards the solutions together.
Separation of Power: Principles, Problem, Solution
If you don't have a copy of the 4 DVD set, The Purse and the Sword, please get one. If funds are tight, share the cost with a few friends. Get together at tea party meetings, committee meetings held by your party. Ask you state rep and/or senator to please attend. If your state rep or senator cannot make a viewing, purchase a separate copy (share the expense) and have someone personally deliver to his/her office at your state capitol or if you're lucky, in states like CT and Montana, members of their legislatures list their home phones and addresses.
Give him/her a call and ask for a short meeting to deliver the DVD set. The segments are one hour making it easy to view and then discuss because I'm telling you the states must step up and show the same courage as those who birthed this republic. At this time in our history, there is no time for being squeamish or worrying about the next election. All we hold dear is barely hanging on by a thread. As I recently wrote in correspondence to some state legislators and senators regarding a project I've been working on that requires them to take a particular action in their states:
"The states have to stand up to the Outlaws in Congress or surrender your sovereignty. When Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst turned chicken on the bill here in Texas over the threats by the pissy TSA, people were more than 'angry'. Here is some unelected "federal' agency threatening a sovereign state with what amounts to a federal blockade (refusing to allow commercial airplanes to land at Texas airports) and what happens? A gutless political animal shamed Colonel Travis, Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, James Bowie and all Texans.
"Did Dewhurst really believe those clowns at TSA have the legal authority to order commercial airplanes to stop landing in the State of Texas? Instead of calling their bluff, Dewhurst tucked tail and ran."
I'm not trying to be melodramatic when I say things are deteriorating at an ever increasing pace. A lot of talk of violence and civil unrest (putting it mildly). No one I know wants that. We're all enraged, but staying focused on the key issues and going after the solutions instead of more frustration by asking the same incumbents to do what they have refused to do the entire time they've been in Congress only makes for more anger. In my humble opinion after being in the trenches full time for 21 years, we simply have to put massive heat on the states.
The Purse and the Sword
"In this one-of-a-kind presentation Dr. Edwin Vieira utilizes a "Visual Constitution" to demonstrates both the government's and the people's unique capacities to remedy both these and other crisis in accordance with the law of the Constitution. The clarity and common sense approach that Dr. Vieira utilizes to explain these very complex issues in a way that anyone can understand makes this DVD set truly a MUST SEE for all Americans."
That new "Super Congress" BS included in the debt ceiling bill signed into law by an impostor is putrid. What is means is your House member which you elect will be over ridden by a select group, six Republicans and six Democrat/Communist Party.  Those 12 people (unless one is from your district) will make decisions that affect your life and you can't vote them out of office. Just reading that bill made me sick to my soul. That is why its so important that we all get active and help educate our fellow Americans who might not fully understand the true and only solutions.
If you would like to get active, find a tea party group in your area and help educate them with facts and beware as Kelleigh warns of the infiltrators and who they are. Look up backgrounds and affiliations on the Internet and find out if John Smith or Linda Jones has ties to the very organizations killing us. We need individuals of honor, integrity and America first, not more traitors selling us out to their global masters.
Tea Party Patriot Groups
PLEASE get this information out to friends, family and your mailing lists. Thank you.
Americans in the fight - boots on the ground:
"Wisconsin has become ground zero in the fight between corrupt big-union bosses and the fiscally responsible conservatives, which are trying to usher in legislative policies that will fix their state's budget.
"Six Wisconsin State Senators that have represented their constituents with honesty and integrity are under attack from the left. They have engaged in productive debate and advocated for fiscally responsible solutions to Wisconsin's financial woes.
"The well-funded and well-organized Democratic Party and Big-Union machines are trying to defeat the State Senators featured below. It is time to reclaim common sense. The Tea Party Express is coming to Wisconsin to defend these conservative Senators."
"Reclaiming Common Sense Tour Route - see link if you'd like to attend."
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